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 July 1, 2011 -- July 17, 2011

Greetings Ecology Center members and friends,

Welcome to another list of events, classes, actions, films, conferences, and more. Our searchable website edition of the calendar contains events further into the future. The Ecology Center's events are listed first, followed by additional community event listings. Please continue to send event listings to

7/5/2011	Free 3-session Climate Action Workshop (Tues)	Class
7/5/2011	Cooking Demonstration by Chefs Daniel Clayton & Trace Leighton at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market	Farmers' Markets Event
7/14/2011	Seed Saving Class: "Super Easy"	Class
7/30/2011	Greywater, Rainwater Catchment, Earthworks Tour at the EcoHouse	EcoHouse Event
8/14/2011	Seed Saving Class: "Super Easy"	EcoHouse Event
11/19/2011	Greywater, Rainwater Catchment, Earthworks Tour at the EcoHouse	EcoHouse Event

7/2/2011	Point Isabel Work Party	East Bay
7/2/2011	Sick Plant Clinic	East Bay
7/2/2011 - 7/31/2011	LaborFest 2011 -- Labor Fights Back: From Egypt to Wisconsin and SF	SF Bay Area
7/2/2011	Phat Beets Crop Swap & Live Jazz	East Bay
7/2/2011 - 7/4/2011	Bay Area Permaculture Convergence	North Bay
7/2/2011 - 7/3/2011	Build An Earth Oven	Mendocino County
7/2/2011 - 7/4/2011	Opening Weekend: San Francisco Mime Troupe Presents: 2012 -- The Musical!	San Francisco
7/3/2011	San Francisco Vegetarian Society's Healthy 3rd of July BBQ	San Francisco
7/4/2011	Fourth of July at the Berkeley Marina	East Bay
7/5/2011	23rd Annual Cuba Caravan Potluck Dinner & Program	East Bay
7/5/2011	Cooking Demonstration by Chefs Daniel Clayton & Trace Leighton at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market	East Bay
7/5/2011	Community Seed Library Work Party -- First Tuesdays	East Bay
7/5/2011	South Bay Green Building Professionals Guild: Greywater for Professionals	Peninsula
7/5/2011	Film & Discussion: "Bag It"	San Francisco
7/5/2011 - 7/8/2011	Monkey Business Fabulous Fun Camp (8-10 year olds)	East Bay
7/5/2011	Bicycle Class: Flat Tires (again!)	East Bay
7/5/2011 - 7/8/2011	Monkey Business Outdoor Cooking Camp (5-7 year olds)	East Bay
7/5/2011 - 7/19/2011	Free 3-session Climate Action Workshop (Tues)	East Bay
7/5/2011 - 7/12/2011	Permaculture Teacher Training	North Bay
7/6/2011	Workshop: Green Cleaners	San Francisco
7/6/2011	East Bay Green Building Professionals Guild: Share Your Ideas and Experience	East Bay
7/6/2011	Volunteer: Evening Weeding for Burrowing Owls on the Bay	East Bay
7/6/2011	Film: The Truth about Climate Change	East Bay
7/6/2011	East Bay Science Cafe -- Spiders, Crustaceans, and Cells, Oh My!	East Bay
7/6/2011	Volunteer: Weeding, Walking, and Ice Cream!	East Bay
7/7/2011	Foraging Walk with the Berkeley Path Wanderers	East Bay
7/7/2011	Berkeley Simplicity Forum Meeting	East Bay
7/7/2011	Lecture: Food Sensitivities and Weight Loss Resistance	Marin County
7/8/2011	Volunteer: Berkeley Youth Alternative Gardens	East Bay
7/8/2011 - 7/14/2011	Film: "The Big Uneasy" (Berkeley)	East Bay
7/8/2011 - 7/10/2011	Digging Dog Nursery Annual Summer Plant Sale	Mendocino County
7/8/2011	Film & Discussion: "Save Our Land, Save Our Towns"	Peninsula
7/8/2011	Green Friday Potluck: Urban Wildlife Conservation Challenges and Priorities	East Bay
7/9/2011	Get Rid Of That Big Lawn, Already! with Bob Hornback	San Francisco
7/9/2011	East Bay Regional Park District Ambassador Training Program	East Bay
7/9/2011	Plant Propagation Workshop	East Bay
7/9/2011	The Wonderful World of Weeding at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve (Hayward/Union City)	South Bay
7/9/2011	Volunteer: Creek Stewardship Work Party	East Bay
7/9/2011	Cuba Caravan Send Off Party	East Bay
7/9/2011	Class: Successful Gardens Start With The Soil	East Bay
7/9/2011	Native Bee Presentation	East Bay
7/9/2011	Workshop: Bay-Friendly Basics	South Bay
7/9/2011	Sidewalk Landscaping Workshop	San Francisco
7/9/2011	Monthly Bird Walk: Muddy Hollow Migrants and Mist-netting	Marin County
7/9/2011	Urban Composting	San Francisco
7/9/2011	Garden Tour: Discover the Beauty in Water-Wise Gardening	San Francisco
7/9/2011 - 7/10/2011	Install a Greywater System	Mendocino County
7/9/2011	Workshop: Controlling Gophers, Moles and Other Pests without Poison	San Francisco
7/10/2011 - 7/11/2011	Film: "The Big Uneasy" (SF)	San Francisco
7/10/2011	First Annual Summer Celebration Fundraising Event for CUESA	San Francisco
7/10/2011	Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop (El Cerrito)	East Bay
7/10/2011	Workshop: Garden Photography	East Bay
7/10/2011	Temescal Street Fair	East Bay
7/10/2011	Occidental Arts & Ecology Center Tour	North Bay
7/10/2011	Oakland Fiber & Textile Festival	East Bay
7/11/2011	NorCal Solar's Annual Membership Party	San Francisco
7/11/2011	Film: "The Big Uneasy" (San Rafael)	North Bay
7/11/2011 - 7/15/2011	Monkey Business Circus Arts and Magic Camp (5-7 year olds)	East Bay
7/11/2011 - 7/22/2011	Coldwater Scouts Summer Youth Camp (Session 2)	SF Bay Area
7/11/2011 - 7/15/2011	Discovering the Soil Foodweb with Dr. Elaine Ingham	Marin County
7/11/2011 - 7/15/2011	Monkey Business Mosaic and Jewelry Making Camp (8-10 year olds)	East Bay
7/12/2011	Green Speed Networking	East Bay
7/12/2011	Class: Landscape Watering (Mill Valley)	North Bay
7/12/2011	City Arts & Lectures: Andy Goldsworthy	San Francisco
7/13/2011	North Bay Green Building Professionals Guild: Zero Water	North Bay
7/13/2011	Film & Discussion: "The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning"	East Bay
7/13/2011	Workshop: Skin Elixirs	San Francisco
7/14/2011	Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence	East Bay
7/14/2011	Seed Saving Class: "Super Easy"	East Bay
7/15/2011	Volunteer: Berkeley Youth Alternative Gardens	East Bay
7/15/2011	The Pursuit of Gross National Happiness: Bhutan and a Vision for a Better World	South Bay
7/15/2011	Films & Discussion: "Seoul, the Stream of Consciousness" & "Portland: A Sense of Place"	Peninsula
7/15/2011	Conservation Corps North Bay Summer Service Day	North Bay
7/16/2011	Splash Into Summer Open House	East Bay
7/16/2011	Workshop: The Magic of Mead	North Bay
7/16/2011	Plant Colors: An Introduction to Natural Dyes	East Bay
7/16/2011	Herbal Tincture Making with Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs	San Francisco
7/16/2011	Grow Your Own Food! An Introduction to Seasonal Organic Vegetable Gardening	San Francisco
7/16/2011 - 7/29/2011	Permaculture Design 2-Week Intensive	North Bay
7/16/2011	Class: Landscape Watering (SF)	San Francisco
7/16/2011	Volunteer: Restore Bird Habitat with the Audubon Society	San Francisco
7/17/2011 - 9/18/2011	Medicinal Plants of the Bay Area: A Bioregional Exploration (Seasonal Herb Walk Series)	SF Bay Area
7/17/2011	Global Community Monitor Hatha Yoga Benefit	San Francisco
7/17/2011	Nature Play Day	South Bay
7/17/2011	Class: Landscape Watering (Richmond)	East Bay

Carrie Bennett
Ecology Center

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