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SF events 7.6 SCANNER darkly in Theaters Friday

important events:
fun events:
more events:
eco events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center
Fellowship of Humanity Events 390 27th St Oakland @ Telegraph/Broadway events, art receptions, music, film, etc.

and more events here: Thursday Jul 6
     5:30PM ARTworkSF gallery opening featuring local artists! 
     7PM SF: Conflict Resolution Skills by Bay Area Nonviolent... 
     7:30PM SF: Peter Camejo - California Under Corporate Rule 
  Friday Jul 7
     7PM SF: Our Responsibilities for the Iraq War and a Path to... 
  Saturday Jul 8
     11AM Petaluma: Really Really Free Market 
     1:30PM SF Mime Troupe - "Godfellas" 
     5:30PM radical queer open meeting, Gay Shame SF 
     7:30PM Mexico Solidarity Benefit Concert: ZONK, Genie &... 


Organic Bytes 86: Milk Boycott, Mad Cow & More

The Evidence for Global Warming, NYT, 20060705

Declaration of Independence

EFF and Phone Call Privacy

Is Cheney Betting On Economic Collapse?

Federal Reserve and the value of natural amenities
To download Sarah Low's Federal Reserve Bank report, visit

WHAT'S NEW ON CORPWATCH   Holding Corporations Accountable   Border for Sale

Ashkenaz Calendar in Berkeley, Ca

SF BayView NEEDS You NOW!!!!

8,000 members of US military officially listed...

AWOL: GI War Resistance in Canada
A Report by Geoffrey Millard and Sari Gelzer

The Department of Defense has recently reported that 8,000 members of the US military are listed as AWOL. Currently 24 war resisters are known to be in Canada trying to establish citizenship, with an estimated several hundred more living there  underground. 

The South Central Farm in Los Angeles is not doing well right now... they have started bulldozing at least half of it today, and there were more arrests as farmers tried desperately to stop them until the courtdate next week.  Please, if you could spread the word, and go to their website that would be great.  We need all the support we can get, and apparently there is some other supporters out in the Bay area as well.

Rainbow Gathering Hassled: 500 tickets issued two weeks ago.
Beware Forest Service invoking DHS secret tribunals with no lawyers and no rights; for Rainbow children.
High Sierra Music Fest Police State: Boycott Plumas County, CA (Fairgrounds in Quincy)
Drug sniffing dogs running through all the camps.
BOYCOTT Calaveras County. ( Sierra Nevada Music Fest had move away from Angels Camp Fairgrounds.)

Ken Lay Dead of Heart Attack? Because he knew too much?
Enron vice chairman J. Clifford Baxter committed sui...
I have to say I have never heard of autopsy results being available with in hours of death. Had the ER physician said heart attack in the ER, I would have said ok. The fact that this came from a coroner who is alleged to have performed an autopsy??? Sounds kind of strange to me - LADYWINDSOR

Toxic notes are after the forwarded e-mail,
"What does Arnold Schwarzenegger have to do with this"?
Hint: "All of the roads go to the Bohemian Grove" - T.R.

"If the author of the Declaration of Independence were to utter such a sentiment today, the Post Office Department could exclude him from the mail, grand juries could indict him for sedition and criminal syndicalism, legislative committees could seize his private papers ... and United States Senators would be clamoring for his deportation that he ... should be sent back to live with the rest of the terrorists."
-- Frank I. Cobb
(1869-1923) American Journalist
Source: New York World

"I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground: That 'all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people' (10th Amendment). To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specifically drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptible to any definition."
-- Thomas Jefferson
(1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President
Source: letter to George Washington,15 February, 1791


Video: "Busted: the citizens rights guide to police encounters” WATCH THIS!!!	

Quite educational!!! 
Pass it along to others. 

“Busted: the citizens rights guide to police encounters”

3 most important lines to memorize: 
Officer, I do not consent to any searches 
Officer, am I free to go 
Officer, I have nothing to say until I speak with my lawyer 

Thu Jul 6

# Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30pm
20 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm.

#  UAS GREEN MOVIE NIGHT Thursday, July 6, 2006

"GLOBAL GARDENER" - Permaculture Education Series
In The Tropics, Arid Land, & Cool Climates
(3 segments, 30 min each)

Kevin Bayuk, UAS/SF Permaculture Guild
& other local permaculture gurus

Come absorb some of the most insightful films, documentaries and
commentaries across a wide spectrum of relevant topics of today and
tomorrow. Bring a pillow, a bowl and a mug (for the FREE organic popcorn and
tea) and engage in lively discussion before/after each segment.

Thursday, July 6 7pm-10pm
$5 Donation, (No one turned away for lack of funds)

Mercy Housing 111 Jones St @ Eddy St, downtown SF


BILL MOLLISON is a practical visionary. For three decades he has traveled
the globe spreading the word about permaculture, the method of sustainable
agriculture that he devised. Permaculture weaves together microclimate,
annual and perennial plants, animals, soils, water management and human
needs into intricately connected productive communities. Mollison has proved
that even in the most difficult conditions permaculture empowers people to
turn wastelands into food forests.

IN THE TROPICS: Mollison introduces the basic principles, and shows results
in Australia, India, and Zimbabwe.

ARID LANDS: Reversing desertification in Arizona, Botswana and Australia.

COOL CLIMATES: Europe, Tasmania, and the San Juan Islands in Washington


Listen to jazz, enjoy some free pizza, and help the environment at the same time!

The Department of the Environment desperately needs your help at the Fillmore Jazz Festival on Saturday, July 1st, and Sunday, July 2nd.

Volunteers will be ensuring that recyclables and compostables are placed in the proper bin. Your contribution to this effort will educate attendees on waste reduction and keep valuable resources out of the landfill.

About the Fillmore Jazz Festival

Blending art and soul in one of the country?s most unique neighborhoods, the Fillmore Jazz Festival is the largest free Jazz festival on the West Coast, drawing over 90,000 visitors over the Independence Day weekend. From sunup to sundown, visitors can groove to the sounds of live music from multiple stages, browse the offerings of over 8 blocks of fine art and crafts and enjoy gourmet food and beverages.

Come out, listen to some good tunes, get a free lunch, and help us reduce waste!

Saturday, July 1st & Sunday, July 2nd

On Fillmore between Jackson and Eddy
Exact location on where to meet will be announced as the date approaches.

Shifts on Saturday and Sunday:
9:30 am to 2:30 pm
2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

If you are interested in volunteering, please email me at or call me at (415) 355- 3736 with the day and shift you would like to work. Please respond as soon as you can because this weekend is rapidly approaching.

To unsubscribe from this list visit
To update your preferences, please visit

# SF911Truth Meeting Thursday, July 6th, 7pm, 522 Valencia St., San Francisco
Our next meeting will be the 1st Thursday of July, the 6th -- at 522
Valencia St., in San Francisco.

Please bring whatever you want to share.

Best Wishes,
Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance Meeting
Thursday, July 6, 2006

7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
LOCATION (new!):
522 Valencia St. just up from the 16th St. Bart station
(*press the upper right button on key pad to be let it).
San Francisco

9-11 Truth Alliance info/events line 1-866-268-2320
Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance Meeting
Thursday, July 20, 2006

at The Grand Lake Neighborhood Center 530 Lake Park Avenue,(between
Lakeshore Avenue and Grand Avenue) in Oakland
      7:00 p.m. to 10:00p.m.

            From Hwy. 580 East (coming from the Bay Bridge or
Berkeley), take the Grand Ave./Lakeshore exit (the exit ramp merges
into MacArthur which intersects with Grand at the light), make a left
at the light onto Grand, make a right onto Lake Park Ave. (the Grand
Lake Theater will be on the corner on your far right). Go about a
block, past the BofA, which will be on your left, and the GLNC will
also be on your left. Park on the street or turn right into free
public parking under the freeway.

            From Hwy. 580 West (coming from Hayward), take the
Lakeshore Ave. exit (get as far to the right when approaching the exit
before, the Harrison/Oakland exit, then continue moving to the right).
When you exit at Lakshore Ave., you will be on Lake Park. Go straight
at the light (you'll see an OMNI store in front of you to the right),
crossing Lakeshore Ave. The GLNC will be a few storefronts down on
your right. Park on the street or turn left into free public parking
under the freeway across from GLNC. If you cross Grand Ave. (and the
theater) you've gone too far.

            9-11 Truth Alliance info/events line 1-866-268-2320

911 - inside job.   Demand investigation! - - - - -  - -

# Peter Camejo: California Under Corporate Rule
Thursday, July 6 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm FREE
Peter Camejo, longtime social justice advocate, financial analyst,  
and Green Party gubernatorial candidate has gone where no other  
candidate for political office has gone before: he's written a book  
outlining the major policy changes he would make as California's next  
governor, and has done the research to back it up. Hear Camejo's plan  
for challenging the stranglehold of money over the political system  
as he discusses California Under Corporate Rule.

For a complete listing of events visit us online at

Modern Times Bookstore
888 Valencia Street
San Francisco

Between 19th and 20th
office @

# Art Openings/ SF - 7.6.06
"Well Hung" @ White Walls Gallery
837 Larkin St. San Francisco, CA
Opening Reception Thursday, July 6, 2006
- Sylvia Ji
- Andrea Wicklund
- Jenny Bird
- Amanda Lopez
- Monica canilao
- Laura Brink
- Jennifer Poon
- Siloette
- Diana Thornecroft
- Jill Sominsone
- Hannah Stouffer
"Lady Like" @ The Shooting Gallery
839 Larkin St. San Francisco, CA
 Opening Reception Thursday, July 6, 2006
- Karin Faught
- Andrea Tucker
- Lisa Petrucci
- Natalia Fabia
- Sharon Leong

Fri Jul 7

# SCANNER darkly in Theaters Friday
Keanu Reeves   Winnona Ryder  Robert Downey Jr.  Woody Harrelson  
Alex Jones
Animation over Film; a la "A Waking Life"
This film is about the direction of our CURRENT POLICE STATE.
Watch. Learn. Resist.       LIVE FREE OR DIE

# Beat Church/ SF - 7.06.06 BEAT CHURCH
 Thursday, July 7, 2006 (1st & 3rd Thurdays monthly)
 @ Nickie's 460 Haight St (bet. Webster & Fillmore) $5  
~ AUDIOVOID (aka Lindsey)
~ OOAH (L.A.B.A., troubled youth, seedling escape)
~ KITTY~D (kittyology, troubled youth, seedling escape)
~ NEP~TUNE (spiritual technologies, troubled youth)

 2006-07-07 4:30 PM Host:  BassCamp; Otto& Dae 
Location:  ~ Pirate's Cove; Mendo Coast! 
When:  Friday, July 7, 4:20pm - 
Sunday, July 9, 4:20pm 
Ahoy and Prepare to be Boarded..SummerCamp is back

# Oregon Country Fair July 7,8,9 11am-7pm

# SummerCamp'06 
 	Friday, July 7, 2006 - Sunday, July 9, 2006  private event
Host: BassCamp; Otto& Dae 
Location: ~ Pirate's Cove; Mendo Coast! 
When: Friday, July 7, 4:20pm - 
Sunday, July 9, 4:20pm 
Ahoy and Prepare to be Boarded..SummerCamp is back and sailing under the Black Flag! Since 2001 BassCamp has sent hundreds of kids to SummerCamp, and we’ve been having a lot of fun doing it. 

BassCamp is hosting SummerCamp’06 to raise money for Girls 2000. Girls 2000 is an after-school program for at-risk girls in Bay View/Hunters Point. A portion of your ticket price will go directly toward send these girls to camp this summer. In fact, this very same Camp... 

More information about Girls2000:

Pirate SummerCamp will land on an 80 acre farm surrounded by a 700+ acre nature reserve along the Mendocino Coast. Chill in the old growth forests, lush meadows, walk down a beautiful trail to our beach, and share nature trails with other like-minded pirates. 

Our vessels set sail on Friday, July 7th at 4:20pm. We sail into port on Friday evening, set up camp, and spend an evening around the fire with live music & smores. Live music provided by YOU - bring your instrument; guitars, drums and voices…aaargh! Spin fire? Good, bring it! 

Saturday @ SummerCamp can be spent raiding the nearby beach, doing yoga in the meadow, taking a hike, searching for treasure, or getting a massage in the shade. Saturday afternoon, the BBQs will be lit up, and we’ll fire up the SOUND SYSTEM in the meadow, and open the BAR! 

Saturday night, put on yer most pirate-core gear and prepare to surrender your booty! Swagger on out to the meadow and give yer booty up! 

At the helm: 

Special Guests: 
FredFunk (BrassTax) 
Shizzla (House of Lotus) 
Stephan/Jive (Fix) 
Aaron Pope (DeepEnd) 

Angels of bAss: Born at SnowCamp…back to Pillage and Plunder SummerCamp! 
ViaJay (AoB) 
Tamo (AoB) 
J9 (AoB) 
Jess (AoB) 

Repeat Offenders: 
TophOne (redwine’O) 
Abe (BassCamp) 
Drei (BassCamp) 
Alibi (House of Lotus) 
Ding-Donger (Planet S’Bot) 

Sunday afternoon; we load up the ships, patch our leaks and set sail for home. 
The weekend is yers for the cut-throat rate of $200; remember we’re sending a bunch of kids to camp here... 

Passage includes the following and more: 

Roundtrip private bus transportation (from SF) 
Delicious food for the entire weekend 
Beer, wine and drinks 
Outdoor Yoga 
Saturday night, all-night, Surrender Yer’ Booty Pirate Bash 
Monster Sound by MikeG @ AudioVisions! 

There’s plenty o' room for everyone, as our spoils are much bigger this year. Please pass this invite on to other like-minded people that might like to contribute their presence to this event... 

Please note that your space will not be reserved until yer check is received mate. Checks must be received by June 15th. There are no refunds, period. 

Make $200 checks payable to BassCamp and mail to: 

3288 21st street, Suite #64 
San Francisco CA 94110 

If you have any questions, please contact us at: 
basscampsf @ 

Or individually: 
ottosf @ 
daehhan @

# NextArts Presents:  The Concert For Kids
 July 8, 2006 6:00PM-9:00PM
 Free (but bring a new unused school supply)
This is part of the 2006 NextArts Concerts With A Cause Series.

July 8, 2006 "The Concert For Kids"
Featuring:  Paula West & The Fillmore Preservation Jazz Big Band

Following our "Sock It To Me Concert" (2005), NextArts will present  
concerts on Saturday nights in Potrero Park, from 6-9:00PM.  Potrero  
Park is located in the Mission District of San Francisco (25th &  
Potrero).  This is the first nighttime concert series in SF history.

Each concert is a separate collection drive.  As with last years'  
concert, we ask attendees to check their drawer for (new) unused  
items - tag still attached.  This collection drive is for school  
supplies.  It's all about the art of giving.  If it's new and you  
think kids can use it, please bring it to the concert.  No scissors  
or other sharp objects please!

Benefiting orgs:  Buena Vista Elementary, Malcolm X Elementary
NextArts is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  For more  
information please visit
Potrero del Sol Park (Potrero Park) @ Cesar Chavez
1401 Potrero Ave San Francisco 415-970-9005

# "The Temple Builder" Film Documentary/ SF- 7.08.06
Get YER Freak on! & Kollol present: "The Temple Builder"
A special screening of "The Temple Builder" documentary
on David Best and the Temples at Burning Man.
Saturday July 8, 2006
@ Xenodrome
1320 Potrero, between 25th/Cesar Chavez
doors: 7pm
screening: 8-10pm
soiree: 10pm-late
$10-20 donation
More info:
Enter the world of David Best, the most celebrated artist ever to emerge from the 20 year-old creative
maelstrom of counter culture that is Burning Man.
Filmed over the course of five years, The Temple Builder paints a deeply intimate portrait of the man
behind the myths; from his incredible art car and collage work, to the powerful spiritual centers he
creates in the Black Rock Desert to his courageous work in San Raphael, CA for the benefit of
day-laborers, Best's work powerfully impacts the people around him.
Post-screening we will host a soiree with djs and performers who are a part of the Burning Man community and have been involved in art projects and sound camps over the years.
- GOLDILOX - Sleevin' Records/LUSH
- SMOOVE - Newsbreaks
- M3 - Green Gorilla Lounge
- LAIRD - LUSH/Boombox/Get YER Freak on!
- MAJITOPE - LUSH/Flaming Lotus Girls
- DJ 7 - NK7
- ADNAN - Forward/LUSH
- RAPHAEL - All Star Donut
Theatre seating, 2 rooms, limited capacity. Please arrive early for entry to screening ... we
expect to be beyond capacity and will close the doors when it's full, until after screening.
We look forward to seeing you!

# Dionysian DANCE! ~ feel the Spirit Movin’!
 Saturday, July 8th, 9pm , Church of Soul, 1550 5th st., Oakland Suggested Donation: $5-10  

# Moonshine party @ the Porn Palace 7/8
Giddy up pard'ner and ride on down for a hot night in San Francisco!

WHAT:  Moonshine Saloon Fundraiser
WHERE: 5th/Mission, SF (exact address given after ticket purchase)
WHEN:  Saturday, July 8th 9pm - 4am
COST:  $12 to $20 sliding scale donation
WHY:   Help the Moonshine Saloon Art Car ride again - raising funds to get us to the playa for Burning Man 2006!

WANTED:  Criminals, Loose Women, and Citizens of Ill Repute to stock our Jail Cell

Put on your Cowboy hats & spurs or Saloon girl duds for a night in the Wild West.
Sexy Go-Go Dancers - See the Saloon Girls (and Redstickman) kick up their heels!

2 rooms of music!

The Dungeon:
Forest Green (SisterSF/Daly City Records/
Sinukus (FunkyCozy/Below Zero)
DJ Addison (Stargaze Family)
Powerlounger (Qool/Looq Records/Funk Camp/Fandango)

The Saloon:
Redstickman (Ambient Mafia/FnF)
MC Boomerang Fidget (Ambient Mafia/HATFYR)
Harken (Ambient Mafia/Epiphany)
drop (Ambient Mafia/butterzone)
Speakeasy Ray (Ambient Mafia/Hope Chest)

How to Get In:
1) Send a PayPal purchase (Services) to with your donation & your full legal name (the one on your ID) and the names/number of people in your party for the fundraiser ($12-$20 / per person)

**Paypal deadline is midnight Friday July 7th!**

2) You will receive confirmation and party location details a day or two before the event

3) Your name will be added to the door list with the number of guests you've paid for

4) If you are unable to send payment by PayPal, please email to arrange another form of payment

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Please feel free to forward invite to trusted friends.
- The Moonshine Saloon Crew

# San Francisco Mime Troupe presents Godfellas
Saturday, July 8th and Sunday, July 9th
1:30pm music, 2pm show
Free. Donations appreciated.

Imagine a nation where religious fervor runs hot, and rhetoric runs  
hotter. Where belief has replaced reason, and where Liberty and  
Justice play a broken second fiddle to an all powerful, omniscient,  
omnipresent military-industrial God complex. That's the nation  
Reverend C.B. De Love wants. That's also the nation where shy civics  
teacher Angela Franklin finds herself. In her struggle to stop the  
coming Theocracy, will Angela go too far? In her zeal to destroy the  
opiate of the masses, will she make a religion out of her anti- 
religion, joining the ranks of the Gangsters for God? Or will she see  
the folly of blind faith in anything - even the Constitution - and  
return to Reason? Come see this musical comedy by the San Francisco  
Mime Troupe.

Cedar Rose Park
1300 Rose Street, a block from Cedar & Chestnut    Berkeley,+CA
frankieshoes @

Sun July 9

# Reclaim Our Fate! Climate, Energy and Global Justice * Sun July 9: DC teach-in / concert / spokescouncil!
Reclaim Our Fate!
  Climate, Energy, and Global Justice  A FREE half-day Teach-In, followed by Spokescouncil and Benefit Concert   

    Join activists speaking out on the Climate Change and Energy Crises! As Global Justice movements plan worldwide protests opposing the July 15-17 2006 G8 Summit in Russia -- where world leaders including President Bush will meet for "energy security" consultations that threaten the Earth and people everywhere with economic and ecological disaster -- we gather to reclaim the debate & our fate from corporate domination by the Group of 8!   SUNDAY July 9th, noon-midnight (doors open 11:30 am -- see schedule below) 
    at the People's Media Center and AlFishawy Cafe  4132 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington DC (between Upshur & Taylor, 3 blocks North of Petworth metro Station on the green line, Bus #70/71/62/64)      12 to 1:45 Climate Science 101 and Direct Action Strategies to stop Climate Catastrophe. Presented by Climate Crisis Coalition and Rising Tide North America

  2 to 3:45 The Mountain Justice Movement to Save Appalachia's Mountains from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining -- And Energy Alternatives that Don't Suck! Presented by Mountain Justice Summer and Energy Justice Network 

    4 to 5:45 Oil and Empire, Bombs and Poverty ... For Global Justice, Against War: Linking Our Movements, Before It's Too Late! Discussion facilitated by local DC anti-war and global justice activists 
     PLUS trainings (Legal, Medical, Tactics) for affinity groups and individuals participating in non-violent direct action with the July 10-16 DC Gr8 Week of Resistance to the G8's Great Greed!

  Teach-In organized by Rising Tide North America and Mobilization for Global Justice , Sponsored by Reclaim the Commons  Visit and e-mail for more details  *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
    AND AFTER THE TEACH-IN!! 6-midnight ** $5 vegetarian dinner-n-drink ( No Alcohol )   
  6:30 pm**Action Spokescouncil meeting for DC Week of Resistance to the G8 ** 8-midnight **Benefit concert for "Green Scare" imprisoned environmental activists and for the July 15th International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change ** OPEN TO ALL! With Mosquito Death Squadon (art/experimental rock) and more bands TBA   $5 donation suggested-no one turned away.

  ** The Green Scare is a federal round-up environmental and animal rights activists, which The National Lawyer's Guild among others has condemned as  unconstitutional. Officially called "Operation Backfire", this wide-scale orchestrated investigation of activists uses paid informants, warrantless spying on a range of organizations, and threats of severe sanctions to leverage fear of conviction under unprecedented penalties for property crimes. 888-NLG-ECOLAW is a hotline established to support these activists. Visit for more info on solidarity with Green Scare victims. **    
  ** The G8, or Group of 8, is the seven wealthiest industrialized nations in the world plus Russia. They officially meet once a year to strategize policies and plan their joint domination of the world, and in recent years have been confronted by intense popular demonstrations wherever they go. The political heads of these countries -- the U.S., Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan -- are pushing the agenda of corporate globalization at the cost of the welfare of the people they claim to represent. We take to the streets when the G8 meets to reject their worldview of profit at any cost, and to reclaim our commons of autonomous political space. Authentic democracy or corporate oligarchy? The choice is ours... ** 

RELCAIM THE DEBATE! RESIST THE G8! Visit for frequent updates about global resistance to the July 15-17 2006 G8 Summit. Contact

  THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA CENTER WANTS YOU! July 2006, People's Media Center at AlFishawy Cafe is hosting a full month of gatherings and events. Check out their calendar of events at Contact Ryme Katkhouda, 

Coordinator of the People's Media center and AlFishawy Cafe,
Co-founder of and,
Executive Producer of "Voices With Vision", Th 11am on WPFW 89.3FM in DC 
  * cell 917-681-7228  wbixclass @

# Sun, Jul 9, 7pm "Buyer, Be Fair" — Film Screening, Reception & Discussion
Artists’ Television Access 992 Valencia Street (at 21st) San Francisco

# National Nude Recreation Week is July 10-16 2006
If we were meant to be naked, we would be born that way.
Naked people do not support sweat shops or use nuclear energy and phosphates washing their clothes.
Naked people are closer to nature, and take better care of their environment.
Naked people are not hiding anything.

# Full Moon 2006 in Pacific Standard Time:

Year      New Moon       First Quarter       Full Moon       Last Quarter

        Jun 25  08:05     Jul  3  08:37     Jul 10  19:02     Jul 17  11:13    
        Jul 24  20:31     Aug  2  00:46     Aug  9  02:54     Aug 15  17:51    
        Aug 23  11:10     Aug 31  14:56     Sep  7  10:42 p   Sep 14  03:15    
        Sep 22  03:45 A   Sep 30  03:04     Oct  6  19:13     Oct 13  16:25    
        Oct 21  21:14     Oct 29  13:25     Nov  5  04:58     Nov 12  09:45    
        Nov 20  14:18     Nov 27  22:29     Dec  4  16:25     Dec 12  06:32    
        Dec 20  06:01     Dec 27  06:48                                        

# Full Moon dates 2006 in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
PST - Pacific US. GMT-7 (Pacific Standard Time subtract 7 hours)
If your local time zone is currently on Daylight Savings time, 
please add one hour to the standard times listed in the Moon phases tables.
Year	Month	Day	Time	Day of week

2006 	Jul	    11	    03:03	Tue
2006 	Aug	 9	    10:55	Wed
2006	   Sep	 7 	    18:43	Thu
2006	   Oct	 7	    03:13	Sat
2006	   Nov	 5	    12:58	Sun
2006	   Dec	 5	    00:24	Tue

Tue Jul 11

# Tue, Jul 11, 2006      6:00 pm Oakland City Hall
Oakland Food System Assessment & Upcoming City Council Hearing
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza (btw 14th and 15th at Clay Street) Oakland

# FREE Intro | Personal Evolution & NLP | July 11th

"I could rave about how Jason's guidance has changed my life [...] this
pales in comparison to how Jason's IDEAs have changed the lives of countless
people around me -- both directly through the amazing training he did with
my staff, and indirectly in the hundreds of students we influence as
instructors and coaches [...] I can confidently credit much of the success
of my growing company (16.2% growth last year) to the brilliant education
Jason provided. I can sum up his work as the MasterCard commercial might,

- Isa "GlitterGirl" Isaacs, Founder, Temple of Poi

What: Intro to Personal Evolution: A Brief Introduction to NLP
      and Evolutionary Awareness

When: Tuesday July 11th 7:00 pm to 9:30pm

Where: The Arete Center for Excellence

Full Details:


Have you ever wonder what all of this personal development was  really for?
What was the broader point? Or perhaps how it all the  modalities fit
together? Have you ever wanted to be free from your  past--really free? Free
from not only the emotional charge, but also free from the limiting
decisions, and beliefs that were formed around  events? Have you ever wanted
to develop a healthy sense of self and  ego--true esteem for the self--and
all of the freedom that comes  from that? Have you ever wanted to have
access to your true core--the  best within you? Your deepest self?

That is what is available to you through this event. Not just the "what",
but the specific "how".

And if you knew how to do all of that...what would it be worth to you?  What
kind of difference could it make in your life? In your relationships?  In
your career path? In assisting you in discovering and living your purpose?

The possibilities are limitless...RSVP now to reserve your spot and your
ticket to personal evolution.

In Evolution,

  Jason D. McClain | Evolutionary Guide™ | I.D.E.A. | 415/261.2867 | 

Wednesday, July 12th

Wed, Jul 12, 2006      7:00 pm
Films: Double Feature Presented by LaborFest
Humanist Hall 390 27th St Oakland Btwn Telegraph / Broadway

Wed, Jul 12, 2006 - Thu, Jul 13, 2006      7:00 pm
[view]	Venezuela's New Economy
San Francisco & Berkeley

# Crucible's 6th Annual Fire Arts Festival July 12-15, 2006
 day and evening programs see below
 A celebration of creation through fire and light
Pre & Post-Festival classes run
Tuesday through Sunday, July 11-16
Wednesday July 12,          7:00 - 11pm
The Crucible Hosts: The Desert Arts Preview
Admission Free
Thursday July 13,          7:00pm
FIRE & LIGHT Benefit Auction Soiree $125 
Friday July 14   8:00pm - 12:30am
Twisted Fiery Circus
Tickets: $25 members/ $30 non-members
Advance (before 7/1): $20 members/$25 non-members
Saturday, July 15    8:00pm - 12:30am
High Voltage Chaos$25 members/ $30 non-members
Event website:
The Crucible 1260 7th Street/ at Union (West Oakland BART)
West Oakland 510.444.0919

Thursday, July 13th

Thu, Jul 13, 2006      7:30 pm Randall Museum
Cheetah Conservation in Namibia w/Irene Donovan Marten
199 Museum Way (off Roosevelt) San Francisco

Fri Jul 14

# World leaders in green building to speak in SF, July 14.
Problems, solutions, and bold new initiatives in green
building are the topics of an all-star conference --
"The Turning Point" in San Francisco, July 14.

Speakers include:

David Gottfried, author of Greed to Green and
founder of the US Green Building Council  
and WorldGBC.

Andres Edwards, author of The Sustainability Revolution 
and collaborator with Sim van der Ryn
on the new College of Marin Center for Regenerative Studies.

Alisdair McGregor, Principal and Fellow of the Arup Group,
internationally recognized authority on integrated design
and high performance buildings.

Russell Perry, Principal of the SmithGroup
and cofounder, William McDonough + Partners.

Paul Kephart, world famous authority on green roofs.

Donald MacDonald, architect of the new pedestrian- and
bicycle-friendly SF Bay Bridge.

Melissa Mizell, of Gensler, firm winner of the 
2005 USGBC Leadership Award.

Craig Henritzy, architect of the Heart of Berkeley
downtown stream daylighting project.

Speakers from the SF Dept. of the Environment,
AIA, . . . and many others.

Pacific Energy Center in downtown San Francisco.

Low fee for early enrollment.

For more details and enrollment information see:

"The Turning Point Conference" at 

Sponsored by:
San Francisco Institute of Architecture
the worlds oldest and largest professional
school of sustainable design and green

# Fri, Jul 14, 2006      5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
[view]	Visual Aid's Bastille Day Party & Exhibition
Hotel Des Arts 447 Bush St @ Grant / Kearny San Francisco

# FETE LA BOUM!/ SF - 7.14.06
Dark Kabaret  & Delachaux
in association with Anon Salon present
FRIDAY, JULY 14th (Bastille Day, Pfft!)
9pm- LATE
@ Anon Gallery
285 9th Street @ Folsom
$15 Ahead/ $20 Door
Dress as your favorite lovers & libertines!
French Maids, Mimes, Mods, Legionnaires, & Impressionists, Existentialistas, Bardot, Deneuve, Toulouse-Lautrec, Camus, Cocteau, De Sade, Louis XVI, Anais Nin, Amelie, Marie Antoinette, Napolean, De Gaule, Jacques Cousteau, Pepé Le Pew!
- Ursula 1000 (Esl Records)
- Laird (Get Yer Freak On)
- Delachaux (Splashadelic)
- C3Plos (Diabolik)
- Neel N. Kizmiaz (Lapel)
- Cherry Lix
- The Indra
- The Flying Fox
- The Lollies
- The Scenic Sisters
- Kitten On The Keys
- Doc Popular

# Lightning in a Bottle ~  (Los Angeles)
	Friday, July 14, 7:00 PM 2006 - Sunday, July 16, 2006
A magical forest adventure...  presented by The Do LaB 

LIB06 will celebrate unity and community on 50 acres of beautiful land just thirty minutes north of Santa Barbara. On July 14th, 15th and 16th, we look forward to our largest and most inspired gathering yet: 3 magical days filled with live music, amazing performances, art installations, extreme decor, interactive classes and workshops, green energy, vegetarian food, great people, and so much more!  

Our line-up features some of the most eclectic entertainment the west coast has to offer from San Diego to Seattle... 

Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque 
Cheb i Sabbah (six degrees) 
Hamsa Lila 
The Yard Dogs Road Show 
El Circo 
Random Rab (el circo) 
Adam Ohana (an*ten*nae) 
Vau de Vire Society 
Oscure (laba) 
David Starfire (space island) 
Loop Station 
Heather Stants and Urban Tribal Dance 
Rara Avis 
Janaka (dhamaal sf) 
El Papachango (el circo) 
Shawna (el circo) 
Helios Jive (thedolab) 
Ooah (troubled youth) 
Stilt Circus 
Underground Orchestra 
Jonny Cota (el circo) 
Jupiter (thedolab) 
Breakbeat Buddha 
Atash Maya Bellydance 
Patricio (laba) 
Michele Bass (laba) 
Rootabreaka dj's 
Imagika (imagi-nation) 
Dandelion (space island) 
Sammy Bliss (pocket) 
Jesse Wright (pocket) 
The Stove 
Ian (space island) 
Salon K 
Ben Wright 

Tickets are on sale now! 
For ticket info and other details about Lightning in a Bottle please visit our website:  

Much love,  The Do LaB 

“We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” 
- Willy Wonka 

# July 14/15/16 San Francisco Vegetarian Society &
Yoga Society of San Francisco
~  for the first time in the San Francisco Bay Area ~
Kemetic Yoga
 The Ancient Egyptian & African Philosophy of Yoga
“Journey to Amenta” Lecture, Q&A
Friday Evening - July 14th
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Kemetic Yoga Class I
Saturday Evening - July 15th
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Kemetic Yoga Class II
Sunday Evening - July 16th
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Yoga Society of San Francisco
2872 Folsom Street
(Between 24th & 25th Streets)
San Francisco, CA 94110
Cost:  $40 - Lecture, $35 - per Yoga Class,
All Three Events-Weekend Package: $100
A limited number of scholarships and trades are available.
Please call Ravin at 415.971.3178.
Yirser Ra Hotep
Kemetic Yoga Master
will share his brilliance with us
July 14th, 15th and 16th, 2006
 at a Yoga Ashram in “The City’s” Mission’s District
Brother and teacher Yirser Ra Hotep has taught Yoga for over 30 years, recognized nationally and internationally as one of the foremost masters and innovators of Kemetic Yoga (ancient Egyptian system) in the world. Yirser is the author of "Kemetic Yoga" a three volume set of Instructional Yoga tapes and "Journey to Amenta", an audio meditation and music CD. He has lectured and written extensively on the African origins of Yoga; stress management, health and wellness for African Americans; African American culture and health; Yoga therapy, meditation, diet and spirituality.
Please Note: YSSF is an ashram and requests for shoes to be removed at the door and no animal flesh, alcohol or drugs on the premises.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Transportation to YSSF: MUNI bus lines 12 and 14, BART - 24th St.-Mission Station and walk 3 blocks. Street parking is possible, however automobiles are not encouraged.
To register and for more information, please call the Y.S.S.F. office at 415.285.5537      
LOVE      -  LIGHT        - NAMASTE
Choosing Life:   Exploring Nutrition as the Gateway to Immortality
featuring Wayne Chandler M.S., C.P.H., S.C.E
Date:           Saturday, July 15 & 22, 2006 
Time:            July 15, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM  &   July 22, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM 
Location:    The Dream Space  7433 Hillmont Dr. Oakland, CA
Fee:              $60.00 ($20 per session) Early registration*    $65.00 at the door
This Three Part lecture series will take participants through a journey of physical rejuvenation and re-youthing experience which is the destiny and the wave of the human race. The information presented is the cutting edge and constitutes the latest research in bio-chemical, core energetics, and Mind-Body-Spirit medicine. These segments will enlighten participants to the avenues one may take to regenerate systemically the human body.

Part One will explore the various reasons why the human body degenerates though it is primed and genetically coded to live forever. Immortality is the birthright of every human being, yet an array of cultural/social mechanisms prevents the human entity from living past the average age of 65-75 years...the last 25 of those years being absorbed in physical decay, pain, and emotional misery.
Part Two will examine the various foods, supplements, and elixirs that reinstate the overall vitality of the human body. Simple trace minerals such as zinc play an overwhelmingly essential role in all generative functions...physical and energetic.
Part Three: Immortal Energetics will discuss the relationship of the organs in the human body as they relate to our overall mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. This presentation will reveal specific techniques and practices one can do to reestablish the keys to health and longevity by manipulating the death codes programmed into the human body and replacing them with the light codes of vitality and long life.

BIO - Wayne B. Chandler, M.S., C.P.H., S.C.E. is the author of Ancient Future: The Teachings and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt and the forth coming book The Brighter Side of Darkness: A Light Warriors Guide to Inner Alchemy and Spiritual Revelation. He is a motivational speaker and workshop coordinator and has lectured around the globe. Chandler is certified in the techniques of Core Energetics; as instructed by Mantak Chia, Choa Kok Sui and Minke DeVoss. He is also certified in Tui Na, one of the pillars of Chinese Medical Science.
To register, visit our web-site at:
or call 209-612-5164.
*Last day for advance registration is July 8, 2006

Sat Jul 15

# July 15 - Day of Action against Climate Change and G8 - EF! Call to Action!
A call to action from Earth First! Climate Caucus and Rising Tide North America
 July 15th 2006 -- Direct Action for Climate Justice

  International Day of Direct Action  
 against Climate Change and the G8 
 Rise Up Against G8 Policies
 Target Fossil Fuel Industries in Your Town or Bioregion

  On July 15th, the "Group of 8" (G8) richest industrialized countries will gather in St. Petersburg, Russia to plot their continued commodification and domination of the planet, this time under the banner of "Energy Security." A leaked G8 "Communique on Energy Security" calls for trillions of dollars in new investments in oil, gas and coal production worldwide, plus wide-scale global expansion of nuclear energy. With runaway climate change* looming just over the horizon, such neoliberal business-as-usual poses a direct threat to the continuation of life on Earth as we know it.  Resistance is self defense. The G8 agenda promotes petroleum-dependent "Energy Security" that pollutes our land and atmosphere, ravages poor and indigenous communities, and scorches the Earth's climate. Their recipe for disaster must be met with our global resistance! 

 July 15th will be an International Day of Action Against Climate Change. As G8 energy ministers promise trillions in new subsidies to the industries destroying our planet and our future, we will take action to shut them down! This is a call for autonomous, decentralized actions appropriate for your town, city, or bioregion. Use this international day of action to support local struggles against oil refineries, gas pipelines, strip mines and coal-fired power plants. Disrupt the financial backers of the fossil fuel industry. Host teach-ins to spread sustainable post-petroleum living skills. Find a weak point in the infrastructure of resource exploitation and throw a literal or symbolic wrench in the works. Visit your local polluters and give 'em hell!

  The July 15th International Day of Action Against Climate Change is being mobilized by Rising Tide North America, a new network initiated in the US by the Earth First! Climate Caucus, with inspiration and support from the UK's vibrant Rising Tide direct action movement for climate justice and against climate change. Rising Tide North America is actively mobilizing July 15th actions in local bioregions, as well as reaching out to environmental justice, climate action and radical sustainability movements in all of the G8 countries plus the Global South. 

 Rising Tide North America is building a large collection of outreach and agit-prop materials that can be used by groups around the continent (and the world) to organize locally. These materials will be downloadable from and from the website of Rising Tide North America (comin' soon). 

 Join the Rising Tide North America network, and tell us about July 15th actions against climate change being planned in your community or bioregion! Contact us at

 For more information and updates about July 15th international actions against climate change, plus news and links about additional global resistance against the 2006 G8 Summit from July 14th to 17th, go to

   To learn more about the global Rising Tide movement, visit and read "Rising Tide Takes the Helm: Mapping Strategies for Climate Justice" in May-June 2006 Earth First! Journal:
        To learn more about the origin and purpose of Rising Tide North America, read "Earth First! Climate Caucus: A New Birth in the No Compromise Movement" in May-June 2006 Earth First! Journal:

  *19 of the 20 hottest years on record have occurred since 1980. Islands in the South Pacific are already evacuating due to rising sea levels. Storms and hurricanes are growing more severe.  Polar bears are drowning as their icy habitat breaks apart and drifts out to sea. Greenland and Antarctica are melting. Everyday we spew more greenhouse gases burned from fossil fuels into the atmosphere; everyday we are one step closer to what scientists refer to as "the tipping point," on the verge of catastrophic and irreversible climate chaos. 

# 7/15-RJ'S 45th BIRTHDAY

# NK7 presents 'Breakaholics'
A Sleevin Record Release Party & Playa Fashion Show (midnight)
Saturday, July 15th

Myagi [Splank, West, Money Shot - Canada]
Mancub [Sleevin, Space Coyboys]
SIMO aka Simon Littlewood [Sleevin]
Laird [Get Yer Freak On]
Goldilox [Brass Tax, Sleevin]
Seven [NK7]
Sol [Solsoundmusic]
B. Smiley [supperclub, Sleevin]
Techture-Live set [Sleevin]

Breaks all night on two floors 10p-4am; $10 before midnight, $15 after.

Playa fashion show begins promptly at midnight featuring designers:
Miranda Caroligne
Miss Velvet Cream
Silver Lucy Designs

Sleevin record release party for "Mr Shine"- B.Smiley, "Pigs 4 Dinna"-
SIMO and "Rusted"- Techture.

Whisper, 535 Florida St. at Mariposa St, SF One block West of Bryant.
(one block North of 's back door...)
21+ over event Playa themed attire encouraged.
VIP bottle service available. Email

Sun Jul 16

# Reproductive Rights Film Festival

Sunday, July 16 12:00 Noon - 1:30 PM $4-8 sliding scale
Reproductive Rights Film Festival
A benefit for the last abortion clinic in Mississippi

Showing the PBS documentary "The Last Abortion Clinic"

Women's reproductive rights are under attack throughout the country  
like we haven't seen in many years. This July, the right-wing group  
"Operation Save America" has called for a week of action designed to  
shut down the last remaining clinic that provides abortions in  
Mississippi. Don't let the right wing limit women's access to  
reproductive health care! Join with other bay area folks to learn  
more about what's happening in Mississippi and support organizing  
there to protect reproductive rights.

Sponsored by the Bay Area Coalition for Reproductive Rights 
The Roxie Cinema 16th St. between Valencia & Guerrero San Francisco

 bacorrinfo @

# Sun, Jul 16, 2006      12:00 pm
[view]	HEALTH CARE FOR ALL CALIFORNIANS — Presented by Karen Armstead
Humanist Hall 390 27th Street (between Telegraph and Broadway) Oakland

# ECO friendly Trunk Show on Sunday, July 16th.
 Levende Lounge 1710 Mission Street @ Duboce, SF 4pm -7pm
 The Eco Funk 'n Trunk focuses on local fashion designers using Sustainable
materials & practices = Organic, Natural or Recycled Fabrics & Fair Labor.
Brunch 11-3pm, Trunk Show 4-7pm.
Peroni Beer $3 drink specials all day long!
DJ Seven spinning funky beats!
Full bar. Checks/cash for designer wears.
Thanks to our sponsors: Levende Lounge, Peroni Beer
RAG, SF Social, Nitevibe, Nitewise, NK7 Productions

Wed Jul 19

# BrainJams Presents: Rent an Expert 07/19/06 5:30pm - 9:00pm

FREE to attend and network - classes will cost about $5 each
Rent an Expert is an event where people who want to help others do,  
or learn something, offer their services to the members of the  
community for a very small fee (average is $5). All the money  
collected will be donated to a charity that is chosen by all  

Some examples of what might be offered include: how to setup a blog,  
how to get the most from shortcuts in Photoshop, configure a Drupal  
community, redesign a Web site, customize a WordPress theme, create a  
survey, optimize AdSense ads, figure out tagging, how to shoot better  
photographs or just about anything really - even non-technical things  
like how to write a press release. Ideally this will happen in one on  
one exchanges, but it could be a project with a couple of people  
involved that needs the expertise or perhaps a team of people who are  
offering their expertise.

The event is being sponsored by BrainJams, MindJet and RateItAll.

If you would like to share your expertise, please sign up here:

If there is something you would like to learn, please list it here:

We hope to see you there!
CNET Headquarters
235 Second Street
San Francisco 

On 2nd Street inbetween Howard and Folsom
kristiewells @ 415-577-9022

At the Center for Sex & Culture, 398 11th St., SF. $5-30 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds.

# YLEM Forum: "Biomimicry" Wednesday, July 19, 8 pm 7:30pm

0-$10 sliding scale     YLEM Forum: "Biomimicry"

Wednesday, July 19, 8 pm
  doors open 7:30 pm for open bar, "mix and meet" time

RX Gallery and Bar
(No one under 21 allowed)
132 Eddy St., San Francisco, CA 94102

Two blocks from Powell St. BART Station
Best nearby parking: Hotel Bijou, Mason St. Between Ellis and Eddy.  
Evening only = $10.

Suggested donation sliding scale $5-10
No one turned away. The donation helps our friends at the RX Gallery.
Open to the public and wheelchair accessible

Sponsored by YLEM: Artists Using Science and Technology
Main office: PO Box 31923, San Francisco, CA 94131

Contact: Trudy Myrrh Reagan,

Biomimicry, a term first coined in 1997 by biologist Janine Benyus,  
is a term that applies to many inventive new industries. It is the  
art and science of learning and using the "designs" which we see all  
around us, about copying what Nature seems to do very well. Think  
spider silk stronger than steel! What is important for a world  
rapidly depleting its resources, Biomimicry is about using nature's  
"manufacturing ideas" to be more efficient with materials and energy.  
An engineer, Onno Koelman of Pax Scientific, and a teacher of product  
design, Sue Redding of CCA, present some elegantly practical  
applications of Biomimicry.


Onno Koelman is a design engineer at PAX Scientific and has seen the  
company grow from its five original employees to over twenty-one  
strong. Since the very beginning he has been fascinated by the PAX  
story and the simplicity and elegance of natural design. He has had  
the opportunity to work on numerous products during his tenure. In  
this presentation he will review PAX's story from its earliest  
beginnings,and bring the story up to date by following two industries  
in which PAX is now poised to launch efficient, elegant, and cost- 
effective solutions - all inspired by Nature.

Sue Redding is a Bay Area Designer and Associate Professor of  
Industrial Design at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San  
Francisco. At CCA, Sue teaches sustainable design to Graphic and  
Industrial Designers. A former zookeeper, Sue developed a biology  
curriculum called: "Applied Biology for Designers and Artists." In  
this class designers are taught basic biological principles and how  
to use nature as inspiration in art and design. Redding will present  
Biomimicry examples and show how she presents the information to  
students to help them draw the link between design and biology. Sue  
will also show recent student and faculty work and show how the "New  
Organic Design" is taking hold in the design world.

Full information at:
RX Gallery / Bar
132 Eddy St.
San Francisco

Two blocks from Powell St. BART Station
Best nearby parking: Hotel Bijou, Mason St. Between Ellis and Eddy.

Thu Jul 20

# Wellness Fiesta at Plaza 16 Thursday, July 20 3:00pm-5:00pm free
Wellness Fiesta at Plaza 16 is a free, public cultural event featuring:

bull Live breakdancing performances by DEF ED and Baysic Project,  
projects of Sisterz of the Underground, a San Francisco B-girl  

bull Opening reception featuring visual art by Margarita Lara , the  
writer, director, and producer of "Cooking with Margarita" - a manic,  
off-the-wall kid's cooking show highlighting Latin cuisine with the  
help of local artists and musicians.

bull Information tables from community organizations like La Cocina  
Community Kitchen, a Mission District non-profit organization which  
helps low-income women start their own food businesses. Information  
about healthy food will also be available in Spanish and Chinese  
courtesy of Women, Infants and Children (WIC).

Sponsored by Mission Community Council, which aims to transform the  
plaza into a safe, beautiful cultural commons. Wheelchair accessible.
Plaza 16
16th St BART Station Plaza, 16th and Mission St San Francisco
christine @ 415-282-6209 x19

# Third Thursday 80's Antics
 Thursday, July 20 5PM to 9PM $5
Remember when animal prints were in style along with pegged pants,  
Izod alligators, and shoulder pads? On July 20, the 80's will be in  
fashion yet again, as we reminisce about everything from The Brat  
Pack to Atari. 80's films will be on the screen and alligators will  
be in the aquarium to meet. Put up your collar at the bar - Miami  
vice style or groove to the Soft, the Hard, the Rock, the Pop laid  
down by 80's and Qool Ambassador: Marc Fong.

Totally Far Out for a Thursday!

80's outfits welcome - the most rad wear will be rewarded!

Sponsored by SFWeekly and OvaHere
California Academy of Sciences
875 Howard St @ 4th / 5th SF 415.321.8000

On Howard Street between 4th and 5th Streets.  A blue building right  
next to Burlington Coat Factory.
caboudara @

# Extra Action + Golem @  Studio Z  314 11th St @ Folsom
 July 20 8PM $10 With Golem and TigerhoneyPot!

# 2006-07-20 9:00 PM Location: the independent 628 Divasadero @ Hayes 
( the independent ... Formerly known as the Justice League )

kan'nal is one of my fave bands in the world : this show will sell out! get your tickets early : 

k a n ' n a l returns..............

: a night for the dancers, the drummers and the dreamers : 
: sensory pleasures and sweet, salty sweat : 
: make magic : make mystery : 

Xingolati Presents Kan'Nal with special guests:
Random Rab and The Nekyia

628 Divisadero : San Francisco, CA 94117

9:00 - 9:45 - The Nekyia
9:45 - 10:30 - Random Rab
10:30 - 12:30 - Kan'Nal
12:30 - Close - Random Rab

Ticket Info: $12 adv/$14 d.o.s. 21+ only

Fri Jul 21

# Supervisor Mirkarimi Hosts Art Opening of James Sanbonmatsu Photography

Friday, July 21, 2006 5:00-8:00 PM Free @ City Hall SF
Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi Hosts Art Opening Featuring Photography of  
James Sanbonmatsu to Celebrate Tenth Anniversary of the Code  
Enforcement Outreach Program (CEOP)
James Sanbonmatsu, Code Enforcement Outreach Program Coordinator,  
documents the often startlingly unsafe conditions of some rental  
units in San Francisco, and illustrates the CEOP's work of ensuring  
safe housing in our city through code enforcement.

Many of James' photographs were featured in the Gallery of Social and  
Political Art in the City of Boston, a gallery whose mission it is to  
showcase concerns about social justice.

Please join Supervisor Mirkarimi in congratulating the City  
Departments and
non-profit agencies comprising the CEOP on their first 10 years of  
service to San Francisco's tenants and rental property owners.

When: Friday, July 21, 2006, 5-8 p.m.
Show runs through August 16th, 2006

Where: San Francisco City Hall
1 Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 282

Cost: Free Phone: (415) 554-7630
Office of Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi
San Francisco City Hall 1 Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 282
San Francisco
(415) 554-7630
mirkarimistaff @ (415) 554-7630

# Burning man event w/ photographer Barbara Traub 
 	Friday, July 21 7:00 PM  Booksmith  1644 Haight Street 
San Francisco, CA 94117  415-863-8688
talk, slideshow & book signing for Desert to Dream 
Friday, July 21st at 7 pm 
at The Booksmith (1644 Haight Street in San Francisco) 

Attended by 20 people on a San Francisco beach in 1986, the "Burning Man" festival has mushroomed into an annual desert pilgrimage for 40,000. Desert to Dream is a pictorial record of the event, from its beginnings as performance art to its explosion into a pop culture happening. Photographer Barbara Traub captures the sacred and profane, from inspired costumes to otherworldly artifacts that defy convention. Barbara Traub will give a talk and slideshow. A booksigning will follow. 

Author events are free and are sponsored by The Booksmith (1644 Haight Street in San Francisco). For further information, call 415-863-8688 or visit If you can't attend this event and would like to order a signed copy of the author's new book, please email or phone our store.

# 2006-07-21 8:30 PM Location: Down The Rabbit Hole
Funky beats for bunny freaks! 
Bunnies Unite for Better Beats! 
If you're a discerning Bunny jones'in for 
something edible to energize your tail so 
you can thump it all night long, 
Then make ready to get your furry-freak on: 
Friday, July 21st, 2006 
At Anon Salon's Climate Theater 
*** Tasty Beats Brought to You By: 
SMOOVE (NewsBreaks) 
LAIRD (Get Yer Freak On!) 
TRACY (Raindance Productions/The Endup) 
FRICTION (Yellow No. 5) 
ZAPPER HARDWARE Live Set (Ooze System/369 Rekchordz) 
DONNA MATRIX (Troubled Youth)  ERIC SHARP (Rock It Science) 
***  Climate Theater 
285 9th St. (@ Folsom/SF)  Doors Open @ 8:30pm  Beats from 9pm-4am 
 BUNNIES - $15  NON-Bunnies - $20  21+   Bunny-Line (415)238-2244

# Priceless - A Collaborative Campout from False Profit and DownLow July 21-23, 2006
reconstructing your favorite costume (again): $100
mind expansion: $3 
energy drinks for the ride home: $14

Dancing your ass off to 25k watts of sound at sunrise one month ahead of
schedule, because a week in the desert isn't enough...

There are some things money CAN buy
For everything else there is False Profit and DownLow.

+++ PRICELESS +++ 
A Collaborative Campout from False Profit and DownLow
July 21-23, 2006

In a bold move to put MORE money where our mouth is, DownLow and False
Profit, LLC are breaking the bank to bring you PRICELESS, one of the most
highly anticipated campout parties of the 2006 season. We invite you to
DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE with both crews working hard to bring you a pristine,
fully equipped remote party site, and a bus full of serious Bass Wranglers.

Get your tickets for just $35 before the price goes up on July 1. Buy them
online or from anyone in the crews.

Adam Ohana (Get Freaky /, Alxndr (DownLow / The Panda
Rejects), audiolux (False Profit), benchun (False Profit), Boreta (Troubled
Youth, Nexus), Danny Corn (Moontribe / Downtemple / Subculture), dj halon
(Fake Science / False Profit), Donna Matrix (Troubled Youth), Dov (Muti
Music / Cyberset), Dr. Toast (False Profit), EPROM (Nexus), Ernie Trevino
(Space Cowboys / The Panda Rejects), JANTSEN (, Colorado),
Jocelyn (Get Freaky), Kapt'n Kirk (Space Cowboys / PandaReject #01), Kemek
(Bedrock / Muti Music / Moving Target /, Kitty-D
(Troubled Youth / Seedling Escape), Mozaic (Troubled Youth / 13moontribe),
Neptune (Beatchurch / Troubled Youth / spiritech), OOAH (Troubled Youth /
Seedling Escape), Piotron (DownLow), Welder [aka Eskmo] ( / 

Performing live: Troubled Youth Mash-up (Boreta vs OOAH vs Kitty-D),
Seedling Escape (OOAH vs Kitty-D), Tycho (Merck, ISO50)

Here's the LOWDOWN: The beautiful campground is tucked into the Feather
River valley in the Sierras in Northern California, 3 hours north of San
Francisco. Features include running water, fire rings, a river for swimming
and tubing, and hiking trails, offering you an opportunity to GO FURTHER and

# Bohemian Grove July 22 camping info & other details
Here is a calendar announcement about the July 22 Bohemian Grove Protest
and information about local camping  and other logistical information
appropriate for sharing with others in your activist networks.

Please copy and distribute it widely.

Thanks, for helping spread the word, and I hope to see you in Bohemia!

Don Eichelberger,  Green Party of California Green Issues Working Group


CALENDAR EVENT     Contact: Don Eichelberger
SATURDAY, JULY 22, 2006                 415-567-4577

Protest the Ruling Elite- Impeach the Bohemians!

Join Bohemian Grove Action Network, ANSWER Coalition, SF,  Green Party of
California, International Indian Treaty Council, United Farm Workers and
many others who will confront the annual summer camp for some of the most
powerful men in the world at Bohemia Grove.  Members include many who
prosper from war, and keeping labor costs low by ruling some workers

Join the call:  End the War for Oil abroad, Justice for Immigrants at home
and immediately Impeach the President and All his Men, many of whom are
regular grove guests and members.

  Saturday,  July 22nd, Monte Rio on the Russian River, Sonoma County, CA

1  P.M.- Rally, speakers, music
2 P.M.- March to the Bohemian Grove Gate
4-10 P.M.-  Dinner and evening event at Monte Rio Amphitheater (not
confirmed at this writing)

Call  415-821-6545 for ride information from San Francisco.

For general information about Bohemian Grove, go to and click on Bohemian Grove, or call
707-874-2248 or 415-567-4577


  Camping  for Bohemian  Grove Convergence 2006

  Dear  Greens and other friends -

We hope you are planning to attend the July 22 protest and Green
Convergence at Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County.  You will help shine
a  light on what has been called the greatest men's  party on earth; one
made up of many of the men who profit most from oil and the war to get
it.  And others who gain vast wealth from cheap labor, keeping it "illegal"
or far off shore.  And, of course, their political enablers.

The protest will take place starting at 1 P.M. in the Sonoma County town of
Monte Rio, at the parking lot across from the Rio theater,  at  the
intersection of  Bohemian Highway and Hwy.  116.  There will be a short
rally at the parking lot, followed by a march to the Bohemian Grove gate at
2 P.M..  Local organizers are planning a Saturday evening dinner and event
in Monte Rio starting at about 4 P.M. to finish out the day of protest and
community building.

This is a summer playground, and we hope you and your family, friends and
allies will come and make a week-end out of it.  Below are contacts for a
number of the campgrounds and resorts in the vicinity.  We will try to have
a group camp space set aside, but that has not been confirmed as of this
writing, and it should not be depended upon.

Most of these venues are first cone, first served, though it never hurts to
call and see if you can reserve a site:

Austin Creek State Rec, area, 707-865-2391, 17000  Armstrong
Woods  Rd.,  $10, 24  units

Cassini  Family  Campground,  800-451-8400, 22855 Moscow Rd.,
Duncan's  Mills, (near Monte Rio) $22-29, huge, along the Russian
River.  Be aware this week end will be a Civil War reenactment at Cassini,
so will be likely crowded with Civil War buffs.

Faerie Ring Campground, 707-869-2746, 16747 Armstrong Woods Rd., $20-25, 30

Fife's Guest Ranch, 800-7FIFES, 16747 River Rd., Guerneville, $25-40, 80

Highlands (Primarily Gay), 707-869-0333, 14000 Woodland Dr., Guerneville,
$20-25, 20 units

Hilton Park Family Campground, 707-887-9206, 10750 River Rd., Forestville,

The Inn at the Willows, 707-869-2824, 15905 River Rd., Guerneville, $20-up

Johnson' s  Beach, 707-869-2022, 16241 First St., Guerneville, $10-up, 25

River Bend Resort, 707-887-7662, 11820 River Rd., Guerneville, $23, 45 units

Schoolhouse Canyon Park, 707-869-2311, 12600 River Road, Guerneville,
$25-up, 65 units

Wed Jul 26

# Rail Against Privatization
Wednesday, July 26 7:00 pm
$5 donations are accepted
Presented by Steve Zeltzer

This film from South Africa shows the struggle for decent housing and  
jobs in a township in Durban. The residents begin to struggle for  
justice and are met with repression.

This film tells the story of the effort to fight the privatization of  
British Rail which was carried out under former Prime Minister  
Thatcher and now continued by the "New Labor" Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Dozens of Colombian trade unionists, in order to escape death  
sentences, were forced to come to the U.S. This film by Julie  
Rosenberg tells the story of Hector Girado and his visit to the U.S.

This film by Peter Burton explores the view of the class struggle in  
the U.S. from a Scottish perspective.

Before and after the film, everyone's invited to indulge in our  
Humanist Coffee House
Humanist Hall
390 27th Street
midtown Oakland, between Telegraph and Broadway, below Pill Hill

click on the link "Directions" on our website
lvpsf @ 415-642-8066

Fri July 28

# San Francisco Peak Oil Hearing July 28
SFhearings @

Bay Area activists and concerned citizens are encouraged to mark Friday, July 28, on their calendars. On that afternoon at City Hall in San Francisco, the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) will be holding the first in a series of hearings on Peak Oil, focusing on its potential ramifications for San Francisco (and the Bay Area), how city government is equipped, or more correctly "not equipped," to deal with an energy famine, and what the local government might do to mitigate the catastrophe Peak Oil will bring to our local economy, infrastructure, and personal lives. This hearing will provide an opportunity for education of the local population regarding an issue with which so many are completely unfamiliar, despite its urgency.

On April 11, 2006, San Francisco made history. By a vote of 10-0 by the Board of Supervisors, our local "City Council," it became the first major American city to pass a resolution acknowledging the Peak Oil phenomenon. This action was taken after a group of local citizens from a grassroots organization, San Francisco Oil Awareness, contacted and met with their representatives, voicing their concerns about the city's future. The resolution, sponsored by Supervisors Ross Mirkarimi, Jake McGoldrick, Sophie Maxwell, and Chris Daly, called for Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors to acknowledge Peak Oil and to provide funding for an assessment which would determine the effects of petroleum depletion upon our way of life.

This proposed assessment is a major undertaking, and the suggestions such a study would determine necessary to mitigate effects from Peak Oil could not realistically be tackled in the political realm without a mandate of the citizenry of San Francisco. Unfortunately, even in progressive San Francisco, a majority of our population do not know about nor understand what Peak Oil is, as major media are almost always silent about the topic, or when discussing it they are rife with misinformation. But our region is special in its history of activism and consciousness, and by harnessing these historical assets, San Francisco is poised to seize this moment and avoid the worst case scenario that could befall us as petroleum-based fossil fuel energy becomes increasingly difficult to extract from the earth and prohibitively expensive to acquire. San Francisco must take this occasion to begin to "power down."

With your help, July 28 could provide the needed impetus to educate the citizenry of San Francisco and the Bay Area about these potential disruptions. On that afternoon at 1:30, a press conference will be held on the steps of City Hall in conjunction with San Francisco Oil Awareness and other concerned organizations, and it will be very important to have a large turnout of concerned citizens attending the press conference as well as the hearing on Peak Oil that will commence in City Hall at 2:00 p.m. that day. Please make an effort to attend these important events, and please encourage your friends to learn about Peak Oil and join you in voicing concerns on July 28. It is not hyperbole that our collective lives may depend upon it.

The hearing on July 28, as presently envisioned, will include an introductory message about Peak Oil, a presentation by author, lecturer, and professor Richard Heinberg of New College in Santa Rosa, presentations by the department of the environment, and a discussion about municipal response from Dave Room of Energy Preparedness. There will be additional input encouraged from the general public, which is limited to 3 minutes per person.

Please attend the press conference and hearing that day, and encourage other concerned citizens, as well as your friends and associates, to join you.

Further Resources:
San Francisco Oil Awareness:
	San Francisco Oil Awareness Request for Study:

The San Francisco Resolution, as passed by the Board of Supervisors:

Interview with members Dennis Brumm, David Fridley, Allyse Heartwell, and Jennifer Bresee of San Francisco Oil Awareness, regarding the San Francisco Peak Oil resolution (an additional interview with Sue Vaughan of the San Francisco Green Party):

# Critical Mass - Friday 7/28 6pm Justin Herman Plaza: Market @ Embarcadero Bring bicycle, helmet, light, costume, music... 
Maybe we can encourage the people who block cross traffic to:
wait until the mass arives at that intersection, so as to offend as few drivers as possible.
Definitely hold up / wait before blocking major intersections.    BECAUSE
It would be nice to be visible to as many pedestrians and motorists as possible while
offending/ delaying as few motorists as possible.
Pissing them off is just gonna make them anti-bike.

# July 28 - 30 Join the Summit for Salmon Fundraiser - Climb Mt. Rainier! 

# GILROY GARLIC FESTIVAL Saturday, July 29th.

# Green-Soulfest July 29  Park at deFremery Recreation Center
1651 Adeline St., Oakland, California
Come to Green-Soulfest 06 and have an eco- adventure at deFremery Park in
the Eco-West. Take a journey to Africa, Ethiopia, India, the rainforest and
beyond at our eco-themed villages. Receive free massages and ancient
healing, learn eco-building, build your eco-finances, learn how to prevent
disease, have fun in our eco-children's area, discover live food nutrition,
sample delicious living foods, learn how to save your environment and enjoy
great music from around the world.
Vendor booths and sponsorships are available
510-228-8738 healthythrunature yahoo com
Sponsored by: * Healthy Thru Nature Institute * Living Nutrition * San
Francisco Vegetarian Society * Bay Valley * Sacred Grove * Attitudinal

# Sat, Jul 29, 2006      4:00 pm - 9:30 pm
[view]	Slow Food Film Festival,
California College of the Arts 450 Irwin St SF (8th St @ 16th St.)

The most beautiful tattoo, hairdo, hat, costume, face-painting, karaoke song & more!

#  07/30-DORE "Up Your" ALLEY FAIR

August 2006

#  August 10th through 14
July 2006 is the month to Bring the War Home to cities across the
nation with Direct Action and Civil Disobedience to shut down all metropolitan
areas. Then organizers from around the world will converge on DC August 
10th through the 14th to confront the true war machine.

SHUT DOWN DC: August 10th through 14th, 2006. There will be massive
decentralized direct action against all government and corporate

The vast majority of government and corporate war profiteers are based 
in DC, and its time they experience war first hand. Let's bring the war to
their homes, their offices, their parties and everywhere else they go.

As long as there is a war abroad, we must also have a war at home. With 
the Iran war looming, the Iraq war lingering, and dozens of other wars
raging, it is long past time to bring the war home.

With thousands expected to descend on our fair city, mass housing, free
vegan food, and a convergence space will all be available. Mark your
calendars, tell your friends, plan to come to DC August 10th through
14th, 2006.

More information and details will be coming, and our website should be
up soon. Keep checking back for more details. In the meantime email 
bringthewarhome06 @

# SRL August 11 in San Jose
Anyone heard of Survival Research Labratories?  These guys are a  
hoot, and they are coming to town!

If you've ever seen Seamen at BM, SRL is the authentic article.   
These guys regularly get kicked out of town the night before the  
event by the fire marshals.  Of course, that's not going to happen on  
the 11th, but the show will not be something to be missed.  All the  
drama of a war zone with the choreography of Cirque Du Soleil.  But  
bring your earplugs!  A gas mask isn't a bad idea to pack if you have  
one handy, but it's unlikely you would need it these days.

The last show I saw of theirs was legend, out on pier 70 in SF about  
a decade ago. -Brian

More information at 
survival_research_la.html, tickets available at 

# Amazing Healing Retreat--Orgasmic Organics--Aug 11-13
Here is a fantastic healing retreat being put on by an inspiring 
chef and friend, Shobhan, at Frogwood Lodge in 
Mendocino County.
Relaxing guided meditations, raw and vegan chef-prepared meals, live 
music, 3 yoga sessions ( guessed it! me...Sumati) and a 
DJ'd dance jam.  Not to mention hottub, nature walks. Massage.
 Check out the event website for a menu and many other details:

3 RE-FASHION Costume Change & Exchange (SF Bay Area)
 Saturday, August 12 12:00 PM Humanist Hall  411 28th Street 
Oakland, CA between Broadway and Telegraph

# SF Drag King Contest Thu Aug 17 8:00pm - 3:00am $15. - $35.
DNA Lounge 375 11th St @ Harrison
 lureadthis @ 415-282-5378

# Aug 19	Nonprofit Boot Camp, CraigsList Foundation 	UC Berkeley

# Dolphin  Adventure Trips  Aug. 19-26, 2006 
 Aug. 26- Sept. 2, 2006

# Swim with Dolphins Adventure Aug 26 - Sep 2, 2006 or and click on Dolphin Trip! Enjoy!

# Aug 28 - Sep 4 2006     fun in the desert
goto Reno, turn North... 100 miles North of Reno is the Black Rock Desert Download screensavers for ideas of costumes, artcars, projects...
This year's street names will be: 
Esplanade Anxious Brave Chance Destiny Eager Fate Guess Hope 

September 2006

# Free History Tour of Dogpatch & Potrero Point
Sunday, September 3, 2006 (11:00 AM)
18th St. & Tennessee St. San Francisco, California
WHERE: starts at 18th and Tennessee
DETAILS: Designated as a San Francisco Historic District, this colorful neighborhood has important ties to many of the city's past commercial industries. From its historic working class cottages and industrial age relics to the current proliferation of ultra-modern lofts, we'll explore the past and present of this suprising, eclectic neighborhood in transition in this 2 hour walking tour. A $5 donation to SF City Guides (non-profit) is suggested, but optional.

# SEP 9 Power to the Peaceful Concert Free concert in Golden Gate Park Michael Franti

# Sokano Avenue Stroll  “Send In The Clowns” Sunday, September 10, 2006
 Non-profit Information &/or Fundraising (New- Both Categories merged)
You may raise money by donation, raffles, memberships and/or materials donated to you.
You may sell or give away promotional materials about your organization.
Keep literature distribution and clipboard activity behind your table.
It you are hosting a game booth, no cash prizes or live animals are allowed. Small toys, balloons and other prizes are acceptable. We encourage you to have game booths rather than sell products. Call us for great booth ideas!
entry fee for a booth to be submitted Aug. 1

# 9/11 CITIZENS Court in Wash DC on September 11 - 18
This is from a founder of Veterans for 9/11 Truth
This Sept 11, 2006 a new era will dawn on America. On that day the 
people will convene and move through the legal recourse needed to 
redress the government. At no other time in our nations history has so 
important a moment drawn near. As the war of lies passes the $500 
Billion debt mark and 3000 US dead along with 100,000's in the nation 
we "saved", as freedom and liberty has been sold out to a federal 
police force, as all Americans have been affected by corporate and 
limited liability governments and municipal codes, time has come for 
the change


# San Francisco LoveFest:  A Dance Music Parade and Festival 
 Together we will once again rock the streets of San Francisco on Saturday, September 23rd! 
 Once again 30+ floats of every genre of beat will wind it's way down Market St., park and continue the party at the Civic Center Plaza, and continue into the night in parties throughout the city, including the official San Francisco LoveFest after party at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium presented by Skills and Spundae.


# World Farm Animals Day, 10/1


#  10/13-15-FLEET WEEK


# Oct 14/15 Washington, D.C.



# Nov 11/12 8th and Brannan/ councourse exhibition ctr. SF

 The Green Festival is a two-day party with a serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun.

Learn: Attend lectures and workshops by thought leaders, business visionaries and community activists shaping the green movement.

Network: Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations who are committed to the possibility of a better world. See Network.Get Involved! Learn about organizations effecting positive and sustainable change in our region, our country, and the around the planet.

Socialize: Have fun interacting with others, for the sheer joy of it. Meet interesting people who share common interests. Spend some time at the food court and listen to local musicians. Parents, find a place to relax in the Family Rest Stop.

Eat Well: Sample delicious, healthy, organic, and sustainable produced food prepared on site. ALL FOODWARE IS BIODEGRADEABLE - COMPOST! WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN FOODWARE TO THE EVENT.

Greening the Event: We believe in deep sustainability - to achieve intergenerational equity, we must design equity into the present. We try to address all aspects of the event - beginning with our own consciousness and the budgetary process.

Learn how we are creating an eco-commerce model for the Green Festival and our who in the community helps us.

The Green Economy Expo: If you are a green business of any size, this could be the perfect place for you to connect to your target audience. Call 1-877-727-2179 to exhibit your products. See who's Exhibiting in 2005.

Shop at the Green Festival for all of your Holiday Gifts! Purchase goods and services from 300 exhibitors who practice the principles of sustainability, ecology, and social equity. Go shopping online - we've identified online resources for green goods.

Coop America's Green Pages: Check out the original directory of Green Businesses at

Endorse the Earth Charter!

LIMITED OFFER: Purchase Green Festival Compost from DC Festival. Be the first to support turning waste into a resource!


May  Whole Earth Fest UC Davis 3rd Wknd May.
Stanford POW WOW 2nd weekend in May? Sustainable World Symposium 2nd Wknd? Bay To Breakers 3rd Sunday in May

June Second Weekend in June, Santa Rosa

Aug Labor Day Weekend (Aug/Sept)

Sep 3rd wknd? Laytonville CA / Hog Farm

Oct Decompression 3rd Sunday in Oct.

Nov 8th St. @ Brannan SF 1st? 2nd? wknd Nov.

Every 1st Wednesday: FREE!

# Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30pm
20 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.