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Jack Rabbit Speaks, Saturday, August. 26, 2006


This is your last, final post for the Jack Rabbit Speaks before  
Burning Man 2006. Of course, we reserve the right to change our minds  
and send you another one! Here's what it looks like in Gerlach  

what's here?

- Theme Camp Locator
- Playa Conditions and Weather
- Current TV
- Body/Potty reminder
- Safety and Driving
- Driving through Reno
- Exodus
- Stay Well
- Ticket Info
- Personal Use Agreement Update
- Burning Man Earth – Mapping the Cultural Genome
- Internet at Burning Man
- Sugarcube  Project correction



Burning Man 2006 Theme Camp Locator: Brought to you by: Safe Sex  
Camp, Eager near 6:30. The Theme Camp Locator is an Excel spreadsheet  
that helps burners print out where their friends will be,
or what other theme camps they might be interested in, before they  
head for the playa. Download the Locator here: http://



Playa is flat and dusty. Oh, you want a serious response… 
okay….Playa is interesting this year. On one side of the city it’s  
hard packed, and kinda less so on another.  The clay is kinda sharp  
and edgy, not great for bare feet. The surface did not dry until  
AFTER July 4th. This means that people over that holiday weekend  
tried to cross the playa and got stuck. You’ll see and feel the  
evidence of this when you ride your bike in the open areas. There are  
HUGE divots and troughs from cars that drove in the mud. The Support  
Services/ Heavy Equipment Team has been working at night to fix the  
deeper of the scars. However, smaller ones exist and will affect your  
night biking experience. BE CAREFUL, and use a bike light.
Black Rock City dust conditions are married to weather . We’ve not  
had any severe wind yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.   
The city location has moved slightly and is also turned, both may  
help the way dust from Gate road covers the city. (see safety and  
driving below) Weather has been HOT during the day, not much wind,  
and rather chilly at night. You’ll need a warm sleeping bag and lots  
of wraps for the night-time. Those that experienced 1999 might want  
to keep that freezing cold year in mind. It’s NOT that cold yet, but  
ya never know. Remember to bring gloves,  hats, scarves, blankets. ETC.



They’ll be at Burning Man. Look for the “TV Free Burning Man”  
set up behind Media Mecca. They’ll be posting a piece each day from  
the playa, and telecasting the Burn LIVE on Saturday night. Visit:  



No Trash….Retrain yourself. Most importantly, “wet ones”,  
“handi-wipes”, “baby-wipes” all are forbidden from the  
toilets. They jam the hoses and pumping systems.



Driving speed through Nixon, Wadsworth and Gerlach should be 25 MPH  
maximum. Slow down near the Empire Store in Empire. Stock up on the  
way in, not the way out when traffic is more congested.

Where is the turn off for Black Rock City? 8 miles from Gerlach,   
EXACTLY where it was last year. Don’t miss the turn off.

Drive 10 MPH down gate road, and 5 mph in Black Rock City. NO DUST.  
See below for more on playa conditions.



Check out the work your fellow Burners from Reno have done to give  
you information on resources in the “Biggest Little City in The  
World”. THANK YOU to the Burners that put all the work into making  
this happen. 



Secure your trash. Don’t leave garbage at the road side rest stops.  
Read your survival guide for information about disposing of your  
trash. You’ll have less to take home with you if you separate your  



Please remember, when we have 36,000+ people together we should take  
precautions to stay well. Washing hands: GOOD THING. Keep yourself  
healthy,  stop the spread of germs with intelligent behavior.



Tickets can no longer be purchased online, and only at Box Office. Be  
prepared to pay $350 at the event entrance box office. Due to our  
remote location, we cannot guarantee credit card sales - there are no  
local cash machines so please plan ahead if you need to purchase your  
ticket at the Gate.

Avoid Ticket Scalpers And Counterfeit Tickets

For the past several years ticket scalpers in Empire and Gerlach have  
told burners on their way to Black Rock City that Burning Man has  
stopped selling tickets and that the only way to get tickets is to  
buy from them.  Burners have then purchased higher priced tickets  
from scalpers, only to find out later that Burning Man was still  
selling tickets.  Adding insult to injury, some of these burners  
bought counterfeit tickets which were not accepted at the Gate.   
Please note that ticket sales will not stop at the Box Office until  
11 PM on Thursday, August 31, 2006.  Do NOT buy tickets from scalpers  
otherwise you will pay more than you need to, and you run the risk of  
purchasing a counterfeit ticket.



If you have already printed your personal use agreement for your  
video camera on the playa, please note that there have been some  
changes to the document this summer, so we've updated it before  
printing out our playa copies. For the few of you who print it out  
before you depart, we wanted to make sure you got an updated version.  
The new PDF is on the page at:



Ever wonder about the other 95% of Burning Man you didn’t get to  
experience? Want to meet the people, like yourself, who’ve joined  
with others to create it? This year Burning Man, in conjunction with  
Google Earth, is bringing you a virtual Black Rock City through a  
brilliant new initiative – Burning Man Earth. Not only will this be  
an interactive resource for participants and organizers; it will also  
serve as a historic record of each year's event, thus mapping the  
Burning Man cultural genome.

You will fly through Black Rock City - in 3D, visiting theme camps,  
artworks and spontaneous events. This environment will also function  
as a comprehensive map of our city, with markers and coordinates.  
Most importantly, this is not envisioned as an enclosed world or as a  
substitute for real participation. Burning Man Earth will be a portal  
that allows you to make contact with thousands of Burners in the  
everyday world. Now you can discover who did what while learning why  
and how they did it. It’s time to talk to one another in a way that  
isn’t possible amid the hectic turbulence of our event.

Here is how it works. First, go to  
There you will find links to download the Google Earth program, our  
city map, and many associated files such as geomapped events from  
the “What Where When” guide, and art installations for 2006.

Next, locate your campsite, installation, or event on the map (so  
it’s geotagged), and document it with text and a photograph,  
digitized sketch, computer graphic, or 3D model. Email this to us at We’ll review it for placement on the Burning  
Man Earth map, with the identifying text that you supply. We strongly  
encourage you to include contact info so that your fellow  
participants may interact with you!

We will initially offer our official overlay of the City, with its  
primary structures, events and services, located and to scale. We  
expect new models, photos and references to be added continuously,  
and your Google Earth program will automatically get updated  
versions. This process will continue to evolve year-round, finally  
rotating into the following year's event. This ongoing project will  
be used as both a current guide and as an amber archive of the past.

We hope this symbiosis of both people and technologies will push the  
limits of what’s possible, and expand its use to applications not  
yet dreamed of . . . which, after all, is what Burners do best!



Once again, the friendly geeks from the "Internet at Burning Man"  
Project will provide WiFi access to the Internet throughout Black  
Rock City. Look for the networks named "internet", "internet2" and so  

Help us help you by keeping the airwaves as clear as your pee...

We are all sharing the limited unlicensed radio spectrum in our city,  
and we are trying to make the most of it. Last year we had a lot of  
radio interference, which made it difficult to provide wireless  
Internet access. Therefore we humbly ask all participants NOT to  
repeat or rebroadcast WiFi signals in your camp. While a local access  
point might make the WiFi signal stronger in your camp, it might  
prevent your neighbors from connecting at all. It's kind of like  
being in a place where everyone tries to play music louder than their  
neighbors, oh wait...

Also, if your art project involves using radio waves at 2.4 or 5.8Ghz  
or cordless phones of any kind, please contact us at or find us on playa (at the NOC or on the IT  
Channel) so that we can coordinate channels with you.



In JRSV10:#29b, we told you about the SugarCube project...but we  
forgot to give you the URL. For more info, and pictures of what  
they've done so far, please visit <> For  
specific questions, please contact We regret  
the error.

See you all in Black Rock City.

Play safe, be safe.

Have fun.


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