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Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 10, Issue 29b
August 16, 2006

Here's part two, with calls for participation and a couple of 
events....IF YOU TRIED TO UNSUBSCRIBE, keep in mind that manual 
unsubscribes can take a cycle or two to be processed by our volunteers, 
but we promise we're on the case.

We're almost there...



VOLUNTEERS: "Duel Nature" seeks Fire Guardians!

Duel Nature is a 38 foot wide circular sculpture of raw steel and red 
mirror inspired by the human DNA. At its center stands a sculptural fire 
cauldron. Each evening- sunset to sunrise- the cauldron will be ignited 
and the red LED lights on the 240 wing tips of the helix will pulse 
around the perimeter. Placed at the 6 o'clock Keyhole,the sculpture is 
meant as a gathering place to rejoice and reflect, to perform and pause. 
But Duel Nature needs your help! Because there is live fire at its 
center, Fire Guardian volunteers are integral to the sculpture's 
function and protection, and they foster a sense of safety and communal 
interaction. To learn more and to participate in Duel Nature as a Fire 
Guardian please go to:



The MBRC Project believes that everyone is beautiful, and everyone wins 
by participating. We have been busy spreading the message to many 
regional events all year round - will your regional event be next?! This 
is the Miss Black Rock City Project's third year on the playa, and we 
have three very special events in the works for you! Check out for photos, stories of our past events, 
our theme song, and other bits of anti-corporate beauty propaganda.

Hosted By: Atelier Rusette in New Amsterdam Village Tuesday, 330pm - 530pm

Hosted By: Alien Underground in New Amsterdam Village Wednesday, 5pm-6pm

Represent your camp, your village, your region, your tent, or just 
yourself! Men and women of any (or no) sexual preference and/or identity 
are invited to participate. The only thing needed to enter is a title 
starting with "Miss" (must be Miss, even if you are a Ms., Mrs. or a 
Mr.) and a sash that states this title! Participants will complete 3 
"burner type" tasks, so we can see how you groove. Finalists will be 
chosen to move on to the main event Thursday. Remember: No pageant is 
fair, bribing is the new gifting!

Hosted By: Disorient Thursday, 5pm-6pm

Finalists from the Preliminary Event on Wednesday (open to all men + 
women) will reveal their unique inner beauty in these three categories: 
*Future Wear: The hope + fear for the future of fashion. *2 Minute 
Talent Competition: No rules, everyone has a talent be it a stupid party 
trick or a fine art! *Interview: Do they do it for world peace, the 
children, or for the puppies? All finalists are
beautiful and everyone wins by participating. Fabulous gifts include 
custom handmade tiaras and an aerial tour of the playa with pilot Adam 
Meyerson. Hosted by StacycatS.



Bob Adam in Western Mass writes: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show is back 
for a second year on the playa!

We are looking for all roles and tech help. It's not too much of a time 
commitment - about 2 hours for the show. (There is a reason we are 
called the 6 Minute Players... that's how long we got together before 
the show last year!) The show will be Friday night at midnight, with a 
pre-party starting at 9:00pm. The party will go all night with other 
really "great" movies. Hosted at Camp 9 From outer Space.

Part of last year's cast? Contact me for a copy of the tape!

See clips at:



Can you sing? Dance? Do magic tricks? Act? Mime? Play an instrument? Are 
you a stripper? A storyteller? A poet? In a band? A stand-up comic? An 
acrobat, tight-rope-walker, escape artist or contortionist? Or do you 
just do something really fantastic with a folding chair and two bits of 
string that EVERYONE on the Playa should see? Then Quixote's Cabaret 
Club and Bar needs you on our stage!

We're a bunch of 40-odd Europeans whose gift to the Playa is to build a 
good old-fashioned cabaret venue. We've got a stage, we've got a 
well-stocked bar (with table service!), we've got power, full lighting 
and sound rigs, a dressing room, comperes and a couple of gold cherubs. 
Dammit - this year we've even got a roof! What we need now is anyone 
with any kind of act that they'd like to share with the denizens of 
Black Rock to come along and perform with us.

Don't worry if it's your first time on stage - as many people found last 
year, the receptive audience of Black Rock is a great place to try 
something new. And if you're a professional, or have performed with us 
before, then you're also welcomed with open arms and a shot of something 
sticky and European.

Show us what you can do!

For more details, head to or email or



The Burning Dragon is over 6 football fields Long!

Come and Join Us ! !

Our Wine and Cheese Dragon Building Party meet and  greet is Wednesday 
Aug 30th at 6pm at the Dragon's Lair, The BurningTribe in Center camp. 
If you're looking for a great way to PARTICIPATE at this years burn, 
join in with hundreds of other participants as part of the Burning Dragon!

The TriBe is organizing an effort to break the worlds record for the 
longest Chinese Festival Dragon. Guinness has accepted the challenge! 
The current record is 1.8 miles! We need 1100 ten foot body sections to 
break that record with a 2 mile long dragon!

It's Easy!

You don't even need tools. All it takes is three regular hula hoops, 
three plastic sprinkler pipes and a big bed sheet!!
That's it, and you can decorate however you like. Dragon scales? Smiley 
Faces? Patch work quilt? You decide!

For details, instructions and sign-up info go to;

Click on "burning dragon"... hundreds of participants are already signed 
up. Even if we don't make the world record, the Burning Dragon will be 
the longest interactive art project in burning man history! Sign-Up with 
a friend.. or sign up your whole camp!

Can't wait to meet you and see YOUR art!

Jim Bowers
Burning Dragon Team



Want to have an amazing view of the Man Burn from 25 feet above the 
playa, 700 feet from the Man? We need volunteers to help us put up and 
tear down The SugarCube!  We need help early, and we are rewarding our 
volunteers with a private roofdeck gathering to watch the Man burn. An 
AMAZING view, with great people to share it with!

What is the SugarCube? It is an open-ended, 3-story wooden structure 
that is made entirely of plywood, using a new "green construction" 
method. The cube is 22'x22'x22', it will have a mezzanine in the middle 
with roof access, and will be painted white with rope lighting on all 
the edges, creating a great effect both day & night. We will be inviting 
the citizens of BRC to PLEASE draw on the art! It'll be a big blank 
canvas just waiting for art to happen!

To give you some background on this project: It's a radical new way of 
building construction that is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and 
easy to put together. What we are doing is building a sort of "house" on 
the playa. This is a sample house to illustrate that by using this new 
technique, one can pre-fabricate building components offsite (this is 
what we're doing in July & August in Berkeley, as well as building it 
for testing purposes), transport it to location, construct it in a 
couple of days, withstand the brutal elements, and quickly disassemble 
to be used later. It will be one of the larger art projects on the playa 
this year.

You don't have to be a master carpenter! We can show you everything 
you'd need to know to help, which isn't much-- this is SIMPLE...but we 
do need people to make this a reality! You are not expected to spend 
your entire Burning Man experience tethered to the project. Once it's 
built, it's built, and that's it until we take it down on Sunday or 
Monday. (2.5 days to build, 2 days to dis-assemble)



Seeking Funk and Hip Hop DJ's.  The StarLush Lounge is back this
year, and once again, we're looking for Funk and Hip Hop DJ's to rock
this Alien Outpost nightly.  Contact   See 
you all very soon!



If you use glowsticks, bring your used glo sticks and expended 
illuminated decors to ScrapEden BRC, Processional + Esplanade. Thursday, 
August 31- Sunday, September 4. Add them to  "Garden Glo's"  a sculpture 
created by Judith Selby Lang. Imagine if there were hundred's, thousands 
of Glo's added daily to the tomato basket structures.



It's that time of the year, and BMIR 94.5 FM wants to publicize your 
hope-mongering or fear-facilitating event/theme camp to the entire Black 
Rock City community. But we don't want to announce it only once; we'd 
like get it out over the radio waves repeatedly throughout the entire 
week. So crank up that home studio, record those MP3 spots, and send 
them to to secure a spot in the station's rotation.

Please do your best to get them to us via email no later than 6pm on 
Sunday, August 20 to guarantee they get on the air. (Beyond this date, 
we cannot guarantee email receptivity, but you should definitely still 
email them AND drop by the station during the week to deliver your spots 
on CD into the receptive and waiting hands of your friendly BMIR DJ.) 
We'll also be open from noon to 4pm each day of the event if you'd like 
to come by and record your announcement on site...but we encourage you 
to produce your own pieces if you have the resources to do so, as 
on-site production tends to be of the down and dusty variety.

This year, we are also soliciting MP3 recordings of your hopes and/or 
fears about the future for broadcast during the event. Poetic, prosaic, 
serious, satirical, celebratory or cynical: whatever you want to say or 
sonically convey about how you think the future will sound or feel is 
fair game for our futurist survey. Length is up to you, so speak your 
truth as you see fit...but be advised that pieces longer than a minute 
or so tend to be downshifted in our rotation in order to maintain momentum.

As always we thank you in advance for your participation, and remember:
BMIR is not just a radio station. It's a radio station run by and for 
you, a celebratory bunch of radical self-expressionists living in the 
middle of one of North America's harshest environments for seven days, 
thereby creating the single greatest people-produced miracle ever to 
grace the face of planet Earth.



We are pleased to announce that as the Critical Tits Ride and Party
enter her second decade, we are making some changes with the party.  We
are returning to our roots and throwing a party that focuses on women's
freedom, power, and beauty.  We will have kickass djs, very cool art,
and yummy refreshments. However, the party will no longer be held in our
camp and access will be open to all.  As always, it is going to be amazing.

We need your help!  We are asking all riders and camps with art vehicles
to help us throw this incredible party and bring refreshments to share.
We also need volunteers to help on the day of the party.  Please see for more info on how to participate.

The C. T. Founding Mothers and all of us at 3:15 and the outer edge



  The Temple Crew is returning with the Temple of Hope this year and The
Temple Guardians are once again looking for new members.  The wonderful
league of Guardian Angels who keep watch over the temple at night,  As a
Temple Guardian you'll be entrusted with the safety of the temple
denizens, and the temple structure, for a mere 3 hours.  Bring along
your friends, better yet, sign them up as Guardians too, and make it an
unforgettable night of interaction and participation with a living,
breathing, work of art like no other.
To learn more about the Temple Guardians, or to receive an invite to
join our exclusive yahoo club where you can sign up for a shift of
guardianship, email: templeguardians(at)mindspring(dot)com  with "New
Guardian" in the subject line.  See you all on the Playa, Kilika



Support our pinhole photography art and receive a beautiful pinhole
print as a thank you gift!

The pinhole camp ( <>) has
created 40X30 inch portraits with event participants since 1999. It 
evolved from the desire of four first time participants to contribute in 
a unique and lasting way to the ephemeral pleasures of the playa and 
matured into a creative
and meaningful interactive engagement with other participants.

Currently, pinhole builds half a dozen portable barrel cameras that are
cycled throughout the far reaches of the playa in search for those
special people and pictures. The cameras are returned to pinhole and
developed in our truck-sized darkroom. Some prints are gifted and others
proudly hung in our pinhole gallery at Burning Man for all to enjoy.

It takes over $3000 to bring pinhole art to Burning Man. This year we
need help from our community of fellow artists, friends, photographers,
and family to fund our unique and lasting art at Burning Man. 100% of
the donation proceeds will go towards buying photographic paper and
chemicals, and creating the darkroom and portable barrel cameras. Not a
penny of the money donated will go towards any other pinhole camp needs.

You can donate at many levels. At the $20 level, you will receive a
gorgeous, professionally produced, 12X9 inch pinhole replica print as 
our thank you gift. This print is one of our best pinhole shots ever 
(! At the $45 level or 
above, you
will receive a print double the size at 24X18 inches. To make a 
donation, please go to:

Thank you to everyone in advance for your support!



Don't spectate with that videocamera--participate in the 48 Hour Film 
Project!  Here's the deal:  You and a team make a fiction short--write, 
shoot, edit, and score it--all while on the playa.  Then we premiere it 
on the big screen at Videogasm (Esplanade & 9:30) on Thursday, August 
31st, at 9pm, with a crowd of enthusiastic burners in attendance.

Wanna make a movie?  Great!  Here's how to do it.

1. FORM A TEAM.  Register online at  (If you don't have enough 
folks or equipment, send an email to after you register.)

2. GET THE ELEMENTS.  You must include our character, prop, line of 
dialogue, and genre in your film.  On posters at Videogasm, Playa Info, 
and Media Mecca.  On the web at:

3. MAKE YOUR MOVIE.  Make a fiction film that is less than eight minutes 
long.  The most important step!

4. PREMIERE YOUR FILM.  We'll be showing all of the films at Videogasm 
on Thursday at 9pm.  Esplanade & 9:30.  Don't be late!

Wanna help out?  Here's some things we need.

1. CAMERAS.  Have a video camera you're willing to loan?  Send an email 

2. COMPUTERS.  Have a computer with editing software that you're willing 
to loan?  Send an email to

3. THEME CAMP AWARDS.  Have a theme camp that wants to award a prize? 
Send an email to

4. YOU.  Join a team!  Post an ad at , or 
come to the Kickoff on Tuesday, August 29th, at 3pm at Videogasm. 
Esplanade & 9:30.

5. AGAIN, YOU.  Watch the movies!  Showing on Thursday, August 31st, at 
9pm at Videogasm.  Esplanade & 9:30.

Meet other Burning Man filmmakers, indulge your creative side, and have 
your film screened on the playa!  Come on now, make a movie!

Contact Ben Guaraldi, Black Rock City Producer, with any questions at:



Last year, about ten folks gathered at the remains of the Man for 
unprogrammed worship in the style of the Religious Society of Friends 
(Quakers). It was cold and dark when we started, even though we were 
sitting on the glowing embers of the Man. We could hear the loud pulsing 
of techno music, from a party that was an unobstructed mile in the 
distance. We were blessed with moving and deeply-led messages. 
Afterwards, we hung around for a bit in fellowship.

It was great.

So this year, we're going to do it again.

Date: Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
Time: 5:30am
Place: at the remains of the Man

Waiting worship in the style of the Religious Society of Friends. 
Friends sit in a circle, mostly in silence, searching for unity with the 
Divine and leadings of the (Holy) Spirit.  We will worship until the sun 
rises and then have some fellowship.  All are welcome.  At the still-hot 
embers of the Man.

For more information, contact or visit:



Are you looking for a place to lend your voice on the playa?
Would you dig performing with a group of other singers on Sunday morning?
Do you like Gospel and Soul music? Did you search for us last year at 
the Spirit Room and could not find us??

You will find us this year at Center Camp and 1pm at The Jazz Camp. This 
year, the gospel choir will be meeting Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat to 
rehearse songs for
our Sunday Service. If you would like to sing with us, please come to 
rehearsal and help us lift up the spirit of the music! If you would like 
to be involved
in any other way, please contact me. We love musicians, celebrants and 
participants of any kind!

BRC Gospel Choir
Jazz Camp, Center camp and 1pm
w,t,f,s afternoon, 4pm-5:30
Sunday Service at 11 am

In song,



Bonnie writes: "Acapplaya is my pet project at BRC, and I am having a 
freaking devil of a time finding a bass this year. If you're unfamiliar, 
acapplaya is BRC's very own acappella jazz group; formed to counteract 
the electronica that dominates our city. If you could post this, I would 
be enormously appreciative!! :

If you're a bass or low baritone and have experience singing jazz,
consider joining acapplaya! We're a six voice acappella jazz group, and
we're looking for a bass. Come perform with us throughout the 2006
event! Contact for an audition."



We need pants!
Now that the trebuchet is playa bound (thanks to everyone who
supported the cause), we will be implementing the Trouser Relocation
Program. We can't think of anything more beautiful than a massive
cloud of pants flying high across the Black Rock sky, and we need your
help to make this happen. We are asking for donations of pants- any
style, any size (but pants only!) to be hurled en masse from the
trebuchet. If you can spare a pair, bring them to the playa and drop
them off at 4:15 and trebuchet (you'll see it, trust me). Try and find
someone from the trebuchet crew or look for the designated 'drop your
pants' site. Hopefully with your help we can make the dream of flying
trousers come true.

If you have other ideas of what to toss, we're open to suggestions.
The only requirements are that the objects have to either be very
large (i.e. car, piano, dumpster, etc.) or in very large quantities
(i.e 100 anvils, 2000 rubber chickens, etc). This trebuchet is massive
and needs to be reset with a crane, so throwing a couple watermelons
is hardly worth the effort. For those of you who are wondering exactly
how massive this thing is, here is a commercial it was used in:

Oh, and think about clean-up, too. You might be able to acquire an
entire flatbed of plastic toothpicks (for cheap!), but it's probably a
really bad idea to scatter them across the playa. Things that break
apart in large pieces, or that don't break apart at all, are best.
If you have an idea, email me ( and I will
pass the suggestion on the trebuchet crew. If you have something, or
many things, that you would like tossed (other than pants), please do
NOT bring it/them to the playa without clearing it with us first. The
last thing we want is a big pile of miscellaneous junk to have to deal
with, and we don't want you to waste your own time and energy.

Thanks from everyone on the trebuchet crew. We'll see you on the playa.



The art installation 'Eyes Wide Open - March of Lost Hope' is an Iraq
War Memorial and is in great need of help from the Burning Man
community.  It was first brought to the playa last year by Ken Garson,
Simran Gleason, Rich Howell and myself.  You can check out photos of
last year's installation and the plans for this year at the webpage

This would be an excellent project for newbies looking for a way to
contribute to the art on the playa.  The work isn't complex or
difficult in labor.



The Black Rock City Airship Service Seeks Sound & Imagery!!!
The Black Rock City Airship Service is pleased to announce the debut of 
"The Blowtorch" at Burning Man 2006 and seeks your sound, imagery and 
projection art for its Mutant Vehicle ride across the Playa. The 
Blowtorch is a Mutant Vehicle in the form of a Zeppelin (or rigid) 
airship. The truck bearing the vehicle - a 1978 Dodge Ram Charger - will 
be almost completely disguised as the gondola (or control car) of a 
Zeppelin. The vehicle will suspend disbelief both externally and 
internally. Externally, participants at Burning Man will see a roving 
Zeppelin moving across the Playa, while internally those who enter and 
ride within the Zeppelin will be delighted by a themed micro-environment 
of art, play and hope. Pictures of the Blowtorch's production can be 
viewed at 
password = aloha

How to Contribute...
We are seeking Podcasts, DJ submissions, projection art and any 
colorful, moving imagery that can be projected from the Blowtorch out 
onto the Playa. If you have any interest in contributing to the 
Blowtorch's travels and wish to share your work with the greater Burning 
Man Community, please email us at or . We look forward to sharing the 
Blowtorch with you all and we'll see you on the Playa!!!

Capt. Apocalypse aka Brian Metzler
& the Black Rock City Airship Service



The Black Rock Boutique is in need of your help this year.  We are low
on clothing this year to give to you fabulous Burners.  If you find you
have too many clothes that are just to FABULOUS or things just don't fit
right anymore, then simply bring them to the playa and drop them off at
the Boutique, then rummage around for something that catches your eye.
In order for us to help you we need you to help us.  The earlier on in
the week we get them the easier it will be to put labels on them and
distribute them to everyone.

Thanks for your help!



There are so many wonders to be seen in Black Rock City, but how will
you distinguish the one you created from all the rest? The
Bioluminati offer you the following paradox: Make your contribution
more visible by making it harder to find.

How might you accomplish this seeming impossibility? The answer is a
Mystery. Become a part of the 2006 Bioluminati Quest and make your
amazing art or theme camp into a Great Mystery.

1) Go to for ideas and
2) Write a Quest Riddle that, when solved, will lead people to your
Black Rock City manifestation.
3) We will give you a coded Wonder Marker to place at your location.
4) Riddles will be posted with the Quest Masters at Camp Bioluminati:
Brave and Wheel of Fortune.

All Black Rock Citizens are challenged to embark on this Quest!



Many of you know that BRC Animal Control lost our beloved step van to
mechanical woes on the way to the playa last year.  As such, BRCAC is in
need of an art car to assist us with our animal run this year.  We need
an art car that can hold a number of pesky playa animals and is
available on Wednesday (8/30) afternoon/evening.  We would like an art
car that has both a day and night DMV permit, though a day permit is
most important for our run.  Interested?  Email Cat at .  Thanks!



On Tuesday and Thursday 4pm, at Center Cafe's Spoken Word Stage, Black 
Rock City High School- a legal, registered with the State of California,
  private high school, that I created for this purpose, will be giving
out legal high school diplomas as my gift of HOPE for the FUTURE.  I
will provide an orientation explaining the history and benefits of this
opportunity, and I will graduate Burners of all ages who, for whatever
reason, were unable to complete previous requirements.  Burners under
age 18 will receive a permission slip for their parents to sign to
validate their diploma.  Graduates wishing to continue their education
at a four year college or university can contact
 for transcript information.

I HOPE this helps a lot of people!



Some camps throw parties to raise funds for their projects.
Others depend on deep-pocket contributions from their members.
I'm too busy for all that...
As a test for the final large BuddaHCookieS sculpture, I created
a smaller plastic and glass Buddha . CrystalClear resin encases
crystal drizzle glass shards and 7 of the new L3K Picxel modules.
(the same 512color+strobe ones used in the new L3K ring this year)
This one foot high classic litebeing sits on a base of mahogony and
walnut that encases the batteries and brain.
I will make 6 more casts of this sculpture with similar features.
The glass and base will vary with each run, but all will
have 7 of the L3K modules, belly touch sensor, and be signed
and numbered by gaspo (me) and Tim Black (the designer of
the L2K and L3K modules and many many other things).
I will offer these sculptures to the 6 highest bids received by
August 19th 2006. Please send your contact info (tel# and email)
as well as your bid to (note "ah" not "ha" spelling):
buddah at    or   650.218.3984 for more info for BuddaHCookieS
love and lights,



We are in need of a bagpipe player to lead our dance performance/
procession on Wednesday and Thursday evenings around sunset.

We would need our bagpipe player (and anyone else who wants to) to
come to one rehearsal and then perform at both of the two
performances, which will run a half-hour each. We have a broad
direction for what the music should be, plus a few specific cues that
we need to coordinate with the dancers, but otherwise we're open to
ideas from you!

Also, if you've got an instrument, we'd love for you to join our
ragtang band of musicians and be part of the performance. All
instruments are welcome, brass instruments are good, and of course
percussion is critical. We will be walking in a procession that
begins at sunset at the 9:00 axis portapotties between Esplanade and
the Man. You will need to be able to carry your instrument while

Link to the full description of the piece:

e-mail for more info. Thanks!



Calling all artists, theme camps, performers, bands, DJs, art cars,
aerialists, vaudevillians, circus carnies, etc and so fRoth!

- All non-fire performers and DJs should e-mail:
to fill out an info sheet for consideration.

- Everyone else: e-mail right away! We have
already begun scheduling and placement!

- Calling all volunteers! E-mail RIGHT NOW so 
she can plug you in the best areas and you can join the Decom team. (And 
show her some love because she JUST broke her foot and can't go to 
Burning Man this year! :(

...SAVE THE DATE! for...

The 7th Annual Burning Man SF Decompression Heat The Street FaIRE!
Sunday, Oct 8th
on Indiana St in SF (between Mariposa St and 22nd St)
Starts at 12pm SHARP; ends 12am (outdoor soung ends at 10 or 11. TBD)
12 hours of hooPLAYA on 6 blocks and a park!
$10 Donation Black Rock Couture $20 street wear
All ages outdoors; 21+ inside Cocomo

Help us create Black TOP City in SF!


==================EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS=====================



We are two long-time denizens of Black Rock City missing our first Burn
in many years. We're going to be in Varanasi in early September so we
decided to celebrate simultaneously with our friends on the Playa
in...what is arguably...the original home of the burning man.

*Where*: Meet us immediately downstream (to the right as you're facing
the Ganges) from the main burning ghat (Manikarnika Ghat). As we get
closer in time we'll work out a way to be sure of identifying us but
look for a man and a woman couple.

*When*: At dawn on September 5th. Nevada is twelve hours behind us so
dawn on the 5th in Varnasi will be about sundown on the 4th on the Playa.

Not sure how we'll fill the day but we can work that out as we get
closer in time. We'll close with more fire at sunset at Dasashwamedh
Ghat to watch the Bramhins perform their Ganga Fire Arti on the river.
If we can get it together in time, we'll float and burn an effigy of our

Obviously, we're wide open to any input to celebrate in style.

e-mail me at



There is a free pre-burn concert/event on Aug 25 in Reno, at Wingfield 
park that is being produced to encourage people to come out and test 
their costumes,
lighting efx, etc. There will be 4 hours of music (hours are 5-9 PM), 
and fire spinners and what is hoped will be a great place to get your 
proverbial feces together before hitting the playa. It's called Playa in 
the Park, questions can
be directed to . Wingfield Park is located at 
the corner
of 1st street and Arlington in Downtown Reno.

Directly following and a reasonably short walk away...

  Haven't you all been dying for an opportunity to test drive/show off 
this year's "playa best" before venturing into the unforgiving desert 
climate?!  Of course you have!  Well here's your chance!  Fully 
Compressed Costume Fest 2006!  Featuring music from Space Case, La 
Mosca, and Jahzilla!  The Fun starts at 9:30pm, right after Playa in the 
Park, there is no cover, and there will be prizes for the best attire!

Friday August 25th, 9:00pm @ Abby's HWY 40 (fourth and valley) FREE!!
Contact is Icy (


==================ADMIN ON AND OFF THE JRS====================

Email us or any time with questions. Email by 11:59 PM PST on Sunday for post
requests. (We don't post all requests, however.) Please type "POST
REQUEST" in your subject line to make it past the SPAM.

For questions:
Old rabbits:
On and off this ride - DIY:
   If you are trying to unsub and it doesn't work, please send us an
email and give us as much information as possible. Are you sending from
a different address?
You'll get an email to which you must respond to complete the request.

bman-announce mailing list
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.