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Full Moon 2006 in Pacific Standard Time: 

Year New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter 

Jun 25 08:05 Jul 3 08:37 Jul 10 19:02 Jul 17 11:13 
Jul 24 20:31 Aug 2 00:46 Aug 9 02:54 Aug 15 17:51 
Aug 23 11:10 Aug 31 14:56 Sep 7 10:42 p Sep 14 03:15 
Sep 22 03:45 A Sep 30 03:04 Oct 6 19:13 Oct 13 16:25 
Oct 21 21:14 Oct 29 13:25 Nov 5 04:58 Nov 12 09:45 
Nov 20 14:18 Nov 27 22:29 Dec 4 16:25 Dec 12 06:32 
Dec 20 06:01 Dec 27 06:48
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this group has been created to provide a forum for all things hoop- 
related in the san francisco bay area. it is intended to be slightly 
more comprehensive than the bay area hoopers group, allowing postings 
about classes, hoops for sale, and other business-related topics. 
please subscribe by sending an email to this address: 
sfhoops-subscribe [at] 

Free Stuff: 
or ask me: I'm giving away lots of stuff too! 

I would like 4 or 5 foot lengths of bamboo to stick in trash cans at festivals: 
So I can designate recycling containers 
bottle atop the glass recycle, 
can atop the aluminum, plastic over plastic. 
So that folks can recycle without reading. 

important events: 
fun events: 
more events: 
eco events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center 
Fellowship of Humanity Events 390 27th St Oakland @ Telegraph/Broadway events, art receptions, music, film, etc. 


Columbia River toxins moving up food chain 
Landowners unite to end grazing on 4,400 acres in Cascade Range 

We're hard-wired genetically to ignore global warming,0,4254536.story?coll=la-sunday-commentary 

Foreign Investors Buying our Highways 
Norge "Le Monde" puts 9/11 on Front Page 

Vietnamese Wildlife Still Paying A High Price For Chemical Warefare 

Racism is just another poison we're spreading in Iraq 

FBI plans new Net-tapping push (A move to make current practices legal) 
Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land 

Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens Is Going To Kill The Internet As We Once Knew It 

FBI plans new Net-tapping push 

The US Is As Sick As Its Secrets.....: Sunday Night on July 9th... 

Trailer: "Who Killed the Electric Car?" 

Check out this movie by Aaron Russo, America: Feedom to Fascism 

Diabetes and Depleted Uranium - Italian Embassy Cover up Continues : Indybay 
How Bogus Scientific Studies Are Created 
"Psychiatric drugs fare favorably when companies pay for studies", USA Today, May 24, 2006, 

The Plot To Hijack Your Computer - partial solution is to boycott Microsoft software 
THAT is a good reason to avoid products from Microsoft. 
These vampires can wreak their havoc because Windoze is a defective product. 
They watch you surf the Web. They plague you with pop-up ads. Then 
they cripple your hard drive 

"The history of totalitarian regimes 
is reflected in the evolution and perfection 
of the instruments of terror 
and more especially the police." 
-- Carl J. Friedrich 
Source: The Pathology of Politics, 1972 

"The most common characteristic of all police states 
is intimidation by surveillance. 
Citizens know they are being watched and overheard. 
Their mail is being examined. Their homes can be invaded." 
-- Vance Packard 
(1914-1996) American journalist, social critic, and author 
Source: The People Shapers, 1977 


10) California's forests will continue to succumb to development unless landowners' profits outweigh the costs of logging regulations, a report by a group of ranching, environmental and agency representatives says. The Buckeye Conservancy released its final report Thursday, repeating its concerns that both clear-cutting and subdividing land can be far more financially attractive to a landowner than using more gentle logging methods, as many would like. The group recommended that logging plans should be good for longer than the current three-year period, and that landowners with up to 10,000 acres should qualify for non-industrial management plans. The development of the state's forests -- some 30,000 to 40,000 acres each year -- has become a major issue over the past decade. State resource leaders have said the loss of those lands is a disaster for wildlife and fish as well as a detriment to offsetting California's greenhouse gas emissions. In May, California Resources Agency Secretary Mike Chrisman called climate change a “ticking time bomb,” calling special attention to Northern California's forests as one tool to help keep global warming at bay. The Buckeye report said that California's increasingly complex logging regulations are geared at industrial timber owners, but smaller landowners find them even more burdensome. About 60 percent of the state's private forest is owned by ranchers and others who often want to log less intensively. That's typically what most environmentalists want, greatly favoring light-touch logging over subdividing and developing land that's important habitat for plants and animals. A 2003 project found that a 160-acre stand on a ranch along the Van Duzen River was only profitable if it were clear-cut or developed. The family that owned the property would have to pay $35,000 to $45,000 to prepare a logging plan that would net them only $5,000 for the logs. Clear-cutting turned a $30,000 profit, while selling it for development would yield $250,000. A Mattole rancher, Sally French, said in the report that her family used to log fewer trees than its logging plans allowed, something no longer feasible. ”Now we have to harvest pretty much all that we're allowed to because we have to cover the costs of the THP and earn some kind of income,” French said. ”The Sierra Club definitely sees that there are advantages to making it more affordable to do the type of logging that we would like to see,” Mason said. 

11) Paul Zinke, Professor of Forestry at UC Berkeley ranked silvicultural systems and harvesting methods by their degree of soil disturbance. Of the six silvicultural systems, which include single tree selection, group selection, shelterwood, seed tree, clearcutting and biomass harvesting, single tree selection, with 10 percent of the area affected and 5 percent of the trees removed, was ranked lowest. Clearcutting, with more than 90 percent of the area affected, was ranked highest and clearcutting where the crowns as well as the logs were removed had a greater impact on soil fertility because the foliage, twigs and branches contain the highest above ground nutrients of the tree. Of the harvesting methods evaluated, feller-bunching and tractor or skidder logging produced a higher degree of soil disturbance than cable and horse logging which produced a higher degree of soil disturbance than helicopter logging. The type of silviculture, harvesting, site preparation, slash management and road management interact with each other, the topography, e.g. steepness of slope and aspect, and the characteristics of the soil, e.g. shallow, bare, infertile and/ or saturated, to further minimize or maximize soil impacts. No matter the silvicultural system or the harvesting method, the creation of slash is inevitable. Slash management includes leaving slash in place, burning, lopping and scattering, chipping, packing slash on skid roads or removing slash from the site altogether. Generally, leaving slash in place is best because the nutrient cycle and soil fertility is impacted less. Roads can significantly contribute to soil loss, organic matter loss and compaction. Minimizing roads, using roads in the season for which they were designed, draining roads well and frequently onto stable surfaces, diversion proofing crossings, and designing crossings for the large episodic event are road management practices to minimize impacts on soil. 

# National Nude Recreation Week is July 10-16 2006 
If we were meant to be naked, we would be born that way. 
Naked people do not support sweat shops or use nuclear energy and phosphates washing their clothes. 
Naked people are closer to nature, and take better care of their environment. 
Naked people are not hiding anything. 

# Full Moon 2006 in Pacific Standard Time: 

Year New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter 

Jun 25 08:05 Jul 3 08:37 Jul 10 19:02 Jul 17 11:13 
Jul 24 20:31 Aug 2 00:46 Aug 9 02:54 Aug 15 17:51 
Aug 23 11:10 Aug 31 14:56 Sep 7 10:42 p Sep 14 03:15 
Sep 22 03:45 A Sep 30 03:04 Oct 6 19:13 Oct 13 16:25 
Oct 21 21:14 Oct 29 13:25 Nov 5 04:58 Nov 12 09:45 
Nov 20 14:18 Nov 27 22:29 Dec 4 16:25 Dec 12 06:32 
Dec 20 06:01 Dec 27 06:48 

# Full Moon dates 2006 in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 
PST - Pacific US. GMT-7 (Pacific Standard Time subtract 7 hours) 
If your local time zone is currently on Daylight Savings time, 
please add one hour to the standard times listed in the Moon phases tables. 
Year	Month	Day	Time	Day of week 

2006 Jul	 11	 03:03	Tue 
2006 Aug	 9	 10:55	Wed 
2006	 Sep	 7 18:43	Thu 
2006	 Oct	 7	 03:13	Sat 
2006	 Nov	 5	 12:58	Sun 
2006	 Dec	 5	 00:24	Tue 

# Ask a Scientist - Gray Whale Mystery 

Mon, Jul 10 7:00 - 9:00 pm Free 

Ask a Scientist and KQED present: Gray Whale Mystery 

Once hunted to the brink of extinction, the gray whale has made an 
amazing comeback in the last 80 years. But in 1999 and 2000, these 
unique creatures suddenly began to disappear by the thousands -- 
losing an entire one-third of their population. In the "Gray Whale 
Obstacle Course" episode of KQED's "Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean 
Adventures" (airing July 19th), Cousteau and his team look for 
answers as they travel the friendly giants' long migration route 
through polluted waters fraught with hungry killer whales and 
dangerous military sonar, all the way to their diminishing Arctic 
feeding grounds. Come get a sneak preview of this thought-provoking 
episode and learn more about these fascinating animals at tonight's 
talk, co-presented with KQED. 

Speaker: Shari Bookstaff, Professor of Biology at Skyline College and 
President of the American Cetacean Society 

About the Series: Ask a Scientist is an informative, entertaining, 
science lecture series, held at a San Francisco cafe. Each event 
features a speaker on a current topic, a short presentation, and the 
opportunity to ask all those burning questions that have been keeping 
you up at night. No tests, grades, or pressurehellipjust food, 
drinks, socializing, and conversation about the universe's most 
fascinating mysteries! 

Venue: Canvas Gallery 1200 9th Ave (@ Lincoln) San Francisco 

# Zeitgeist Int'l Film Festival Show 2 

Mon, Jul 10 9:00pm - 11:30pm $5- 

8th Annual Zeitgeist International Film Festival invites you to a 
brand new season of short films. The 1st show kicks off on Monday 
July 10th, 2006. ZIFF is held in the expansive outdoor biergartan at 
the Zeitgeist Bar. You can drink and smoke. You can freeze your 
butt off, but come early as last show played to a packed backyard. 

This program includes these 17 short films. 

"Love Hurts"-Natasha V. 
How far would you go for love? 
10:00, SF, CA 

"House of Nice"-Marty Bergman 
A un-nice journey into the surreal 
1:29, New City, NY 

"A Good Strong Roof"-Tony Gault 
A lesson in grooming from "Backpack Jack" 
5:00, Englewood, CO 

"Giorgio goes to Tribulina (evanescence)"- 
Giusepppe Tilli 
Packet switching on a motorcycle 
10:00, Bergamo, Italy 

"Meat Ball"- Filippo Filliger 
A lost soccer ball, bad children and dinner. 
5:00, Geneva, Switzerland 

"Reverse Angle"-Alexandra Rothert 
Two bicycles and Fassbinder 
1:05, Berlin, Germany 

"Trina's Collections"-Ellen Lake 
The Eclectic collections of Trina Robbins 
6:00, Oakland, CA 

"Motion Picture Window"-Dave Barker 
Motion in it's myriad forms 
5:00, SF,CA 

"Shady Bi"--April Faith Hirshman 
Watch out, she's hellip Bi! 
3:33, SF, CA 

"Baby Pepper"--Carl Russo 
No child is innocent. 
1:20, SF, CA 


"The Culture"-Harrison Rego (Age 16) 
Skateboarding, Art, abd Hip-Hop 
1:20, New City, NY 

"LIbera"-Jeff Denis 
A middle-aged man's Mother recently past awayhellip 
13:00, Quebec, Canada 

"spam letter + google image search = video 
entertainment"-Andre Silva 
The title says it all 
3:00, Iowa City, IA 

"Fest der Liebe (Celebration of Love)"- Rexi Tom 
Weller and Ruben Malchow 
A critical commentary on "Celebration of Beauty" 
7:58, Cologne, Germany 

"Amelita Destruction"-Potter-Belmar Labs 
An experimental improvised drama 
4:30, San Antonio, Texas 

"ITALIA 2006"-Daniele Carrer 
The loss of a pair of shoes is the beginning of a bad 
3:00, Mareno di Piave, Italy 

"Die Babysitterin"-Christine Lang 
Who looks after the babysitter? 
12:36, Berlin, Germany 

"Mirror in the Bathroom"-Rex Marin and Isaac 
There's no peace in a bar bathroom 
3:00, SF, CA 

Presented in BEER-O-SCOPE. That's right! BEER-O-SCOPE! 
(A giant screen painted on a wall in the backyard "bier garden" of 
the Zeitgeist.) 

Remember to dress warm. (It's summer in the city.) 

Doors open at 8 pm. 
Show begins at 9pm. 
Full Program at 
21 and over (must have ID, sorry) 
Show up early to get a good seat. 
Beer, Booze and BBQ are extra. 


The Zeitgeist Bar 
199 Valencia st. 
San Francisco 

Tue Jul 11 

# Tue, Jul 11, 2006 6:00 pm Oakland City Hall 
Oakland Food System Assessment & Upcoming City Council Hearing 
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza (btw 14th and 15th at Clay Street) Oakland 

# FREE Intro | Personal Evolution & NLP | July 11th 

"I could rave about how Jason's guidance has changed my life [...] this 
pales in comparison to how Jason's IDEAs have changed the lives of countless 
people around me -- both directly through the amazing training he did with 
my staff, and indirectly in the hundreds of students we influence as 
instructors and coaches [...] I can confidently credit much of the success 
of my growing company (16.2% growth last year) to the brilliant education 
Jason provided. I can sum up his work as the MasterCard commercial might, 

- Isa "GlitterGirl" Isaacs, Founder, Temple of Poi 

What: Intro to Personal Evolution: A Brief Introduction to NLP 
and Evolutionary Awareness 

When: Tuesday July 11th 7:00 pm to 9:30pm 

Where: The Arete Center for Excellence 

Full Details: 


Have you ever wonder what all of this personal development was really for? 
What was the broader point? Or perhaps how it all the modalities fit 
together? Have you ever wanted to be free from your past--really free? Free 
from not only the emotional charge, but also free from the limiting 
decisions, and beliefs that were formed around events? Have you ever wanted 
to develop a healthy sense of self and ego--true esteem for the self--and 
all of the freedom that comes from that? Have you ever wanted to have 
access to your true core--the best within you? Your deepest self? 

That is what is available to you through this event. Not just the "what", 
but the specific "how". 

And if you knew how to do all of that...what would it be worth to you? What 
kind of difference could it make in your life? In your relationships? In 
your career path? In assisting you in discovering and living your purpose? 

The possibilities are limitless...RSVP now to reserve your spot and your 
ticket to personal evolution. 

In Evolution, 

Jason D. McClain | Evolutionary Guide™ | I.D.E.A. | 415/261.2867 | liberate @ 

# The 711 Club Memorial Flashmob: 7:11 on 7/11 in front of the 7-11 at 711 
Tue, Jul 11 7:11pm-8:00pm Free 
What better way to remember the 711 than to spend 7/11 at the 7-11? 

What: Flashmob to memorialize the 711 Club 
Where: 711 Market Street 
When: 7:11 PM on July 7. 

Do you remember the 711 Club at 711 Market street, the charming 
little dive behind the carved dutch doors on Market near 3rd? Of 
course you do. How could you forget any bar with a glittery ceiling, 
fuzzy wallpaper, and that carving on the back wall. 

Did you shed a tear when it suddenly closed in 2003? Did you think 
it was a joke when the 7-11 logos went up? Did you wonder if Martin 
finally won the Lotto? 

Do you still miss the place? 

If so, than this is for you. On TUESDAY, JULY 11TH, at 
approximately 7:11 PM, it will be time to remember the 711 Club - the 
only speakeasy turned saloon turned dive bar turned ironic 
convenience store in the lower 48. 

And is there a better place to remember the 711 at 7:11 on 7/11 than 
in front of the 7-11? 

No. There isn't. 

We're going to do this flashmob style. Please arrive before 7:11, 
and bring a beverage of your choice (bonus points for Kostritzer). 
Loiter around the corner of 3rd and market until the time is right. 

At exactly 7:11 pm, you should walk to the front of the 7-11 (at 711 
Market St, natch), open your beverage and spill some on the ground. 
Then you are encouraged to loiter, beverage in hand, in front of the 
7-11 reminiscing. 

The former site of the 711 Club 711 Market ST San Francisco 
On Market street near Third. 

# July 11th & 25th, August 22nd (out of town August 8th) 
Dream Dance: a sacred ritual healing dance workshop 
Spiritual Technologies invite you to join us for an intimate ceremony 
designed to promote deep healing through the use of intention, a blindfold, 
and breathing techniques that induce a state of trance and transformation. 
Doors open 7pm, closed ritual 7:30-9:30 
2nd & 4th Tuesdays monthly ($7-$12 sliding scale) 
De Moolam: 848 Divisidero, SF 
(Note: bi-monthly availability likely to change in the fall…please come 
dance while we have the chance!!!) 

Wednesday, July 12th 


Silicon Valley in Defense of Animals, and other concerned citizens will protests Ringling Bros. circus when they open in Fresno on July 12. 

Circuses exploit animals to death for profit. Ringling Bros. has been cited multiple times by the USDA for violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and animals continue to suffer and die at Ringling Bros. as well as all circuses. 

While the circus propaganda taunts that the animals are well taking care of, the facts tell a much different story. 

Ringling's public relations scheme clings to their so called "Elephant conservation program" which has not saved one single elephant in the wild nor it has saved any elephant's habitat. On the contrary. Ringling has paid poachers to kill and kidnap baby elephants from their families in the wild and it breeds the animals in a captive environment were they are kept chained by 2 legs in concrete warehouses and tare the babies apart from their mothers and family members to subject them to daily beatings to break their spirits and into human domination and submission. Tigers and other animals are also beaten regularly to force them to do unnatural, demeaning and humiliating acts, non of which are a part of their true nature. 

At least 21 Elephants have been killed by Ringling Bros., all premature, unnatural deaths and many other animals have suffered horrible deaths as well. Animals are trained by punishment, beatings, deprivation of food and water, isolation etc. Furthermore, the animals live caged and chained throughout their entire lives and endure the rigorous and stressful aspects of being transported on tiny cages and box cars constantly, from city to city throughout their entire, miserable existence. 

Animals do not belong in circuses and did not evolve to "entertain" humans. 

"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not created for humans any more than blacks were made for whites of women created for man." Alice Walker 

Join us to protest the Cruelest Show on Earth 

WHEN: Wednesday July 12 at 6:00PM 

WHERE: Selland Arena Fresno California 

CONTACT: Alfredo Kuba 650 965-8705 

# CC Salon SF 

CC Salon is a free, casual monthly get-together focused on conversation, networking, and presentations from people or groups who are developing projects that relate to Creative Commons licensing, content, and tools. Please invite your friends, colleagues, and anyone you know who might be interested in drinks and discussion. 

This month's line-up: 

Chris Hughes and Jeff Hammerbacher from Facebook, the largest social networking site on college campuses, are presenting an overview of the project and how it ties in with CC. 

Derek Slater and Jason Schultz from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) are presenting the "Corruptibles" animation and will discuss current happenings with copyright in Congress. 

Max Schorr of GOOD Magazine will discuss the the publication's launch, its innovative subscription strategy (whereby 100% of GOOD's charter subscription revenue will be given to organizations whose missions are in line with the publication's. In other words, subscribe to GOOD, choose Creative Commons as the nonprofit you want to support, and your entire one-year subscription fee of $20 will be given to CC.) 

We are going to try something new and will be featuring "OpenSalon" -- an open mic where the community is invited to give short (five minutes or less) presentations. Please post a comment on this event listing page if you are interested in this chance to demo your new project, play your new remix, get feedback from the community, or shamelessly plug your upcoming event (if it relates to CC, of course!). 

July 12th, 2006 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM 
Shine 1337 Mission Street 
San Francisco, CA 94103 

# The Be Nice Party will be on Wednesday, July 12, 2006, from 
6:00pm to 11:00pm, at Catalyst Club, 312 Harriet (@ Bryant), in San 

This event is produced by Nocturnum Productions as part of the 
Coalition to Bring Black Rock City Sensibilities Home. On the playa 
people are open and friendly; we look each other in the eyes, say 
hello, smile, and are giving. This is the Be Nice party. 

Make eye contact. Smile genuinely. Relax. 

The BE NICE Party creates a safe, friendly environment with quiet 
music and no expectations; where you can meet people and bask in the experience of being nice. 

Plus enjoy dinner, appetizers and drinks from the Catalyst Club's full menu. 

This sub-culture munch is a place to have dinner if you like, enjoy 
innovative cocktails, and meet others without having to shout over 
the music. No cover. 21 and over 

WHAT: The BE NICE Party 
WHERE: Catalyst Cocktail Club, 312 Harriet at Bryant, San Francisco. 
WHEN: Wednesday, July 12th, 6:00pm to 11:00pm 

No cover. 21 and over only. 
For more information visit: 
For menu visit: 

*The BE NICE Party is the 2nd Wednesday of every month* 

July 12th, 2006 
06:00 PM - 10:00 PM 

Venue Information 
Catalyst Cocktails 
312 Harriet San Francisco, CA 94103	
Just South of the Hall of Injustice, 850 Bryant, So this is between 6th and 7th St, Bryant and Harrison. 

Wed, Jul 12, 2006 7:00 pm 
Films: Double Feature Presented by LaborFest 
Humanist Hall 390 27th St Oakland Btwn Telegraph / Broadway 

Wed, Jul 12, 2006 - Thu, Jul 13, 2006 7:00 pm 
[view]	Venezuela's New Economy 
San Francisco & Berkeley 

# Monkey Chant, African Rhythm, and Inspirational Film: July 12th, 7-10pm 
for the online poster, please go to: 

*** Wednesday, July 12th, 7-10pm *** 2509 Myrtle St., Oakland, CA *** 

One People Voice, Universal Face, and Stivovo: A rare evening of community 
participation through rhythm and voice. 

7pm - 

One People Voice leads participants into the vocal interlocking rhythms and 
physicality of Balinese Kecak (KETjak), or Monkey Chant. Here we build 
community connection through the power of our individual voices while 
listening intently to the voices of whole. 

8:15pm - 

Universal Face - Through music, spoken word, and visual imagery, Earth, the 
first of a ten part series, explores our relationship to the ancient 
teachings of Kabbalah, our own creativity, and the wide spectrum of 
expression found in the Jewish mystical tradition. Artfully filmed with 
fresh sounds and diverse explanations for the value of Earth, Universal 
Face's pilot film provides a foundation for anyone to get in touch with who 
we are as individuals in the contemporary world, rooted in traditional 

8:45pm - 

Stivovo - Stivovo is a Master Audience Conductor from South Africa 
who travels the world facilitating groups from 8 to 80,000 seat stadiums in rhythm. He 
will be in the Bay Area for a very short time, and this will be his only 

WHERE: 2509 Myrtle St. Oakland CA 94607 
WHEN: Wednesday July 12, 7pm 
COST: $10 Suggested Donation 

Call (510) 832-1631 to reserve tickets. 

# Wed, Jul 12, 2006 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm 
[view]	Green Talk with the Green Party of San Mateo County 
Green Party Office 212A Miller St South San Francisco 

# Crucible's 6th Annual Fire Arts Festival July 12-15, 2006 
day and evening programs see below 
A celebration of creation through fire and light 
Pre & Post-Festival classes run 
Tuesday through Sunday, July 11-16 
Wednesday July 12, 7:00 - 11pm 
The Crucible Hosts: The Desert Arts Preview 
Admission Free 
Thursday July 13, 7:00pm 
FIRE & LIGHT Benefit Auction Soiree $125 
Friday July 14 8:00pm - 12:30am 
Twisted Fiery Circus 
Tickets: $25 members/ $30 non-members 
Advance (before 7/1): $20 members/$25 non-members 
Saturday, July 15 8:00pm - 12:30am 
High Voltage Chaos$25 members/ $30 non-members 
Event website: 
The Crucible 1260 7th Street/ at Union (West Oakland BART) 
West Oakland 510.444.0919 

# Wed, Jul 12, 2006 - Thu, Jul 13, 2006 7:00 pm 
Venezuela's New Economy San Francisco & Berkeley 
The Camejo Group and Progressive Asset Management, Inc. 
invite the Socially Responsible Investment Community to hear 
Jose Soto Reyes, Venezuelan Embassy Chief Economic Affairs Officer. 

WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 7:00 - 9:00 PM 
Location: Holiday Inn Golden Gateway, 
1500 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco 

Date: THURSDAY, JULY 13, 7:00 - 9:00 PM 
Location: Doubletree Hotel Berkeley Marina 
200 Marina Blvd (Berkeley Marina), Berkeley 

Admission is free for both dates. 
For more information contact: 
Carlos Martinez, Venezuela Program Coordinator 
Camejo Group and 
(510) 587-0800 
(415) 575-5524 

# The Laptop Banditos: A Puppet Production by Shadow Circus 
Wed, Jul 12 9:00pm $5 

Hatchet (the streetwise velociraptor) and Kafka (the giant cockroach) 
become 'The Laptop Banditos'; a duo of ruthless criminals bent on 
stealing the wireless laptops from unwary San Franciscans. Can Mayor 
Newsom defend the City from these nefarious fiends, or will the 
internet cafes forever lay in the grip of terror? 

Combining folklore, mythology, Lovecraftian monsters and pop-culture 
parody, Shadow Circus Creature Theatre has been one of San 
Francisco's most popular and outrageous puppetry troupes since it's 
formation in 2000. Using life-sized latex and foam creatures Shadow 
Circus creates a world that is utterly fantastic, and yet hilariously 
similar to our own. 

Studio Z 314 Eleventh St San Francisco 

Thursday, July 13th 

# 7/13: Yosemite National Park - Public Meeting 
Planning for the Tuolumne Wild and Scenic River and Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park is starting! 

Public scoping is an opportunity early in the planning process for the public, partner organizations, and other agencies to suggest issues to be considered in the Tuolumne River Plan and the Tuolumne Meadows Plan. Public scoping meetings include an open house, a formal presentation, and conversation with park staff. 

Public Scoping Meeting in San Francisco: 
July 13, 4-8 pm 
Fort Mason Center 
Building 201, First Floor Conference Room 
Bay & Franklin Streets 

For additional meeting locations and dates, and for more information on the planning process, please visit 

Written comments may be submitted to the park by mail, fax, or email to: 
Superintendent, Yosemite National Park 
Attn: Tuolumne Planning Box 577, Yosemite, CA 95389 
Fax: (209) 379-1294 Email: Yose_Planning @ 

# Downloading the Past Thu, Jul 13 6:00-7:30 p.m. 
The reception is free and open to the public 

On Thursday, July 13, the GLBT Historical Society will hold 
"Downloading the Past," a panel exploring the GLB Gay History 
Writers' Project and its efforts to create downloadable e-books of 
rare, out-of-print gay fiction. Program participants will include 
Writers' Project founder and novelist Barton Lewis, classic gay 
writer John Coriolan, and Cesar Love, the son of Richard Amory, whose 
1971 novel Frost is a featured e-book. San Francisco State University 
English Professor Jim Brogan will also provide historical and 
literary context. In addition to describing writing and publishing 
fiction and erotic novels from the 1950s through the 1980s, panelists 
will share the art of e-books as preservation. A web presentation and 
an interactive conversation will accompany the panel. 

"Too often, classic 'pulp fiction' simply disappears or becomes 
accessible only through archives such as the GLBT Historical 
Society," said GLBT Historical Society Executive Director Terence 
Kissack. "The GLB Gay History Writers' Project makes these works 
available again worldwide at the click of a mouse." 

In conjunction with "Downloading the Past," the Historical Society 
will stage a special mini-exhibit of lesbian and gay paperback 
fiction from the 1950s and 1960s. The event is free and open to the 
public and will include light refreshments and free admittance to the 
gallery exhibits, "Capturing the Moment: The Photojournalism of Rick 
Gerharter," and "Sporting Life: GLBT Athletics from the 1960s to Today." 

WHAT: "Downloading the Past: The GLB Gay Writers' Project" panel 

WHERE: GLBT Historical Society, 657 Mission St, Ste 300 (btwn New 
Montgomery & Third) 

WHEN: Thursday, July 13, 6:00-7:30 p.m. The reception is free and 
open to the public. 

Thu, Jul 13, 2006 7:30 pm Randall Museum FREE 
Cheetah Conservation in Namibia w/Irene Donovan Marten 
199 Museum Way (off Roosevelt) San Francisco 

# 7/13: End of Suburbia Screening & Action (walnut creek) 
We had a great screening of End of Suburbia on June 8th. Those who came were energized to start local action in Contra Costa County. So much so, that we decided to show it again at our July meeting and really encourage those who didn't/couldn't come to be there this time. While the film is showing, those who saw it last time will meet in the next room to begin our discussions about local action in response to fossil fuel depletion and in support of sustainable living. We already have some good ideas and models. Come join us! 
Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church 
Children's Chapel 55 Eckley Lane Walnut Creek, CA 94596 7:00pm 
$10.00 suggested donation, no one turned away 

# Exotica Au Go Go II Thu, Jul 13 8 pm $8 

Can't afford a trip somewhere warm and exotic? Well, throw on your 
best tropical gear, grab a lei and join the DEVIL-ETTES as they dance 
the night away to a whole new set of steamy summer tunes! Join us for 
the 2nd Annual Exotica Au Go Go! Imagine a beach party in Thailand 
1964 and you have Exotica Au Go Go! Garage Bands The Flakes and the 
Go Going Gone Girls, Go Go Dancing, Dj's, Dance Contests and MORE! 
This wild and wooly ruckus comes just in time to kick start summer- 
but it won't be a party unless you're there! No SPF required! 

About the Devil-Ettes: 
Sassy, sultry yet utterly All-American, The DEVIL-ETTES provide good 
clean fun for kids of all ages!! They've set a reputation for their 
wickedly good shows that set the fringe a flyin' on their trademark 
matching costumes. You've got to see it to believe it! 

About The Flakes: 
Five long-haired creeps who like money and old records--you know, the 
kind that sound like they were made in a garage in 1965 or 1985 or 
the future. 

About The Go-Going Gone Girls: 
Their three-part harmonies and synchronized choreography are backed 
by an all-star four-piece lineup, delivering a dexterous and 
distinctive blend of 60s go-go, soul, bubblegum, girl-group, and 
garage. Hear them sing, wail, scream, harmonize, plead, beg, and 
shout from atop their totemic pedestals. See them shimmy, shake, 
twist, dog, monkey, duck, bird, funky chicken, and pony like their 
ancestors of yore. 

Rickshaw Stop 155 Fell Street at Van Ness 
San Francisco 415-861-2011 

Fri Jul 14 

# World leaders in green building to speak in SF, July 14. 
Problems, solutions, and bold new initiatives in green 
building are the topics of an all-star conference -- 
"The Turning Point" in San Francisco, July 14. 

Speakers include: 

David Gottfried, author of Greed to Green and 
founder of the US Green Building Council 
and WorldGBC. 

Andres Edwards, author of The Sustainability Revolution 
and collaborator with Sim van der Ryn 
on the new College of Marin Center for Regenerative Studies. 

Alisdair McGregor, Principal and Fellow of the Arup Group, 
internationally recognized authority on integrated design 
and high performance buildings. 

Russell Perry, Principal of the SmithGroup 
and cofounder, William McDonough + Partners. 

Paul Kephart, world famous authority on green roofs. 

Donald MacDonald, architect of the new pedestrian- and 
bicycle-friendly SF Bay Bridge. 

Melissa Mizell, of Gensler, firm winner of the 
2005 USGBC Leadership Award. 

Craig Henritzy, architect of the Heart of Berkeley 
downtown stream daylighting project. 

Speakers from the SF Dept. of the Environment, 
AIA, . . . and many others. 

Pacific Energy Center in downtown San Francisco. 

Low fee for early enrollment. 

For more details and enrollment information see: 

"The Turning Point Conference" at 

Sponsored by: 
San Francisco Institute of Architecture 
the worlds oldest and largest professional 
school of sustainable design and green 

# Fri, Jul 14, 2006 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm 
[view]	Visual Aid's Bastille Day Party & Exhibition 
Hotel Des Arts 447 Bush St @ Grant / Kearny San Francisco 

# FETE LA BOUM!/ SF - 7.14.06 
Dark Kabaret & Delachaux 
in association with Anon Salon present 
FRIDAY, JULY 14th (Bastille Day, Pfft!) 
9pm- LATE 
@ Anon Gallery 
285 9th Street @ Folsom 
$15 Ahead/ $20 Door 
Dress as your favorite lovers & libertines! 
French Maids, Mimes, Mods, Legionnaires, & Impressionists, Existentialistas, Bardot, Deneuve, Toulouse-Lautrec, Camus, Cocteau, De Sade, Louis XVI, Anais Nin, Amelie, Marie Antoinette, Napolean, De Gaule, Jacques Cousteau, Pepé Le Pew! 
- Ursula 1000 (Esl Records) 
- Laird (Get Yer Freak On) 
- Delachaux (Splashadelic) 
- C3Plos (Diabolik) 
- Neel N. Kizmiaz (Lapel) 
- Cherry Lix 
- The Indra 
- The Flying Fox 
- The Lollies 
- The Scenic Sisters 
- Kitten On The Keys 
- Doc Popular 

# Lightning in a Bottle ~ (Los Angeles) 

Friday, July 14, 7:00 PM 2006 - Sunday, July 16, 2006 
A magical forest adventure... presented by The Do LaB 

LIB06 will celebrate unity and community on 50 acres of beautiful land just thirty minutes north of Santa Barbara. On July 14th, 15th and 16th, we look forward to our largest and most inspired gathering yet: 3 magical days filled with live music, amazing performances, art installations, extreme decor, interactive classes and workshops, green energy, vegetarian food, great people, and so much more! <> 

Our line-up features some of the most eclectic entertainment the west coast has to offer from San Diego to Seattle... 

Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque 
Cheb i Sabbah (six degrees) 
Hamsa Lila 
The Yard Dogs Road Show 
El Circo 
Random Rab (el circo) 
Adam Ohana (an*ten*nae) 
Vau de Vire Society 
Oscure (laba) 
David Starfire (space island) 
Loop Station 
Heather Stants and Urban Tribal Dance 
Rara Avis 
Janaka (dhamaal sf) 
El Papachango (el circo) 
Shawna (el circo) 
Helios Jive (thedolab) 
Ooah (troubled youth) 
Stilt Circus 
Underground Orchestra 
Jonny Cota (el circo) 
Jupiter (thedolab) 
Breakbeat Buddha 
Atash Maya Bellydance 
Patricio (laba) 
Michele Bass (laba) 
Rootabreaka dj's 
Imagika (imagi-nation) 
Dandelion (space island) 
Sammy Bliss (pocket) 
Jesse Wright (pocket) 
The Stove 
Ian (space island) 
Salon K 
Ben Wright 

Tickets are on sale now! 
For ticket info and other details about Lightning in a Bottle please visit our website: <> 

Much love, The Do LaB 

“We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” 
- Willy Wonka 

Blue and I will be doing a Pod Cast with Da Bomb next weekend at Lightning in a Bottle. Come check it out and support this green festival just north of Santa Barbra- half way between SF & LA. If you want to particiapte send me a message. Thanks! -Kachina Katrina 

here's more about the festival & Da Bomb: 

*ALso the Evolutionary Center Camp site is up, check it out and register if you want to camp with us: 

# July 14/15/16 San Francisco Vegetarian Society & 
Yoga Society of San Francisco 
~ for the first time in the San Francisco Bay Area ~ 
Kemetic Yoga 
The Ancient Egyptian & African Philosophy of Yoga 

“Journey to Amenta” Lecture, Q&A 
Friday Evening - July 14th 

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM 

Kemetic Yoga Class I 
Saturday Evening - July 15th 

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM 

Kemetic Yoga Class II 
Sunday Evening - July 16th 

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM 

Yoga Society of San Francisco 

2872 Folsom Street 
(Between 24th & 25th Streets) 
San Francisco, CA 94110 

Cost: $40 - Lecture, $35 - per Yoga Class, 
All Three Events-Weekend Package: $100 
A limited number of scholarships and trades are available. 
Please call Ravin at 415.971.3178. 

Yirser Ra Hotep 
Kemetic Yoga Master 
will share his brilliance with us 

July 14th, 15th and 16th, 2006 
at a Yoga Ashram in “The City’s” Mission’s District 

Brother and teacher Yirser Ra Hotep has taught Yoga for over 30 years, recognized nationally and internationally as one of the foremost masters and innovators of Kemetic Yoga (ancient Egyptian system) in the world. Yirser is the author of "Kemetic Yoga" a three volume set of Instructional Yoga tapes and "Journey to Amenta", an audio meditation and music CD. He has lectured and written extensively on the African origins of Yoga; stress management, health and wellness for African Americans; African American culture and health; Yoga therapy, meditation, diet and spirituality. 

Please Note: YSSF is an ashram and requests for shoes to be removed at the door and no animal flesh, alcohol or drugs on the premises. Thank you for your cooperation. 
Transportation to YSSF: MUNI bus lines 12 and 14, BART - 24th St.-Mission Station and walk 3 blocks. Street parking is possible, however automobiles are not encouraged. 

To register and for more information, please call the Y.S.S.F. office at 415.285.5537 



Choosing Life: Exploring Nutrition as the Gateway to Immortality 
featuring Wayne Chandler M.S., C.P.H., S.C.E 
Date: Saturday, July 15 & 22, 2006 
Time: July 15, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM & July 22, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM 
Location: The Dream Space 7433 Hillmont Dr. Oakland, CA 
Fee: $60.00 ($20 per session) Early registration* $65.00 at the door 

This Three Part lecture series will take participants through a journey of physical rejuvenation and re-youthing experience which is the destiny and the wave of the human race. The information presented is the cutting edge and constitutes the latest research in bio-chemical, core energetics, and Mind-Body-Spirit medicine. These segments will enlighten participants to the avenues one may take to regenerate systemically the human body. 

Part One will explore the various reasons why the human body degenerates though it is primed and genetically coded to live forever. Immortality is the birthright of every human being, yet an array of cultural/social mechanisms prevents the human entity from living past the average age of 65-75 years...the last 25 of those years being absorbed in physical decay, pain, and emotional misery. 
Part Two will examine the various foods, supplements, and elixirs that reinstate the overall vitality of the human body. Simple trace minerals such as zinc play an overwhelmingly essential role in all generative functions...physical and energetic. 
Part Three: Immortal Energetics will discuss the relationship of the organs in the human body as they relate to our overall mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. This presentation will reveal specific techniques and practices one can do to reestablish the keys to health and longevity by manipulating the death codes programmed into the human body and replacing them with the light codes of vitality and long life. 

BIO - Wayne B. Chandler, M.S., C.P.H., S.C.E. is the author of Ancient Future: The Teachings and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt and the forth coming book The Brighter Side of Darkness: A Light Warriors Guide to Inner Alchemy and Spiritual Revelation. He is a motivational speaker and workshop coordinator and has lectured around the globe. Chandler is certified in the techniques of Core Energetics; as instructed by Mantak Chia, Choa Kok Sui and Minke DeVoss. He is also certified in Tui Na, one of the pillars of Chinese Medical Science. 

To register, visit our web-site at: 
or call 209-612-5164. 
*Last day for advance registration is July 8, 2006 

July 14-16 BSP: Field Day Campout !! July 14th - 16th 
Friday, July 14, 2006 - Sunday, July 16, 2006 
Pining for the days of Summer Camp? Well, pine no more! The Extra Credit will be throwing a campout located three hours from the Bay Area to bring back those golden summer days of yore. Enjoy games like Capture the Flag, Red Rover, Tug o' War, Kick Ball, and many more. Groove to two stages of IDM, Down-tempo, Trip-Hop and Hip-hop. Roast S'mores and pop popcorn over an open bonfire. Stop by our outdoor theater for a screening of the best 80s movies under the stars. Prepare to become ecstatic with glee in a bygone era of Pixie Stix, lemonade, and PB&J sandwiches. FIELD DAY! is near! Tickets are only $20 !! 

Featuring music from: 

Circuit 73 
Faye Valentine 

Live Performers: 
Chachi Jones 
Chel-C Faith 
Chris de Giere 
Cubik & Origami 
Mastermind Theater 
Schrodenger's Mac 
Thomas B for more info 

Sat Jul 15 

# July 15 - Day of Action against Climate Change and G8 - EF! Call to Action! 
A call to action from Earth First! Climate Caucus and Rising Tide North America 
July 15th 2006 -- Direct Action for Climate Justice 

International Day of Direct Action 
against Climate Change and the G8 
Rise Up Against G8 Policies 
Target Fossil Fuel Industries in Your Town or Bioregion 

On July 15th, the "Group of 8" (G8) richest industrialized countries will gather in St. Petersburg, Russia to plot their continued commodification and domination of the planet, this time under the banner of "Energy Security." A leaked G8 "Communique on Energy Security" calls for trillions of dollars in new investments in oil, gas and coal production worldwide, plus wide-scale global expansion of nuclear energy. With runaway climate change* looming just over the horizon, such neoliberal business-as-usual poses a direct threat to the continuation of life on Earth as we know it. Resistance is self defense. The G8 agenda promotes petroleum-dependent "Energy Security" that pollutes our land and atmosphere, ravages poor and indigenous communities, and scorches the Earth's climate. Their recipe for disaster must be met with our global resistance! 

July 15th will be an International Day of Action Against Climate Change. As G8 energy ministers promise trillions in new subsidies to the industries destroying our planet and our future, we will take action to shut them down! This is a call for autonomous, decentralized actions appropriate for your town, city, or bioregion. Use this international day of action to support local struggles against oil refineries, gas pipelines, strip mines and coal-fired power plants. Disrupt the financial backers of the fossil fuel industry. Host teach-ins to spread sustainable post-petroleum living skills. Find a weak point in the infrastructure of resource exploitation and throw a literal or symbolic wrench in the works. Visit your local polluters and give 'em hell! 

The July 15th International Day of Action Against Climate Change is being mobilized by Rising Tide North America, a new network initiated in the US by the Earth First! Climate Caucus, with inspiration and support from the UK's vibrant Rising Tide direct action movement for climate justice and against climate change. Rising Tide North America is actively mobilizing July 15th actions in local bioregions, as well as reaching out to environmental justice, climate action and radical sustainability movements in all of the G8 countries plus the Global South.

Rising Tide North America is building a large collection of outreach and agit-prop materials that can be used by groups around the continent (and the world) to organize locally. These materials will be downloadable from and from the website of Rising Tide North America (comin' soon). 

Join the Rising Tide North America network, and tell us about July 15th actions against climate change being planned in your community or bioregion! Contact us at efclimatecaucus [at] 

For more information and updates about July 15th international actions against climate change, plus news and links about additional global resistance against the 2006 G8 Summit from July 14th to 17th, go to 

To learn more about the global Rising Tide movement, visit and read "Rising Tide Takes the Helm: Mapping Strategies for Climate Justice" in May-June 2006 Earth First! Journal: 
To learn more about the origin and purpose of Rising Tide North America, read "Earth First! Climate Caucus: A New Birth in the No Compromise Movement" in May-June 2006 Earth First! Journal: 

*19 of the 20 hottest years on record have occurred since 1980. Islands in the South Pacific are already evacuating due to rising sea levels. Storms and hurricanes are growing more severe. Polar bears are drowning as their icy habitat breaks apart and drifts out to sea. Greenland and Antarctica are melting. Everyday we spew more greenhouse gases burned from fossil fuels into the atmosphere; everyday we are one step closer to what scientists refer to as "the tipping point," on the verge of catastrophic and irreversible climate chaos. 

# July 15: Int'l Day of Action to Shut Down Guantanamo 
Via NY Transfer News Collective * All the News that Doesn't Fit 

sent by Frida Berrigan via David McReynolds - Jul 7, 2006 

sc-list mailing list 

Join International Day of Action to Shut Down Guantanamo on July 15th! 

Saturday, July 15th is an "International Day of Protest: Shut 
Guantanamo Now!" and demonstrations will be held in London, Melbourne 
and Sydney as well as cities in Yemen, Kuwait and Bahrain, and 
throughout the United States. 

To learn more about the International Day of Action 

In New York we will be vigiling from noon to 2pm 
Saturday, July 15th, Washington Square Park, NYC 
(Northern end, under the arch) 

St Mary's Church, The Riverside Church Global Justice and Peace 
Ministry, The Center for Constitutional Rights, Witness Against 
Torture, and others join people of conscience throughout the world to 
demand the closure of Guantanamo and an end to indefinite detention, 
torture and secret rendition. 

Please joins us if you can. If you are not in New York, consider 
organizing a vigil or demonstration in your own community. 

On our website, we have a list of ten things you can to in the work to 
Shut Down Guantanamo. 

There you can download factsheets and fliers, purchase orange "Shut 
Down Guantanamo" t-shirts, get instructions to build a cage, and much 
much more to add your voice to this critical call. 

For more information on the NYC action or for help in organizing 
something in your local community, Email Frida.Berrigan [at], or 
Call 347-683-4928 

In December 2005, a group of twenty four friends, following the 
nonviolent tradition of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker walked to 
Guantanamo to visit the prisoners, calling themselves "Witness Against 
Torture." When they returned, they launched the "Campaign to Shut Down 
Guantanamo," which consists of public education and community 
outreach, networking and resource sharing, and acts of nonviolent 
civil disobedience to draw attention to the plight of prisoners in 
Guantanamo, and victims of the war on terrorism everywhere. Frida Berrigan frida.berrigan @ 

.NY Transfer News Collective * A Service of Blythe Systems 
. Since 1985 - Information for the Rest of Us . 
.339 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012 
.List Archives: 

# 7/15-RJ'S 45th BIRTHDAY 

# NK7 presents 'Breakaholics' 
A Sleevin Record Release Party & Playa Fashion Show (midnight) 
Saturday, July 15th 

Myagi [Splank, West, Money Shot - Canada] 
Mancub [Sleevin, Space Coyboys] 
SIMO aka Simon Littlewood [Sleevin] 
Laird [Get Yer Freak On] 
Goldilox [Brass Tax, Sleevin] 
Seven [NK7] 
Sol [Solsoundmusic] 
B. Smiley [supperclub, Sleevin] 
Techture-Live set [Sleevin] 

Breaks all night on two floors 10p-4am; $10 before midnight, $15 after. 

Playa fashion show begins promptly at midnight featuring designers: 
Miranda Caroligne 
Miss Velvet Cream 
Silver Lucy Designs 

Sleevin record release party for "Mr Shine"- B.Smiley, "Pigs 4 Dinna"- 
SIMO and "Rusted"- Techture. 

Whisper, 535 Florida St. at Mariposa St, SF One block West of Bryant. 
(one block North of 's back door...) 
21+ over event Playa themed attire encouraged. 
VIP bottle service available. Email VIP [at] 


SF Mime Troupe presents: 

Imagine a nation where religious fervor runs hot, and faith rhetoric runs hotter. Where belief has replaced reason, and where Liberty and Justice play a broken second fiddle to an all powerful, omniscient and omnipresent military-industrial God complex. That's the nation Reverend C.B. De Love wants. And that's also the nation where shy civics teacher Angela Franklin finds herself. But in her struggle to stop the coming Theocracy will Angela go too far? In her zeal to destroy the opiate of the masses, will she make a religion out of her anti-religion, and join the ranks of the Gangsters for God? Or will she see the folly of blind faith in anything - even the Constitution - and return to Reason? 

Shows are free in the parks... call for ticket info for the evening shows ... the below list includes shows across the bay area and also in Point Arena, Redway, Bolinas, Palo Alto, Sebastapol, Chico, Davis, Sacramento, Ukiah, Hayward, Grass Valley, Culver City, Sonoma and Santa Cruz. 

JFK Drive, bet. McLaren Lodge & Conservatory - San Francisco 
Music 1:30pm, Show 2:00pm 

Lakeside Drive at Lake Merritt - Oakland 
Music 1:30pm, Show 2:00pm 

180 Camino Alto near E. Blithedale - Mill Valley 
Music 1:30pm, Show 2:00pm 

MacArthur & Broadway - Oakland 
Music at 1:30pm, Show at 2:00pm 

Mission & 3rd - San Francisco 
Music 1:30pm, Show 2:00pm 


Bosworth & O'Shaughnessy - San Francisco 
Music 1:30pm, Show 2:00pm 

Mesa Park - Bolinas 
Music 2:00pm, Show 2:30pm 
Ticket info Call: 415-868-2128 

8/12 & 8/13 
Shattuck & Berryman - Berkeley 
Music 1:30pm, Show 2:00pm 

6950 Analy Ave. - Sebastopol 
Music 7:00pm, Show 7:30pm 
Ticket info Call: 415-285-1717 

600 E. Meadow Drive - Palo Alto 
Music 4:30pm, Show 5:00pm 

Columbus & Union - San Francisco 
Music 1:30pm, Show 2:00pm 

8/26 & 8/27 
Hillegass & Derby - Berkeley 
Music 1:30pm, Show 2:00pm 


DOLORES PARK (Sat, Sun & Mon) 
18th & Dolores - San Francisco 
Music 1:30pm, Show 2:00pm 

To view this listing, click here: 

Sun Jul 16 

# Reproductive Rights Film Festival 

Sunday, July 16 12:00 Noon - 1:30 PM $4-8 sliding scale 

Reproductive Rights Film Festival 
A benefit for the last abortion clinic in Mississippi 

Showing the PBS documentary "The Last Abortion Clinic" 

Women's reproductive rights are under attack throughout the country 
like we haven't seen in many years. This July, the right-wing group 
"Operation Save America" has called for a week of action designed to 
shut down the last remaining clinic that provides abortions in 
Mississippi. Don't let the right wing limit women's access to 
reproductive health care! Join with other bay area folks to learn 
more about what's happening in Mississippi and support organizing 
there to protect reproductive rights. 

Sponsored by the Bay Area Coalition for Reproductive Rights 

The Roxie Cinema 16th St. between Valencia & Guerrero San Francisco 

bacorrinfo @ 

# Sun, Jul 16, 2006 12:00 pm 
Reproductive Rights Film Festival @ The Roxie Cinema 
16th St. between Valencia and Guerrero San Francisco 

# Sun, Jul 16, 2006 12:00 pm 
[view]	HEALTH CARE FOR ALL CALIFORNIANS — Presented by Karen Armstead 
Humanist Hall 390 27th Street (between Telegraph and Broadway) Oakland 

# ECO friendly Trunk Show on Sunday, July 16th. 
Levende Lounge 1710 Mission Street @ Duboce, SF 4pm -7pm 
The Eco Funk 'n Trunk focuses on local fashion designers using Sustainable 
materials & practices = Organic, Natural or Recycled Fabrics & Fair Labor. 
Brunch 11-3pm, Trunk Show 4-7pm. 
Peroni Beer $3 drink specials all day long! 
DJ Seven spinning funky beats! 
Full bar. Checks/cash for designer wears. 
Thanks to our sponsors: Levende Lounge, Peroni Beer 
RAG, SF Social, Nitevibe, Nitewise, NK7 Productions 

Tue Jul 18 

# From KQED’s series Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco 
a film screening, conversation, and reception with 

associate producer/curator Elizabeth Pepinauthor/curator Lewis Wattsand Fillmore luminaries David Johnson and Reggie Pettus 
in conjunction with the exhibition 

San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum Tuesday, July 18 – 7:00 pm In conjunction with its current exhibition, Harlem of the West: The San Francisco Fillmore Jazz Era, San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum (SFPALM) presents a film screening of THE FILLMORE (1999) from KQED’s Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco series, followed by a conversation with exhibition curators Elizabeth Pepin and Lewis Watts. Pepin (who was associate producer of the film) and Watts will recount their years of painstaking work in piecing together the nearly lost history of the Fillmore District, gathering oral histories and rare photographs which informed the film, and which have resulted in both the exhibition and a new book from Chronicle Books. Several notable figures from the era featured in the film and the exhibition, including photographer David Johnson and business owner Reggie Pettus, will also appear at the event and recount their experiences in the Fillmore during its thrilling heyday. Narrated by Ossie Davis, the film features extremely rare archival footage of the Fillmore, interviews with many of those who played pivotal roles in its history, and is filled with the music of the neighborhood from Count Basie to Jefferson Airplane. The evening includes a reception with the participants. This special screening of THE FILLMORE is made possible courtesy of KQED. Admission is free, but space is limited and advance reservations are required. Call 415-255-4800 or email to info [at] 
July 18th, 2006 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM 

San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum 
401 Van Ness Avenue @ McAllister 
Veterans Building, 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94102	

Wed Jul 19 

# BrainJams Presents: Rent an Expert 07/19/06 5:30pm - 9:00pm 

FREE to attend and network - classes will cost about $5 each 

Rent an Expert is an event where people who want to help others do, 
or learn something, offer their services to the members of the 
community for a very small fee (average is $5). All the money 
collected will be donated to a charity that is chosen by all 

Some examples of what might be offered include: how to setup a blog, 
how to get the most from shortcuts in Photoshop, configure a Drupal 
community, redesign a Web site, customize a WordPress theme, create a 
survey, optimize AdSense ads, figure out tagging, how to shoot better 
photographs or just about anything really - even non-technical things 
like how to write a press release. Ideally this will happen in one on 
one exchanges, but it could be a project with a couple of people 
involved that needs the expertise or perhaps a team of people who are 
offering their expertise. 

The event is being sponsored by BrainJams, MindJet and RateItAll. 

If you would like to share your expertise, please sign up here: 

If there is something you would like to learn, please list it here: 

We hope to see you there! 

CNET Headquarters 
235 Second Street 
San Francisco 

On 2nd Street inbetween Howard and Folsom 

kristiewells @ 415-577-9022 

# Wed, Jul 19, 2006 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm 
[view]	Join the City of Oakland in developing a Zero Waste Strategic Plan 
City Hall Hearing Room #4 
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza (14th St @ Broadway) Oakland 

At the Center for Sex & Culture, 398 11th St., SF. $5-30 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds. 

# Impeachment Event- July 19th Grand Lake Theater 
Please help spread the word! 

Wednesday, July 19th 7:00 pm 
Grand Lake Theater 
3200 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 

How to Impeach a President 

Confirmed guests: 
Bill Goodman, Legal Director, the Center for Constitution Rights 
Daniel Ellsberg, Board Member, Const
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.