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Taking Aim special broadcast this Tuesday, September 12

From 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. ET - 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. PT
---Note we will not be aired during our regular time slot.---

On the radio in the Greater NY region at WBAI-NY 99.5 FM
Streamed live on the Internet at

Taking Aim is broadcasting excerpts from Ralph\'s feature presentation at the
NY 9/11 Truth September 8 at St. Mark\'s Church in NYC. Tune in for this
standing-room only event, with an overflow crowd in the streets, everyone on
the edge of their seats during this dynamic presentation.

\"9/11 and the U.S.-Israel Master Plan for the Middle East\"

A CD (audio) of Ralph\'s speech is our gift to you for a $60 contribution.

Mark your calendar - set your alarm clock. Tune in for this special Taking
Aim program. WBAI is counting on all of us to close out this one-day fund
drive with a burst of energy and style.


Summer\'s over ... Are you thinking about year-end gifts to friends and
family? We thought of you and reduced the prices of our CDs, new DVDs.

See the order form on our newly designed website. Aside from our special
programs and lectures which are not available on the Internet program
archive, all Taking Aim programs (available free on our Internet program
archive) can be purchased with higher fidelity sound as CD or audiotape
cassette. An online payment system will be coming soon -- meanwhile, please
send checks or money orders.


Thanks to all of you who sent contributions for the Chinese edition of \"The
Hidden History of Zionism.\" The handwritten manuscript is at the typesetter
and will be available on the Internet in the next few months.

Thanks to all of you who send donations for Taking Aim. Your contributions
help defray the cost of subscriptions and other research materials. Please
keep those donations coming. They make a significant difference.


Lynne Stewart defense (For those of you in the New York region)
The Lynne Stewart Case : Broadening our understanding of its repercussions,
context and how to fight back, Conference with workshops
When:  Saturday, September 16, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Where: The Community Church of New York
40 East 35th Street between Park and Madison Avenues

Rally to free Mumia Abu Jamal (for those of you in the San Francisco Bay
When:  September 15, 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m
Where: Alameda County Courthouse at 12th and Fallon
Streets, Oakland, CA

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.