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> The "mystery" of Porter Goss' resignation last month as CIA Director is 
> apparently directly related to the huge seizure in Mexico several weeks 
> earlier of over 5.5 tons of cocaine, according to government documents 
> recently obtained by the The MadCowMorningNews.
> After Goss's surprise resignation last month he told reporters his reason 
> for resigning was "just one of those mysteries," offering no other 
> explanation for his sudden departure after almost two years on the job.
> Goss' resignation appears to be connected to the unprecedented withholding 
> by the Federal Aviation Administration of the registration records for the 
> DC9 (N900SA) which more than six weeks ago was caught carrying a cargo of 
> five-and-a-half tons of cocaine, neatly packed into 126 identical black 
> suitcases at a jungle airstrip in the Yucatan.
> Last week the MadCowMorningNews was successful in obtaining the FAA 
> records last week of the confiscated plane's sister ship, an identical 
> twin DC9 (N120NE) owned and operated by the same partnership. Both 
> aircraft, painted to resemble U.S. Government aircraft from the Department 
> of Homeland Security, were parked for several years at the general 
> aviation terminal at Clearwater St Petersburg International Airport.
> Registration records of the twin plane show it has been owned for almost 
> two decades by a series of firms previously revealed as aviation "front" 
> companies of America's Central Intelligence Agency.
> The twin to the aircraft busted in Mexico, in other words, is a CIA plane.
> In fact, the plane's owners over the past two decades reads like a Who's 
> Who of aviation companies known to serve as "fronts" for the CIA, whose 
> true identities came to light during the Iran Contra Scandal.
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