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Here are some great ways to get involved in the coming weeks, including some workshops presented just for YOU!

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Upcoming Events:

*** Clothing/Costume Remaking Workshop - Wednesday, Mar 30th ***

*** Mutant Vehicle Workshop - Wednesday, Mar 30th ***

*** 33-1/3 RD ANNUAL St Stupid's Day Parade - Friday, Apr 1st ***

*** Gooferman's ROCCOPURA Rock Opera Whirled Premiere - Friday, Apr 1st ***

Call for Participation:

*** Charon 2011 - The Next Revolution from Artist Peter Hudson ***

*** Host a Regional! Housing Needed for BM Regional Summit! ***

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Workshop #4: Burner on a Budget Costume Workshop

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

7:00pm – 9:00pm BMHQ
on the 2nd floor in the Annex Meeting room

3450 Third St #2A between Cargo Way and Evans Ave, SF 

The Burning Man Special Events Team is supporting a number of free, interactive workshops -- by Burners for Burners -- designed to share the skills and expertise of our community.  These workshops are intended to further the principles of gifting and radical self-reliance using tools that are readily available.

If you’re on a budget this year and don’t think you’ll have money to spend on costumes we can show you how to revamp what you’ve already got into something fun and fabulous.  This is a hands-on workshop where you will be given the opportunity to learn how to repurpose some of your favorite clothing pieces.

We encourage you to bring a few of those items you’ve been hanging on to for “some day” because today is that day! Add a dash of sparkle, reshape the cut, merge two garments together or just use that great purple dress as fabric for something else.  Bring ribbon, fabric scraps or parts of clothing (cuffs, buttons, sleeves), your pants or jackets that need fabric inserts to fit or for color - or even a hat to transform into playa wear.

Basic sewing supplies (needles, thread, scissors, etc.) will be provided.  We will also have a sewing machine, a grommet setter and glue guns on hand.

Workshop Leaders are Susan Kennedy-Grant (AEZ) and Terry Penn (Center Camp Café). Space limited to 25 persons.  Please RSVP to Terry at .

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Workshop #5:  Mutant Vehicle Workshop

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

7:00pm - 8:30pm Presentation plus Q & A

8:30 Social mixer

At Burning Man HQ on the 3rd floor in the Zocalo (open meeting space)
3450 Third St #2A between Cargo Way and Evans Ave, SF
( Please RSVP to:

The Burning Man Special Events Team is supporting a number of free, interactive workshops -- by Burners for Burners -- designed to share the skills and expertise of our community.  These workshops are intended to further the principles of gifting and radical self-reliance using tools that are readily available.

Have you always dreamed of having a mutant vehicle at Burning Man? Is 2011 the year that you’re planning to make it happen? Are you curious about the process? Perhaps you've brought your mutant vehicle to the playa before and would just like to know more about how the DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles) works? Come meet with representatives from the DMV (and some experienced mutant vehicle creators too) and get the answers to all your burning questions!

Topics include; The DMV and what they do. Defining a mutant vehicle (what it is, what it’s not).  How to apply and what happens to your application after you submit it. What to expect once you get to the playa with your mutant vehicle (at the gate and at the DMV). What details the DMV and FAST (Fire Arts Safety Team) are looking for in regards to your vehicle’s safety. Referrals to resources for building your vehicle. Your mutant vehicle and the rest of Burning Man (how mutant vehicles contribute to the event).

The format will be a brief question-provoking topical presentation by members of the DMV, mixed with an open forum Q&A with a panel of DMV volunteers. Feel free to bring some written questions to hand to the panel at the beginning of the evening.

Bring: Your burning questions.

RSVP: Space is limited to 40 participants. Please RSVP to:

Social Mixer: Participants from the concurrent workshop (Costume re-making) will join us after the event to expand the social mixer.

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Circus Metropolus presents

ROCCOPURA - the Misadventures of One Pancho Sanza

An original circused rock opera written and directed by Boenobo the Klown

April 1, 2011 - 9pm-2am
DNA Lounge
375 11th St, San Francisco
Tickets now on sale now and going fast:
Tix: $20 advance, $25 door, $45 VIP
18+ with ID

Starring Gooferman, the Sisters of Honk, Circus Metropolus, the Burley Sisters, and members of Vau de Vire Society

For photos, cast & crew, story, news, and such, visit:
Facecrack event:
Facecrack page:

** THIS IS AN AUDIENCE-IMMERSIVE be prepared for the show constantly flowing through and above the crowd, and for the possibility of your klown deputization at any given moment. Klown / circus / carney / humanimal costumes MASSIVELY encouraged **

8pm: VIP early entry (photos w cast, klownification, acting workshop)
9pm: Doors
9:30pm: Cabaret show
10:30pm: ROCCOPURA, Act 1
11:15pm: Intermission
11:45pm: ROCCOPURA, Act 2
12:30am - 1:45am: Gooferman Day celebration with DJ GlobalRuckus; cast & crew meet-n-greet

Our story picks up where Don Quixote left off, but in the parallel universe of the Red Nose.With the passing of Juan Dickote, former semi-pro knight errant and pseudo-employer of our hero, Pancho Sanza. With Dickote’s death, Pancho finds himself loosed of his proverbial subservient shackles, freed to roam the planet under clear skies once again.

But the gawds aren’t done with him yet. Will he rise to the occasion and gain his long-sought glory, or forever be doomed to a life of mediocrity and antagonism? Show up to find out, and to help Pancho find his saving grace – or not…bwah ha and ha!

Be sure to join the Roccopura Facecrack page for updates and whatnots:

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33 1/3 RD ANNUAL St Stupid's Day Parade

Meet at Noon at Embarcadero Plaza
Rain or Shine

Full info:
. . . . will be held in San Francisco on Friday, April 1st, starting at noon at the Embarcadero Plaza. Following its traditional weekday route, this sidewalk parade will loop thru the Financial District to make the ritual stops at the Stations of Stupid...the Federal Reserve Bank HQ for the ritual of the Dead Lottery Ticket, the Sock Exchange at the Pacific Stock Exchange, the Leap of Faith at the plaza of the holy Lug Nuts, the Penny Toss at the Bankers Heart and the Free Lunch. Sponsored by the FIRST CHURCH of the LAST LAUGH, this event is open to public participation. Odd costumes, noise makers, satiric signage on the buisness of religion and the religion of buisness are encouraged.



contact: ed holmes 510 841 1898 bishopj at saintstupid dot com

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Charon 2011 - The Next Revolution from artist Peter Hudson -


My name is Peter Hudson and the greatest joy and passion of my life has been building and presenting large, stroboscopic zoetropes at Burning Man (3D objects that are animated through the use of strobe lights) .  If you've been to Burning Man, you might be familiar with some of my work, which includes 2002's Sisyphish ("the swimmers"), 2004's Deeper ("the divers"), 2007's Homouroboros ("the monkeys") and 2008's Tantalus.  Now, after two years off, I am beginning work on a new piece: Charon . I am taking all that I have learned to the next level and I am truly inspired.  But, I need your help to make it happen!!

I cannot fully describe Charon to you, because, as with some of my earlier work, this is a participatory piece that affords those who interact with it room for discovery and a degree of personal interpretation.  What I CAN say is that, based in Greek mythology, this visually-arresting piece will physically engage people in a vigorous genuflection of sorts which will bring life to Charon, the gondolier said to have ushered the souls of the recently departed to the afterlife.  Charon will, I hope, give rise to reflection on our own mortality, and inspire those who interact with it to ponder how to give and get the most from our brief time here on earth. My hope is that those who see it will not dwell on their own ultimate demise, but will instead consider how we might make our own lives richer and more meaningful.  Recent losses in my own life give me reason to consider the piece a final farewell and "bon voyage" to those who are cherished  -- gone but not forgotten.  Although full of personal meaning for me, I know this is also something with which we can ALL connect.  And I cannot be more excited about bringing this vision to life! 
We are blessed and honored to have been approved for a grant from Burning Man, without which this piece would not be possible.  Having said that, there is still a substantial sum to be raised - large scale, kinetic art ain't cheap!!

*   The most important piece of the fundraising is our Kickstarter project.  If you have not heard of Kickstarter, I encourage you to go to Charon's Kickstarter webpage ASAP to learn more.  We will have 45 days to raise $20,000.  If we do not get to our goal, we will not get anything.  This, as you can imagine, is no small task and we need all the help we can get.  ANY SIZE DONATION is appreciated and donations of larger sizes will be eligible for some pretty cool stuff that is all outlined on the site.  Check it out here:

*  If you are a fan of my 2007 piece, Homouroboros ("the monkeys") or maybe have never seen it, we are putting together an event on March 31st, in the bay area,  at which we will be spinning the piece for the last time before taking it down to make room for Charon.  This will be an intimate, private event with some food and drinks and a presentation by the artist.  We are auctioning off a limited number of tickets on  Ebay - have a look here:

There will be other opportunities to help along the way and if you live in the Bay Area and want to get your hands dirty - especially if you are skilled in some way (but even if you are not), please register as a volunteer here: and there will almost certainly be some opportunity to get involved.

But make no mistake, the best help at this point is participation in the early fundraising campaign detailed above.

Please help me bring this vision to Black Rock City - there is no way it can happen without you!!!  Thank you so much in advance for your support.

Peter Hudson

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Host a Regional!  Housing Needed for BM Regional Summit!

Howdy Bay Area Burning Man Friends!

We are pleased to announce Burning Man's fourth annual Regional Network Leadership Summit, hosted in San Francisco.  Each year, we invite Regional Contacts and other community leaders from across the globe to the Bay Area to share ideas and connect with one another and with local Burners and staff.  We are seeking hosts for our out-of-town Burner guests who will be in town
Friday, April 1st through April 3rd.

This year's Summit is held in Japantown.  If you live in an area close to public transportation and can accommodate guests, please let us know via  You can expect that some visitors will arrive as early as Thursday evening, March 31st and may leave Monday morning, April 4th.

We find that giving the Regional Contacts and other guests the opportunity to stay with a member of the community adds so much to their experience and makes them feel more welcome than they would if they were going to lay their head upon a hotel pillow each night.

Though we're not yet sure exact numbers of attendees or their exact arrival dates and times, we wanted to put out a call to get an idea of how many visitors we'll be able to match up with local hosts during the Summit weekend.

Please email us at if you're interested, and we'll forward you a short questionnaire to collect information about the area in which you live, proximity to public transport, and how many guests you might be willing to host.

Many thanks and dusty love,
The Burning Man Regionals Committee

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