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EXCLUSIVE-Woody Harrelson Interview for "Raw for 30 Days"
Exclusive interview with Woody Harrelson for Feature Documentary "Raw For 30 Days"

Consuming canned soup linked to greatly elevated levels of the chemical BPA
BPA, found in soup can lining, associated with adverse health effects in humans
"Urine samples of the 75 volunteers taken during the testing showed that 
consumption of a serving of canned soup daily was associated with a 
1,221% increase in BPA compared to levels in urine collected after 
consumption of fresh soup"
 more resources: for guide of most dangerous items, ie: canned tomatos.


DMT and the Magic Mushroom
Jordan Maxwell talking about the Chemical DMT.

elysha, spiritual teacher, self realized teacher, awakening, enlightenment teacher, spirituality, enlightened teacher, nirvana, authentic enlightenment teach...

Santa & The Magic Mushroom
To this day Siberian shamans dress in ceremonial red and white fur-trimmed jackets to gather the magic mushrooms. First they pick and place the mushrooms to ...

The King of Nepal: Home
In 1973, Richard Nixon, and his recently established DEA, paid the King of Nepal (the late King Birendra) $50+ million dollars to make marijuana and hashish illegal in Nepal. Over night he created a criminal society, he made an ordinary thing extra ordinary and a huge black market for hard drugs was...

This Is Mind Blowing!


Flu Shots linked to Alzheimer's Disease
According to a recent study, you are 10X more likely to get Alzheimer's Disease if you receive five consecutive flu shots, compared with those that had 2 or ...


More scumbaggery. Completely unrelated fact - Peevey used to be the president of SoCal Edison.
Opt-out OUTRAGE! | EMF Safety Network
Today the President of the California the Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), Michael Peevey issued a Proposed Decision on what to do with the thousands of complaints against the (dumb, too smart, not smart, spy, murder, dirty, hazardous, merd, smeter) microwave computer utility meters that compani...


The Man Who Planted Trees
A beautiful short film by Frederic Back.

     AIR RADIOACTIVE Los Angeles AIR 11-16-11 


Secretly Recorded CHEMTRAILS Pilot Speaks Video

Airline Mechanic Blows the Whistle on Chemtrail Operation
Chemtrail's overhead in your town??     By Steve Beckow 11/16/11

US Military Ownership of GLOBAL Weather, Chemtrails Explained by The Massachusetts School of Law.
Unilateral Planetary-Scale Geoengineering: Geoengineering and the Challenge of Global Governance - Council on Foreign Relations

1-5 Ex-Government Employee talks about chemtrails.
From: PindzMedia 24 giugno 2009 Ex-Government Employee reveals shocking details behind aerosol spraying program. (by the way, I'm not ...

Government ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us!!! Also admit secret tests hundreds of times!
PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE! Download this and any other youtube or google video quickly and easily using the FREE player from http://www.realplayer....


Fracking of wells puts big demand on Colorado water - The Denver Post
Oil and gas drillers have bought at least 500 million gallons of water this year from cities for use in hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," along Colorado

Fracking of wells puts big demand on Colorado water. Oil and gas drillers have bought at least 500 million gallons of water this year from cities for use in hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," along Colorado's Front Range. Now they need more. Denver Post, Colorado

     PRIVACY   License Plate Scanners Logging Our Every Move


Rothschilds-Worlds most Wicked & Wealthiest family

Jordan Maxwell - You are property of the Rothschild family!    Sold into slavery in 1932.


Shhhhhh....Ron Paul could win California and therefore the nomination   Theres a rather flattering article on Ron on Drudge too....


Max Keiser on Europe's Brave New Debt
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso warned the single currency could collapse unless governments are more economically integrated. Eurocrats are currently pitted against Germany, as Chancellor Angela Merkel has once again rejected the idea of collective borrowing for the region.

     Giving Thanks for RAPE

"Christopher Columbus's officers preferred their rape victims between the ages of ten and twelve". 
From Deep Green Resistance, page 478. A thought for this Thanksgiving week.


Goverment Moving To Make It Illegal To Video Police Without Permission! - United Truth Seekers
Videotaping public officials when they're on the clock being paid by taxpayers is freedom of public information, it is free speech, it is basic accountability of an employee to their employer, it is computer-assisted memory, it is the freedom to say, "Here, this is what happened in my reality today." It is, in actuality, the most basic and fundamental freedom, even if the technology is better than ever. What if it had been illegal for Zapruder to tape the JFK motorcade? What if it had been illegal to tape Rodney King's beating? Then truth suffers. And justice suffers. And the future, as Orwell said-- Imagine a boot stomping on a human face... forever.


Anonymous Message to Occupy Police - to download a copy of this video for own use. This video probably wont last long so please keep re uploading.

Anonymous targets top cops: Cabin Cr3w launches #OpPigRoast
 Anonymous hacktivists are targeting a top cop group thought to be behind the police brutality directed against the Occupy movement. Cabin Cr3w drops dox


The cop group coordinating the Occupy crackdowns | San Francisco Bay Guardian
As cities across America evict encampments of the Occupy Wall Street movement, similarities of timing, talking points and tactics among major metropolitan mayors and police chiefs have led critics to wonder: Is some sort of national coordination going on?

Hitler Reacts to Pepper Spray Meme
Hitler is furious when he finds out there's a new meme in town.

     PEPPERSPRAY MEME art and photo collections

Hey, kids! Collect the whole series of pepper-spraying cop paintings!

Iconic Image: A Meme Like Wildfire!/media/set/?set=a.2264251491878.2107333.1416221690&type=3


UC Davis pepper-sprayer does it in Christina's world, and other famous paintings (MUST-SEE)

AMAZING and Powerful. Sometimes the most powerful protest, is one done in total silence, and stillness.... ♥ The whole world is watching.

Hundreds of UC Davis students line the walkway in total silence, as Chancellor Kotehi walks to her car after work. the OWS protesters decided that sitting in silence, with respect, yet focus, was the most profound statement they could make regarding their feelings about the pepper spraying of peaceful protesters on campus.

UC Davis Chancellor Katehi walks to her car (higher quality) Read more at Video shot by Lee Fang. 
 - UC Davis Chancellor Resigns After Pike Pepper Spray Incident. Perhaps you noticed the URL so I need not inform this is parody.


Berkeley police yank hair of female professor and students at Occupy Cal
UCB English Professor Celeste Langan (1st woman pulled) offers out her wrists and tells police they can arrest her -- they yank her out by the hair and do th... Support EFF's Efforts to Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation

PROTECT IP Act Breaks the Internet
Please sign this petition to stop a bill that's so crazy that it could shut down Twitter and Youtube!

David Icke talks with Luke Rudkowski at Occupy Wall Street
David Icke talks with Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change New York at Occupy Wall Street - Excellent Interview

George Carlin - Occupy Wall Street - Excellent

Undercover Cop Assaults Luke Rudkowski @ Occupy Wall Street
Undercover Cop Assaults Journalist @ Occupy Wall Street
DONATE: Now of course this sucker punch was nothing major and I am not crying over it. What is more disturbing to me...

Police attack Occupy CUNY students
Police attacked students of Baruch College, CUNY protesting against tuition hikes and unfair labor practices. Protesters had planned to attend a public trust...


U Can't stuff this
Thanksgiving parody remake of MC hammer's "u can't touch this" Remember: Send to all of your family members! I found this on, so all credit goes to them

Occupy Christmas 2011
Christmas 2011 -- Birth of a New Tradition As the holidays approach, the giant Asian factories are kicking into high gear to provide Americans with monstrous...

Crazed shoppers kill 34 yr old..pregnant woman suffers miscarriage and 3 others injured shut down the camps nation wide of this violent mob
Wal-Mart Worker Killed During Stampede
Shut down the violent camps of shoppers before someone dies...again
Man Trampled by Black Friday Stampede and dies (CBS)

The first official Thanksgiving Day celebrated the massacre of 700 Indian men, women and children during one of their religious ceremonies. “Thanksgiving Day” was first proclaimed by the Governor of the then Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637 to commemorate the massacre of 700 men, women and children who were celebrating their annual Green Corn Dance…(Their own version of “Thanksgiving Day”)

WHY DO WE CELEBRATE THIS MASSACRE???? Oh ya, we were lied to in school about what really happened. Got it ;)


Police provoke violence in UK protests
British police are seen provoking violence among anti-government protesters.


OCCUPY City of LONDON (St Pauls) - What's the TRUTH FROM Commonly Known as Dom
OK you want to learn the truth or you would not be reading this, all you need is right here, do with it as you will to get to the bottom of things, find your...


Christians protecting Muslims during their prayers in Tahrir Square - Egypt
Christians protecting Muslims during their prayers in tahiri square -


John F Kennedy's bodyguards being told to stay away from JFK

Evidence Of Revision - Part 3 - 5 of 10
Part 3: 5 of 10 "LBJ, Hoover and Others: What So Few Know Even Today." HISTORY MAY BE REVISED EVEN AS IT IS BEING WRITTEN This is a mind-blowing 6-part video...

LBJ's mistress recounts how the Vice President told her the night before JFK's assassination, "After tomorrow those goddam Irish Kennedys will never embarrass me again. That's not a threat, it's a promise." She was on all the major talk shows when her book "Texas in the Morning" came out. Now you can't find a copy of her book for less than about $70. Funny that.
Video: Madeleine Brown, (LBJ mistress and mother of out-of-wedlock son), interviewed on TV by Geraldo (excerpt from “Evidence of Revision”) (10:01)

Lyndon Johnson Participated in the Assassination of JFK


Excellent incitement of the military/industrial complex and where we are today.
Must see Rumsfeld Video about Missing Trillions of Tax Payers Dollars
2.3 TRillion Dollars of the TAXPAYER's MONEY IS MISSING. Announced conveniently on 9/10/2001 one day before 911 would make us all forget BUSHco crimes.

War Crimes Tribunal Tries Bush, Blair 2011
A War Crimes Tribunal in the Malaysian capital has begun its hearing against George W. Bush and Tony Blair, charging the former officials for the invasion of...

Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal
Former US president George Bush and his former counterpart Tony Blair were found guilty of war crimes by the The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal which held ...

Before a Bush Speech, this happens
Look all the faces that Bush do before he give to the citizens a message, preeeeeeeety coooooooool!!!

Iraqi civilians file lawsuit against US
Iraqi civilians take legal action against the US government and its military forces for war crimes.

Bush Family Funded Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Nazi Salute George Bush Jr. Nazi Salute ht...

Bush Family related to Hitler

One Family, One Bloodline, One Rule
Download :


Michael Jackson's video that p****ed the Illuminati off - They Don't Care About Us
Michael Jackson Symbolism Part 1 رموز مايكل جاكسن جزء 1 Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Uncensored's U...

New World Order Plan to Kill 90% of the Worlds Population

     911 INSIDE JOB

A very interesting look at 'eyewitnesses' on 9/11.


A-Bomb Bogeyman: 'Iran attacked no-one in 100 years'
The international nuclear agency says Iran might be working on developing atomic weapons in its most-critical report yet on the country. Its findings were wi...


US & Israel plan largest military exercise in history
Expensive wargames as Americans go hungry, jobless, and homeless More than 5,000 US and Israeli forces will take part in the war drills, said Shapiro, in a S...

Mossad vs Assad? 'CIA death squads behind Syria bloodbath'
Moscow has accused the west of stirring up tensions in the Arab world by calling for the overthrow of the Syrian regime. Russia says calls from certain state...

Report: US & Arab States Set To Impose No Fly Zone Over Syria
Plan to cripple Assad's military forces within 24 hours
Reports out of Kuwait suggest that Arab states are set to impose a no fly zone over Syria with US logistical support, advancing the prospect of a military assault to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad under a “humanitarian” pretext.

Dislike Facebook asking my phone number or to narc on my friends to enhance their super creepy facebook CIA facial recognition software. Go to HELL facebook. I might have to quit you soon. You suck! I look forward to your demise.

FaceBook is CLUNKY and SLOW because everymove I make generates FB cookies and triggers spy ware that slows down my computer.

Facebook makes my Firefox slow. So I tried Safari. Nope. Safari is even more crippled by all the FB crap.

If I am not mistaken, slow, clunky goofy, stupid and invasive are the reasons people left MySpace. I am going to laugh when FaceBook is replaced by a better Social Network NOT funded by CIA venture capital.

If I am not mistaken, slow, clunky goofy, stupid and invasive are the reasons people left MySpace. I am going to laugh when FaceBook is replaced by a better Social Network NOT funded by CIA venture capital.

FaceBook is so BROKEN I can be in another tab, doing something else, and stupid pitiful lousy FB drags me back to the FB TAB with STOP SCRIPT or CONTINUE button choice because FB is crashing like tweaker.

I moved my FB to https months ago to prevent hacking and I receive an email everytime I log into my account. So there are 2 securities which should suffice. I do not need another 12 steps to slow me down when I try to log in to FB. This move by FB is either disrespectful or I am tripping levers because I am political and censors or spooks are throwing down barriers to slow me down?
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