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The Great Warming movie is narrated
by Keanu Reeves & Alanis Morrisette.

They just created a new section on their website, excerpts below,
a national call to action for effective climate stabilization actions.

The movie is being screened in a special edition for churches nationally
in October and its theatrical edition release starts November 3rd via
the largest US theater chain in major markets, Regal Theaters.

The theatrical release West Coast Premier is October 21 Saturday in
Tehachapi California, "the birthplace of the modern wind power
industry," at the Hitching Post Theaters (corner "F" and Green Streets)
1pm, 4pm, and 7pm, with advanced ticket sales online and at the box
office starting October 13, all seats $5, with a special private preview
showing taking place for local church leaders 3pm October 12 Thursday,
by reservation, limited to 40, each with one guest, free including
popcorn and soft drink courtesy of the theater with reservations made
by contacting David Crockett Williams, coordinator of the concurrent
1st annual Tehachapi Community Energy Expo October 21 behind the  
theater. - 661-822-2393 -

The world's scientists are in agreement:  Climate change is real, and  
we are
largely responsible.  America's religious institutions, corporations,
environmental and political leaders are in agreement - we must  
recognize our
moral responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth today and for all
future generations.

Out of this sense of responsibility, we call on our country to take
immediate action to address climate change.  Join us in partnering  
with the
producers of the new film The Great Warming, as we launch our awareness
campaign and call to action.

Nothing less is at stake than the future of this planet we all call  



The Climate Crisis Coalition < 
joins the "The Great Warming" in asking Americans to wake up to the  
crisis and take action.

Visit CCC's ClimateUSA Campaign <>  to see  
how you
can make a difference today.

"Nothing is hopeless; we must hope for everything."  Euripides: 310


25Sep06 video interview above link^
Message from producer and director
Check above link regularly for locations of movie showings

For presentations at your church or synagogue,
we have prepared an information kit:

Download: Bulletin Announcement.doc

Discussion Questions for use with "The Great Warming" Leader's Guide

Download letters of endorsement for The Great Warming:

Letter by Rev. Richard Cizik for the National Association of  

Letter by Paul de Vries, PhD for the New York Divinity School

Letter by Fr. Jon-Stephen Hedges for the St. Athanasius Orthodox Church

Download The Manufacturer's Manual

Our Allies

Friends of the Earth
Earthday Network
Center for a New American Dream
The Climate Institute
Climate Crisis Coalition
National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA
Sierra Club
Worldwatch Institute
Kyoto USA
Common Good Strategies
Sojourners / Call To Renewal Faith In Public Life
Episcopalian Ecological Network
Churches' Center for Land and People
Presbyterians for Restoring Creation
Georgia Interfaith Power & Light
New York Climate Rescue
USCAN Climate Action Network
The Temple For The Future
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
New York Divinity School
The Climate Trust
World Affairs Council of Connecticut
AOL - Focus on Global Warming
The Association for Religion & Ecology
Union of Concerned Scientists Earth Ministry
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
Faithful Democrats
Earth Policy Institute
Life On The Green Side
The Arlington Institute
BBG Group
National Association of Environmental Law Societies
Questions For Candidates
National Wildlife Federation


The Climate Crisis Coalition (CCC) connects global warming to human  
labor, peace, faith, sustainable business practices, environmental  
and other issues. Our mission is to build a broad-based coalition  
that can
become an effective, powerful agent for change: the development and
unfolding of a national and visible action campaign that makes it  
for citizens and governments to ignore the urgent demands of the climate

The People's Ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty, an ongoing
petition gathering effort began the day the Kyoto Protocol kicked in, on
February 16, 2006.  We took the petition to the U.N. Conference in  
last December, as a way of showing how U.S. citizens feel about the  
U.S. not
cooperating with the rest of the world in reducing greenhouse gases  
and it
continues to gain momentum and to be an effective vehicle to engage  
in climate issues.

"The Great Warming" is CARBON NEUTRAL.

All energy-related pollution created by filming
"The Great Warming" was neutralized through
100% wind energy certificates from Krystal Planet.

15% of Krystal Planet's FutureWind sales build
wind turbines at schools around the world.

Offset the pollution from the dirty power you use in your home with  
power certificates.  Let us show you how you can do your part to stop  
Krystal Planet's Green Machine bolt on fuel catalyst and green tag
eliminates your car's emissions & increases your miles per gallon! 	
The Clean Power Revolution

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This book describes how The Freedom Plan(SM), created by the author, can
realistically convert America to 100% clean power in 10 years for $2
Trillion & save the U.S. economy $20 Trillion. It's based on today's  
solar & hydrogen technology with realistic assumptions. It shows  
simple ways
how homeowners can help, and save thousands of dollars of energy  
costs ($100
per month or more) without making lifestyle changes.

About the Author

Mr. Helming is the creator of The Freedom Plan (describes exactly how to
convert America to 100% wind & hydrogen and save the U.S. economy $20
Trillion by 2025), author of "The Clean Power Revolution" and founder  
of Krystal Planet (a company using Grass Roots marketing to implement  
Freedom Plan). Mr. Helming has been a keynote speaker on wind energy for
years, addressing energy executives & the public in over a dozen  
states and
4 countries.

Please do your part personally to help
climate stabilization while saving significant
money on energy costs using clean energy devices:

Make your home and vehicle and business "carbon neutral"
with green energy certificates to offset power pollutions.

Cut 10-20% from your vehicle fuel costs, 10-100% from electric bills:

General Agency Services for your personal and financial success

David Crockett Williams
Tehachapi, California
Chemical Physics Activist
Chartered Life Underwriter
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
Krystal Planet Energy Consultant
Tehachapi Community Energy Expo Coordinator
(Saturday October 21 Hitching Post Theater parking lot)
The West Coast premier of The Great Warming movie
Phone: 661-822-2393
eFax: 574-822-2393
Skype: califdavid
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^^See company overview 1-min video: click Dealers, Watch Video
(1500 part-time dealers/energy-consultants in 50 States, 12 countries)
A direct sales referral network for a clean energy revolution.

Co-sponsor of US national release of "The Great Warming" movie
"The best movie on climate change ever made"
(Opens in Regal Theaters Nov.3 nationwide) <-resources, action ideas online!

Please join us as a customer, preferred customer or dealer, and work
in your community promoting this clean energy revolution and movie.

The Green Energy Revolution: direct referral internet sales
of products to cut energy bills and help stabilize the climate.

"Converting America to Green Power for the Future Generations"

24/7 toll-free recorded Krystal Planet overview: 1-866-530-9463
Business overview conference calls 7pm Pacfic Time Mon. & Thurs,
11am Saturdays, 1-507-726-3300 x 11437# - Q&A after overview

Global Emergency Alert Response 2000
rev 26Sept06
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.