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War Game observers on Red Alert

War Game observers on Red Alert
Media to join Canadian Army in 9/11-like War Game

By Judi McLeod

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

  The same "Vigilant Guardian" drills that took place on 9/11 will be run during EXERCISE VIGILANT GUARDIAN '06, in Petawawa, Ontario from Saturday, August 19 to Sunday, August 27.

  The mission, described by the Canadian Army as a "practice Full-Spectrum Operation" will involve some 2,500 soldiers from across Ontario, and that's put some  War Game observers on Red Alert. notes that "these (are) the same drills that were being run on 9/11 in order to deplete the NORAD air defenses and set up fake hijackings."

  It is generally accepted that there was a military stand down on September 11, 2001.

  The stand down has been a subject of criticism and speculation ever since.

  NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command was more prepared than usual on 9/11, because it was conducting a week-long semi-annual exercise called Vigilant Guardian.

  The coincidence of War Games being conducted in real time on the morning of September 11, 2001 has spawned a cottage industry for conspiracy theories.

  "This is America, the most advanced military technologically capable country in the world, and it is just impossible to believe that they could have been that incompetent," said UK MP Michael Meacher, in the 9/11 aftermath.

   Some pundits were even more blunt.  "Question: How was a plane which was known to be hostile able to have an unimpeded 48-minute joyride around US airspace before slamming into the heart of the US military? Answer: Stand down."

  "On 9/11 the world's only military superpower was apparently oblivious to the location of rogue airliners in it's (sic) airspace for over an hour, and military commanders were left perplexed on how to deal with the situation of hijackers using these planes as flying bombs." (What Really Happened).  "This confusion resulted in fighter jets flying around aimlessly whilst the hierarchy fully assessed what was going on, and this total lack of cohesion ultimately led to the loss of nearly 3000 lives."

  When the Canadian Armed Forces stages its "Vigalant Guardian" war games on August 19, they will be accompanied by what radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh calls the "fly by media".

  Members of the broadcast and print media are being invited to embed with the Canadian Army, and to experience a "battle rhythm" of combat-related activities and exercises."

  Members of the public at large are not likely impressed that EXERCISE VIGILANT GUARDIAN will go off any more smoothly with the mainstream media along for the ride.

  The embed exercise is described as a change for reporters and news crews to experience the embedding process and to get an inside look at life in a Forward Operating Base; "living with, patrolling with, and reporting on Canadian soldiers in an operation-like setting."

  The exercise will involve all 40 of the Reserve units of Land Force Central Area (LFCA), the Army command in Ontario, Air Force, Communication, and Field Ambulance Reservists will also deploy to support the exercise.

  Full-spectrum operations can include  as simultaneous combination of humanitarian assistance, stabilization and/or peace support operations, generally set within the context of medium-intensity fighting, as described by exercise spokespeople. 

  A suggested packing list of personal gear and cothing for media types includes a Tilley-type hat, heavyweight socks and lightweight socks.

  Meanwhile, the concept of  media teaming up with military personnel for yet another War Game gives more than 9/11 conspiracy theorists a case of the willies.

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~ Abraham Lincoln -  Nov 21, 1864

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