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     ACTIONS you can take to SAVE the WORLD
 ** PLEASE SHARE**  Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary
     EVENTS you can have FUN at.
Enchant Me - A Second Base Party by Club Exotica Fri May 06, 9pm-3am supperclub 657 Harrison St, SF CA  
Saturday May 7 11AM - 1pm SF Rally: Stop Nuke Plants In Japan And The... 50 Fremont St / Mission St. SF
Free Plant Swap  Saturday May 7th  12-3pm 5927 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, CA 94608  (on the Berkeley/Emeryville border) 
Sunday Streets May 8: Mission- includes the popular route along 24th and Valencia Streets
)'( )'( Bay To Breakers! Sunday, May 15 at 8:00am at Embarcadero to Ocean Beach Via Golden Gate Park!
)'( )'( The Do LaB's Lightning in a Bottle May 27th - 30th, 2011

     INFORMATION if you want to go deeper


We are all Palestinians in the face of the New World Order
Twenty-four hours in solitary for considering/planning exercising free speech in the U.K.

BYOBW 2011 - Big Wheels Race - Plastic Dreams

     ZOMBIES er, um, apocalypse

The first zombie-proof house for the apocalypse


Seedfolks Seed Library
An urban community resource center in Oakland, CA that provides healthy seeds and garden education free to the public. 
Studies Link GMO Foods to Organ Disruption

GM soy: The invisible ingredient 'poisoning' children. <>


Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary   ** PLEASE SHARE**

Cannabinoids Kill Cancer And Our 'Government' Has Known for 36 Years

Don't Despair! So Many Reasons for Hope Through the Internet and Innernet

Mike Adams - The Health Ranger: Big Pharma's Secret Global Eugenics Agenda
The Health Ranger Mike Adams gives a special presentation Big Pharma's agenda to make sure you die broke, as well as neo-eugenics and how it ties into food c...


I must simply observe humans are junkies.
I point out nukes are deadly toxic to your health and some quip back that nukes are better than coal. BS!
BOTH ARE horrendous and deadly. You do not have the right to kill the earth with coal or nukes 
or toxic solar panels that only last 30 years or Wind Turbines that kill birds and have a production carbon and trucking footprint you cannot even calculate
Walk or  ride a bike. You are not entitled to jet set around the globe and buy new clothes every week and bake in your wasteful electric oven every day.
We are actually on a lifeboat here and earth is hurting. Worst offenders: ELECTRIC: oven, dryer, dry cycle on dishwasher, room heater, etc.
Chill out. Grow your own food, share with neighbors. Get local! Ride a bike. Smell the flowers. Get lost in the forest. Drink mountain spring water.

**Please forward to all animal loving folks in California.**  
Let the cat out of the bag!
Don’t look now, but the chemical industry in California is trying to prevent you from purchasing products that could help save your cat or dog’s life!

May 6 To Be Lawn Pesticide Awareness Day


Chico Mann - Dilo Como Yo Video footage: Hemp for Victory (1942) 

     ECON United States gets sovereign rating of ‘C’ Weiss stirring up hornet's nest!

Secret Silver Buying by Russian Billionaire, Chinese Traders, lead to Comex Silver Default?

"Real Econ TV" The joke's on us

Ron Paul 2012 : In Defense of Liberty!

America's Oil Wars Fwd: The Four Horsemen Behind America's Oil Wars!! Osama Bin Laden to Cause U.S. Hyperinflation

Post-circus reality check


The latest TSA outrage

PlayStation breach was kept under wraps
Electronics giant Sony has admitted that hackers have stolen the private data of up to 80 million users of its PlayStation console.

Who Else Is Tracking Your Location?

Your iPhone is Tracking Your Every Move

     NWO Allan Watt - Download the MP3s Adam Curry and John C Dvorak Home of National Intel Report Allan Watt 

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: "Apocalypse 2012" (FULL LENGTH) Iraq for Sale Banned Excerpts 

The Anglo-Saxon Mission, explained by Bill Ryan : a Project Avalon video 50% population reduction as per Georia Guidestones
In January 2010, Project Camelot received 11 pages of information from an insider who was physically present at a meeting of Senior Masons in the City of London
2005 meeting notes re: masonic plan to attack Iran or China, 
limited nuclear weapons exchange in Middle east... Flu-Like BioWeapon Racially/ Genetically enineered flu "China will catch a cold!" Plague will spread around world.
planned 2008 economic collapse, MARTIAL LAW driven by people's fears due to same, etc.

Facebook Accused of Removing Activists' Pages* -- Protest groups claim Facebook
has taken down dozens of pages over the weekend in a purge of activists' accounts 29 Apr. 2011
Facebook has removed dozens of profiles from its site, causing an outcry from
campaigners trying to organise anti-austerity protests this weekend.  The
deactivated pages include U.K. Uncut, and pages created by students during last
December's university occupations.  A list posted on the Stop Facebook Purge
group says Chesterfield Stop the Cuts, Tower Hamlet Greens, London Student
Assembly, Southwark SoS, and Bristol Uncut sites are no longer functioning.

     al Qaeda Does Not Exist BBC: al Qaeda Does Not Exist 
There is no such thing as "al Qaeda", there is no one on earth who calls himself a member of "al Qaeda". "al Qaeda" is a term made up by the U.S. government ...


Exclusive: 'Bin Laden Dead' Hoax Exposed
Alex Jones exposes the contrived "victory" in the War on Terror surrounding a man who many experts have said was already dead for years. After nearly a decad...

The last word on Osama

Osama's been dead a long time

"Osama": Character created by the CIA

CIA agent: 9/11 was probably not Bin Laden

The untold 9/11 story

Top US Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations Steve R. Pieczenik says he is prepared to tell a federal grand jury the name of a top general who told him directly 9/11 was a false flag attack
Top US government insider Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who held numerous different influential positions under three different Presidents and still works with the Defense Department, shockingly told The Alex Jones Show yesterday that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 and that he was prepared to testify in front of a grand jury how a top general told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag inside job.

Inside Sources: Bin Laden's Corpse Has Been On Ice For Nearly a Decade
A myriad of respected intelligence officials and heads of state have both publicly and privately asserted that Osama has been dead for years
Several different inside sources both publicly and privately, including one individual who personally worked with Bin Laden at one time, told us directly that Osama's dead corpse has been on ice for nearly a decade and that his "death" would only be announced at the most politically expedient time.

Media Runs Fake Photo To Illustrate Bin Laden Death Propaganda
Everything about the Bin Laden myth is fake, so why worry about illustrating his "death" with another contrived hoax?
Killing Osama bin Laden is a pretty big deal. You’d think that it would be in the interests of US forces to take a snapshot of the elusive terror leader to milk the propaganda value of such a momentous turn of events, and yet the corporate media has given us nothing but a years old fake picture. This makes little sense, unless of course, somebody is trying to hide something, namely the fact that Osama’s dead corpse has been on ice for the best part of a decade.

Obama Shamefully Exploits Bin Laden Fairytale In Transparent PR Stunt
President invokes "9/11 style unity" in desperate attempt to rescue his plummeting approval ratings by re-creating mentally castrated, zombie-like worship of government
Mirroring how George W. Bush stood on the rubble of the twin towers to perform a staged public relations stunt in the aftermath of 9/11 as he enjoyed a huge surge in popular approval, Barack Obama is attempting to pull off the same trick, invoking “9/11-style unity” and busily heading to ground zero tomorrow to shamefully exploit the Bin Laden fairytale his administration has crafted.

Forget Pakistan, US Knew Bin Laden's Location All Along
US intelligence pinpointed terror leader's precise location on numerous occasions and let him escape every time
The notion that the US was only aware of Bin Laden’s precise location for a matter of months before they executed their alleged raid of his compound in Pakistan is an insult to the truth, which is that the US knew the Al-Qaeda leader’s precise whereabouts before 9/11 and also protected him from capture on numerous occasions afterwards.

via Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on truTV
Make this viral guys! UNDENIABLE PROOF Osama image FAKED!! Keep up to date with LATE breaking news alerts by friending us on your social network below! We Podcast LIVE nightly. Call in sh...

Osama bin Bogeyman? 'CIA getting rid of old asset'
Follow latest updates on Facebook and Twitter . For more on Bin Laden's demise and what it could mea...

OBL "death": psyop preparations for the next US falseflag
America is under attack; prepare for another DARPA-sponsored “event” in the US: New Madrid faultline?

With OBL Dead, Are We Gonna Get Our Rights Back? 
News of Bin Laden's Death and Funeral - December 2001

'Osama death huge boost for Obama, timing strategic'

(updated continually, videos-photos)

Sources: Al-Qaida head bin Laden dead

'Zero transparency in Bin Laden killing - media needs to raise questions'

Destruction of 9/11 Evidence Continues; Bin Laden Body Dumped at Sea

CIA agent: "I'm not convinced it was Bin Laden"

Aunt Bee says:
"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie - deliberate,
contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and
unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the
discomfort of thought." ~ John F. Kennedy

Inside Sources: 
Bin Laden’s Corpse Has Been On Ice For Nearly a Decade
Paul Joseph Watson - May 2nd, 2011

Red Alert: Government Had Osama bin Laden Frozen for Years
Kurt Nimmo & Alex Jones - May 2nd, 2011

Osama bin Laden Brought to Justice? 
Brilliantly Executed Psy-Ops
Charlotte Littlefield - May 2nd, 2011

Masterpiece Theatre: 
Obama’s Osama Announcement
May 2nd, 2011 
Rachael Woodhouse

9/11 Official Story:
'You have to convince yourself/eachother by trying to prove us wrong' 

Idontknow says:
I've got some jack-a-lopes, fire breathing dragons and some eyed one horned
flying purple people eaters in my yard. Gonna shoot all of them and bury
them at sea.

'You'll See'

Obama: Osama bin Laden Dead - Full Video

Bush: Truly not concerned about bin Laden (short version)
Remember, this is just SIX MONTHS after 9/11. In response to a reporters ?

9/11 Dude questions Madeleine Albright

Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered

Navy Seal Team Six (VIDEO) Black Ops Team Who Killed Osama

Getting Osama bin Laden: How the Mission Went Down

absolute proof of retarded photoshop lame hack job, using an original photo of some random dead guy then a photo of a 10-15 year younger bin laden! FcUKING RETARDS DID THIS!! i could have done a way better job in photoshop!! 
Hitler reacts to the news that Osama bin Laden was killed

     OWO Old World Order

The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained
See the poster version: My website: Full script availa...


BREAKING ALERT: Mass Arrests, Tear Gas, Sound Weapons used Against WIU Students | Annual year-end block party at Western Illinois University ends with riot police. Students attending the Wheeler Block Party were met by a M...

     2A = 2nd Ammendment ie the reason we have a 1st ammendment

Obama Working "Under The Radar" To Sneak Attack Second Amendment
Administration has cited gun smuggling from U.S. to Mexico as reason to chill gun rights, despite the fact that federal government program deliberately delivered firearms to Mexican drug lords
According to a little noticed quote in the Washington Post earlier this month which has attracted virtually no media attention, President Obama told gun control advocate Sarah Brady that his administration is working “under the radar” to sneak attack the second amendment rights of American citizens.

US government arms Mexican drug gangsters


PROOF!!! Obama Birth Certificate Fraud / altered in dozens of ways
Fraudulent US Govt releases oBOMBa Birth Certificate with multiple photoshop layers 

Obama Birth Certificate Number Proves Forgery?
Release of dubious document only serves to unleash firestorm of new questions
Despite the establishment media declaring “case closed” on the birther issue, the release of what purports to be Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate has only caused a firestorm of new suspicion amongst Americans, with the document only serving to confirm unexplained anomalies, such as why Obama’s birth certificate number is higher than that of people born after him at the same hospital.
    911 INSIDE JOB

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
1,500 architects and engineers question a 47-story skyscraper that collapses at free-fall acceleration, straight down, uniformly and symmetrically, into its own footprint. They also cast aspersions on the chemical evidence found in the World Trade Center dust. These individuals are calling for a thorough investigation that uses the scientific method. No conspiracy theories, here -- they desire a scientific investigation. This was on Detroit’s local FOX news at 10pm. The interview was conducted by this city’s most respected newscaster, Huel Perkins, which is why I post it.  

Physics911, by Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven, 9/11/2001
What appears to be molten steel pours from a fracture in the wall of WTC south tower. Steel melts at 2500 F. The only other known sources of heat on that day were jet fuel, (which burns at 1500 F) and office fires (which burn at an even lower temperature, owing to oxygen starvation). The NYFD Fire D

9/11: WTC witness - NIST Release #25 - 42A0106 - G25D16
Witness has some interesting description of events. Describes floors popping out rapidly, equates with bombs, "like firecrackers" speed.

Wed May 4

Every 1st Wednesday: FREE! 3601 Lyon SF between Lombard and Crissy Field. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
10:00 am  SF Zoo Free Admission Day: First Wednesdays  FREE* 10:00 am  Exploratorium Science Museum | Free First Wednesdays  FREE 11:00 am  GLBT Museum: Free First Wednesdays | Castro  FREE 5:00 pm  Jumping The Broom “Girls Night Out” Party & Free Film Screening | SF  FREE* 5:00 pm  Ladies’ Night at Cole Hardware | Cole Valley  FREE 6:00 pm  Maine Classics: Not Just Lobster Cooking Demo | Noe Valley  FREE 7:00 pm  East Bay Science Cafe | Berkeley  FREE 7:00 pm  ZYZZYVA Magazine Spring Issue Celebration | Haight  FREE

Qoöl Presents: Qoöl Mammoth – A Wednesday Happy Hour @ The Endup Wed May 4 5pm-10pm 
@ The End Up 401 6th St SF @ Harrison Free Before 7pm, $5 after, Free with Qöol Card 

Thu May 5

Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary SF 5:30-7:30pm art PARTY! 
30 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm. 

Walking the Talk! —a celebration of war tax resisters & social justice activists 
May 7, 2011, 7-9:30 pm  (or come early for dinner) Lake Merritt United Methodist Church,
1330 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland (near Lake Merritt BART or AC #1)
$10 donation requested (no one turned away)
Music by Francisco Herrera
and featuring anarchist criminal defense attorney
Tony Serra– “Tales of Resistance and Doing Time”
Come celebrate the work of this year’s People’s Life Fund grantees:
• Bay Area Women’s Project • BAY-Peace • Break the Silence Mural Project
• California Coalition for Women Prisoners • Civilian Soldier Alliance • Hand to Hand • PUEBLO • 9 to 5
Join leaders and activists from around the country interested in
promoting justice and ending war. This evening program is part of a
national gathering of war tax resisters, May 6-8th.
For more information: <> 
War tax resistance is a strategy of change for some. It is a way of life
for others who won’t pay for war while working for peace. War tax
resistance actions are geared toward each person’s level of comfort
and risk taking.
For More Info:  , 510-842-6124 

Electric Feel on Cinco De Mayo!  
Thu May 5 9pm-2am Lookout 3600 16th St SF @ Market $2 (free before 10pm!)21 up

Fri May 6

May 6 To Be Lawn Pesticide Awareness Day

Oakland Art Murmur | First Fridays Art WalkFriday, May 6 – 6:00 pm | Cost: FREE | Oakland: Broadway/Telegraph Corridor

Culture Swap Meet & Dance Party | 2050 Bryant SF @ 18th St. Friday, May 6 – 8:00 pm | Cost: $5

Bikes & Beats Dance Party with Party Ben | SoMa Friday, May 6 – 10:00 pm | Cost: $6* | Public Works SF

Every 1st Friday: BIKE PARTY 7pm meet different location each month SF FaceBook page

Enchant Me - A Second Base Party by Club Exotica Fri May 06, 9pm-3am supperclub 657 Harrison St, SF CA   
Click here ( for tickets!   Club Exotica Presents   ENCHANT ME   A Second Base Party
May 6th, 2011 @ supperclub SF 657 Harrison Street @ Hawthorne btwn 2nd/3rd St. 21+ 9pm 'til you drop
$20 presale (or before 11pm at the door)    $30 after 11pm at the door   Click here ( for tickets!
Sasha Rose   Mikhal   Knowa Knowone   Jocelyn   Cyril Noir   Jef Stott   Dragonfly   Drumspyder   Dj Sol Rising   David Block
The Human Experience New Album coming out Thurs May 5!  Kali*Star   Feral
and Snacks & Chai  to keep you going after 2a! 
Opel & Strategik present : A Benefit for 'Charon' Fri May 6 10pm-2am $5 @ Shine 1337 Mission St SF @ 10th St.

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC) Gathering on the weekend of May 6, 7 & 8th
Our next planning meeting is on Tuesday Jan. 18th in Berkeley. All are welcome.
Northern California War Tax Resistance/People’s Life Fund 510-842-6124

Sat May 7

San Francisco Cinco De Mayo Festival 2011| Dolores Park Saturday, May 7 – 10:00 am | Cost: FREE* |

Saturday May 7 10AM 10th Annual Pagan Festival & Parade

Grand Opening : A Place for Sustainable Living : Sustainability Sampler 
Sun May 7 10am-8pm 1121 64th Street just off San Pablo Ave-1 block south of Alcatraz Oakland, CA

Sat May 7 11am-12:30pm Free Yoga in GG Park Big Rec BaseBall Field near Lincoln & 7th 

Saturday May 7 11AM - 1pm SF Rally: Stop Nuke Plants In Japan And The... 50 Fremont St / Mission St. SF
5/7 SF Rally: Stop Nuke Plants In Japan And The World-End The Japan Government/TEPCO Cover-Up
On May 7, 2011 thousands of Japanese workers, farmers and people will be protesting the continued use 
of nuclear power in Japan and the information cover-up on the nuclear disaster by the Japanese government in collusion with Tokyo Electric Power Company TEPCO. 
The government has flagrantly manipulated public safety standards for radioactive contamination from week to week 
in order to prevent public outrage and activism about this threat to the people of Japan and the world. 
The US government in fact, was directly responsible for organizing a political campaign to force the Japanese people to accept these dangerous nuclear plants. They orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign and managed this corporate scheme to sell GE nuclear plants. 
Japan Nuclear Catastrophe Made In USA-From Hiroshima to Fukushima, 1945-2011: A Nuclear Narrative of Hubris and Tragedy 
Both the Japanese government and TEPCO were warned in 2004 in the Japan Times article by Leuren Moret that there would be a massive disaster due to the location of these plants. 
Japan's deadly game of nuclear roulette

Free Plant Swap May 7th (oakland north / temescal) Located in the Golden Gate neighborhood of Oakland, we host plant swaps twice a year: once in spring and once in fall. 
At the plant swap you can bring: unwanted plants, cuttings, seedlings, starts, foraged plants, and seeds. 
This is also a great place to bring any extra pots, natural fertilizers, vermicompost/worms, garden tools, etc you have and are no longer using. Pass them all on to a new home and come pick up some new-to-you plants for your garden and home. 
The only entrance fee is something brought to add to the swap. 
Free Plant Swap  Saturday May 7th  12-3pm 5927 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, CA 94608  (on the Berkeley/Emeryville border) 
Please spread the word to all your friends/neighbors who you think might be interested. I can't wait to swap with you all! 

The Beatles Hidden Gallery Opening Reception May 7 7-10pm SF San Francisco Art Exchange 458 Geary SF

Sat, May 7, 2011      7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Walking the Talk: A Celebration of War Tax Resisters & Social Justice Activists
Lake Merritt United Methodist Church 1330 Lakeshore Ave. Oakland

5 events from 

Dirtybird Springtime Pajama JamVenue: Mezzanine 444 Jessie SF DJs: J.Phlip, Justin Martin, Claude VonStroke, Christian Martin, WorthyMusic: house, tech-house, technoCover: no cover b4 10pm, no cover b4 11pm in pajamas, $10 until 11pm w/ rsvp which puts 3 cookies on your Hard Drive before you even RSVP... I don't like that.

Devotion 10 Year AnniversaryDate: Fri, May 6 Mighty 119 Utah SF DJs: Ruben Mancias, David Morales, David Harness, Teejay WaltonMusic: houseCover: $15 presale

Charon Rises: A Benefit for Peter HudsonVenue: Shine Mission @ 9th SF DJs: Syd Gris, Anthony James, Dex Stakker, Simple Greene, Dr. WhiskersMusic: electro, breaks, houseCover: $5-20 silding scale

Doc MartinVenue: Temple 540 Howard SF DJs: Doc Martin, IV Legend, Maniac DJs, ToneMusic: houseCover: $20

The GodfatherVenue: The New Parish (Oakland) DJs: Rich Medina, Daz-I-Kue, Karl Injex, ApplejacMusic: hip-hop, funk, soulCover: $10 presale

Sun May 8

Sunday, May 8 Noon to 5pm CELLspace's Birthday Party 2050 Bryant SF @ 18th / 19th St.
Bar-B-Q, DJ HappyFeet, DJ Critical Akklaim, and CELL class demonstrations
Coinciding with Sunday Streets in the Mission (see below)
Celebrate CELLspace's 15th Birthday with a good old plate of food and a cold drink. Meet the artists, volunteers, and workers who call CELL home. 
    FREE or BY DONATION (bring a dish/grillables to share if you want)
Sunday Streets CELLspace will have an official program area along Valencia St. for Sunday Streets in the Mission. Expect clowns, juggling, stilt-walkers, and carnival merriment. Bay Area Hoopers will be on hand to get your hoop on. 
    11 am to 2pm   FREE  Valencia St. at 19th St.

Sunday Streets 2011 Season Schedule (confirmed): 
·      May 8: Mission- includes the popular route along 24th and Valencia Streets;
·      June 12: Bayview, 3rd St. from Bayview Opera House to Dogpatch, Lower Potrero Hill;
·      July 10: Great Highway and Golden Gate Park;
·      August 14: Civic Center/Tenderloin;
·      September 11: Western Addition- North Panhandle, Alamo Square and Fillmore neighborhoods;
·      October 23; Mission

Mon May 9

Mon May 9 Poi Class $5 7-8pm. Poi Class (All Levels) w/ Aileen Lawlor & Flowtoys 7-8pm - $5
5/16 Christian Martin Dirtybird 8-11pm - $12 Womens Building 3545 18th St SF @ Valencia/ Guererro

Metta Dance 5/9 - Knowa Knowone, Flowtoys and Poi Class w/ Aileen Lawlor 
Mon May 9 7pm-11pm The Women's Building3543 18th St SF, CA
7-8pm - $5 All levels Poi Class with Aileen Lawlor of Flowtoys
8-11pm - $10 Knowa Knowone (Street Ritual, Muti Music) San Francisco 
Metta Dance Schedule
5/9 - Knowa Knowone (MutiMusic)
5/16 - Christian Martin (Dirty Bird) + DJ Shawna
...5/23 - Janaka Selekta and Air Redtree
5/30 - Chris Sia
6/5 - DJ Dragn'fly
6/13 - Adnan Sharif (Forward SF) 
Tutu Tuesday 3 Year Anniversary with 4 hours of Atish Tue May 10 10pm-1am $2in tutu b4midnite 222 Hyde SF @ turk

Bawdy Storytelling's 'CraigsLust: Tales of the Hookup' Wed May 11 at 7:00-10:30pm $10 @ The Blue Macaw 2565 Mission St SF @ 21st/ 22nd St. 
Lingerie Karaoke Thu May 12 9pm-1am Supperclub Sf657 Harrison at 3rd St SF Doors at 9$10 before 10pm in aforementioned attire$15 in street clothes 
Alchemy Festival 2011 Pre-party @ Retox Lounge 628 20th St SF @ 3rd St. Friday the 13th  $10

Art in Storefronts Launch in Central Market Fri May 13 5pm-7pm Action starts at 998 Market Street 
Gamelan X, a Balinese fusion ensemble, will lead a procession up Market Street where the public may catch performances by the John Brothers Piano Company* playing original music accompanied by several other visual and performing artists; the Jaz Sawyer Trio; and the Space Cowboy DJ Collective performing on their hi-tech mobile sound system called The Unimog at U.N. Plaza. The public may also play on "Bulbous," a temporary wall of drums created by Office Division.
Activities on U.N. Plaza will continue 'til 9 p.m.
More details are here: 

)'( Fri May 13 2pm CAMPOUT / Festival:  EMISSIONS: West Coast Bass Culture '2011'!/event.php?eid=118131521596235

Bob Van Breda: Pencil Me In! Artist Reception: Friday, May 13, 6-8 PM Electric Works   130 8th St. SF

 ~Pixie Spring Bazaar & Jamboree~ Sat May 14 11am-7pm McMears Beach, San Rafael, CA 
Sat May 14 9pm-6am The Fire Ball :: Nexus Burning Man Fundraiser 550 Barneveld SF
Visuals by Dustin, Dax, VJ Science & friends Burlesque with Stella Noir, Dixie Delish, Roxy Reve
Fire Art and Interactive Kinect Hacks by Erin Banwell
21+ w/ ID.  Pre-sales start at $12 $20 at the door before 10:30pm

Sat May 14 at 8:00pm - May 15 at 2:00pm The Great San Francisco Sleep-In
 San Francisco Civic Center Polk @ Grove MAY 14TH 20118pm

)'( )'( Bay To Breakers! Sunday, May 15 at 8:00am at Embarcadero to Ocean Beach Via Golden Gate Park!
Catch it in all it's glory when it hits the PanHandle at Baker and Fell st. There folks have a chance to picnic on the grass, 
pack their bowls, swap out their keg, pee on the trees, etc. This is where the party starts! then further into Golden Gate Park!

May 16 US to reach DEBT LIMIT. Get out the $ now. Buy Gold, Silver, land with WATER. Travel. Study. Invest in your health, just get OUT of the US $

Mon May 16 Poi Class $5 7-8pm. Poi Class (All Levels) w/ Aileen Lawlor & Flowtoys 7-8pm - $5
5/16 Christian Martin Dirtybird 8-11pm - $12 Womens Building 3545 18th St SF @ Valencia/ Guererro

May 17, 4:08 A.M. FULL MOON

VITAMIN BASS 18 + Thu May 19 9pm-2am RougeSF 1500 Broadway @ Polk  $5 before 10PM $10 after (21 over $5 all night) HOUSE-ELECTRO-DUBSTEP-TECHNO 
Hookahdome: From the Playa to the City Fri May 20 9pm Supper Club 657 Harrison, SF $15/25

As You Like It & Public Works w/ SCB vs Scuba, Martyn, Epcot and more TBA Fri May 20 9pm-4am Public Works SF161 Erie St SF $10/15/20!/event.php?eid=213628105316677 Non-Judgement day! Saturday, May 21

May 21 & 22  MakerFaire @ San Mateo Co FairGrounds HWY 92 @ Delaware, San Mateo 
Spring Training Sun May 22 Noon-8pm FREE Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, CA 3300 Joaquin Miller Rd Oakland, CA
Digital Rust
Eugene Steele
Sound by Word of Mouth

Bliss Dance Opening Reception Thu May 26 6pm-10pm FREE The Great Lawn 9th and Avenues of the Palms, Treasure Island SF, CA

)'( )'( The Do LaB's Lightning in a Bottle  Irvine, CA - Video by Manifest Media 
AMAZING! Returning Memorial Day weekend. May 27th - 30th, 2011. 
Lightning In a Bottle 2010 - Wow 
Tickets for the 2011 Lightning in a Bottle festival in California go on sale February 28th!
Early Bird Full Weekend Pass $175. Thu May 26 4pm -  Mon May 30 4pm $195 after that. $225 @ Gate
Oak Canyon Ranch 5305 Santiago Canyon rd. Silverado, CA same Beautiful location on the lake as last year!!/TheDoLaB    THE DO LAB PRESENTS LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE 2010   Lightning in a Bottle 2007   Lightning in a Bottle 2008  Woogie Stage, Lightning in a Bottle, May 2008  Treehouse Stage, Lightning in a Bottle, May 2008   Lighting In A Bottle by halcyonstyn
Check out the full lineup:
Pretty Lights   Thievery Corporation (dj set)   Lucent Dossier Experience   Beats Antique   Bonobo (dj set)
MiM0SA   Nick Warren   Claude VonStroke   Random Rab and the Infinidroid   Pantyraid   Baths
Eskmo   KRADDY   Lee Burridge   Dub Kirtan Allstars (ft. FreQ Nasty & David Starfire)
Emancipator   Paper Diamond   Jay Tripwire   Virtual Boy   Android Cartel   Fools Gold   Y La Bamba
Heyoka   Invisible Allies (Bluetech & Killowatts)   LYNX   Low Riderz   Inspired Flight   NastyNasty   Syd Gris   Pumpkin
Shawna   Jupit3r   El Papachango   Stephan Jacobs   Sammy Bliss   Love & Light   Jesse Wright   Desert Dwellers

Presented by The Do LaB , the Lightning in a Bottle festival will look to build on the success of last year’s event — which drew over 7,000 attendees — with a 2011 bill topped by Pretty Lights and a Thievery Corporation DJ set. Other confirmed heavyweights include Lucent Dossier Experience, Bonobo (DJ Set), Beats Antique, Claude VonStroke, MiM0SA, Nick Warren, Random Rab and the Infinidroid, Eskmo, PANTyRAiD, Baths, Fools Gold, Emancipator, Lee Burridge, Y La Bamba and many others. 

Yoga @ Lightning in a Bottle
Yoga continues to be an integral part of the Lightning in a Bottle experience. As the festival has grown, so has our roster of yoga teachers and practitioners. We are excited to provide our most varied and celebrated series of classes yet.

Take a virtual tour of Lightning in a Bottle:

Check out the New dedicated Lightning in a Bottle videos page:

new film END:CIV based on the books Endgame Vols 1 & 2. He was just here recently and is planning on supplying a free download End of May 


Save the Date – Non Profit Boot Camp, June 2, 2011

)'( Raindance Campout 2011  Fri June 3 - Mon June 6  Saratoga Springs, CA ( NOT BELDENTOWN ) Belden has only 6? events per year and was overbooked. 2.5 hrs from San Francisco 4 hrs From Santa Cruz 
World Oceans Day Beach Cleanup Sun Jun 5 10am-12pm Ocean Beach @ Stairwell 17 Across from Beach Chalet Restaurant 1000 Great Highway SF

)'( )'( June 10,11,12 Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA NorCal
Harmony Festival Sneak Peek Line-Up: The Flaming Lips, Grace Potter, Edward Sharpe, Krishna Das, Railroad Earth

Techno-Tribal Community Dance 2011 Sat June 11 8pm-4am Grace Pavillion, Harmony Fest
PLUS: Harmony Hall “Night of Bliss” Featuring:  Krishna Das, Kitaro, Lost At Last Tribe $45/60 hot springs decompression after Harmony Festival Mon Jun 13, Tue Jun 14 Middletown, CA NorCal
Fill your bottles with free Mountain Spring water at Mile Marker 48 between Calistoga and Middletown on Hwy 29 
Fully Magnetic: Mega Blast (18+) Sat Jun 11 9pm-4am DanzHaus / The Gingerbread House 1275 Connecticu SF, CA 
$5-$15 and limited $15 (b...4 10pm) - $20 (all night) at the door.

Jun 15, 1:13 P.M. FULL MOON

Precompression Sat June 18 9pm Public Works 161 Erie  SF @ 14th and Mission
Art • Music • Performance * Theme Camps * Video Artistry * Unexpectables * You!$15 in playa finery; $20 street clothes21+ over  

Burning Man presents PRECOMPRESSION 2011 Saturday evening, June 18th
At Public Works 161 Erie Street SF, CA 94103 (between Division and 14th St. in the Mission)
$15 in playa finery; $20 street clothes 21+ over
Art • Music • Performance * Theme Camps * Video Artistry * Unexpectables * You!
Join us in preparation for Burning Man 2011: Rites of Passage!
Ramp up your Radical Self-Expression and playa preparations because
Burning Man will be just 70 days away! Join a wide variety of
performers, artist, theme camps and friends at this annual extravaganza of imagination!
Artists, performers, DJs, and theme camps interested in performing and
sharing your art, email: now!
To volunteer, email:
More info and schedules will be posted at:

The Bounce Festival Fri Jun 17 - Mon Jun 20 BeldenTown, Belden, CA (NorCal) on the banks of the Feather River    

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 18th Annual June 17-19 2011 at 5:00pm Mendocino County Fairgrounds, Boonville, CA

REDMarines Festival 2011 June 17 California

GLITCHMOB June 24 : SF, CA : The Regency Ballroom $29 
Opulent Temple : Rites of Massive :: Treasure Island Sat June 25 9pm-4a Hangar 3


June 30 - July 3 Quincy, CA 4-day pass $165/180 Way NorCal East


)'( False Profit Presents: Priceless 2011Friday, July 1 at 6:00pmLocation: Belden Town, CA 
Stilldream 11 Year Anniversary - NEW DATE! July 8th-11th Belden, CA $60/80/100/120

Jul 14, 11:39 P.M. FULL MOON

SAVE THE DATE & CALL FOR PARTICIPATION FUNDRAISER for the Burning Man 2011 TEMPLE: "Temple of Transition" July 16, 2011 Cellspace  8pm-2am 2050 Bryant St SF, CA
Bands, raffles, and a plethora of live music and entertainment including all manner of fun, funk, and folly !!!
THIS IS YOUR EVENT PEOPLE !!! - Bands/Musicians interested in performing, please send details and links showing your stuff:
Send e-mail to Ty with "TEMPLE PERFORMERS" in subject line.  Contact Ty:

World Polyamory Association Annual Conference Friday, July 29 at 12:00pm Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, Northern California venue:


)'( COMING IN 2011 The Gaia Festival - August 5, 6, & 7, 2011 
BLACK OAK RANCH - Laytonville, CA (former location)(Kate Wolf Fest location)!/event.php?eid=110761235641892 Join our fan page today:

MUSICIANS on the Sneak Peak artist roster include the soulful harmonies of The Mighty Diamonds, reggae icons The Wailers, funky danceable reggae grooves with Clan Dyken, one of the brightest new bands on the west coast festival scene Delhi 2 Dublin, Grammy Award winning "Afropop Superstar" Chris Berry & Friends, the ultra-funky Orgone, Grammy nominated singer Sister Carol, Toubab Krewe's fusion of rock 'n' roll and West African music, award winning Afrobeat ensemble Albino, the captivating sounds of Zili Misik, legendary Cuban-born singer and percussionist Bobi Cespedes, tight vocal harmonies of MaMuse, North Bay Bohemian pick for "best world band" Dgiin, folk/blues singer Melissa Crabtree, musical adventurer DJ Cheb I Sabbah, plus Baraka Moon, Joanne Rand, north coast theatrical group Human Nature, and ancient soul arts drumming with the Sons & Daughter of Orpheus. Many more TBA. For more information or tickets visit our website at We hope to see you all there! hot springs decompression after Gaia Festival Mon Aug 8, Tue Aug 9 Middletown, CA NorCal
Fill your bottles with free Mountain Spring water at Mile Marker 48 between Calistoga and Middletown on Hwy 29

Aug 13, 2:57 P.M. FULL MOON

)'(  August 26, 2011 Internet ticket sales end: 12 midnight PST (Friday)

)'()'()'( Burning Man - Rites of Passage Mon Aug 29 - Mon Sep 5 2011 Black Rock Desert, NV!/event.php?eid=208658294899 FREE! The Burning Man Screen Saver Project FREE DOWNLOAD! more pics:!/album.php?aid=216347&id=502662169 

Burning Man 2010 Time Lapse Walking Tour 
Burning Man 2010 Metropolis
This is Black Rock City - Experimental Architecture pics 
South Park, Burning Man massacre 
BURNING MAN 2010 adenbeer

Share" with YOUR friends! Help us build the Worlds Largest 1 mile Diameter CLOCK at Burning Man! Watch the video at

Cuddle Ocean! )'( Thu Sep 1 5pm-8pm From the Man to the Temple, Black Rock City, NV

Here's Steven's gallery from Burning Man 2010 ... enjoy!

Sep 12, 5:27 A.M. FUll Moon

OctoberOct 11, 10:07 P.M FULL MOON

NovemberNov 10, 3:18 P.M. FULL MOON

DecemberDec 10, 9:38 A.M. FULL MOON

Miami model at the G20 - Coming Attractions: G20 France, 2011 

Every 1st Tues SF Moma + DeYoung + Palace of Legion of Honor free ART/ museum days. 

Every 1st Wednesday: FREE! 3601 Lyon SF between Lombard and Crissy Field. 

Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary SF 5:30-7:30pm art PARTY! 
30 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm. 

Every 1st Friday: BIKE PARTY 7pm meet different location each month SF FaceBook page

Every 1st Sunday is FREE DAY at The OAKLAND MUSEUM of CALIFORNIA, 
Wed-Fri 10am-5pm, 1st Fri open 'til 9pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12-6pm; 
1000 Oak St; 510-238-2200; South end of Lake Merrit. Click the Image to Download the PDF Shopper's Guide. or Click the Image to Download the iPhone app. 

Video Combo by Max Igan: The Calling & The Awakening 


The Story of Your Enslavement 

The Video BP & Big Oil Don't Want You to See 

Crash Course Chapter 3: Exponential Growth Chapter 4: Compounding Is The Problem are you prepared?  chapter 16: fuzzy numbers 

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know... 

50 Reasons to Oppose Water Fluoridation

"This is a must listen. I love the optimism." audio: "The Accountability Movement" then 

Three Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products 
1. Parabens 2. Fragrance 3. Phthalates 
Learn more: Environmental Working Group 

Tips from The Cancer Project - The Nutrition Rainbow - rainbow.gif 

Download Nutrition Rainbow Poster (PDF) (find under shopping)(FREE) read the archives for great food tips or click on "selected writings" then click on "Dr. Greger's newsletter Archive" see also 

Dr. Ornish study finds healthy lifestyle triggers genetic changes SFVeg-subscribe [at] 

Eating Meat Causes Global Warming 

Avoid Genetically Modified Foods 

Vitamin D, A Gene-Regulating Super Nutrient 
Global_Police_State-subscribe [at] 

Vitamin B3 better than sunscreen in preventing skin cancer 

Can mushrooms save the planet? 

The Failed Experiment: Gun Control and Public Safety in Canada, Australia, England and Wales

PRO GUN CONTROL AD - brought to you by The Patriotic Resistance

Gun Control 

Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily. No more freedom of speech. Anyone who said something against the government was taken away. We knew many people who were arrested, not only Jews, but also priests and ministers who spoke up. 

GUN CONTROL WORKS ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Kim Jong-il, Qaddafi The 2nd Amendment 
Washington didn't use his right to free speech to defeat the British, he shot them. 
Most often when a government takes a peoples guns, it then takes their land or their lives. 

"In Germany back in 1923, a man put all the money he had into a wheelbarrow and headed to the store to buy a loaf of bread. But when he got there, the store was closed. He left his wheelbarrow outside the door, figuring he'd come back when the store opened, knowing the money in it wasn't worth enough for anyone to bother stealing. He was right. When he came back, all the money was still there, dumped on the ground, but someone had stolen his wheelbarrow." 

fun events: Rich DDT’s SF Events Sift 
more events: 
eco events: 
important events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center 
Fellowship of Humanity Events 390 27th St Oakland @ Telegraph/Broadway events, art receptions, music, film, etc. Monthly Raw Food Potlucks (san rafael) Barefoot Boogie and DanceJams

2011 Previous Calendars:
SF events 5.4 BayToBreakersSunMay15 LightninginaBottleFriMay27 
SF events 4.27 or 
SF events 4:20 EarthDaySFSat DeepGreenRichmondSat or 
SF events 4.12 NoNukesOnFaultLines NoSmartMeters 
SF events 4.5 Green Festival this wknd EarthDaySF 4.23 or or
SF events 3.29 )'( April 1 BurningMan Walk-in Ticket Outlets available @ $320 or
SF events 3.22 TueWater+SaveTheRave WedStopBombingLibya FriBeatsAntique@Fillmore SatArtSpaceOakland or 
SF events 3.15 LAST DAY OF SAFE AIR get healing foods TODAY. Get Mask for outdoor activities. Radioactive Particles do not go through walls of house. or 
SF events 3.8 International Women's day or 
SF events 3.2 or Seed Swap Friday Berkeley
SF events 2.22 WedNoTasersSF ThuNoSmartMetersSF FriChineseNewYear+PinkMammoth SatResetSF SunHeartBeatAmplifier or 
SF events 2.17 TribesofBurningmanThu BLUETECHredAlertFri EotoVibeSquadOPELSat ChineseNewYearRaindanceNextFriFeb25 or 
SF events 2.8 AdoreMeFri AnonSalonKirtanArtOfLoveSat or 
SF events 2.4 or 
SF events 2.1 Beginning Of Systemic Failure or
SF events 1.25 or 
SF events 1.19 )'( Burning Man Rites of Passage TIX on sale TODAY 10:00am 
SF events 1.14 Earth Magnetic Pole Shift Disorienting Birds
SF events 1.11 SAVE THE RAVE    or 
SF events 1.4 The American Dream MUST SEE    or

2010 Previous Calendars: 
SF events 12.29 FreePartyEastBayMidnightTonight then NYESeaOfDreamsSF8th@Brannan or 
SF events 12.23 Save the Rave 
Save The Rave Open Group  on FACEBOOK get involved now before dancing becomes illegal!/home.php?sk=group_132907476771264
SF events 12.15 WedGruntWorthy ThuStandUpForPeace ThuKittyKatXmas FriAnonSalon FriCellSpaceXmas 
SF events 12.9 or 
FriPeakOilArtShowCityHall+DistriktW/ScumFrog@PublicWorks SatBassNectarBlackLipsEntheogenicGardenArunja SunMayorNewsomOpenHouse
SF events 12.3 FlamingLotusGirls SantaCon Chillin Scroll down for events but come back up to the important stuff or 
SF events 11.30 Scroll down for events but come back up to the important stuff or 
SF events 11.24 The Day the Dollar Died 
SF events 11.11 ThuIslandsOfSF+Oaklandish+ElectricWhomp FriBohemianCarnivalIndigoBellyDanceVibeSquadPlumpDJsPantyRaid SatCamp? 
SF events 11.02 Vote Today, Revolt Tomorrow. Dia De Los Muertos tonight. Green Fest this wknd. 
SF EVENTS 10.27 
I have free stuff if you want to have a garage sale to make $ ! 415 269 7738 
SF events 10.20 David Icke Saturday San Rafael, CA 
SF events 10.12 TuesLGBTteens WedPersonalEvolution SatPotreroHillFest+CityCampSF+EarthAtRisk 
SF events 10.6 )'( )'( )'( Sun Oct 10 Burning Man Decompression traditionally the 2nd Sunday of October Indiana St SF 
SF events 9.29 BlueGrassGGParkOct1/2/3 BurningManDeCompressionSunOct10SF SCruzDecomSatOct2 
SF events 9.22 EOTO, MiMOSA, MARTY PARTY @ 103 Harriet Fri FolsomStreetFairSun Sep 24-26 SolFest @ Ukiah Fairgrounds 
SF events 9.15 Earthdance 9/17-18-19 prepare for RAIN could be fun, like woodstock Harbin Pools CLOSED Sep 19-24 
SF events 9.9 Michael Franti & Spearhead @ GG Park 9/11 and Earthdance 9/17-18-19 
SF events 8.26 BurningMan Set Times and Camp Schedules 
SF events 8.18 Gray Water tonight 7-9pm Berkeley 2530 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA 94702 Graywater Panel - Water Reuse and Management, 
SF events 8.11 Protest the Smart Meter at the CPUC Thursday Aug 12 1PM 
SF events 8.6 Opulent Temple Underground - The Sixth Seal 
SF events 8.4 NO on H8 
SF events 7.29 FriSoulOfTheCitySF SatSandByTheTonOakland 
SF events 7.23 a case against cardio or 
SF events 7.17 HAIR boom stuffing party for Gulf of Mexico soaking up Oil Spill Sat Noon-5pm SF bio remediation @ 
SF events 7.13 Oil Spill 24 articles 
SF events 7.8 SuperHeroStreetFairSat. "A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream" July 9-11 
SF events 7.3 Craneway Pavillion Richmond Sat / Sun Bolinas 4th of July get there by 10/11am Sunday for parking 
SF events 6.28 Luv & Rockets RED PARTY ~ ILL GATES & Knowa Knowone Wed June 30 8:30pm-2:00am Supperclub 
SF events 6.25 HandsAcrossTheSand+DykeMarchDoloresPark+PinkSaturdayInTheCastro PrideSunday 
SF events 6.17 )'( )'( )'( Burning Man presents a *Mega-PRECOMPRESSION Sat June 19th 8pm to 4am 
SF events 6.11 )'( )'( )'( June 11-13 2010 Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA 
SF events 06.08 TUE JUNE 8 VOTE for a voters SLATE 
Prop 13 YES Prop 14: NO Prop 15 YES Prop 16 NO Prop 17 NO 
SF events 06.01 Terrorist state of Israel Kills 15 peace activists in International waters 
SF events 5.27 )'( )'( )'( Lightning in a Bottle Fri May 28 Noon - May 31 2am Oak Canyon Ranch - Irvine California! 
SF events 5.22 )'( )'( )'( Lightning in a Bottle Fri May 28 Noon - May 31 2am Oak Canyon Ranch - Irvine California! 
SF events 5.22 )'()'( Breaker Faire TONIGHT 8pm-8am American steel 1960 Mandela Parkway, Oakland 
SF events 5.19 March against offshore drilling: Thursday 5-7pm SF Powell St turnaround to the Bay 
SF EVENTS 5.13 )'( )'( )'( Sun May 16 SF Bay to Breakers Third Sunday in May )'( )'( )'( 
SF EVENTS 5.11 )'( )'( )'( Sun May 16 SF Bay to Breakers Third Sunday in May )'( )'( )'( 
SF events 5.6 HowWeirdStFaireSunMay9. BayToBreakersSunMay16 
SF events 5.4 HowWeirdFestSunMay9. BayToBreakersSunMay16 
SF events 4.30 MayDaySat AlchemySat NewLivingExpoWknd HowWeirdMay9 BaytoBreakersMay16 
SF events 4.28 HowWeird Festival Sun May 11 BollyWeird 
SF events 4.23 EarthDay weekend 
SF events 4.21 Earth Day Sovereignty 
SF events 4.18 Invisible Empire 
SF events 4.13 Checklist for Less Toxic Living from 
SF events 4.10 Free Green Festival Pass 
SF events 4.7 
SF events 3.31 One Night Stand @ Lodge Los Gatos Fri Apr 2 6pm-Sat Apr 3 Noon. 18 hours of MUSIC and Hot tubs / pools! for $20 
SF events 3.25 
Really Really Free Market Dolores Park, March 27th, 1-5PM. Dolores @ 19th / 20th St. SF 
SF events 3.11 Really need space for a garage sale this weekend! 
SF events 3.9 FREE STUFF! 
SF events 3.4 SAVE OUR SCHOOLS FirstThursArt FriLIBtix.RestoreDefenestration.Mighty$5Party SatBurnalEquinox 
SF events 3.2 TueWedFreeMuseums FirstThursArt FriLIBtix.RestoreDefenestration.Mighty$5Party SatBurnalEquinox 
SF events 2.26 One Love @ Lupin Lodge, Los Gatos Fri Feb 26 4pm - Saturday Noon $20 for 18 hours of non-stop music! This event has 869 confirmed guests 
SF events 2.24 28th Amendment 
SF events 2.19 28th Amendment 
SF events 2.16 FAT TUESDAY 
SF events 2.12 AnonCancelled tonightFri SatArtOfLove SunPillowFightJustinHermanPlaza6pm 
SF events 2.4 Aqualush at the ISIS OASIS, Geyserville CA Feb 5-7 
SF events 2.02 Constitutional Amendment to Undo SCOTUS Ruling 
SF events 1.28 - prevent martial law 
SF events 1.26 NULL and VOID: Corporate Personhood, Patriot Act, John Roberts, and any product of Criminal GW Bush regime organized crime syndicate. 
SF events 1.21 genetically modified crops 'can cause liver and kidney damage 
SF events 1.19 Prenatal Exposure to Flame Retardant Compounds Affects Neurodevelopment of Young Children 
SF events 1.15 Obama’s Favorite For Supreme Court Justice Sunstein Wants To Ban Free Speech 
SF events 1.12 Occupy DC Mar 22 
SF events 1.9 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True 
SF events 1.5 America: you are a JUNKIE! 

2009 Previous Calendars: 
SF evenst 12.29 Sea of Dreams NYE 
SF events 12.22 Crippled by GMAIL? 
SF events 12.17 The Crash Course 
SF events 12.15 
SF events 12.11 EU has NAZI roots. Global tax means an end to civil liberties. 
SF events 12.8 CLIMATEGATE 
SF events 12.4 stuff 
SF events 12.1 
SF events 11.25 
SF events 11.20 Fri:MissionControl.EcstaticDanceMillValley.BordelloDubOakland Sat:ArtUndressd.LoveTech Sun:AncestorsWisdom 
SF events 11.17 THIS WEDNESDAY 11/18 - Luv Up the Heartbeat RED PARTY at Supper Club 
SF events 11.12 GREEN FESTIVAL Fri/Sat/Sun SF 8th @ Brannan Concourse Exhibition Center 
SF events 11.10 TueLowCarbonDietEcologyCtr ThuCoolCatClothesSwapCellSpace WkndGreenFestival 
SF events 11.6 NEXUS MAZE PARTY Saturday 
SF events 11.3 Sat Nov 7 Nexus Haymaze, HalfMoon Bay, Ca 
SF events 10.27 US Census GPS tagging your front door for round up or extermination 
SF events 10.22 RollerDiscoAndHookahDomeFri WestFestWoodStockAnnivSun 
SF events 10.20 EcoAwardsFREETues RollerDiscoandHookahDomeFri. WestFestSun 
SF events 10.15 Protest oBOMBa's "Peace Prize" 4:30PM Union Square St. Francis Hotel SF CodePINK 
SF events 10.13 RAIN and WIND 
SF events 10.8 )'( DECOMPRESSION SUNDAY! Noon - 2am = 14 hours of fun! 
SF events 10.6 Every 1st Tues SF Moma + DeYoung + Palace of Legion of Honor free ART/ museum days. 
SF events 10.1 LOVEOLUTION Sat Oct 3 SF Civic Center 
SF events 9.23 EARTHDANCE 
SF events 9.15 SYMBIOSIS this weekend. EARTHDANCE next weekend. Baker Beach North this week HEAT WAVE. 
SF events 9.11 PowerToThePeacefulMichaelFrantiSatGoldenGateParkSpeedwayMeadows9am-5pm 
SF events 9.9 WorldHoopDayToday PowerToThePeacefulMichaelFrantiSat 
SF events 8.29 Baker Beach Critical-Mass then BURNINGMAN 
SF events 8.26 Do you have space for a Garage Sale this weekend? 
SF events 8.21 TempleMightyFri AnonWhiteOutSaturday PrepareForPlayaSatSun 
SF events 8.18 Heartbeat Amplifier Fundraiser Wednesday Supperclub 657 Harrison @ 2nd/ 3rd St. $10 if you wear RED 9pm-Midnight 
SF events 8.14 Fundraiser for )'( Heartbeat Amplifier Corner of Virginia and Winfield,SF. Sat Aug 15 9-4 
SF events 8.11 Fundraiser for )'( Heartbeat Amplifier Corner of Virginia and Winfield,SF. Bring stuff to donate! Sat Aug 15 9-4 
SF events 8.6 Black Rock Roller Disco Fri Cellspace. HayBailMaze Fri and Sat Half Moon Bay. 
SF events 8.4 Black Rock Roller Disco Fri Cellspace. HayBailMaze Fri and Sat Half Moon Bay. 
SF events 7.23 NoPantsPartyThu. TeaHouse BoHoCarnival SubCell Fri. SuperHeroStFairSat. 
SF events 7.21 RevBillyTue. EcstaticDanceBenChunWed. NoPantsPartyThu. BoHoCarnivalFri. SuperHeroStreetParty Sat. 
SF events 7.18 Burningman street names 
SF events 7.14 94 Degrees: GOTO Baker Beach North end by the VolleyBall Court, Presidio, SF 
SF events 7.10 OpelAdamFreelandFri. SandByTheTonOaklandSat. 
Sf Events 7.3 America sleeps 
SF events 6.24 DYKEMARCH saturday. PRIDE sunday. 
SF events 6.19 Solstice 
SF events 6.11 Harmony Festival Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend 
SF events 6.09 Harmony Festival Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend 
SF events 6.06 SF Burning Man Precompression June 6th June Flambe Lounge... 
SF events 6.02 Peak Oil Police State 
SF events 5.30 No on 8 
SF events 5.26 No on 8 
SF events 5.22 CARNAVAL wknd, Parade Sun SF Harrison between 16th and 24th ST, Mission Dist 
SF events 5.19 TueIntroToPersonalEvolution WedATTwireTapping 
SF events 5.13 BAY to BREAKERS this SUNDAY 
SF events 5.7 HowWeird Festival SUNDAY 
SF events 5.5 Cinco De Mayo 
SF events 4.30 beltane rain 1 inch Fri aftn/eve. Light rain Sat / Sun. 
SF events 4.22 EARTHDAY 
SF events 4.17 twitter 
SF events 4.14 
SF events 4.9 ThuYuri'sNightAcadOfSci FriFree@TempleSF SatBunnyJamNimby EasterSunSistersDoloresPark 
SF events 4.3 The Obama Deception 
SF events Tue Mar 24 7:30-PM FREE Evening with Craig Newmark of 
SF events 3.20 SatPeaceRallyJustinHermanToCivicCtr Spring Equinox 6th Anniversary of Iraq War 
SF events 3.17 EWG.orgTues IraqMoratoriumThurs 
SF events 3.11 FOOD 
Sf Events 3.4 Prop8hearingThurs CarlCoxMASSIVfri PlayaPaintingChillinGrooveGardenSat 
SF events 2.27 Three Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products 
SF events 2.24 Visual depiction of size of stimulus PORK 
SF events 2.20 There are no secrets, only information you don't yet have. 
SF events 2.17 TueAppleStoreDaveGibbons ThuPrepare your own disaster kit 
SF events 2.13 ThuTweedRide FriFireandGlowNightAnonNineLucky13 
SF events 2.10 TuTuTues BawdyStorytellingWineDownWeds ThuTweedRideDoloresPark LuckyLove13Fri 
SF events 2.3 TueFreeSFmoma WedFREEexploratorium ThuFreeART 
SF events 1.31 Water: California's New Gold Saturday Oakland 
SF events 1.27 eat whole foods - to avoid risk of exposure to chemicals 
SF events 1.24 john lennon speaks truth 
SF events 1.21 reproductive rights tonight and Saturday 
SF events 1.15 store water in case of earthquake 
SF events 1.13 BURNING MAN TIX on sale TOMORROW 
SF events 1.9 Sat 11 AM Israel out of Gaza 
Sf events 1.6 The Secret Rulers of the World 

2008 Previous Calendars: 
SF events 12.30 Store food and water in case of earthquake 
SF events 12.24 happy holidays 
SF events 12.19 NO! on Prop8 Sat 3-6pm Union Square 
SF events 12.17 
SF events 12.12 safe pet food 
SF events 12.10 
SF events 12.2 water 
SF events 11.28 Buy Nothing Day 
SF events 11.21 NO TAX NO IRS see Nov 23 for this event: 
Fremont Nov 23 Attorney Tom Cryer What The Government Doesnt Want You To Know About The I R S 
SF events 11.18 NO TAX NO IRS see Nov 23 for this event: 
Fremont Nov 23 Attorney Tom Cryer What The Government Doesnt Want You To Know About The I R S 
SF events 11.13 GreenFest this Weekend! 
SF events 11.11 Greeen Festival this weekend! 
SF events 11.7 PROP 8 protest march FRI Nov 7 5:30pm SF CIVIC CENTER 7th and Market 
SF events 11.3 Vote Tuesday. Revolt Wednesday. 
SF events 10.29 INFERNO Friday 9p-4a Regency Center: 1270 Sutter Street @ Van Ness 
SF events 10.23 who wants stuff? 
SF events 10.16 AliceInWonderlandFri. DoloresParkSoapBoxDerbySat. 
SF events 10.14 
SF events 10.10 )'( MoonTowerMarinSat. DeCompression Sun Oct 12 Noon-2am 
just $10 in Costume! BYO picnic lunch, party on the grass in Esprit Park! 
plus four city blocks On Indiana Street between Mariposa and 22nd, SF 
SF events 10.7 )'( DeCompression Sun Oct 12 Noon-2am just $10 in Costume! BYO picnic lunch, party on the grass in Esprit Park! 
plus four city blocks On Indiana Street between Mariposa and 22nd, SF 
SF events 10.3 LoveFest Saturday rain or shine. Sat/Sun GG Park VegFest and BlueGrass 
SF events 9.26 FriCritMass SatReallyFreeMktDolPark SunFolsomStFair 
SF events 8.19 Desert requires Bike this year, with BIG tires. Camp is Bigger! 
SF events 8.15 Duck and Cover 
SF events 8.12 Tutu Tues. Wed Prostitution. Fri1015Folsom. SatNakedBeachDay. 
SF events 8.7 FirstThuArt. FriHoopDay+SoulRevival+REVOLUTION. SatBootieCoda 
SF events 8.5 Wed5-6pmFreezeActPowell/Market. Thu SFBG best of Bay. Fri 8/8/8 HulaHoopDay + ANON285-9th@Folsom 
SF events 8.1 GUN CONTROL WORKS ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot 
SF events 7.30 I will not comply 
SF events 7.25 Nuzzle Tonight. Monterey beach burn Sat. )'( Participarade Sunday! 
SF events 7.22 Webster Tarpley Historical changes in false flag terrorism 
SF events 7.17 Burningman Desert Arts Preview Tonight 6:30pm! 
SF events 7.15 Burningman Desert Arts Preview Thurs 7pm! 
SF events 7.12 COSMIC DRIVER free tonight. Burning Man Desert Art Preview 7pm Thu 7/17 
SF events 7.9 REVOLT because congress is criminal 
SF events 7.2 REVOLT for Independence. study the laws of sovereignty 
Sf Events 6.26 FriTransMarch. SatDykeMarch. SunPride. FREE STUFF in Dolores Park b4 Trans Fri + b4 Dyke Sat. 
Sf Events 6.24 
SF events 6.20 )'( Precompression Fri. Sat Solstice San Geronimo. Sun Sunset + )'( PrepareForPlaya 
SF events 6.17 UCBoaksNOW. SaveTheBayToday. )'(PreComFri. Raindance,BigOneWknd. )'(PrepForPlayaSun. 
SF events 6.13 )'(OpulentTempleFri )'(BBQ-A-NoobieVolunteerPic-i-nicSat YogaTaiChiSat NorthBeachFestSun 
SF events 6.11 SagradaTempleFundraiserThu OpulentTempleFri BBQnewbieSat YogaTaiChiSat 
SF events 6.5 Harmony Festival Weekend Santa Rosa 
SF events 6.3 FreeMuseumWeek June5BankHoliday HarmonyFestWknd SunStopTheSprayLiveConcert 
SF events 5.27 ChevWrong BAD OIL. NoSpray aerial pesticides GGbridge walk Sat. 
SF events 5.21 Lightning in a Bottle Thu-Mon plus CARNAVAL green zone Sat/Sun 
SF events 5.15 Bay to Breakers is SUNDAY May 18 
SF events 5.13 Bay to Breakers Sunday 5.18 
SF events 5.6 FREE MUSEUMS + Stop Aerial Pesticide Spray of SF BAY 
SF events 5.1 MAYDAY! SF + Thu Art + Sun HOWWEIRD St. FAIRE 
SF events 4.29 GENERAL STRIKE MAY DAY. HOWWEIRD st. Faire Sun May 4! 
SF events 4.24 Th NoSpraySF. Fri Digital Be-In. Sat BEACH IMPEACH. Sun People's Park Anniv. 
SF events 4.22 EARTH WEEK Save Earth. Get Off The Grid. protect your water and food 
SF events 4.15 NOSPRAY Wed SACTO. Save the internet Thursday. 
SF events 4.10 
SF events 4.8 FREE TIBET 
SF events 4.3 Th hula hoop +art. F artHaight. Sat Anon Gallery. Su Climate,,Tibet. Mon LBAM 
SF events 4.1 Fossil Fools Day Bike Parade Berkeley Bart at 5pm 
SF events 3.26 Fri. CellSpace Sat. St Stupid's Day Parade Tuesday! 
SF events 3.20 Th Bike Safety. F Full Moon. Sa Bunny Jam. Su Sisters in Dolores Park 
SF events 3.18 5 years of current war on Iraq 
Sf events 3.14 3.15 Chevron Richmond 3.19 SF, San Rafael, Walnut Creek Direct Action to Stop War 
SF events 3.11 non-violent direct action at the Chevron refinery in Richmond Mar 15 
SF events 3.7 No Aerial Spray Sat SF 10am-Noon 253 Hyde Street at corner of Eddy 
Sf events 3.4 FREE MUSEUM day 
Sf events 2.29 see ENDGAME and 
SF events 2.25 ENDGAME 
SF events 2.19 Wed Feb 20 Full Moon! + LUNAR eclipse 7pm 
SF events 2.14 PILLOW FIGHT 6-7:30pm Justin Herman Plaza Market @ Embarcadero 
SF events 2.12 Laura Flanders tonight @ Global Exchange 
SF events 2.8 Chinese New Year 
SF events 2.5 Vote / REVOLT / Fat Tuesday 
SF events 2.1 Fri: GeminiDiscoMighty, DepthCharge. Super Hero Party Saturday! 
SF events 1.29 
SF events 1.23 CELLSPACE FRI + SAT + 
SF events 1.15 MacWorld Sat Roe V Wade Anniversary 
Sf Events 1.9 Fri Capricorns. Sat Burnlesque. Mon MacWorld 
SF events 1.3 

SF events 12.27 Lakota Sioux - The Bravest Americans 
SF events 12.20 Fri Dec 21 1-4pm Near Macy's at Union Square 
SF events 12.18 Financial planning for the Endless Depression Wednesday Eve Oakland. 
SF events 12.14 Fri UAS + AnonSalon. Sat Santarchy. Sun SelfDefense. 
SF events 12.11 Santarchy Sat + Self Defence Sun 
SF events 12.7
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.