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SF events 7.25 Day out of time

For people interested in fire play, there is the Nimby event in Emeryville on Sunday nights and the Aids Grove on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you’re not playing with fire, these make less sense. 

I know Temple of Poi has flow jams some fire, some not. Tonight, we have one with Fire, at the Palace of Fine Arts under the dome (cool new 6 spoke hoop to be played with extensively, I believe!) — and it is free. But the Temple mailing list is clearly not a good choice for non- poi folks because the poi emails are 85% and the hoop emails are far lower.  Hope this helps in some way. 


Day out of time in S.F. Goldendate Park-Hippy Hill- High noon- There will be a small bio-desiel sound system with some Mc's and Dj's- feel free to come drop your style-Blessed beets 
Bring your self and Mysteryschool supplies 
pen/paper notebook musical intruments 
Snacks, drinks, blanket, 
an openness to recieve and share 13:20 download 
This will be an interactive setting, if you so choose 
This day out time wil be led by some of your local 
Galactic Council Members- 
Bring your questions & answers


# July 11th & 25th, August 22nd (out of town August 8th)
Dream Dance:  a sacred ritual healing dance workshop
Spiritual Technologies invite you to join us for an intimate ceremony
designed to promote deep healing through the use of intention, a blindfold,
and breathing techniques that induce a state of trance and transformation.
Doors open 7pm, closed ritual 7:30-9:30
2nd & 4th Tuesdays monthly ($7-$12 sliding scale)
De Moolam: 848 Divisidero, SF
(Note: bi-monthly availability likely to change in the fall…please come
dance while we have the chance!!!)


presented to you by The Friends of Unconditional Dance.
Similar to the sparkly vibe that the same crew offers
in the winter, the summer event is great (really
great) food, juicy people, great DJs and all the water
you could float in and music you could move to!
At: Harbin Hot Springs From July 25 to July 31, 2006
Featuring: Live Music:  Shabaz feat. Ali Khan, Riffat Sultana, Richard Micohs
Didgeridoo maestro Stephen Kent
DJs: DJ Dragonfly,DJ Omer, DJ Zack Darling, DJ Amar
Sukhawat Ali Khan:  Indian classical ragas
Heather Christensen:  5 Rhythms
Mika Scott:  Drum classes and circles
Shaari Kami:  Movement Meditation
Omer Nizri:  A Mystical Journey through Music and
Osher Levi:  Didgeridoo
Inika Spence:  Aquatic Contact Improv
Samantha Beers:  Dharma Dance
Roberto Riobos:  Tango
The festival will include six days of morning
meditations, rituals, art, performances, daytime dance
classes, and evening dances.  All of the meals are
catered with organic food.  Indoor and outdoor camping
is included.  Participants have full access to Harbin
facilities, including the pools and yoga.
To register or get more information Contact Regina at
707-987-9592 or


Wed Jul 26

# I think it's really important we support our wildlife animals too, so I request people Support the "Natural Areas Plan" at this local Rec & Park meeting next week, as people concerned for animals. 

On July 26th at 8:30 am in City Hall, room 416, the Recreation and Park Commission will hold a hearing on a bold and progressive plan to preserve San Francisco's Significant Natural Resource Areas.

During the public comment, which won't be till 9am at the earliest, you merely need to stand in line and say something like:

 "My name is _____.  I live in _____, and I strongly encourage you to adopt the Natural Area Plan without delay.  Many endangered species rely on this critical habitat and as a bay area resident, it's our duty to preserve it and the species that live there."

A little about the plan:  Dogs and their companion humans will be allowed in every acre of the Natural Areas Program, no feral cats will be harmed and the Program will plant over 4,000 trees over the next 20 years, a net increase in trees.  The trees planted will be fire resistant, indigenous species.

IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND, E-MAIL, Commission Liaison to tell her to forward  your "Support of the Natural Areas Plan" e-mail to the Commission for consideration.


To subscribe to Bay Area Animal Rights Network please send blank email to:


# Free Eco Film Night: Green Building Smorgasbord (Greenbrae / Marin)

Sustainable Building is green-hot! Watch a sampling of green building practices that can be used in commercial building projects at no additional cost over standard design. For everyday home and garden, learn about composting, organic gardening, eco cleaning agents, and various types of building design and construction, from straw bale, adobe, FSB lumber and recycled or salvaged materials. Want to get hands on? Discover straw bale building volunteer opportunities. Get technical, get hands on, get creative, and save resources! 

Architecture to Zucchini: The people, companies and organizations pioneering sustainability (23 min)
We will showcase the sustainable building practices of Barrs & Genauer construction (home building and remodeling) and Norm Thompson (retail cataloger).

A PSA narrated by Robert Redford about the Red Feather Development Group who educates and empowers American Indian nations to create sustainable solutions to the severe housing crisis within reservation communities. They teach affordable, replicable and sustainable approaches to home construction, organizes volunteers and builds desperately needed homes.

GOINGGREEN: Every Home an Eco-Home (25 min)
Using humor and down-to-earth examples, GOINGGREEN tours the original Eco-Home" with a group of middle-school kids, who discover some simple, inexpensive ways to become more earth-friendly at home. GOINGGREEN shows us how we can live earth-friendly lives on a limited budget, even in the middle of a city.

BUILDING WITH AWARENESS: the construction of a hybrid home (16 min)
Learn how to use straw bale walls for insulation, interior adobe walls for thermal mass, earth plasters, 100% electrical generation by sunlight, and passive solar heating and cooling plus rainwater collection. The overview highlights the design process and materials used in the construction of an esthetically pleasing and natural resource efficient home. 

About Green Planet Films: 
Green Planet Films is a non-profit distributor of nature and environmental DVDs from around the globe. We seek to preserve and protect our planet by collecting and distributing documentaries from our web-based library which can be used to educate the public about the science, beauty, and fragility of the natural world. 

July 26, 2006 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

 Marin Outdoor Living 2100 Redwood Highway Greenbrae, CA 94904	

Additional Event Information  415-383-0484


# Rail Against Privatization
Wednesday, July 26 7:00 pm
$5 donations are accepted
Presented by Steve Zeltzer

This film from South Africa shows the struggle for decent housing and  
jobs in a township in Durban. The residents begin to struggle for  
justice and are met with repression.

This film tells the story of the effort to fight the privatization of  
British Rail which was carried out under former Prime Minister  
Thatcher and now continued by the "New Labor" Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Dozens of Colombian trade unionists, in order to escape death  
sentences, were forced to come to the U.S. This film by Julie  
Rosenberg tells the story of Hector Girado and his visit to the U.S.

This film by Peter Burton explores the view of the class struggle in  
the U.S. from a Scottish perspective.

Before and after the film, everyone's invited to indulge in our  
Humanist Coffee House
Humanist Hall
390 27th Street
midtown Oakland, between Telegraph and Broadway, below Pill Hill

click on the link "Directions" on our website

lvpsf @ 415-642-8066
more links:


# 7/27: 139 Ways To Prevent Sexual Assault (san jose west)

Reply to:
Date: 2006-07-11, 1:34AM PDT

UpLevel Strategies presents: 

139 Ways To Prevent Sexual Assault 

Thu, Jul 27, 4:00pm-5:00pm, San Jose 


DID YOU KNOW...50% of ALL women will be Sexually or Physically Abused at some point during their lifetimes. 1 in 4 college women will be Sexually Assaulted during their tenure as a student (sources: U.S. Dept. of Justice) 

Appearing for a LIVE videotaped event in his only Northern California appearance will be Richard Hart, author of: 139 Ways to Prevent Sexual Assault, A New Design for Female Empowerment. 

According to Tanya Brown (Sister of Nicole Brown Simpson and co-founder of the Nicole Brown Foundation) "Richard's book is a must read for every woman in America." 

Richard warns, "If a Woman needs to worry about defending herself it's already too late." 
His teaching methods involve what is known as scenario learning. Richard uses real life situations to show women how to recognize situations before they occur. 

If you cannot answer just ONE of the following questions, this seminar is for you. 
-What is the absolute first thing a woman should do when moving into a new home or apartment? 
-What should every woman do with the registration for her car? 
-If someone knocks on your door what is the first thing you should say? 
-By how many pounds does the average man outweigh the average woman and why is this important? 

Where: The Valencia Hotel Santana Row San Jose 
When: Thursday July 27th 4pm to 5pm 
Cost: FREE 
How: To Register go to Username: sanjose Password: event427 (all lower cases no spaces) 

Seating is limited and the event will sell out. 

If you cannot attend, you may still purchase Richard's book at 

Thursday, July 27 

The Hotel Valencia Santana Row 
355 Santana Row 
San Jose, CA, 95128 

Free. Register at Username: sanjose Password: event427 (all lower case, no spaces). 

Phone: 866.615.8150




Thursday, July 27
Senator Feinstein’s Office
1 Post (at Montgomery and Market streets -Montgomery BART)
San Francisco, CA

Press Conference at 4:30

Senator Dianne Feinstein fully supports Israeli war crimes and terrorism
against Lebanese and Palestinian civilians.  Feinstein speaking at rally
on Sunday vowed to continue her support for Israel’s widespread violations
of international and humanitarian law that are causing hundreds of
civilian deaths and destroying critical civilian infrastructures.  With
Feinstein’s support, the U.S. Congress approved a resolution giving Israel
its full support just days after the U.S. government used its power to
veto a UN resolution critical of Israel.

The Israeli military is collectively punishing the Lebanese and
Palestinian populations by killing hundreds of civilians and destroying
critical civilian infrastructures.  There have been over 400 Lebanese
civilians killed by Israeli military over the last 2 weeks including many
children.  There have been verified reports of the use of phosphorus bombs
on civilians fleeing the Israeli siege in Lebanon.  Gaza is with out
adequate food and water and not only faces daily incursions by the Israeli
occupation forces but has also been put under an economic embargo for
months that targets the most vulnerable in Gaza.

On Thursday we will mobize to demand that Feinstein and the US government
support human rights and justice instead of their perpetuation of racism
and violence.  We demand that the US immediately pressures Israel to stop
its aggression on Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.  We demand the US
government end the use of our tax dollars for Israeli attacks on the
people of Lebanon and Palestine.

Please join us for a Press Conference and Protest at Senator Feinstein’s
office building this Thursday.


Senator Feinstein stop supporting Israeli state terrorism

An end to US taxpayer support of Israeli war crimes.

The US government stop encouraging and participating in militarism and war
in the Middle East.

The US Congress stop violating the US export control act and international

Reparations for the Palestinian and Lebanese people for death and
destruction of their countries.

That Israel be held accountable for war crimes and the humanitarian crisis
in Palestine and Lebanon.

Contact: adcsf @
For more information and updates go to


Thu Jul 27

# FREE Intro | Evolutionary Health and Well Being | Thursday July 27th

What: Evolutionary Health and Well Being™
      A Brief Introduction

When:  THURSDAY Thursday July 27th  7:00pm to 9:30pm [RSVP Required]
Where: The Arete Center for Excellence in SF


Learn How:

•I virtually eliminated HIV from my system in a few months without meds!
•To dissolve beliefs about what is and is not possible  within your body
•Bring evolutionary awareness to health and well being
    +Body: nutrition and fitness
    +Mind: How specifically to harness the power of the mind
    for your healing and how to clear out significant negative
    emotional experiences
•Which non-deity, non sectarian, spiritual practices I used
•Apply to the same technology to any illness or limitation in your thinking
•Find out about the Evolutionary Health and Well Being™ workshop in

All in one brief evening!

What if "incurable" diseases were curable? What if there  were a mental
technology and a integral approach that could unlock that possibility? It is
one thing to believe in the power of the is another to have the
key and be able to cut copies to give away for access, and to be a living,
breathing example of it with access to the specifics, diligently recorded
over my 5 month journey to heal myself. And heal myself I did.

Think this is impossible? Think again.

Full Details are here:
  Jason D. McClain | Evolutionary Guide™ | I.D.E.A. | 415/261.2867 | liberate @

view this listing on  here:
or here:


# 7/27: the g spot studios opening (mission district)
 The grand opening of G spot studios. Bringing you the art of the Dustin Rankin, Anne Coté and Anthony Ikeda Kolar. Putting the fun back in funtastic! Showing paintings, teeshirts and plenty of music....some turntables, some wines, some cheese and some art to please all of your senses....come to 731 Flordia Street, that would be in between 19th and 20th on Thursday, July 27....from 7-10....see you then!


# Barbara Traub Desert to Dream: A Decade of Burning Man Photography
 Thursday, July 27 7:30 
 Burning Man has become an annual pilgrimage for a generation of artists who head to the dry, desert flats of Nevada's Black Rock Desert during the last days of summer. In this book, photographer Barbara Traub captures the sacred and profane of a decade of Burning Man celebrations, through photos of otherworldly artifacts, structures, and costumes that defy description. Larry Harvey, the founder and director of Burning Man, and editor Tracy Swedlow will also be present. 
 888 Valencia St @ 20th in San Francisco. 415-282-9246. 
 For a complete listing of events visit us online at 
  July 27, 2006 07:30 PM - 09:00 PM Modern Times Bookstore
888 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415-282-9246



Thursday, July 27- 8PM to Midnight 2050 Bryant @ 18th / 19th St. SF

It's time to break out those disco roller skates and get ready to

Come join D. Miles, San Francisco's GodFather of Skating and the Black
Rock Rollers at the CellSpace in San Francisco as we present the first
of several roller disco events that will help raise funds to bring the
Golden Gate Park skate scene to the playa at Burning Man 2006. Come on
out and get your skate groove on with the Black Rock Roller Disco and
have a funky good time with us!

The Cellspace in located on Bryant St. between 18th and 19th in San
Francisco's Mission District.  The Black Rock Roller Disco takes over
the facility from 8:00 P.M. to Midnight. Come and get your skate groove
on with us as we continue to build on the ultimate interactive Burning
Man experience on wheels!

This year our camp will  have better skates, a bigger skate surface, 2
foosball tables,  a pool table, air hockey and more. We'll be pumpin'
with the JBL powered 15's all night long and you'll be able to spot
that disco ball from a mile away - maybe 2. Also be on the lookout for some
hot all girl Roller Derby action on the roller rink. They may give the
Thunderdome a run for their money - on skates!

This is the first of four fundraising events that the Black Rock
will be presenting as we approach Burning Man 2006. These events are:

Thurs. July 27 - Black Rock Roller Disco CellSpace

Sat. July 29 -  The SF Beer Olympics - Golden Gate Park

Sat. Aug. 5 -   Black Rock Roller Disco at Redwood Roller Rink in
Redwood City, Ca.

Thurs. Aug. 17 - Black Rock Roller Disco CellSpace

For more information, call the Cellspace at 415-648-7562 or D. Miles
Jr., the GodFather of Skating at 415-752-1967 or go to the web at:

FIREDANCE Santa Cruz @
July 27-30, 2006 at Red White & Blue Beach, near Santa Cruz Hotline: 831-576-1405


Fri July 28

# San Francisco Peak Oil Hearing July 28
SFhearings @

Bay Area activists and concerned citizens are encouraged to mark Friday, July 28, on their calendars. On that afternoon at City Hall in San Francisco, the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) will be holding the first in a series of hearings on Peak Oil, focusing on its potential ramifications for San Francisco (and the Bay Area), how city government is equipped, or more correctly "not equipped," to deal with an energy famine, and what the local government might do to mitigate the catastrophe Peak Oil will bring to our local economy, infrastructure, and personal lives. This hearing will provide an opportunity for education of the local population regarding an issue with which so many are completely unfamiliar, despite its urgency.

On April 11, 2006, San Francisco made history. By a vote of 10-0 by the Board of Supervisors, our local "City Council," it became the first major American city to pass a resolution acknowledging the Peak Oil phenomenon. This action was taken after a group of local citizens from a grassroots organization, San Francisco Oil Awareness, contacted and met with their representatives, voicing their concerns about the city's future. The resolution, sponsored by Supervisors Ross Mirkarimi, Jake McGoldrick, Sophie Maxwell, and Chris Daly, called for Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors to acknowledge Peak Oil and to provide funding for an assessment which would determine the effects of petroleum depletion upon our way of life.

This proposed assessment is a major undertaking, and the suggestions such a study would determine necessary to mitigate effects from Peak Oil could not realistically be tackled in the political realm without a mandate of the citizenry of San Francisco. Unfortunately, even in progressive San Francisco, a majority of our population do not know about nor understand what Peak Oil is, as major media are almost always silent about the topic, or when discussing it they are rife with misinformation. But our region is special in its history of activism and consciousness, and by harnessing these historical assets, San Francisco is poised to seize this moment and avoid the worst case scenario that could befall us as petroleum-based fossil fuel energy becomes increasingly difficult to extract from the earth and prohibitively expensive to acquire. San Francisco must take this occasion to begin to "power down."

With your help, July 28 could provide the needed impetus to educate the citizenry of San Francisco and the Bay Area about these potential disruptions. On that afternoon at 1:30, a press conference will be held on the steps of City Hall in conjunction with San Francisco Oil Awareness and other concerned organizations, and it will be very important to have a large turnout of concerned citizens attending the press conference as well as the hearing on Peak Oil that will commence in City Hall at 2:00 p.m. that day. Please make an effort to attend these important events, and please encourage your friends to learn about Peak Oil and join you in voicing concerns on July 28. It is not hyperbole that our collective lives may depend upon it.

The hearing on July 28, as presently envisioned, will include an introductory message about Peak Oil, a presentation by author, lecturer, and professor Richard Heinberg of New College in Santa Rosa, presentations by the department of the environment, and a discussion about municipal response from Dave Room of Energy Preparedness. There will be additional input encouraged from the general public, which is limited to 3 minutes per person.

Please attend the press conference and hearing that day, and encourage other concerned citizens, as well as your friends and associates, to join you.

Further Resources:
San Francisco Oil Awareness:
	San Francisco Oil Awareness Request for Study:

The San Francisco Resolution, as passed by the Board of Supervisors:

Interview with members Dennis Brumm, David Fridley, Allyse Heartwell, and Jennifer Bresee of San Francisco Oil Awareness, regarding the San Francisco Peak Oil resolution (an additional interview with Sue Vaughan of the San Francisco Green Party):


# 7/28: Native Plant Nursery Workparty (petaluma)


# Critical Mass - Friday 7/28 6pm Justin Herman Plaza: Market @ Embarcadero Bring bicycle, helmet, light, costume, music... 
Maybe we can encourage the people who block cross traffic to:
wait until the mass arives at that intersection, so as to offend as few drivers as possible.
Definitely hold up / wait before blocking major intersections.    BECAUSE
It would be nice to be visible to as many pedestrians and motorists as possible while
offending/ delaying as few motorists as possible.
Pissing them off is just gonna make them anti-bike.

# July 28 - 30 Join the Summit for Salmon Fundraiser - Climb Mt. Rainier! 


# GILROY GARLIC FESTIVAL Saturday, July 29th.


Please join CUESA for a celebration of Summer at its sweetest and juiciest--and help spread the word!
Thank you, Julie Cummins
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
Saturday, July 29
Sponsored by The Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA)
10 to 10:45 am: Peach grower panel
Meet the people behind the peaches and find out how they coax such superb fruit out of their trees. The panel will feature Carl Rosato of Woodleaf Farm, Ted Loewen of Blossom Bluff Orchards, and Al Courchesne of Frog Hollow Farm.

10:45 to 11:30 am: Talk and demonstration by Jeff Cox, author of The Organic Cook’s Bible
Drawing on a lifetime of gardening expertise and culinary savvy, Jeff will discuss his favorite peach varieties as well as selection and uses for peaches. Enjoy a demonstration of his peach storage technique and a peach melba recipe. Jeff  will sign books afterwards (for sale by Book Passage).
11:30 am to 1 pm: Peach tasting
Sample peaches from Ferry Plaza Farmers Market growers, all at one table. Yellow or white, sweet or tart, fruity or acidic or floral, juicy or firm--What’s YOUR perfect peach?
Julie Cummins
Director of Education
the Center for Urban Education 
about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA)
Ferry Plaza Farmers Market 
One Ferry Building, Suite 50 
San Francisco,  CA 94111 
Phone: 415.291.3276 x106 
Fax:   415.291.3275 
To receive CUESA's weekly e-letter with produce highlights, 
articles, recipes, and special announcements, click here!


# Green-Soulfest July 29  Park at deFremery Recreation Center
1651 Adeline St., Oakland, California
Come to Green-Soulfest 06 and have an eco- adventure at deFremery Park in
the Eco-West. Take a journey to Africa, Ethiopia, India, the rainforest and
beyond at our eco-themed villages. Receive free massages and ancient
healing, learn eco-building, build your eco-finances, learn how to prevent
disease, have fun in our eco-children's area, discover live food nutrition,
sample delicious living foods, learn how to save your environment and enjoy
great music from around the world.
Vendor booths and sponsorships are available
510-228-8738 healthythrunature yahoo com
Sponsored by: * Healthy Thru Nature Institute * Living Nutrition * San
Francisco Vegetarian Society * Bay Valley * Sacred Grove * Attitudinal


Sat 7/29  
 KFC protest Noon to 1:00 pm KFC, 2101 Lombard St. (at Fillmore St)


# Sat, Jul 29, 2006      4:00 pm - 9:30 pm
[view]	Slow Food Film Festival,
California College of the Arts 450 Irwin St SF (8th St @ 16th St.)


The most beautiful tattoo, hairdo, hat, costume, face-painting, karaoke song & more!


invites you to be a part of the first

Prizes for the most beautiful tattoo, hairdo,
eyes, costume, karaoke song & more!

285 9th St. (@ Folsom/SF)

Suggestive Donations:
$10 b4 10:30
$15 - Miss Terious
$20 - Miss Aligned

~ SLY (Sub Dub Luv)
~ ALXNDR (Troubled Panda, Downlow)
~ ROB RAYLE (Koinonea Hero)
~ NAZ (In House Records)
~ J-BIRD (Pacific Sound/Sunset)

(Live Arabic Trance Grooves)
~ KRADDY (Muti, Refiner )
~ HALON & TOAST (False-Profit)

~ DANIEL FURON (Gorgeous Fauxteaux)
~ PHANTOMEYE (Foto Beauty Full)
Most beautiful tattoo, hairdo, karaoke song,
costume, hat, eyes, couple, dancer &piercing!
~ RAISE YOUR OWN ROSE/ Beloved/ Fatima
~ Add to the BEAUTY WALL of X-presSSion
~ RADIA / MagicGrow Video
~ Classy Airbrushed Booty Parlor/ CLAY CHOLLAR
~ Rose of Dawn: OCEANA
~ Pink RoseMerry: DEE DEE RUSSELL
AMBIOTICA.1/ A quasi-ambient lounge...

8:30 pm - 2 am

On Friday, July 28th and Saturday, July 29th Anon Salon celebrates 15 years of pARTy production. (before that, was Club Anon, GlasHaus and Cobra Lounge...)

Saturday will be our regular and always un-usual party-themed event - this month, The Soma Rose Beauty Pageant  -  <>

Friday, we will introduce a new bi-monthly event  called "AMBITOICA!" - a quasi-ambient cocktail lounge, launched with great success at this year's Harmony Festival. We would love to have you join us for its maiden voyage, as we move to raise a new private club where new social adventures can unfold and more softly spoken insights can be shared, in a more sophisticated lounge environment. Semi-formal attire is requested, men in  jackets with fanciful ties, and women in gowns and sexy shoes. This is a chance to dress to the tens and groove in martini-time.

Join us for this eclectic mix of visionary voices and creative connections that will allow us to integrate playfully without the usual soundtrack of thumping dance music.

There will be stimulating art and music to interact with, and we welcome your suggestions at all times. The event will start at 8:30, after dinner and end about 2am, and we are asking $20 per person with no guest list (since we would all be on it!), but which will include well drinks, hors d'oeuvres and entertainment for the evening.

Our first night will feature the art of... and the jazz-tastic stylings of Luna Groove's electronica shaman, ALEX THEORY LIVE, a sophisticated blend of rare groove jazz & electronic breakbeats intertwined with acoustic upright bass, saxophone, sultry vocals, and spoken word poetics. 

Also on board, an earth-toned didgeridoo journey by our friend TRAVIS. MixMaestros MICHAEL GOSNEY and KASHIA will create AMBIOSIS, a tag team musical web of dreams. There will be a life drawing class with graphmaster, MICHAEL KNOWLTON (materials included),  plus game areas, think tanks and diverse amusements.

The photo-collage CD series of DANIEL FURON (Gorgeous Fauxteaux)  and FOTOZ BEAUTY FULL by PHANTOMEYE will occupy 2 out of 3 galleries, the 3rd becoming the  on going Master Peace painting communally created.

Each event will also afford the opportunity to join conversations topics, suggested by you! Many folks seem to have much to say about "An Inconvenient Truth, and how it helps focus responsibility for the healing of our planetary home.


#  07/30-DORE "Up Your" ALLEY FAIR


# Go naked with me to the Dore Alley festival 
Sunday, July 30 11:00 AM Dore Street and Folsom St SoMa
More Info:
If you know what the Folsom Street festival is, the Dore Alley festival can be thought of as "Folsom lite" in that it's smaller, is mostly attended by bay-area-locals only, and has fewer gawkers. 

One of the enllighted attitudes of San Francisco is that non-sexual nudity is NOT illegal in public. Some attendees walk around the festival nude and it's just fine. Some friends and I are doing it nude just for the fun of it. I've done the Folsom Street festival nude and it was great walking around so free. Anybody else want to join us? Just look reasonably decent nude. 

I actually got a hotel room right on 9th at Harrison so I'll be able to leave my clothes in the room and not have to carry them around all day. You could leave your clothes there too (with the caveat that you have to keep track of me since I'll have the room key). (In case you're wondering, I'll be wearing an arm wallet to keep the key, money, and ID in.) 

I know the Dore Alley festival is over a month away, but I figure I'll start looking now to find nudist/exhibitionist buddies to do this with. In the mean time, I'd like to meet up and hang naked. Friendship other like-minded nudists would be great.   -Paul


August 2006

# Aug 7-13 SRL in San Jose: Survival Research Labs
If you like BIG remote control machines that burn, explode, devour and destroy...
Local SRL show is coming to San Jose

reading & book signing for "I Chong: Meditations from the Joint"
Wednesday, August 9th at 7 pm
--- On the morning of February 24, 2003, agents of the U.S. Drug 
Enforcement Administration launched a sting called Operation Pipe Dreams 
and forced themselves through the door of Tommy Chong's California home, 
with automatic weapons drawn. As a result of the raid on his home; the 
simultaneous ransacking of his son's company, Chong Glass; and the Bush 
administration's determination to make an example out of the "Pope of Pot;" 
Chong was sentenced to nine months in prison because his company shipped 
bongs to a head shop in Pennsylvania that was a front for the DEA.

Beloved stoner comedian Tommy Chong is now older, wiser, and officially an 
ex-con. His just published memoir, the "I Chong: Meditations from the 
Joint" (hardcover, $23.95), tell his side of the story. Introspective, 
inspiring, and incendiary, it is a spiritual exploration of his time in 
prison, and a political indictment of the eroding civil liberties in 
post-9/11 American society.
1644 Haight  between Clayton & Cole 415-863-8688

#  August 10th through 14
July 2006 is the month to Bring the War Home to cities across the
nation with Direct Action and Civil Disobedience to shut down all metropolitan
areas. Then organizers from around the world will converge on DC August 
10th through the 14th to confront the true war machine.

SHUT DOWN DC: August 10th through 14th, 2006. There will be massive
decentralized direct action against all government and corporate

The vast majority of government and corporate war profiteers are based 
in DC, and its time they experience war first hand. Let's bring the war to
their homes, their offices, their parties and everywhere else they go.

As long as there is a war abroad, we must also have a war at home. With 
the Iran war looming, the Iraq war lingering, and dozens of other wars
raging, it is long past time to bring the war home.

With thousands expected to descend on our fair city, mass housing, free
vegan food, and a convergence space will all be available. Mark your
calendars, tell your friends, plan to come to DC August 10th through
14th, 2006.

More information and details will be coming, and our website should be
up soon. Keep checking back for more details. In the meantime email 
bringthewarhome06 @

# San Francisco Electronic Music Festival
Thursday, August 10, 2006 - Sunday, August 13, 2006
 SomArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan Street (Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps)
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94103
The seventh annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival will take place Thursday, August 10th to Sunday, August 13th, 2006 at SomArts Cultural Center located at 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. We are planning a full festival this year with electroacoustic composers, sound installation artists, and interdisciplinary performance.

# SRL August 11 in San Jose
Anyone heard of Survival Research Labratories?  These guys are a  
hoot, and they are coming to town!

If you've ever seen Seamen at BM, SRL is the authentic article.   
These guys regularly get kicked out of town the night before the  
event by the fire marshals.  Of course, that's not going to happen on  
the 11th, but the show will not be something to be missed.  All the  
drama of a war zone with the choreography of Cirque Du Soleil.  But  
bring your earplugs!  A gas mask isn't a bad idea to pack if you have  
one handy, but it's unlikely you would need it these days.

The last show I saw of theirs was legend, out on pier 70 in SF about  
a decade ago. -Brian

More information at 
survival_research_la.html, tickets available at 

# Amazing Healing Retreat--Orgasmic Organics--Aug 11-13
Here is a fantastic healing retreat being put on by an inspiring 
chef and friend, Shobhan, at Frogwood Lodge in 
Mendocino County.
Relaxing guided meditations, raw and vegan chef-prepared meals, live 
music, 3 yoga sessions ( guessed it! me...Sumati) and a 
DJ'd dance jam.  Not to mention hottub, nature walks. Massage.
 Check out the event website for a menu and many other details:

3 RE-FASHION Costume Change & Exchange (SF Bay Area)
 Saturday, August 12 12:00 PM Humanist Hall  411 28th Street 
Oakland, CA between Broadway and Telegraph

# SF Drag King Contest Thu Aug 17 8:00pm - 3:00am $15. - $35.
DNA Lounge 375 11th St @ Harrison
 lureadthis @ 415-282-5378

Ringling Kills 4 Baby Elephants In 8 Years
Bertha dead at a few months  of age.
September 2005: Ringling did not announce Bertha's birth or death.       
Riccardo dead at 8 months of age.
August 4, 2004: Ringling claims he fell off a 19-inch-high-round platform. After making Riccardo suffer all night with two broken legs, Ringling took him to a hospital the next morning where x-rays revealed "severe and irreparable fractures." Riccardo was killed that day.
Benjamin dead at 4 years of age.
1999: Drowned in a pond while attempting to avoid "trainer" Pat Harned, who witnesses said "poked" Benjamin with an ankus. A USDA investigator concluded that seeing and/or being "touched" or "poked" by Harned with an ankus caused physical harm and lead to Benjamin's death. This incident was videotaped but Ringling requested the USDA not release it to the public.
Kenny dead at 3 years of age.
1998: Ringling elephant "trainers" Gunther Gebel-Williams and Mark Gebel, against veterinarian orders, forced Kenny, who was bleeding from his rectum, to perform. Kenny died later that day after passing a large amount of blood from his rectum.
Ringling routinely uses ropes and chains to separate 18-month-old-baby elephants from their mothers. USDA told Ringling that this practice violates Federal law; Ringling defended it calling it "industry standard."
In the wild female elephants never leave their mothers; males leave at about age 13-15 years.         
Chained Most of Their Lives
Elephants in the wild can roam up to 50 miles a day. Ringling keeps elephants chained by 1 front and 1 back leg for most of their lives; the rest of the time they are confined in small barren pens in parking lots.
Meet inside by arena entrance.

Thursday        08/17    6pm
Friday            08/18    1:15pm & 6pm
Saturday        08/19    1:15pm & 6pm
Meet at Santa Clara St. & Autumn by arena entrances.
Wednesday        08/23    6pm
Thursday            08/24    6pm
Friday                08/25    5:15pm
Saturday            08/26    1:15pm & 6pm
Sunday               08/27    1:15pm & 6pm
"As long as there are slaughter houses, there will be battlefields" Leo Tolstoy

# Aug 19	Nonprofit Boot Camp, CraigsList Foundation 	UC Berkeley

# Bandwidth Shindig August 18 - 20, 2006 (4:00 PM - 4:00 PM)
Apple Store One Stockton, SF, California 94108
Music Panels! Performances! The Bandwidth Shindig is all about music and technology.  F-R-E-E. 
Saturday, August 19
The Apple Store, downtown San Francisco
Noon: - Your Band's Website
1:00 pm: Digital Love: Ways to get your Band Digitally Noticed
2:00 pm: Be Your Own Entertainment Mogul
3:00 pm: Recording In The Digital Age
Sunday, August 20
The Apple Store, downtown San Francisco
Noon: Podcasting SuperStar! - How to become a podcaster
1:00 Promoting your Band
2:00 pm: Download on Download: Music Online and Getting It Heard
3:00 pm: Get On The Bus: Setting Up A Tour Using The Web

# Dolphin  Adventure Trips  Aug. 19-26, 2006 
 Aug. 26- Sept. 2, 2006

# Swim with Dolphins Adventure Aug 26 - Sep 2, 2006 or and click on Dolphin Trip! Enjoy!

# Aug 28 - Sep 4 2006     fun in the desert
goto Reno, turn North... 100 miles North of Reno is the Black Rock Desert Download screensavers for ideas of costumes, artcars, projects...
This year's street names will be: 
Esplanade Anxious Brave Chance Destiny Eager Fate Guess Hope 
Burningman from space:,-119.239426&spn=0.019766,0.034332

September 2006

# Free History Tour of Dogpatch & Potrero Point
Sunday, September 3, 2006 (11:00 AM)
18th St. & Tennessee St. San Francisco, California
WHERE: starts at 18th and Tennessee
DETAILS: Designated as a San Francisco Historic District, this colorful neighborhood has important ties to many of the city's past commercial industries. From its historic working class cottages and industrial age relics to the current proliferation of ultra-modern lofts, we'll explore the past and present of this suprising, eclectic neighborhood in transition in this 2 hour walking tour. A $5 donation to SF City Guides (non-profit) is suggested, but optional.

# September  8 - 21 Announcing Camp Democracy
Announcing Camp Democracy
Cindy Sheehan to Move Camp to National Mall
Cindy Sheehan and activists in the growing peace movement plan to 
move Camp Casey to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., September 
8 - 21. The camp on the Mall will carry the name Camp Democracy at 
Fort Fed Up. Organizers intend the camp to bring together peace 
activists with activists for social justice, united in demanding a 
shift of public resources from war to the needs of people. 
Participants will lobby Congress to end all funding of the 
occupation of Iraq, and will demand that Congress hold the Bush 
Administration accountable for the falsehoods that launched the war 
and the abuses of power here at home that have accompanied it. Camp 
Democracy is launching an outreach effort to include organizations 
in the planning of the camp's activities, which are all in the 
initial stages. Organizations already on board are listed on the 
Participating organizations and guest experts and celebrities will 
provide workshops and training sessions on a wide range of issues, 
as well as on communications, voter registration, nonviolent civil 
disobedience, lobbying, organizing, media production, and 
performance arts. Congress Members and congressional candidates will 
take part. Local elected officials will instruct attendees on 
participation in local government. Musicians will perform concerts. 
New films will be shown on a large screen. Participants will acquire 
useful skills while demanding fundamental change. 
Individuals can sign up and plan to come:
And volunteer to help:
Organizations, large and small, can sign up to participate:
Organizations, trainers, speakers, educators, and performers should 
propose activities that they believe would benefit thousands of 
citizens who want to work for change: 
Internet activists, and anyone with a blog or a website, can help by 
posting this information and link to the website using this link:

A camp for peace, democracy, and the restoration of the rule of law. 
Camp Casey will move from Crawford, Texas, to Washington, D.C., to 
create a larger camp focused not only on ending the war but also on 
righting injustices here at home and on holding accountable the Bush 
Administration and Congress. Tents will provide activist activities, 
trainings, workshops, and entertainment on these themes: War/ Peace/ 
Nonviolence | The Constitution/ Accountability/ Censure/ Impeachment 
| Poverty/ Katrina/ Immigration/ Labor | Environment/ Health Care/ 

# SEP 9 Power to the Peaceful Concert Free concert in Golden Gate Park Michael Franti

# Sokano Avenue Stroll  “Send In The Clowns” Sunday, September 10, 2006
 Non-profit Information &/or Fundraising (New- Both Categories merged)
You may raise money by donation, raffles, memberships and/or materials donated to you.
You may sell or give away promotional materials about your organization.
Keep literature distribution and clipboard activity behind your table.
It you are hosting a game booth, no cash prizes or live animals are allowed. Small toys, balloons and other prizes are acceptable. We encourage you to have game booths rather than sell products. Call us for great booth ideas!
entry fee for a booth to be submitted Aug. 1

# 9/11 CITIZENS Court in Wash DC on September 11 - 18
This is from a founder of Veterans for 9/11 Truth
This Sept 11, 2006 a new era will dawn on America. On that day the 
people will convene and move through the legal recourse needed to 
redress the government. At no other time in our nations history has so 
important a moment drawn near. As the war of lies passes the $500 
Billion debt mark and 3000 US dead along with 100,000's in the nation 
we "saved", as freedom and liberty has been sold out to a federal 
police force, as all Americans have been affected by corporate and 
limited liability governments and municipal codes, time has come for 
the change

# Earthdance  2006 Laytonville, CA - USA
 Fri - Sun  September  15-16-17
3 day Camp Out Celebration for World Peace and Unity, set amidst a beautiful old growth oak forest, featuring 5 Stages of Entertainment uniting Jamband, World, Conscious Lyricism, Electronica, Reggae and Folk. Also featuring Global Artisans Market, Late Night Cinema, Healing Village, Kidlandia, Speakers Forum, Activist Alley, Workshops, All Night Music Cafés  and much more...

2006 Artists Include:
Ani DiFranco  India.Arie  Ozomatli  Blackalicious  Tea Leaf Green  Mad Professor
 DJ Logic   John Trudell   Kid Beyond   Kan'Nal       


# 09/16/2006 - 8pm - ALL AGES Wisdom
live at Earthdance International Festival - Laytonville 

ForestEthics invites you to join us on September 20, 2006, for our 2nd Annual Wine Tasting and Auction at supperclub in San Francisco, from 6:00 - 10:00 pm.

Sip exquisite wines and micro-brews. Savor gourmet hours d'oeuvres. Save Endangered Forests by bidding on rare wines, relaxing getaways, and a wide array of other auction items.

Admission is $50.00. More information to follow. Visit for updates on this event, or contact 
Jessica @ or at 415-863-4563 x312.  

#  09/23-SF LOVE PARADE 
Civic Center Plaza Polk St. and Grove St

# San Francisco LoveFest:  A Dance Music Parade and Festival 
 Together we will once again rock the streets of San Francisco on Saturday, September 23rd! 
 Once again 30+ floats of every genre of beat will wind it's way down Market St., park and continue the party at the Civic Center Plaza, and continue into the night in parties throughout the city, including the official San Francisco LoveFest after party at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium presented by Skills and Spundae.


# Sept. 29 - Oct. 1 Inspiring Masculine Presence -- Unleashing Feminine Fire Scott 510-836-2041

#  Sep 30 – Oct 1 World Vegetarian Day Celebration
Come to San Francisco, the beautiful city by the Bay, for the 7th 
Annual Award Winning World Vegetarian Day Celebration  
  International Vegan Cuisine
     Healthy Food Demos
     Outstanding Speakers 
     Organic Athlete Conference
     Live Entertainment
     Children's Corner
     Eco-Ville and Eco-Fashion
  Saturday, September 30, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. 
 Sunday, October 1, 10 – 6 p.m.  	
 San Francisco County Fair Building
 Lincoln & 9th Avenue in Golden Gate Park $5 donation   

# World Farm Animals Day, 10/1


#  10/13-15-FLEET WEEK


# Oct 14/15 Washington, D.C.



# Nov 11/12 8th and Brannan/ councourse exhibition ctr. SF

 The Green Festival is a two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun.

Learn: Attend lectures and workshops by thought leaders, business visionaries and community activists shaping the green movement.

Network: Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations who are committed to the possibility of a better world. See Network.Get Involved! Learn about organizations effecting positive and sustainable change in our region, our country, and the around the planet.

Socialize: Have fun interacting with others, for the sheer joy of it. Meet interesting people who share common interests. Spend some time at the food court and listen to local musicians. Parents, find a place to relax in the Family Rest Stop.

Eat Well: Sample delicious, healthy, organic, and sustainable produced food prepared on site. ALL FOODWARE IS BIODEGRADEABLE - COMPOST! WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN FOODWARE TO THE EVENT.

Greening the Event: We believe in deep sustainability - to achieve intergenerational equity, we must design equity into the present. We try to address all aspects of the event - beginning with our own consciousness and the budgetary process.

Learn how we are creating an eco-commerce model for the Green Festival and our who in the community helps us.

The Green Economy Expo: If you are a green business of any size, this could be the perfect place for you to connect to your target audience. Call 1-877-727-2179 to exhibit your products. See who's Exhibiting in 2005.

Shop at the Green Festival for all of your Holiday Gifts! Purchase goods and services from 300 exhibitors who practice the principles of sustainability, ecology, and social equity. Go shopping online - we've identified online resources for green goods.

Coop America's Green Pages: Check out the original directory of Green Businesses at

Endorse the Earth Charter!

LIMITED OFFER: Purchase Green Festival Compost from DC Festival. Be the first to support turning waste into a resource!


May  Whole Earth Fest UC Davis 3rd Wknd May.
Stanford POW WOW 2nd weekend in May? Sustainable World Symposium 2nd Wknd? Bay To Breakers 3rd Sunday in May

June Second Weekend in June, Santa Rosa

Aug Labor Day Weekend (Aug/Sept)

Sep 3rd wknd? Laytonville CA / Hog Farm

Oct Decompression 3rd Sunday in Oct.

Nov 8th St. @ Brannan SF 1st? 2nd? wknd Nov.

Every 1st Wednesday: FREE!

# Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30pm
20 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm.

FREE STUFF for your non-profit / rummage sale / fundraiser
Bring a truck, bring a van, come and get it! scott at planttrees dot org

I am seeking a traffic lawyer for representation or even just to discuss.
Bonus points if familiar or practice in NAPA, ie: 8:30 am Aug 2.

Baker Beach North is warmest beach in SF! See Tides and wind at:,+CA
see weather at:

Burningman from space:,-119.239426&spn=0.019766,0.034332

Israel building prison for Lebanese captives,7340,L-3279762,00.html
Exclusive: IDF starts building detention compound to be used for holding Hizbullah members that will be captured during fighting in north. Officials: Project attests to government's plans for large-scale ground incursion in Lebanon 

Iran posses Russian-made 3M-82 Moskit anti-ship cruise missiles 
that can sink any US ship, and no adequate US military defense exists.

important events:
fun events:   (new)   (old) 
more events:
eco events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center
Fellowship of Humanity Events 390 27th St Oakland @ Telegraph/Broadway events, art receptions, music, film, etc. Monthly Raw Food Potlucks (san rafael)

more events:
Tuesday Jul 25
12PM Oakland: Ongoing vigil against the Occupation of... 
5:45PM ATTN- Save Berkeley Housing Authority Event- BHA... 
7:30PM Triple Trouble: Music and Comedy from Anne Feeney... 
8PM Cruel & Unusual: A Film Screening & Benefit for... 
Wednesday Jul 26
6PM Composing Cultures: Queer Women Writers Speak... 
7PM Oakland: Rail Against Privatization 
7PM East Bay ASA Meeting 
Thursday Jul 27
7PM John Dean speaks on "Conservatives Without... 
More Events...
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.