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*BBQ A NEWBIE (*a Spark Club production in conjunction with the Special Events Team)


---start message---

Do you like pic-i-nics? Do you like pic-i-nics with virgins even better?
HEY! Get yer mind out of the gutter! This is a burning*family event,
cause we are gonna...

(*a Spark Club production in conjunction with the Special Events Team)

That's right! Bring your virgins, your newbies, your dust-free friends...
And introduce them to the Burners in their backyard. This event is
open to all regardless of affiliation...

:;:Potato Salad:;:

This here is a Potluck BBQ...
Bring something for the grill, or a dish to share, or drinks to
share. It's self-reliant, Burner do-ocracy, gift economy-style, baby!
After all, we're out to edu-ma-cate them virgins on how it's done.

*12 oz beer per adult, per hour.
*Enough grillable food for your entire party.
*Warm clothing that preferably sparkles.
*Goggles to protect eyes in case of dust storms.
*A good folding camp chair or picnic blanket.
*Leave No Trace garbage bags.
*Common sense, an open mind, and a positive, playful attitude.
*A Frizbee is highly recommended.
*Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Ambrosia!

Like BRC, a certain level of stuff will be provided such as charcoal,
plates, utensils, and condiments. You know, the basics...Yes,

:.:.Three-Legged Races:.:.

We have lots in store for you, check out the buffet o' fun...

-Camp Klepto pick up soccer game with Bunny Ball.
-Burning Moms.
-Sri Ramadadingdong's 3rd Eye Manifestation Station.
-Music by Iron Rose
-Marching Gamelon
-Hydration Toss-Off.
-Special Events Playa-Twister with Playa-Centric Spots.
-(and more to come...)

Have an idea for a fun activity or participatory
event??? Are you a musician or entertainer???
Send an email to our own Party Radar 
and tell her Rooster sent you.

:::::Ants Marching:::::

*What: "BBQ a Newbie" Pic-i-nic.
*Where: Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Cali-for-n-i-a.
*When: SATURDAY JUNE 17th, 2006, 11am-6pm.
*How: By Car, Bike, Bus or Foot. Speedway Meadow is just west 19th
Ave/Park Presidio Drive on JFK. Extra special props to you if you ride
your bike and carry a casserole.

muni map:

Golden Gate Park Map:   (speedway Meadow is #14)



Cucumber Salad,
The Volunteer Resource Team...
HunnyBunny, Jocko, Lyen, Affinity, Dan, Terry, Termeh, PartyRadar & Rooster.


SpArK cLuBs are appreciation parties for the Volunteers,
Volunteer Coordinators and Managers of Burning Man. Our ultimate goal
is not only to show our appreciation to our wonderful volunteers, but
also create a friendly and cheerful environment for us all to
mingle and get to know each other.

Corey Christopher
aka Rooster "Veggie Dogs" Sejx
-List Moderator-
rooster at burningman dot com
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