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Hey, as summer trundles on, so do the various Burner and Burner-related events.   Whole lotta stuff coming your way, including:

- NextArts' Concert for Kids in Potrero Park
- Burning Man Desert Arts Preview
- Help out Camp AAA
- Space Cowboys Unimog Fundraiser
- The Fringe and House of Lotus Fundraiser

And the Man burns in 58 days ... holy moley!  Burn on!

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Part of the Concerts With A Cause Series
The Concert For Kids
July 8, 2006:  Collecting School Supplies
Paula West • The Fillmore Preservation Jazz Big Band
Where:  Potrero Park (25th & Potrero) San  Francisco
Time:  6-9:00PM
Benefiting Schools:  Buena Vista Elementary, Malcolm X Elementary.
Collecting new (unused) school supplies.  We ask attendees to check their desk drawer.  If you find something new and you think kids can use it, please bring it to the concert.  Be creative, this is about the art of giving.  No scissors or sharp objects, please…!
About the artists performing at this concert. 
Paula West:  We think everyone on this distro knows the distinct sound that is Paula West.  Please visit
The Fillmore Preservation Jazz Big Band:  We want to take a little time to describe this 21-piece band because they don’t have a website.  They are amazing.  Lead by Dr. Karlton Hester, Professor of Music UC Santa Cruz, we found this band while doing a recording project for the San Francisco Performing Arts Library Museum at the Herbst Theater.  We knew immediately there was a match w/ Paula.
As we recorded them we were in shock.  And, recall someone commenting... “Listen to those horns..  They sound like strings.”  They have no website, so we refer you to the photos from the Herbst Theater performance. 
Visit for more info on the concerts.  Help spread the word.

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featured part of THE CRUCIBLE'S 6th ANNUAL FIRE ARTS FESTIVAL and open house

Burning Man's Desert Art Preview - Wednesday, July 12th 
7pm sharp-11pm
at The Crucible
1260 7th Street  Oakland, CA 94607

This evening will feature artists creating work for Burning Man 2006. Grant
recipients and local artists will speak about their plans, inspirations, 
hopes, fears  and how their work is ultimately created.  Featured artists
and projects include: Dan Dunkle -- Conexus Cathedral; Gene Cooper -- People
of the Future (Pavilion); Sondra Carr -- Facing our Fears; Kinetic Steam 
Works; Nicole Aptekerr -- 2piR, and more. There will also be photos by Barb
Traub from her new book of ten years of Burning Man photos; and a sneak
preview Virtual Playa tour of what Burning Man 2006 just might look like, 
given by Andrew Johnstone. $teven Ra$pa will be Master of Ceremonies and
members of Burning Man's Art Council will speak about the theme this year
and some of the amazing art you can look forward to this year at Burning 

SAVE THESE DATES: July 29th for the 3rd annual pARTiciPARADE! in SF (meeting
2pm at Buena Vista Park and Haight St.
AND October 8th for Decompression Heat The Street FaIRE! - to participate,


The Crucible presents the 6th Annual Fire Arts Festival
A celebration of creation through fire and light
Wednesday through Sunday
July 12th - 15th
Pre & Post-Festival classes run Tuesday through Sunday, July 11-16 

Fire & Light Art Auction Soiree
Thursday, July 13th, 7:00pm

Towering pillars of flame, cracking bolts of electricity, bodies dancing
through fire - experience a four-day celebration of creation through fire 
light. Come during the day to learn new skills at special Crucible workshops
and classes. Return at night as the Fire Arts Arena lights up with fire
performance, music, and the works of innovative fire sculptors. 

If you buy your tickets before July 1, you'll get 25% off, including
VIP All Access Pass!


Event Schedule: 



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Regarding Camp AAA becoming a city sponsored service:

 Wow my ninth year to the burn and fourth year doing Camp AAA. We would like 
 to be incorporated as a part of the cities official services. We believe 
 that we have really made a difference to mutants who have broken down out on 
 the playa. It our job to help out those in need of Mutant Emergency 
 playa-side road services. It makes me excited to hear from burners who have 
 gotten stuck out there and were saved by Camp AAA. We are the Anonymous 
 Artcar Autoclub.

 CAMP AAA ~ Mother to MUTANT Daddy AAA 3 Years of dedication & experience 
 rescuing Mutant vehicles on the playa. We are On-call 24/7 for entire event 
 with our Mutant spaceship tow truck.

 Mutant Daddy AAA is the only Mutant vehicle to provide Emergency Playa-side 
 road service to mutants who break down out there. It is 2 stories high and 
 is capable of towing any mutant who breaks down on the playa (except maybe 
 the Dragon who has 6 trailers, though will try) who needs our help. We also 
 provide jump starts, oil, gas, water and emotional support to any and all 
 other mutants.

 Our Rescue Stats - 2005 43 jumpstarts (39 to Mutant Vehicles & 4 to burners 
 after event) 29 gal of gas to 19 Mutants who forgot to fill up at camp 14 
 gals of water due to over heating to 52 Quarts of oil for 27 mutants (had to 
 limit 2/Mutant)only due to we ran out 17 Physical Tows back to camps

 2004 - 57 jumpstarts (45 to Mutant Vehicles & 12 burners after event 25 gal 
 of gas to 12 Mutants who forgot to fill up at camp 07 gal of water due to 
 over heating to 37 Quarts of oil for 18 mutants (had to limit 2/Mutant)

 Most impressively (since it was true a feat for our tiny car) 22 Physical 
 Tows back to camps, which by the Sunday ripped the trany and back axle 
 right out of my little tow truck. God RIP.

Mutant Vehicle Intent: --------------------- As mentioned above, our sole 
 purpose on the playa is to service the many break downs of mutant vehicles 
 on and around the playa, providing a safety service for all Mutants. This 
 greatly helps reduce accidents to burners, bikes and mutants alike due to 
 un-lit mutants who have broken down. We do not need to mention how many 
 close calls occur out on the playa and needless to say real accidents due to 
 break downs.

 WE ARE NOT a bar car, taxi service, dance party, or play vehicle! We are 
 constantly on call to provide Safety assistance to Mutants who need 
 emergency help.

 We have proven our value to the city and would like to become an official 
 public works unit. Though we can not figure out who to ask and have had many 
 unanswered emails and phone calls. Perhaps DMV or DPW or even Emergency 
 Services could adopt us.

 Ultimately we would like to have DMV provide each registered Mutant with a 
 Camp AAA sticker  that has our broadcast channel and a small postcard that 
 explains what to do and how we can be reached in case of an emergency break 

 We've never had a greater NEED than now to fund a program like Camp AAA's 
 Playa Mutant Vehicles Road Assistance. There's over 500 mutants driving 
 around 35,000+ burners day and night. So far we have done tons of good and 
 rescued many in need with very little money and lots of effort. But we could 
 be doing SO much more to help prevent accidents by getting broke down 
 mutants Mutant AAA service and off the playa until they get repaired. Until 
 then, we are just a 3 man team doing all we can, and the name is Captain 
 Rico, "AAA will get you back on the road AGAIN!!!"

 Please help us become official.


 Captain Rico
 Camp AAA

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The Fringe & House of Lotus Join Forces to Celebrate Summer and raise money
for two vital BM theme camps
"Birds & the Bees" blowout features D.C. breaks producers Allgood Funk

WHAT: The Fringe & House of Lotus present "the Birds & the Bees"
WHO: Allgood Funk Alliance (Funk Weapons, D.C.)
LIVE SUPPORT: BLVD, the Ritual, Ted Schram
DJ'S (Lotus): Shizzler, Ben Maybe, Rhythmystic, Beth Murphy, Deep Eddy
DJ'S (Fringe): Motion Potion, Mycho Cocoa, Victor Vega, Billete
WHEN: Friday, July 7 2006 | Doors at 10pm till at least 4am
WHERE: CLUB 6 | 60 6th St San Francisco CA | 415.863-1221
PRESS INFO: Robert Kowal | | 415.971.4527
TICKETS: $10 adv. at
COSTUME: Bird, Bee and Floral attire suggested (not required)
DETAILS: House of Lotus & the Fringe cross-pollenate to chase produce "the
Birds & the Bees." This celebration of summer features the SF debut of D.C.
breakbeat producers Allgood Funk Alliance (

Get ready to dip yourself in honey and cover yourself in feathers because
the wildest celebration of summer is exploding in a bouquet of beats on July
7. House of Lotus and the Fringe, two of the most adventurous collectives in
the underground music scene are collaborating to produce an all-night
throw-down of funky dance music with 3 band and 11 DJs on three sound
systems at Club 6.

Headlining this "aural arrangement" will be Washington DC nu-funk producers
Allgood Funk Alliance (AGFA), who will be making their first-ever appearance
in San Francisco. A major force in the burgeoning DC organic-breaks scene
(Fort Knox 5 and Thievery Corp. included) AGFA has released several singles
and the rump-shaking debut album "On the One". Oft-compared to Mark Rae,
Kraak & Smaak and the Freestylers, Allgood makes new break-beat music that
sounds as if it was being laid down by a live band: a vintage sound that
plays to a modern crowd. And now you can check out their skills by
downloading their recently-posted live mix at

Adding to the mayhem will be a roomful of live music featuring 3
Fringe-collective acts including break-beat trio BLVD, funk quintet the
RITUAL and comedic rocker TED SCHRAM. Spread out throughout the club will be
the cream of House of Lotus's famed break-beat crew including underground
RHYTHMYSTIC. And not to be outfunked, the Fringe's own fantastic four of
the break of dawn. Festive summer-time decoration will be enhanced by the
top-notch visual vibes provided by Dr FX. and KAYA. Bird, bee and floral
costume is encouraged.

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with Simply Jeff & Myagi, and all your fav Space Cowboy DJs
10pm-4am, $15 at door, $10 in advance at

This is the big one folks, the one that will help the Mog continue to
operate in infamy. Our tireless cowboy crew has already started the playa
fires burning, working round the clock to get our baby ready for the playa.
Our Unimog is growing up, graduating to bigger & grander sights. The college
tuition lingers, and her makeover is about to break the bank. HELP US and we
help you.

Your support ensures years and years of Unimog FUNctionality for everyone.

All of the proceeds go towards overhauling the UniMog, which is a staple in
many of the outdoor street festivals here in the city. For the last two
years, the Mog has led the Love Parade and is a prominant feature at
Decompresssion, How Weird and Carnival.
SPACE COWBOYS UNIMOG FUNDRAISER at MIGHTY with Simply Jeff & Myagi, and all your fav Space Cowboy DJs
10pm-4am, $15 at door, $10 in advance at

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