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February 18, 2011 -- March 6, 2011

Greetings Ecology Center members and friends,

Welcome to another list of events, classes, actions, films, conferences, grant deadlines, and more. Our searchable website edition of the calendar contains events further into the future. The Ecology Center's events are listed first, followed by additional community event listings. Please continue to send event listings to


2/20/2011 	EcoHouse Tour, with Compost Clinic 	EcoHouse Event
2/22/2011 	Climate Justice vs. False Solutions to Climate Change: Forests and Indigenous Peoples' Rights vs. Bioenergy, Carbon Offsets, and Genetically Engineered Trees 	BACH Event
2/23/2011 	Transition Town Berkeley: An Introduction and Interactive Discussion 	Special Event
2/26/2011 	Free Clinic: Lead Safe House and Children 	Class
2/28/2011 	Newman Hall Climate Action Workshop 	Special Event
3/4/2011 	Bay Area Seed Interchange Library (BASIL) 12th Annual Seed Swap 	BASIL Event
3/15/2011 	Cooking Demonstration by Bauman College at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market 	Farmers' Markets Event
3/20/2011 	Climate Organizer Skills Building Training with 	Class
4/14/2011 	Author Event: Urban Homesteading 	Special Event
4/30/2011 	Perennial Vegetable Workshop and Plant Sale at the Berkeley EcoHouse 	EcoHouse Event


2/18/2011 - 2/21/2011 	The Great Backyard Bird Count 	 
2/18/2011 	Film & Discussion: "END: CIV" (Oakland) 	East Bay
2/18/2011 	Author Event: The Small House Book 	East Bay
2/19/2011 	Volunteer: White-Crowned Sparrow Habitat Restoration 	San Francisco
2/19/2011 	Class: Tool Maintenance Clinic 	San Francisco
2/19/2011 	Class: Be a Victory Gardener! 	San Francisco
2/19/2011 	Cooking Class: Healthy and Delicious Breakfasts 	East Bay
2/19/2011 	Sustainable Living Roadshow: Open House Meeting 	East Bay
2/19/2011 	Class: How to Garden With Your Chickens 	South Bay
2/19/2011 	Workshop: Intro to Organic Gardening, Part III 	San Francisco
2/19/2011 - 2/20/2011 	Workshop: Make Money as an Urban Farmer 	East Bay
2/19/2011 	Richmond Grows Community Seed Garden Work Party 	East Bay
2/19/2011 	Class: Fruit Tree Pruning 	Peninsula
2/19/2011 	Class: Old-Fashioned Soap 	East Bay
2/19/2011 	Class: Botanical Latin 	San Francisco
2/19/2011 	Film & Discussion: "END: CIV" (SF) 	San Francisco
2/19/2011 	California Gardens: Beauty & Sustainability With Native Plants 	South Bay
2/19/2011 	Workshop: Successful Small-Space Gardening 	East Bay
2/19/2011 	Asphalt to Ecosystems: Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation 	East Bay
2/19/2011 	Class: Designing with Succulents 	East Bay
2/20/2011 	Dirt Dinner Sundays at eVe 	East Bay
2/20/2011 	Workshop: Writing What You Want To Say 	East Bay
2/20/2011 	Commonweal Garden Tour 	North Bay
2/20/2011 	AdamsCrest Farm Volunteer Day 	East Bay
2/20/2011 	Workshop: Cold, Flu and Allergy Prevention with Herbalist Prajna Paramita Choudhury 	East Bay
2/20/2011 	Activity: Mysteries of Wastewater Treatment 	South Bay
2/20/2011 	Class: Urban Goats 101 	East Bay
2/20/2011 	EcoHouse Tour, with Compost Clinic 	East Bay
2/21/2011 	RISE Immigration Team Film Viewing: "The Next Step" 	East Bay
2/21/2011 	Discovering Primates Day 	East Bay
2/21/2011 	Walk: Coffee Constitutional 	East Bay
2/21/2011 	Volunteer: Taking out the Trash Campaign 	East Bay
2/22/2011 	Hub Bay Area: Innovations in Energy 	San Francisco
2/22/2011 	Film & Reception: "The Warriors of Qiugang" 	San Francisco
2/22/2011 	Public Meeting: Oakland's Draft Energy and Climate Action Plan at Public Works Committee 	East Bay
2/22/2011 	Webinar: Community Planning & Development with 	 
2/22/2011 	Cooking Class: Thai -- Curry and more 	East Bay
2/22/2011 	Residential Roof Gardens: The Sustainable Design/Build Process 	San Francisco
2/22/2011 	Climate Justice vs. False Solutions to Climate Change: Forests and Indigenous Peoples' Rights vs. Bioenergy, Carbon Offsets, and Genetically Engineered Trees 	East Bay
2/23/2011 	Richard Heinberg: The End of Growth? Connecting Economy, Energy & Environment 	Sonoma County
2/23/2011 	Seminar: Get a Grip on the 2010 California Residential Code 	East Bay
2/23/2011 	Film & Discussion: "The End of Poverty?" 	East Bay
2/23/2011 	Talk: Underground Food Politics 	San Francisco
2/23/2011 	Transition Town Berkeley: An Introduction and Interactive Discussion 	East Bay
2/23/2011 	Orientation Session: TrainGreenSF 	San Francisco
2/23/2011 	California Sustainability Indicators Symposium 	Sacramento County
2/23/2011 	Workshop: Planning Your Edible Landscape 	East Bay
2/24/2011 	Alameda County Transportation Plan Community Workshop -- Oakland 	East Bay
2/24/2011 	Cooking Class: Adventures in Vita-Mixing 	East Bay
2/24/2011 	Reds, Whites, & Green: Sustainability Initiatives in the California Wine Industry 	East Bay
2/24/2011 	Tree Grafting Workshop & Scion Exchange 	North Bay
2/24/2011 	Bridge the Bay Benefit 	East Bay
2/25/2011 - 2/27/2011 	Film Festival: Geography of Hope -- Reflections on Water 	North Bay
2/25/2011 - 2/27/2011 	The Watershed Nursery Huge Winter Plant Sale 	East Bay
2/25/2011 	SPAWN Native Plant Nursery Workday 	North Bay
2/25/2011 	Volunteer: Berkeley Youth Alternative Gardens 	East Bay
2/25/2011 	Screening: "The Turning Point: A Return to Community" 	East Bay
2/25/2011 - 5/20/2011 	Registration Open: Yerba Buena Local Living Homeschool 	SF Bay Area
2/26/2011 	Black History Month Film Showing: At the River I Stand 	San Francisco
2/26/2011 	Habitat Restoration: Bald Hill Broom Bust 	Marin County
2/26/2011 	Class: Intro to Irrigation Systems with Tom Bressan 	San Francisco
2/26/2011 	Frog Docent Training 	North Bay
2/26/2011 	Grafting Clinic: Learn to Graft Your Own Organic Fruit Trees 	San Francisco
2/26/2011 	Free Clinic: Lead Safe House and Children 	East Bay
2/26/2011 	Volunteer: Creekside Habitat Restoration with SPAWN 	Marin County
2/26/2011 	Class: Fruit Tree 101 -- Basics of Organic Fruit Tree Care 	San Francisco
2/26/2011 	Workshop: Bay-Friendly Basics 	Marin County
2/26/2011 	Class: Companion Planting 	Peninsula
2/26/2011 	Class: Introduction TO GROW BIOINTENSIVE 	Peninsula
2/26/2011 	Friends of Five Creeks' Work Party 	East Bay
2/26/2011 	Backyard Greywater Reuse Workshop 	East Bay
2/26/2011 	Class: Medicinal Plants of the Bay Area (Seasonal Herb Walk Series) 	Peninsula
2/26/2011 	Workshop: Fruit Tree Care 	East Bay
2/26/2011 	Workshop: Living Roofs 	South Bay
2/26/2011 	Free Compost for Berkeley Residents 	East Bay
2/27/2011 	Talk: Garden Natives 	East Bay
2/27/2011 	Meeting: Passive Buildings California Group 	East Bay
2/27/2011 	Skill Share Workshop 	East Bay
2/27/2011 	EBRPD Workshop: Twined Willow Baskets 	East Bay
2/27/2011 	Harvesting Justice -- People's Grocery's Annual Fundraising Brunch 	East Bay
2/27/2011 	Fundraising Dinner and Slide Show: Rafting with Inner City Outings 	East Bay
2/27/2011 	Class: Starting Tomatoes (and other veggies) from Seed 	East Bay
2/27/2011 	Class: Bees 201: Beekeeping in Early Spring 	East Bay
2/27/2011 	Field Seminar: Nature's Pharmacy: Medicine Making 	North Bay
2/28/2011 	Urban Green: Innovative Parks for Resurgent Cities 	San Francisco
2/28/2011 	Alameda County Transportation Plan Community Workshop -- Fremont 	East Bay
2/28/2011 	The Elephants of Tarangire: A Conservation Success Story 	East Bay
2/28/2011 	Newman Hall Climate Action Workshop 	East Bay
3/1/2011 	Nomination Deadline: The San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Awards 	SF Bay Area
3/1/2011 - 5/3/2011 	Green Gardener Training Program 	South Bay
3/1/2011 	Class: Drip Irrigation Troubleshooting (SF) 	San Francisco
3/1/2011 	Richmond Grows Seed Swap 	East Bay
3/2/2011 	Film & Discussion: "Collapse" 	East Bay
3/2/2011 	Class: Irrigation Troubleshooting (Richmond) 	East Bay
3/3/2011 	Chevron Oil in Kazakhstan's Caspian Sea 	East Bay
3/3/2011 	Berkeley Startup Cluster/Infusion Lunch with Vivek Wadhwa 	East Bay
3/3/2011 - 3/31/2011 	Class: Great Grant Writing 	SF Bay Area
3/3/2011 	Nutrition Night: Anticancer Foods 	East Bay
3/3/2011 	Best Practices Workshop: Working with CALGreen 	North Bay
3/3/2011 - 3/6/2011 	San Francisco Green Film Festival 	San Francisco
3/4/2011 	Sustainable Business Alliance Networking Lunch 	East Bay
3/4/2011 	Workshop: Be a Resource for Your Community 	East Bay
3/4/2011 	Volunteer: Berkeley Youth Alternative Gardens 	East Bay
3/4/2011 	Bay Area Seed Interchange Library (BASIL) 12th Annual Seed Swap 	East Bay
3/5/2011 	Workshop: Gardening From the Ground Up 	South Bay
3/5/2011 	Workshop: Bay-Friendly Basics 	Contra Costa County
3/5/2011 	Food Matters: A Clinical Education and Advocacy Program 	East Bay
3/5/2011 	Class: Urban Composting 	San Francisco
3/5/2011 	Garden Tour: Discover the Beauty in Water-Wise Gardening 	San Francisco
3/5/2011 	Lawn Replacement Workshop 	Peninsula
3/5/2011 - 3/18/2011 	Permaculture Design 2-Week Intensive at OAEC 	North Bay
3/5/2011 	Sick Plant Clinic 	East Bay
3/5/2011 	Walk: Pedestrian Safety Month in Berkeley 	East Bay
3/5/2011 	Introduction to Herbal Medicine: Healing with Spring Herbs 	North Bay
3/5/2011 	Workshop: Plants that Love Heat and Clay 	East Bay
3/5/2011 - 6/26/2011 	Master Composter Program for San Mateo County Residents 	Peninsula
3/5/2011 	Class: The Spring Vegetable Garden 	East Bay
3/6/2011 - 5/8/2011 	Natural Color for the Kitchen Table: The Art and Craft of Sewing and Natural Dyeing 	North Bay
3/6/2011 	A Taste of Well-Being and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Naturally 	East Bay
3/6/2011 	Film & Discussion: "The Economics of Happiness" 	East Bay
3/6/2011 	Class: Medicinal Plants of the Bay Area (Seasonal Herb Walk Series) 	North Bay
3/6/2011 - 3/8/2011 	California Small Farm Conference 	South Bay
3/6/2011 	Class: City Chickens 	East Bay
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Ecology Center
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