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This list has:
1) Must See
2) Stuff about me (brief)
3) SF (Bay Area) Event listing
4) Good Folks playing other places
5) Art thing & artist I liked -this week
6) Place to send your art (calls for submission)

July 21 & 22-The AfroCrusade presents Voodoo Cabaret-Shotwell Studios- 3252
19th St, SF- 8pm-$10


I went to see "Rise Above- the Tribe 8 documentary", "Heist the Crow" and
Red Door Comedy at the Dark Room, and a reading for 'Instant City'- all were
excellent. I have been writing some and just the usual shit. O' and I did a
'B is for Bondage' act with Elmo (Tickle me Elmo) at a Burning Man book
party- it went okay.

more details at
SF EVENTS: now- August 6th-more at


July 12--July 22 (thur-Sat)- "Baum For Peace" - The Marsh 1072 Valencia St.,
SF-8pm - $15
Terry Baum in her one woman comedy "BAUM FOR PEACE," describing her
advenutres as the Green candidate for U.S. Congress in San Francisco in

July 12-28-Betty Does Veronica-Art Show- Femina Potens Gallery -465 South
Van Ness, SF-noon-6PM
Mari Naomi, Laurenn Mc Cubbin, & Molly Crabapple

July 12-August 19 (sat)-Midnight Mass with Peaches Christ-the Bridge-3010
Geary Blvd, SF- 12AM- $12
check movie schedule at -

July 12- October 1- SF Mime Troupe's "GodFellows"

July 20-WORD BEAT- Mediterraneum Caffe- 2475 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley-7
Diane Frank and Jan Steckel plus poetry open mic at , hosted by Debra Grace
Khattab and Jeremy Siegel

July 20-Extra Action Marching Band -Studio Z- 314 11th st., SF-9 pm-2 am

July 20-48 Hour Film Project Screening -Dolores Park, SF- 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM

July 20-(every thurs)-Tourettes--METRO- 201 Broadway, Oakland-8PM - $7

July 20- 30(thurs- Sat)- Hiest a Crow- Dark Room Theatre- Mission St. betw
18th & 19th, S.F. -8PM
Sunday at 3PM--- This is a Sean Kelly play so it should be funny
Follow a newly-dead, recently-spurned thief and a disgruntled reaper through
eternity and points elsewhere. Buzzing the metaphysics of Judeo-Christianity
and Greek myth in a blender, Heist a Crow is a family story about the
not-so-desirable effects of inter-planar transport, life, death, shiny
objects and subverting faith.

July 20- TOPS-Rickshaw Stop- 155 Fell Street, SF-7-9pm-$3-$10
Readings about the dominant partner, featuring Midori (Wild Side Sex, Master
Han's Daughter), Simon Sheppard (In Deep), Mattilda aka Matt Bernstein
Sycamore (Pulling Taffy), James Williams (But I Know What You Want: 25 Sex
Tales for the Different), and Lori Selke (Problem Child).

July 21 - Poker Run, meet - Zeitgeist -Valencia and Duboce, SF-7:30pm, leave
at 9:00pm SHARP!
July 22 & 23 - Mission Village Market, 18th and Alabama Streets, SF - 2-8pm
$5, 21 -$7-10

July 21- Fun with Video Phones: "The Hookup" - Makeout Room- 3225 22nd St,
SF- 7PM- $5
s a live, interactive, reality show using the marvels of digital video
phones to capture the action as it unfolds, and to allow the audience to
affect the outcome by choosing what will happen next

July 21, 28- UpHill Both Ways- Dark Room Theatre- Mission St. betw 18th &
19th, S.F. -10PM
Very funny and good men - they will make you laugh & call you in the morning

July 21- The Heather Gold Show-Jewish Community Center- 3200 California St.,
SF-8pm- $10,
the talk show format into the 21st century. These workshop performances
bring an eclectic mix of thinkers, entertainers, doers and audience members
together for fun and substantive conversation.

July 21- The Wet Spots with Kitten On The Keys!-Center for Sex & Culture-
398 11th St., SF - 8 pm The Wet Spots (Cass King and John Woods) are a
musical sex comedy duo who write sophisticated lyrics paired with sweet,
catchy melodies.

July 21- WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? -Mission Cultural Center- 2868 Mission St.,
DAISY ANARCHY's one-woman performance with dancing, singing and poetry on
behalf of sex worker's rights, sponsored by LABORFEST

July 21-23 & 28-30-Semi-Annual PlayRites Festival-Theatre Rhinoceros- 2926
16th St., SF- 8pm-$15

July 21-Anita Cocktail- Castro Theatre, SF- 8PM- $22.50
MILDRED'S PIE EATING CONTEST hosted by Heklina is shaping up to be one
fierce competition.

July 21 & 22-The AfroCrusade presents Voodoo Cabaret-Shotwell Studios- 3252
19th St, SF- 8pm-$10

July 22-Tourettes Without Regrets-The Oakland Metro - 201 Broadway, Okland
-Sign up 8pm -$12
SHOWDOWN (Oakland Vs. Berkeley for $200) BEAT-BOXER MIC FIGHT for $100

July 22, 29- The Red Door- Dark Room Theatre- Mission St. betw 18th & 19th,
S.F. -10PM
Behing this door is something that will make you laugh so hard that you will
pee in your pants

July 22(Sat)-Dirty Little Secret-Empire Plush Room's, SF-11PM-$25
Part Camp, Part Burlesque, All Vaudeville baby!

July 22-Betty Black-Kimo's on Polk, SF -9PM
w/ Yes Goes


July 23-San Francisco Theater Festival-Yerba Buena Gardens, SF-11am - 5pm
See 77 exciting theater groups, including a great children's program! Meet
the performers, learn about their work! Comedy, Drama, Musical, Shakespeare,
Improvisation, Hip-Hop, Mime, Children's Theater... Get Real, Experience
Live Theater!!

July 23- San Mateo Street Fair-South B Street between Tilton and 2nd Avenues
Downtown San Mateo-10am - 5pm- Groovy Judy Grooves the B Street Music Stage
from 3pm - 4pm -, FREE

July 23-"Twang Sundays"- Thee Parkside-1600 17th St., SF-4PM-FREE

July 23-WOMAN'S WORK-New College Creamery- 780 Valencia St., SF-5 pm-free
A One-Woman Show by Harvey --Meet Madge, a stay-at-home housewife and mother
whose fear and repression of ?down there? creates an obsession, manifesting
in possession by her menstruation.

July 23(Sun)-"Bad Movie Night" - The Dark Room Theatre- Mission St. betw
18th & 19th, S.F. -8PM Remember TV's Mystery Science Theatre? The show where
they ran those awful cheesy science fiction movies and had a bunch of jokers
seen in silhouette commenting on them all through the picture?

July 23-Groovy Judy Grooves- Boom Boom Room -1601 Fillmore, SF-9pm - $5

July 24-Cora's 5 &10- Dark Room Theatre- Mission St. betw 18th & 19th, S.F.
slinger Cora Values, proprietress of the Gas & Gulp on I-19, for a
steamin^(1) cup of joe, and a tall stack of homespun hilarity, courtesy of
^(3)Cora^(1)s 5 & 10.^(2) A totally unique evening of storytelling

July 25- Bay Area Stand-Up Comedy!- Canvas Gallery-1200 9th Avenue, SF-7:30

July 25- Next Slam-El Rio- 3158 Mission St., SF-7:30pm sign-up- $5

July 25- ( tuesday night)- Soul Fo' Real- Club 6 -60 Sixth Street, SF- 10PM
Music and open mic

July 25- ( tuesday night)-Poetry & Jazz Jam- Club Deluxe -1511 Haight
Street, SF-8:30- 11:30pm

July 26(wednes)-BERZERKELEY SLAM -Starry Plough- 3101 Shattuck.
Berkeley-8:30-11pm. $7

July 26(wednes)- Open Mic- Canvas Gallery - 9th Ave & Lincoln, SF - 7:30PM

July 26 (wednesdays)- Laugh Dammit! - SF Comedy Club -50 Mason, SF- 8PM- $7
hosted by Mike Spiegelman

July 26- Readings-Books, Inc. 2275 Market Street, SF-7:30 pm
Trebor Healey reads "Sweet Son of Pan" Justin Chin reads "Attack of the
Man-Eating Lotus Blossoms"

July 27- Pretend We^(1)re Dead-City Lights-261 Columbus Ave, SF-7PM
: Capitalist Monsters in American Pop Culture By Annalee Newitz

July 27-Trebor Healey & Justin Chin- Laurel Book Store- 4100 MacArthur Blvd,
Oakland-7:30 pm

July 27- 'Touch Me' Erotic Art Exhibit- Balazo 18 Art Gallery- 2183 Mission
St, SF- 8-11pm- $5
9 artsists' work on display (including work by Sadie Lune)-plus
bellydancing, live bands, djs, & erotic projections.

July 28-Rollins Band with X concert-Warfield Theatre, SF

July 29-Paul Reubens Day Party-The Dark Room- 2263 Mission St, SF -9pm- $10
($5 in custom)
The days are hot and sticky and you will be too at the porniest Pee-wee
party of the year!
Diamond Daggers, Uphills Both Ways, and many more....

July 29-SmutFest- Center for Sex & Culture- 398 11th Street, SF- 7:30pm- $7
MC: Blowdryer & occasionally Fudgie, DJ: Alvin Orloff, Kirk Read, Lady

July 29-The Howard Stone Comedy Talk Show- Ron's Farmhouse- 2026 W El Camino
Real, Mountain View -8PM
w/ Danny Dechi Orchestra!

July 30-Dresden Dolls -Bridge Theater -3010 Geary Boulevard, SF

July 30-Merchantsof the New Bizare CD release Party- 509 cultural center-
509 Ellis, SF- 3PM

August 1- "Works In Progress" -Montclair Women's Cultural Center- 1650
Mountain Blvd., Oakland - 7:30-9:45 PM-$5
Women's Open Mic hosted by Linda Zeiser Featured artists:
Singers/songwriters Stephanie Reif and Kaylah Marin

August 2 -20-Three Cubes Art Show-Studio Z 314 11th St., SF- 6 - 9pm- Live
entertainment after 9pm

August 4-FAIRY BUTCH'S HIGH FEMME FOLLIES!-12 Galaxies- 2565 Mission St, SF
-Speed Dating: 8PM, Show: 10PM
A Campy, Erotic Cabaret, Dance Party & Speed Dating Shindig For Gals &

August 5 -The Mysteries of Tiki Style revealed -SFO International Terminal
main lobby - noon-free Reflections of Paradise: Tiki Culture on the
Mainland, is a brief examination of the history of Tiki culture in the
United States.

August 6- KVech- Sadie's Flying Elephant- 491 Portero, SF- 7:30PM - sign-up
A kick ass open Mic
LA Shows

1) Regulay film showcase- 7 DUDLEY CINEMA shows the following films at
SPONTO Gallery, 7 Dudley Ave, Venice, 310-306-7330, free admission, 8:00pm, Come early - seating is limited & 7pm

2) 07/22/- 50 Cent Haircut- THE VAULT-14 East Vine St., Redlands-10PM

Check out

SUBMIT HERE: (Places to show your art)

1)Zeitgeist 36 Hour Film Experiment Call for Teams

Can you make a film in 36 hours?

Want to try?

ZIFF36 is an experiment in extreme filmmaking. On the morning of the
Aug 12 event, we will meet at the Zeitgeist at 10AM . At this time,
we will announce a list of ingredients that all teams must include in
their movie. Teams have will have 36 hours to complete a movie with
those ingredients. Teams disperse to make their movies and return by
10PM Sunday Night, August 13th. The accepted films will be screened
Monday Night August 14th as part of the Zeitgeist International Film

To become part of this insanity, go to


* Ever wondered what it would be like to perform?
* Ever wondered what you would look like in drag?!
* Ever wanted to perform but feel you are too shy/nervous/inexperienced?
* Ever wanted to be onstage at the San Francisco Drag King Contest?

If you answered 'yes' to any or all of the above questions, READ ON!

************DRAG KING ONE-DAY WORKSHOP, Saturday July 29th**************

JAY WALKER, winner of the Mr. Trannyshack and San Francisco Drag King
of the Year (solo king) contests, co-founder of the drag king troupes
the Bent Boyz of St. Louis and the Cockivores of San Francisco, is
hosting a one-day DRAG KING WORKSHOP on Saturday, July 29th, from 1 to
5 pm, at DanceGround Keriac, 1805 Divisadero @ Bush.

Open to all genders, ages, and experience levels! Vinnie Dicktive and
Papi Cock of the Cockivores will be Stud Staff members of the
workshop, with possible appearances by additional Cockivores and other
drag troupe members.

This for everyone and anyone who is interested in drag kinging whether
you have done it before or not.  We'll focus on facial hair tips,
binding, packing, walking, posing for the camera, choosing a name, and
personal and political aspects of gender exploration.

We'll discuss choreography, movement, and performance tips, and Jay
Walker will be teaching the choreography for his upcoming
"stepping-down" number at the San Francisco Drag King Contest at the
DNA Lounge on August 17th.

About getting on stage:  This is your opportunity! If you're not sure
about getting onstage just yet, just come to the workshop and then
decide.  Learning the choreography doesn't commit you to anything.
Allow me to warn you though, once you catch the performing bug there's
no going back!  Also, this is an opportunity to gain some confidence
and get some tips for doing your own performance and entering the
contest.  You can even do both!

This workshop is limited to 20 participants, so be sure to get your
info to me ASAP!  (See below for details on how to register.)

COST:  No one will be turned away for lack of funds, although in
addition to being an opportunity to get all of you onstage this is
also a fundraiser to cover the cost of rehearsal space for SFDK.  A
$25 - 50 donation would be much appreciated.

************CALL FOR DANCERS**********************

If your main goal is simply to perform at the San Francisco Drag King
Contest, here are the rehearsal dates and performance options:


*Less difficult choreography but you will still be required to learn
some moves and get up and be hot.  Not hard for you guys, I know.
Monday, July 31st, 7 - 9pm  (If you come to the drag king workshop,
you do not need to attend this rehearsal unless you would like to
review what you learned.)
Tuesday, August 15th, 7 - 9pm
Wednesday, August 16th, 7 - 8pm (Dress rehearsal, night before the show)


*More difficult choreography.  If you know you learn pretty fast, can
remember steps, and are a fairly confident dancer, this is the group
for you.
Thursday, July 27th, 7 - 9pm
Thursday, August 3rd, 7 - 9pm
Tuesday, August 15th, 7 - 9pm
Wednesday, August 16th, 7 - 8pm (Dress rehearsal, night before the show)

Both groups are open to all ages and genders.

All rehearsals are being held at ODC Dance Studios, 351 Shotwell,
between 17th and 18th.

********ABOUT SFDK AND JAY WALKER************

Our SFDK performance will be multimedia with a kick-ass DVD projecting
on the screen behind us, edited by local celebrity filmmaker Sally
Rubin. We will be using the song "Viz" by Le Tigre (off the album
"This Island").  If you want to get a head start, get the song and
learn it.  My vision is to have the number represent solidarity and
our community as a whole. I'd like the number to include a ton of
people representing everyone from drag kings and faux queens, to drag
king lovers and fans, friends, etc. embodying my experience of the
performance community in San Francisco and everyone who is a part of
it.  We are even planning some star cameos!!

*********HOW TO REGISTER***************

To register for the workshop, send me your name and a brief
description of why you would like to participate and what you hope to
get out of it. You can email it to

To register to be a dancer, send me your name and which group you
would like to join.

Above all, let me know ASAP what your status is or if you have any
questions/comments/concerns and LET'S GET BUSY!!

For those of you (or your friends) who might want to be on stage but
not have to dance or put in rehearsal time, there will be an
opportunity for you to get onstage too.  Just let me know you are
interested and we'll talk.

Tell all your friends and please repost!!

Can't wait to share the stage with all of you!

Jay Walker


XOXO - have a beautiful and creative day
   Melinda, lilycat, Ms Kittywhore, Boom Boom
"Building community, helping good people, and promoting great art."


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