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Ladies and gentlemen! Come join us TOMORROW for our next amazing installment of Flambe Lounge: Burnal Equinox! We've got an incredible line-up of talent coming up for you to enjoy. But don't stop there! There tons of amazing events coming your way!!!

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Upcoming Events:

*** BURNAL EQUINOX 2011! - Saturday, Mar 5th ***

*** SPUR Association Evening Forum - Tuesday, Mar 8th ***

*** "Tribes of Burning Man" Book Reading and Discussion - Friday, Mar 11th ***

*** Zonotopia Fundraiser - Friday, Mar 11th ***

*** Opulent Temple presents : Sacred Dance - Saturday, Mar 12th ***

*** Dance for Sasha - Saturday, Mar 12th ***

*** BACK TO MAURITIUS! - A Dodo Bus Burning Man Fundraiser - Friday, Mar 18th ***

*** NIMBY is Having a Party! - Saturday, Mar 19th ***

Save the Date!

*** :: DISTRIKT :: Camp Fundraiser - "DISTRIKT- SALVATION" - Saturday, Apr 30th ***

Call for Participation:

*** Host a Regional! Housing Needed for BM Regional Summit! ***

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Burning Man Presents...

Saturday, March 5th!
8pm to 3am
Mission Rock Café
817 Terry Francois Blvd, SF
(take Mariposa St to the Bay)
Entry: $20 general admission; $15 dressed in playa finery OR with your baby picture visibly attached to your clothing
21+ over

Burnal Equinox marks the mid-point between last year’s burn and this year’s.  It's our first major event of the year and you can expect a wide and stunning array of art, live performance, dancing, philosophizing, theme camp indescribeables and so much MORE!  You are encouraged to shape the night by sharing art and experiences from previous Burning Man events and your plans for 2011.

In keeping with this year's Burning Man theme, "Rites of Passage", you are also invited to express transformational moments in your real and imagined journey through life.  Remember those defining experiences that helped you come into your own? Perhaps your first kiss, getting married/divorced, an alien abduction, your very first white out, a birth, or a near death experience that changed the way you live...maybe an imagined ritual from a distant land. You are invited to explore the theme through dress, stories, pictures, drawings, pantomime or other forms of creative expression. Join others in re-living or creating entirely new and curious rites of passage. These may be as varied as life itself and range from ludicrous to solemn.

So, whether you are remembering a previous year’s burn, dressing for your prom, creating a sacred procession of unicorns and golden earmuffs, or you skip all the fuss and come as you are...we hope to celebrate what has made YOU who you are...and want to be!

Participating Artists, Performers, DJs and Groups So Far Include:

AEZ, Airpusher, Anodyne Industries, Aurelie Clivaz, BMIR, B TRU (SF Nights), Carpe-syzygy-bus - featuring performers from Carpetbag Brigade, Celestine Star, D!sco Mike (Almost Realism Media), ELiKi (Frisco Fidget), Syzygy Butoh and Bad Unkl Sista, Danielle Swan, VJ Flood, The Fossettes, Hobo Gobbelins, HystErica, House of Inanna, i can dress myself, Kathy D'Onofrio (Alien Interpretation), Kenneth Griswa (Phoenix Eggs), DJ Laird, LL Featherpistol, Margaret DeCuir (Labyrinth of Life), DJ Mo Corleone, Neon Bunny, NoMe, O.N.Y.D. Sound System, Patricia “Aishah” Rusich (Dance 4 Positivity), Planet Booty, Playa Info, The Black Rock Rangers, Strata Chalup (Forest of the Heart), The Orphics, Vicar - bodysynth, Solfire, DJ Whisky Devil, YOU, and many more still being confirmed!
Join us in creating the first Flambe Lounge of 2011!

Share your artistic vision and expression in the limited space still available.
Performing artists, DJs, musicians, artists, and theme camps, we want to hear from you! Whatcha got?
Email: TODAY!

For info about the theme see:

To Volunteer Email: SEvolunteers (at) burningman (dot) com and join the do-ocracy!

Subscribe now to: to learn about upcoming SF community events.

See you March 5th!

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SPUR Association Evening Forum-

"Building a City of Their Own: Burning Man and the Art of Urbanism"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 6:00 pm

Join SPUR's Young Urbanists for this evening forum.

For one week each year, Black Rock City becomes one of the world's great cities, influencing the worlds of music and art and feeding the cultures of other cities around the world. Bay Guardian city editor Steven T. Jones will lead a lively discussion with key characters from his book, The Tribes of Burning Man: How an Experimental City in the Desert is Shaping the New American Counterculture, and will consider how this culture is transforming our understanding of cities and citizenship. Assembled are a panel of people to participate in this discussion, including Opulent Temple’s Syd Gris, key members of the Flaming Lotus Girls and Temple of Flux, and other surprise guests. SPUR is even springing for a huge pot of gumbo to celebrate the event Mardi Gras-style. This event is generously sponsored by the Koret Foundation.

654 Mission Street,
San Francisco, CA 94105-4015

Please register in advance
Free member registration-
$20 non-member registration-

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"Tribes of Burning Man" Book Reading and Discussion

Friday, March 11, Scribe will do a reading and program at the historic Westerfeld House, a fully restored 120-year-old mansion on Alamo Square Park. This unique building is owned by longtime burner Jim Siegel (whose Distractions store has long been a Burning Man ticket outlet) and was where The Mutaytor recorded its latest album, Unconditional Love, a recording session covered in Scribe’s book. Joining the discussion on this intimate evening will be event founder Larry Harvey and other burner luminaries. Details and RSVP at!/event.php?eid=165773263475689

For more information of these and other upcoming events, follow Scribe’s personal blog at, check out his website, or visit the events list on the Steven T. Jones author page at

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Zonotopia Fundraiser
Friday, March 11 at 9:00pm - March 12 at 1:00am
The Zomicile
2149 Harrison St. (@ Mariposa)
San Francisco, CA

Mission Country Club is getting together with the Zonotopia Crew to celebrate all the March born fishies in one big fund raising party!!
Come one, come all for a festive evening of music, dancing, and debauchery!
Come bring out your inner leviathan & join us for a benefit party for Zonotopia: The Once and Future Utopia of Zomes!
Live music and drinks will be provided with a modest donation! We encourage anyone willing to come and meet new people to come and join us!
There will be one of a kind donation rewards, shop tours given by the Zome Masters and a scale model of Zonotopia 2011


DJ Diet
Quesadilla aka l0ckd0wn

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Opulent Temple presents : Sacred Dance :

Saturday, March 12th

-A Benefit for our 2011 aspirations and a transplant of our annual 'White Party' we do on playa every year in SF for a 2nd annual special event

**On line pre-sales available now here:

::Featuring from the OT in the Main Hall::
Syd Gris, Dutch, Dex Stakker, Dulce Vita, Billy Casazza, Jamie Lin, Brian Peek, JB Vries

::Side 'Red' Chamber::
Zach Moore (Space Cowboys)
Matt Kramer (Distrikt)
Jonboy (Freeform / Dubalicious)
Anthony James (Strategik)

::Opulent Chill Palace::
Alain Octavo (Spundae) (chill set)
Bill Samuels (Strategik | Nubreaks)
Durojaiye Versatile (TN2T)

- Mystic Sufi Dancers, Midnight Ceremony, Cirque Style Ambient Performers, Visuals by Kai and Visuals by Viberation, Lazers by UV99, Art Installations, Photo Gallery, Surround Sound from JK, Outside terrace, Full Bar, An Amazingly Organized Coat Check ; )

~White Attire Requested~

21+ only w ID
At The Bently Reserve. 301 Battery St. SF.
(but enter Sansome St side of building)

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Dance for Sasha

The crew from FiX are teaming up with some local heroes (Space Cowboys, Brass Tax, Heart Phoenix, Deep End, Distrikt, Logical Light, etc) and electronic music legend (Lee Coombs/Thrust Recordings/Lot49) to bring you an unforgettable evening of music and dance. All proceeds from the benefit will go toward the medical bills of Sasha Shulgin. Come out, have a good time, and feel good about giving something back to the universe!

About Sasha Shulgin:

Buy your $10 PRE-SALE tickets here: []
*If you can’t make it, but still wish to donate to Sasha, please click to buy ticket(s).

Additional Details:
What: SF Community Dance Event & Fund Raiser
When: Saturday, March 12, 2011 from 10p-4a
Where: MightySF, 119 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA
Who: FiX, Thrust, Lot49, Space Cowboys, Brass Tax, Heart Phoenix, Deep End, Distrikt and more!
Why: Bring the SF dance community together - through music - for a worthy cause*.
Cover: $10 presale / $15 door (sliding scale)

*All proceeds from this event will be donated to Sasha Shulgin’s medical fund.

Buy your $10 PRE-SALE tickets here: []
*If you can’t make it, but still wish to donate to Sasha, please click to buy ticket(s).

About FiX:
FiX is a non-profit SF Bay Area event promotion label that has created successful dance-related events for over 5 years. FiX hosts a monthly event (3rd Saturdays) at Shine Dance Lounge in San Francisco, and also collaborates with local promoters and music labels on additional events throughout the year, all aimed at bringing the San Francisco dance community closer together.

Facebook Invite:

Presale Tickets:

About Sasha:


The FiX Team,
Jive, Scottino, Rumblemunk

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BACK TO MAURITIUS! - A Dodo Bus Burning Man Fundraiser

Friday, March 18 at 7:00pm - March 19 at 2:30am
657 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA

History has a peculiar way of favoring the winners of epic battles. So it should come as no surprise that the commonly held understanding of the dodo is that it was a dumb, oblivious, fearless bird incapable of acknowledging the threat of a predator until it was being chewed up and swallowed.

This is a silly, dastardly lie.

Never before in the history of avian warriors has there existed so belligerently fierce a winged beast as the dodo.

In its honor, we, The Dodo crew, have the privilege of presenting to you an evening of untethered mayhem inspired by the tantric orgy of mutilation that must have occurred on the final day of the final dodo's final fight against the forces of darkness.

BEHOLD the maniacal music of the most ferocious breed of bird to ever wish it could actually fly!
UNRAVEL yourself on the dancefloor to bombastic beats as you perform an unfeathered, unfettered WINGED GYRATION.
Just don't, for the love of Mauritius, do the chicken dance. That's grounds for your immediate cannibalization.


INFLUENCE [Strategik], ANTHONY JAMES [Strategik], JOEJOE [Brass Tax], DING DONG [Brass Tax], MACE [Brass Tax], ETHAN MILLER [FnF], WHISKEY DEVIL [FnF/Much Thump], COSMIC SELECTOR [Opulent Temple], DR. REK [Dodo/Monticello], DR. WHISKERS [Strategik/Dodo], MANOPAUSE [Dodo/Monticello]


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It’s time for another NIMBY fundraiser

Back by unpopular indifference, Lost Vegas is the original show of schmoes. It’s a casino environment where you get to really gamble to win fabu-less prizes! Here’s how it works: you get some chips at the door, you visit the games, place your bets, and win BIG!!!! Take your chips to the Ace Redemption Center, where you talk to Tracy the Terrific, the friendly junky who lets ya take home a few choice pieces of prize. It’s fun!
Check out the games of Lost Vegas: like the real Vegas but a little funnerer!

We are featuring this year:

Cockroach Racing
Rat Roulette
The wheel of SMUT
Quantum Physics Dating Game
Human Wheel of Death

These are all games you can win big on. Big. Big!!! BIG!!!!!!!!!! The show goes late, so come early all over the place.
Short duration marriages performed by Dr. Hal and Ben Burke! Discount at the door for those wearing brides' gowns.

But that’s not all!
LET IT RIDE: Just like the big boys, you can win big! Big! BIG!!!!
ROCK: To the sounds of Kalrizian!
WEEP: Like a baby as our sharks take all your chips! 
MARVEL: Anton Berteaux as The Temporal Cosmonaut and The Ramp of Death
VOW: Rev. Hal or Rev. Burke will offer short duration marriages! Bring the Brides of March to NIMBY and get a discount at the door.
CROON: At the Kareokie station! With Beyond Paul
SWOON: The Ukeladies are the only all gal uke band! They’re cute!
CASH OUT: At the redemption booth with Terrific Tracy
OOGLE: The loose ladies and the Miami sounds of Freaktronic!
CRY: Out in disgust at our Champion cockroach racing!
SLUR: Your words, by patronizing out bar!
DRESS: To the nines; Lost Vegas has an un-enforced dress code
Foul!:  Chicken John is your host with the least…

Our entertainment features:
Miriam on the Trapeze, Azana’s Arial Acrobatics, Bruce Tomb’s Maria del Camino, SOL by Alex Nolan, The Photoboof, Kalrizian, Freak tronic, Chicken John, The Tub-o-Hurrle, Self Service Lounge Band, Sparkle Motion, The Can-Cannibals Dance Troupe, Naked Fire Babes, and much, much, more.

It's an evening to dismember, so put on your finest and come on out to NIMBY to do the Lost Vegas grind!
All gambling is real. You play with chips that you cash out for valuable prizes. Ahem. This is less spectacle and more action-oriented. You place the bets! You race the roaches! You spill your drink! It's all about you!!!!

Lost Vegas, where everybody's nobody and that at least all of you.....
This marvelous event is everything you've never wanted in a casino experience and much, much less. 

This is the 18th installment of Lost Vegas. Come on down and hang out all over.

We'll see ya at LOST VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!

Please buy early and often.

We have enough off street parking for everyone

Help keep NIMBY open and alive. All proceeds will help us with past and future endeavors. If you can’t make it to this show, please buy a ticket and give it to a friend. Please forward this invite to your favorite lists

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:: DISTRIKT :: Camp Fundraiser


Saturday, April 30 at 10:00pm - 6:00am

Our first throw down of 2011 at our favorite alma mater, The End Up. If you came to play with us on playa last year, you know what goal we're trying to reach. We're excited to do it again even bigger & better this year!

Ensure your donation goes to the DISTRIKT CAMP! Purchase discounted $15 tickets at or please arrive before 2am

- DJ Lineup -
10pm – 11pm: DARREN GRAYSON
11pm – 12am: ALVARO BRAVO
12am – 1am: ZACH MOORE
1am – 2am: MATT KRAMER
2am – 3am: DJ KRAMER
3am – 4am: BEN SEAGREN
4am – 5am: J-ROD
5am – 6am: LAYNE LOOMIS

The End Up
401 6th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Info: 415.646.0999 |


DISTRIKT is a non-profit electronic music collective and experiment of a few Deep End organizers of years past. Ask any one of us why, and you might get a different answer: giving back to the electronic music and alternative arts community; a desire to throw furious & fierce parties in the desert and elsewhere throughout the year; an urge to provide venues for music, dancing, and other art forms; an arrested development inability to let go and an ambition to try something new.

Our eclectic group of people offer up their talents — be it music making, drink slinging, construction craftiness, technological wizardry, performance art, or benevolent mischief. We live and breathe our ethos year round, and look forward to giving back to the community that has inspired us and bonded us together. This is our culture, this is our art, this is our gift.

We grow our community through new blood, new ideas, and old friends. We provide a venue for music, dance, and alternative art on the playa and beyond at a level of sound and fury you won’t soon forget. We want to gift you with daytime drink, dance, and a great crew of peeps and do what we do best.

Fan Page:

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Host a Regional!  Housing Needed for BM Regional Summit!

Howdy Bay Area Burning Man Friends!

We are pleased to announce Burning Man's fourth annual Regional Network Leadership Summit, hosted in San Francisco.  Each year, we invite Regional Contacts and other community leaders from across the globe to the Bay Area to share ideas and connect with one another and with local Burners and staff.  We are seeking hosts for our out-of-town Burner guests who will be in town
Friday, April 1st through April 3rd.

This year's Summit is held in Japantown.  If you live in an area close to public transportation and can accommodate guests, please let us know via  You can expect that some visitors will arrive as early as Thursday evening, March 31st and may leave Monday morning, April 4th.

We find that giving the Regional Contacts and other guests the opportunity to stay with a member of the community adds so much to their experience and makes them feel more welcome than they would if they were going to lay their head upon a hotel pillow each night.

Though we're not yet sure exact numbers of attendees or their exact arrival dates and times, we wanted to put out a call to get an idea of how many visitors we'll be able to match up with local hosts during the Summit weekend.

Please email us at if you're interested, and we'll forward you a short questionnaire to collect information about the area in which you live, proximity to public transport, and how many guests you might be willing to host.

Many thanks and dusty love,
The Burning Man Regionals Committee

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