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From the Wilderness office burglarized
I have just received a phonecall from Mike Ruppert. The FTW offices
have been burglarized, the doors smashed with sledgehammers and every
computer broken. Mike's fine (thank God!!!) and I believe we know who
did it but FTW is non-operational at this moment. However, the blog
is up and running.
Thank you for you patience.

Jenna Orkin

Michael C. Ruppert and From The Wilderness Publications
and The Jackson County Sustainability Network

Friday, June 30th

at Southern Oregon University

the Power of Community

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

Plus a special presentation by Producer/Writer/Outreach Director


One of tomorrow’s sustainability leaders and top
international speakers on sustainability and Peak Oil.

“Everyone who is concerned about Peak Oil needs to see this film.
Cuba survived an energy famine during the 1990s, and how it did do so
constitutes one of the most important and hopeful stories of the past
few decades. It is a story not just of individual achievement, but of
the collective mobilizations of an entire society to meet an enormous
challenge.” - Richard Heinberg, author of The Party’s Over, Powerdown

Megan Quinn is the Outreach Director of The Community Solution,
( a non-profit organization in Yellow
Springs, Ohio. She has been writing and speaking on Peak Oil and its
community-based solutions for more than three years. She helped to
organize and served as Emcee for the First and Second U.S.
Conferences on Peak Oil and Community Solutions, which drew more than
600 participants. In April, Megan Emceed a Washington, D.C.
conference, “Peak Oil and the Environment.” Her articles on peak oil
have appeared in many publications. " She holds a degree in Diplomacy
and Foreign Affairs from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where she
studied Peak Oil and its U.S. Foreign Policy implications. She has
also studied in Europe at Miami’s campus in Luxembourg and at the
University of Havana in Cuba.

The Community Solution is a non-profit that educates about peak oil
and community-based solutions and designs processes for moving
society away from industrial centralization toward small local
communities as fossil fuels and other natural resources become
increasingly scarce.

Special presentation by Michael C. Ruppert, Author of Crossing the
Rubicon. The film is 58 minutes, with a exclusive presentation by
Megan Quinn with Q & A. Copies of the film will be a available for
purchase at the event.

WHEN: Friday, June 30, 2006 from 6:30 — 8:30pm
WHERE: SOU, 1250 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland, OR; Stevenson Union; Rogue
River Room
ADMISSION: Suggested donation of $5 at door NO ONE TURNED AWAY 

Jackson County Sustainability Network—
jcsn @—(541) 973—3566

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