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Happy Pride Week from CSC!! 

Just in time for us to host Steven Brown's memorial this week, my blog about him is up: see if you'd like to read it. (If you knew Steven and would like details about the memorial on Saturday afternoon, let me know.)

The UK filmmaker doing a documentary on the Thon is planning to bring us over to the UK to do one there... target date is July 29. Do you have friends there who'd be interested in attending or helping out? Put them in touch w/ us! Forward this to them: 
THE MASTURBATE-A-THON COMES TO LONDON (or somewhere in the vicinity) ON JULY 29!!
Please forward to your UK friends (and traveling masturbators with lots of frequent flyer miles!)
UK TV is bringing us to London to see whether the fine social experiment that is the Masturbate-a-Thon can succeed in England. We're going to hold it on July 29; we're seeking support, volunteers, and participants, so please get in touch (at if you want to pitch in, have questions, or have ideas for making this cultral experiment successful!

Our Masturbate-a-Thon poster this year is gorgeous and we still have some to sell! Check it out at and let us know if you'd like us to save you one. We can mail it to you if you aren't in the Bay area. The cost is $25 including shipping, or $50 if you want one signed by the artist; they're 12x17. 

Remember, the play Portraits from a Ghettoized Population has been POSTPONED till July. Show dates will be in our next mailing. And Candye Kane was going to visit us again on 7/8, but we have postponed her show also, til August 16. More about upcoming events and changes below.

I am trying something new, given that we are stuck with plaintext for a while and I can't format fancily: event titles will be IN CAPS. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I'M NOT TRYING TO SHOUT. I'll also include more ***** stars between items. I hope this helps.

We were broken into last month and my laptop and a Canon G4 camera were stolen, among other things. The former has been replaced, but we are still looking for a replacement for the latter. 

Other donation needs: 
* a piano stool or bench 
* extra magazine holders 
* radio microphone, radio lavolier mic (dare we hope for a pair?) 
* sectional sofa, the bigger the better

xox--CQ and the Center for Sex & Culture 

IN THIS EDITION of the CSC calendar, covering June with some info about July:

Kim Airs with Leo Rising! -- 6/23 
We cosponsor dyke porn with Frameline -- 6/23 
SF Pride Parade and volunteer opportunity -- 6/25
Gallery hours for David Steinberg's Divas show: 6/21 and 6/28, 5-7 pm
July and Beyond: Penny Slinger, Annie Sprinkle, Journeyman III Academy, Candye Kane, Sex Ed for Sex Educators

AND -- Not CSC-sponsored, but we think you might be interested: 

Compton's Cafeteria Riots Commemorated Thursday!
Support YGP the Saturday before Pride 
Two events for HIV+ Women
Carol appears at FUNNY FARM, a benefit for the Jon Sims Center -- 6/30
Prostitution conference in Las Vegas (Carol keynotes) -- 7/10-12
Cleo DuBois Intensives 

AND --
What Do Women Want?


Wednesday, June 21, 5 -- 7 pm, David Steinberg's gallery hours for DIVAS OF SAN FRANCISCO

AND -- The previously announced AIDS Hero Awards are being rescheduled for later this year, say their organizers, "due to common sense and that everyone is doing a ton of Pride month related activities and events. Our heroes deserve their due and we don't want the inspirational work they do to get lost in the myriad of June events. All nominations sent it will be kept for consideration and we'll be sending out a new Call for Nominations with plenty of lead time for groups that have monthly newsletters once a new date has been set."


Friday, June 23, 9 pm (doors at 8:30) -- KIM AIRS WITH LEO RISING!
Here's your chance to see the very femme Kim Airs turn into her sleazy alter ego, Leo DeGennaro, right before your eyes!  Ever wonder what it takes to become a drag king?  Learn some tips and hear some funny and provocative stories about what it's like to go from a 38D, 5'10" blond woman to a flat chested, dark curly-haired bottom-feeder who enjoys hanging out on Market Street after dark.  It'll make you wonder whether that guy sitting next to you on the bus is really a guy...

Join us for a night of hysterical entertainment at the Center for Sex & Culture! 398 11th St. $5-50, sliding scale. Please note this event starts later in the evening so people can also attend the Trans March if you want -- 7 pm departing from Dolores Park. Noon to 7 in the park -- come celebrate transgender pride!


With Frameline, the LGBT Film Festival, CSC co-sponsors: ONE NIGHT STAND, Friday, 6/23 at 10:30 pm, at the Victoria Theatre. The first dyke/boi porno from France! $9 Frameline members, $10 general public. 

You can't always get what you want, unless you take matters into your own hands and do it yourself. Introducing queer young French director and photographer Emilie Jouvet, who gladly took matters in hand and recorded them to create the unforgettably sexy short film series One Night Stand. Jouvet is the proud creator of this groundbreaking queer "sex-art" piece, also known as the first dyke and boi porno ever made in France. Get ready for an erotic and gritty romp into the broad universe of queer sexuality, beautifully handmade for your viewing pleasure. 

One Night Stand is a series of eight sexy short scenes, each recording an intense affair between two real live queers. Each participant chose a partner and discussed erotic fantasies prior to filming, yet events unfold naturally, with little attention to the camera's prying gaze. The result is magnetic. Jouvet's players act out their desires and delve into sexual practices as varied as the queer community itself. Gender, pretense and practice meet with unbridled chemistry to create a dizzying and delectable feast of sex, passion and desire.

One Night Stand is an erotic and provocative porn banquet that will leave a delicious taste in your mouth.

Frameline30, the 30th San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, screening June 15-25 at the Castro Theatre, Roxie Film Center, Victoria Theatre, Cinearts@Empire, and the Parkway Theatre is the oldest and largest event of its kind in the world. Tickets go on sale to Frameline members Friday, May 26. General public ticket sales begin Friday, June 2. Tickets are available at Superstar Satellite video store located at 474 Castro Street (between Market and 18th Street in San Francisco), online at, by phone at 925 866 9559 and by fax at 925 866 9597.


Sunday, June 25 is PRIDE DAY:
Carol and Robert first make the scene at the Good Vibes contingent... come march with us if you like! Deets:
Line-Up Number: 155
Assembly Area Location: L - Beale between Howard & Folsom
Time to Have Vehicle/Representative in Assembly Area: 10:30 AM
Contingent Should Be in Place by: 11:30 AM

Then we'll be going to our gate, so we can get a Pride Partners grant this summer. Email us for details if you'd like to help out!

AND -- 
Sadie says: Because of Pride, we will have no partner's meeting on June 25. Also I am considering a short hiatus or a re-formatting of the meeting to include workers and parnters. Any thoughts? I'm interested to hear your suggestions and needs. To subscribe to our group for partners of sex workers, email


Monday, June 26, 8 pm -- The San Francisco JACKS! Let us know if you'd like to be in touch with this delightful group of men practicing social masturbation.

Thursday, June 29 th, 7:30-9:30pm -- Sexy Single’s Night has been CANCELED. Please see below for a link to Danielle and Celeste's new survey, "What Do Women Want" -- which among other things will help them, and us, devise programming for heterosexual and bisexual women at CSC. 


And COMING UP IN JULY... more details next time: 

* in the Epicenter Gallery: Penny Slinger's collages! Plus a slide show and talk with Penny on 7/22, collage workshop on 7/23! (Start collecting your collage materials now!) Art opening on Saturday, 7/1. Meet Penny (creator of the Secret Dakini Oracle and author of Sexual Secrets) and see her gorgeous, evocative work.

Sunday, July 2, 2 pm -- Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens celebrate their second of seven art weddings at CSC. Carol officiates! BY INVITATION ONLY! But tune in online: -- click on the orange bride -- go to the wedding link.


The Journeyman III Academy requests the pleasure of your company at the Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2006.

Date: Sunday, July 9, 2006
Doors Open: 6:30 p.m.
Graduation Ceremony: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Center for Sex and Culture
398 11th Street at Harrison, in San Francisco
No door fee; donations to CSC will be gratefully accepted.
Informal reception immediately following. Leather attire encouraged.

The Cadets of the Journeyman III Academy Class of 2006
Contact if you have any questions regarding this event.


* Save the date: CANDYE KANE in possibly one of her final shows! Was Friday, July 8, NOW POSTPONED TO 8/16! Plus special opening guests. 

* Red Jordan Arobateau's play Portraits from a Ghettoized Population has been POSTPONED until July. Every Thursday and Sunday after 7/13. Tickets at the door.


Adult Sexuality Education: Principles and Practices
Thursday, August 31, 6:30-9:30, $25
When it comes to teaching workshops on sexuality topics for adults, most educators have had to build their repertoires from personal experience and observation. But there’s a huge field of adult education that you can use to make your teaching more effective and fun for you and your learners. Charlie Glickman will help you understand the essentials of this far-reaching body of research and apply the core principles to your topics and audiences. You’ll learn tips to help you create learning objectives that shape your entire curriculum, skills to inspire and support motivation in your learners, how to adapt your teaching to your audience and ways to constructively use exercises to both reinforce and assess learning. Whether you teach one-night sessions or semester-long classes, this introductory workshop will give you a strong yet flexible framework to build your lessons on, give you more confidence in your teaching and free you to focus on what you enjoy talking about--sex!

Please email Charlie at to register. In your email, please briefly describe your experience teaching workshops on sexuality topics and two things you'd like to learn from this workshop. Charlie will email you to confirm your registration.

************************** WHAT ELSE? non-CSC stuff you might like: 

A memorial plaque commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Compton's Cafeteria Riot will be installed at Noon this Thursday, June 22nd, at the corner of San Francisco's Turk and Taylor Streets. The 1966 riot was the first known instance of transgender resistance to police harassment in the U.S.

National and local community leaders present will include The Reverend Cecil Williams of Glide Memorial Church, author/activists Leslie Feinberg and Jamison Green, National Center for Transgender Equality Executive Director Mara Keisling, and representatives of the San Francisco Mayor's Office, SF Human Rights Commission, and SF Police Commission. Among those honored will be several transgender individuals who were active in the community 40 years ago, and retired SFPD Officer Elliott Blackstone, the first SFPD liaison to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities.

Sparked by the riot, San Francisco activists and allies began their own civil rights movement in 1966, three years prior to the famous rioting at New York's Stonewall Inn, popularly credited as the start of the Gay Freedom Movement. "In many ways, we can attribute our success in the transgender civil rights movement and the larger LGBT movement to our courageous predecessors at Compton's Cafeteria," said San Francisco Human Rights Commissioner and Transgender Law Center Deputy Director Cecilia Chung. "Unexpected allies, like Sgt. Blackstone, fought by our side against prejudice and stigma at a time when our cries seemed to be ignored, and helped to create a ripple of positive change.  Today not only do we see transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual people serving on the police force, but we also witness the wave of positive transformation in laws and
policies in governments and institutions across the country and around the world."

Filmmakers Susan Stryker and Victor Silverman, co-producer/directors of the film "Screaming Queens," which documents the social conditions that led to the riot, will also speak. Their film recently won a Northern California Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement, Historical/Cultural Program Special, and will be screened on KQED at 9:30pm on June 29th, and several times on June 30th.

The commemoration event, to be held at Oshun Center, 101 Taylor Street, is sponsored in part by Good Vibrations, San Francisco's legendary destination for accurate information about sex. For more information about this event and the history behind it, please


Gina says: The Youth Trans & Intersex Educational Services (YouthTIES, formerly Youth Gender Project -- read more about us at is going to be running a beverage booth at the San Francisco Pride celebration on Saturday, June 24th. In return, we receive a grant from Pride towards general operations support. The more volunteers we
have, the more money we get as an organization. To maximize our grant amount, it's important that we have as MANY volunteers as possible to staff our booth. At this point, we are still
looking for at least eight people to fill our shifts. If you can help, please email us and we'll hook you up with YGP.


Monday - Friday, July 24-28, 9am-5pm -- The Lotus Project: A National Peer Advocacy Training Program for HIV+ Women
Collaborating partners is Center for Health Training, WORLD, and Family Service Network

THE LOTUS PROJECT is a five day training designed specifically for HIV+ women peer educators. The goal is to train HIV+ women to be able to provide outreach, education, and support as part of a care team and to assist other HIV+ women to get into and/or continue care and treatment.

 * Are you an HIV+ woman interested in helping other HIV+ women?
 * Are you an HIV+ woman who would like to be a peer advocate?
 * Do you want to let other HIV+ women know that they are not alone?
 If you answer yes to any of these questions, the Lotus Project Peer Advocacy Training may be for you, consider registering.

TOPICS: The Lotus Project Peer Advocacy Training will give you the opportunity to learn:
 • What it means to be a peer educator/advocate;
 • Embracing your own power as an HIV+ woman;
 • HIV 101 Basics;
 • Up-to-date HIV care and treatment information;
 • How to navigate systems of care to serve clients;
 • How mental health, substance use and HIV are related; and
 • How to develop and sustain working relationships with clients, providers, and supervisors... and much, much more!

REGISTRATION: Complete one registration form per person. Email us at CSC to get this form forwarded to you. Must commit to attending all 5 days of the training. Stipend will be given to
 participants for completing the training. Registration Deadline July 5, 2006.

FEES & SCHOLARSHIPS: The cost of the training is FREE (funded by HRSA). Partial scholarships are available to reimburse hotel and travel expenses on a first-come, first-served, as needed basis for out of town participants living 60 miles or more away. Please indicate on the registration form if you need a scholarship application. All scholarship applications must be received by June 30, 2006 and include a letter of support from a supervisor, co-worker or case manager/social worker.

TRAINING LOCATION: The Institute for Community Health Outreach (ICHO), 470 Carolina Street at 18th Street in San Francisco


Thursday, June 29th from 10am to 4pm --"Just For Women: A Private Space for HIV+ Women Considering Options for Employment and Education"

This event has been described by women who've participated in the past as valuable when you're just starting to think about possibilities for future goals, as well as if you're very focused and ready to move forward on goals you've already developed.  Some of the most amazing women in our community are coming together to present this event to share their expertise and commitment to women living with HIV, including Jane Gelfand, Betty Kohlenberg, Sadrah Schadel and Marla Allen. Your help in spreading the word about this event is much appreciated!  I've attached the flyer below.  We hope that all women get to hear about it who might enjoy a day of encouragement, support, information, and connection with positive women interested in exploring and pursuing positive directions.  All women living with HIV are welcome!

My role in this event is to support the great work of the presenters and participation of all women living with HIV who want to attend and consider what may be possible in their futures.  I welcome any and all questions, suggestions and requests - don't hesitate to contact me or encourage anyone else to do so. 
-- Mark Misrok
Director, Client Services and Community Programs
Employment Services
Positive Resource Center
(415) 972-0809


Bombshell Betty Dance is coming to take you away (haha, hehe, hoho) to the...

It's Talent Night at the Jon Sims Center for the Seductively Insane, so come on out for an evening of lurid lunacy, wacky antics and shock treatment by San Francisco's nuttiest Variety and Burlesque super stars! Benefitting the Jon Sims Center for the Performing Arts (

Friday, June 30
Jon Sims Center for the Arts
1519 Mission Street
between 11th & S. Van Ness

$5-$15, sliding scale / 21+
Can't come to the show? PLEASE DONATE! (
Every little bit helps, and all donations are tax deductible.

Doors  at 8pm, shows start at 8:30pm and 10pm
Silent auction and raffle at 9:30pm

After-show dance party with DJ Miz Margo, midnight to late night!
Costumes are encouraged!

Hosted by our lovely and luney MC Sweet Cheeks

Living Legend Isis Starr
Kitten on the Keys
The Indra
Simone de la Ghetto
Lily le Rouge
Rose Pistola
Coconut Cream
Ophelia Coeur de Noir
Mynx d'Meanor
The Twilight Vixen Revue
Peekaboo Burlesque
Sloe Gin Sally
Sailor Billy
Eden Rebekkah

Erotica reading by Carol Queen
Satirical music by Riff Ditties
Sassy standup comedy by Angie Krass
Lol and Naantz Burlesque Comedy
Aerial acrobatics by Miss Siah Nyde
Musical and visual insanity by Borts Minorts

So why does the Jon Sims Center need our help?

Raffle and costuming sponsored by Costumes on Haight



Please send this notice to sex worker, community health and educational lists:

"Re-visioning Prostitution Policy:
Creating Space for Sex Worker Rights and Challenging Criminalization"
July 9-12 2006 Las Vegas, Nevada (Location provided upon registration)

Sponsored by the Desiree Alliance in conjunction with BAYSWAN, SWOP-USA, COYOTE, Best Practices Policy Project,
in collaboration with University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Department of Sociology and Department of Women's Studies and the Women's Research Institute of Nevada
Further info, email: Stacey Swimme

This conference will bring together sex workers and sex worker advocates and allies interested in working toward decriminalization of prostitution in the U.S., to provide training/networking resources for advocates, to create spaces for dialogue among workers and between workers, supporters, academics and policy makers, to identify workers' most pressing needs and to collaborate on strategies for social and political change on local, state, and national levels. The focus is to develop strategies and skills for ending the criminalization of sex work and sex workers. The goal is to empower sex workers and their advocates/allies with the knowledge, strength, confidence, and capacity to put these practices into action.
The Desiree Alliance conference organizers are committed to support for representation and inclusiveness of cultural, racial, economic, age, and gender identities. Please read our Diversity Statement at our website and join our efforts to build a respectful, diverse, and strong sex worker movement.

Conference registration is $ 200.00. The advance registration deadline has been extended until June 21st.  Visit the website for extended deadline information.

We have reserved a great Las Vegas hotel. We will forward information about reservations and accommodations upon registration. We are requesting that conference participants please reserve rooms at the conference hotel as this pays for the expenses of meeting rooms, etc.  If you have any questions, please call 415-751-1659 for further info.
Although the scholarship deadline has passed, please email for information about financial options.

Over 150 Sex Industry Workers and Allies will join us for an in-depth look into the current social and legal status of people working as sex professionals in the US. This is a rare opportunity for your business to get exposure to sex workers, service providers and advocates from around the country at this ground-breaking conference.

If you have goods and products that our participants may be interested in purchasing, or if you'd like your organization to gain exposure during the conference, purchasing a table space at the Exposition is ideal for you. Tables and chairs will be provided.

Visit for more information about sponsorship and tabling.

We've been approved as a project for Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs so we can now receive tax-deductible contributions. We are eager to encourage broad sex worker participation and to provide support for sex workers from  diverse communities at this conference. Please consider donating frequent flyer miles, or contributing funds for airfare and hotel for someone who would not otherwise be able to attend.

Desiree Alliance is a coalition of sex workers, health professionals, social scientists, professional sex educators and their supporting networks. We seek to encourage a better understanding of human sexuality by promoting ethical and unbiased research into sexual subcultures; to promote saner and more sensible approaches to policies relating to adult sexual health and behavior. We use this information to educate and empower the public to have healthy and rational attitudes about sexuality.

Desiree Alliance is a Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


Cleo Dubois Academy of SM Arts offers:
Erotic Dominance Intensive, Professional's Course August  4-6, 2006   
Full 3 Day Training limited to 8 students

Erotic Dominance Intensive Weekend for Dominant Women and Women Who Switch
Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2006
Unique hands-on training, limited to 8 students

Erotic Dominance Intensive Weekend for Dominant Men and Men Who Switch
Nov 18-19 , 2006
Unique hands-on training, limited to 8 students


WHAT DO WOMEN WANT? Take the survey!
This is the question on everyone's lips, including sexologists Danielle Harel and Celeste Hirschman who have been leading workshops for men here at the Center for Sex and Culture. They have been teaching men how to become extraordinary lovers to women, and now they want to know what kinds of workshops you women would like to see. Please take this brief anonymous
questionnaire (only 8 questions) to help them create a fun, safe and informative workshop just for you! Click here or cut and paste into your browser to take the survey:

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