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 July 16, 2011 -- July 31, 2011

Greetings Ecology Center members and friends,

Welcome to another list of events, classes, actions, films, conferences, and more. Our searchable website edition of the calendar contains events further into the future. The Ecology Center's events are listed first, followed by additional community event listings. Please continue to send event listings to

How To: Learn about Greywater, Rainwater Catchment, and Earthworks! 
Saturday, July 30: Presentation and Tour of the Water Conservation Features at the EcoHouse . A talk and tour, led by EcoHouse co-founder Babak Tondre.
7/19/2011	Cooking Demonstration by Trudy Schafer at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market 	Farmers' Markets Event
7/30/2011	Greywater, Rainwater Catchment, Earthworks Tour at the EcoHouse 	EcoHouse Event
8/14/2011	Seed Saving Class: "Super Easy" 	EcoHouse Event
8/16/2011	Author Event: "Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit" 	Special Event
8/16/2011	Cooking Demonstration by Trudy Schafer at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market 	Farmers' Markets Event
8/16/2011	Free 3-session Climate Action Workshop (Tues) 	Class
8/17/2011	Chicken Clinic 2.0 	Class
8/18/2011	The Red Flags of Greenwashing: A Regenerating Solutions Salon 	Special Event
8/27/2011	Colors from Nature: Getting Started with Natural Dyes 	EcoHouse Event
10/4/2011	Advanced Seed Saving for Farmers and Gardeners 	Class
10/15/2011	Bookmaking with Recycled Materials 	Class
11/19/2011	Greywater, Rainwater Catchment, Earthworks Tour at the EcoHouse 	EcoHouse Event
11/19/2011	Giftmaking with Recycled Materials 	Class

7/16/2011	Farmworker Justice Breakfast, Poetry Reading & Trader Joe's Action 	East Bay
7/16/2011	Stone Fruit Celebration 	San Francisco
7/16/2011	From Hiroshima to Fukushima: Confronting the Two-Headed Monster of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power 	East Bay
7/16/2011	Online Event: Bee-A-Thon 2011 	 
7/16/2011 - 7/17/2011	Occidental Arts & Ecology Center Perennial Plant Sale 	North Bay
7/16/2011	Class: Landscape Watering (SF) 	San Francisco
7/16/2011	Grow Your Own Herbal Tea 	East Bay
7/16/2011	The Berkeley Arts Festival: FPR Trio 	East Bay
7/16/2011	Lecture: Engaging Youth in Nature Experiences and Environmental Action 	San Mateo County
7/16/2011 - 7/29/2011	Permaculture Design 2-Week Intensive 	North Bay
7/16/2011	Plant Colors: An Introduction to Natural Dyes 	East Bay
7/16/2011	Volunteer: Restore Bird Habitat with the Audubon Society 	San Francisco
7/16/2011	Grow Your Own Food! An Introduction to Seasonal Organic Vegetable Gardening 	San Francisco
7/16/2011	Herbal Tincture Making with Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs 	San Francisco
7/16/2011	Splash Into Summer Open House 	East Bay
7/16/2011	Workshop: The Magic of Mead 	North Bay
7/17/2011	Presentation: Wild California -- A Walk Back in Time  	East Bay
7/17/2011	Berkeley Path Wanderers: Summer Path-a-thon 	East Bay
7/17/2011	Medicinal Plants of the Bay Area: Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve 	Peninsula
7/17/2011	Film, Dinner and Silent Auction Fundraiser for Lawsuit to Protect Niles Canyon 	East Bay
7/17/2011	Nature Play Day 	South Bay
7/17/2011 - 9/18/2011	Medicinal Plants of the Bay Area: A Bioregional Exploration (Seasonal Herb Walk Series) 	SF Bay Area
7/17/2011	Class: Landscape Watering (Richmond) 	East Bay
7/17/2011	Global Community Monitor Hatha Yoga Benefit 	San Francisco
7/18/2011 - 7/22/2011	Golden Gate Audubon Junior Birders Summer Camp (ages 9-12) 	East Bay
7/18/2011	Transition Berkeley's Weekly Crop Swap 	East Bay
7/18/2011	Breakfast and Conference call w/Transition Town Rob Hopkins & Richard Heinberg 	East Bay
7/18/2011 - 7/22/2011	Salmon Institute Teacher Training & Professional Development  	Marin County
7/18/2011	A Conversation with Rob Hopkins, Originator of the 'Transition' Concept 	 
7/18/2011 - 7/22/2011	Monkey Business Survivor Monkey Business Style Camp (8-10 year olds) 	East Bay
7/18/2011 - 7/22/2011	Monkey Business Circus Arts and Magic Camp (5-7 year olds) 	East Bay
7/19/2011	Give Comment: Point-of-Sale Information on Cell Phone Radiation 	San Francisco
7/19/2011	Moving into High Gear: Energy Upgrade California's Retrofit Bonanza 	San Francisco
7/19/2011	Cooking Demonstration by Trudy Schafer at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market 	East Bay
7/19/2011	Film: Manufactured Landscapes 	San Francisco
7/19/2011	Climate Change Adaptation in the SF Bay Area: Forecasts, Challenges and Recommendations 	Peninsula
7/20/2011	Cooking Club: Teas and Healthy Mocktails 	East Bay
7/20/2011	Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library Orientation 	East Bay
7/20/2011	East Bay Green Drinks 	East Bay
7/20/2011	Richmond Grows es una "biblioteca" de semillas gratis: Orientacións en español 	East Bay
7/20/2011	SF Green Building Professionals Guild: Green X-Ray House Tour 	Peninsula
7/20/2011	Workshop: Healing Tonics 	San Francisco
7/20/2011	Film & Discussion: "Global Dimming" 	East Bay
7/20/2011	Workshop: Law Slaw Workshop and Gathering 	East Bay
7/20/2011	Lunchtime Forum: Parks as Evolving Artifacts 	San Francisco
7/21/2011	Presentation: Vanished Waters and the History of Mission Bay 	San Francisco
7/21/2011	TransForum: Car-Free Adventures and Heroes 	San Francisco
7/21/2011	Securing Local Solutions 	East Bay
7/21/2011	Community Meeting on Urban Agriculture 	East Bay
7/21/2011	Speaker: What Happens When Wildlife Meets an Oil Spill 	East Bay
7/21/2011	Presentation: Fix or Nix: The Environment and Technology 	East Bay
7/22/2011 - 7/24/2011	Urban Innovation Weekend 2: Sustainability, Energy, and Transportation 	San Francisco
7/22/2011	Webinar: Product Stewardship Strategies for Local Governments Conference 	 
7/22/2011	Volunteer: Berkeley Youth Alternative Gardens 	East Bay
7/22/2011	Hal Carlstad Social Justice Award Ceremony & Benefit Dinner 	East Bay
7/22/2011	Volunteer: Help Fight Invasive Kelp 	San Francisco
7/23/2011 - 7/24/2011	Workshop: Peace Starts at Home 	East Bay
7/23/2011	Bee-keeping for Beginners 	North Bay
7/23/2011	Class: Books and Beeswax 	East Bay
7/23/2011 - 7/24/2011	Occidental Arts & Ecology Center Perennial Plant Sale 	North Bay
7/23/2011	The Global Water Crisis: Townes and Tagore Annual Seminar 	East Bay
7/23/2011	Information Session: Certificate Program in the Essentials of Green Chemistry 	East Bay
7/23/2011	Graze the Roof Presents: Art & Meditation in the Garden 	San Francisco
7/23/2011	Feast for the Beasts 	East Bay
7/23/2011	Roots To Fruits: Tasting Our Shared Fruiture 	San Francisco
7/23/2011	Common Ground Edible Landscaping Tour 	Peninsula
7/23/2011	JunkStock DIY Music Festival 	San Francisco
7/23/2011 - 7/29/2011	Youth Empowered Action Camp (Session I) 	Santa Cruz County
7/23/2011	Basics of Backyard Pruning 	San Francisco
7/23/2011	Free Compost for Berkeley Residents 	East Bay
7/23/2011	Volunteer: Remove Invasives on Codornices Creek 	East Bay
7/23/2011	Volunteer: Help Fight Invasive Kelp 	Peninsula
7/23/2011	Art and Garden Tour: Oakland Based Urban Gardens 	East Bay
7/24/2011	Richmond Grows Work Party in the Community Garden 	East Bay
7/24/2011	Workshop: EcoArt Therapy 	East Bay
7/25/2011	Transition Berkeley's Weekly Crop Swap 	East Bay
7/25/2011 - 8/5/2011	UC Botanical Garden's Outdoor Science Summer Day-Camp (ages 8-10) 	East Bay
7/25/2011 - 7/29/2011	Monkey Business Mad Science Camp (5-7 year olds) 	East Bay
7/25/2011 - 7/29/2011	Monkey Business Outdoor Cooking Camp (8-10 year olds) 	East Bay
7/26/2011	Cooking Class: Grains & Greens Galore 	East Bay
7/26/2011	Lecture: Lawn Alternatives with Deva Luna 	Peninsula
7/27/2011	Film & Discussion: " The Age of Stupid" 	East Bay
7/27/2011	Film and Discussion: "A Month in Madison: Eyewitness Reports from the Wisconsin Protests" 	East Bay
7/27/2011	Workshop: Fermented Drinks 	San Francisco
7/27/2011	Cheese Making 101: Yogurt, Fresh Cheeses & Feta 	East Bay
7/27/2011 - 8/10/2011	Class: Food-Writing with the Editor of "Edible East Bay" 	East Bay
7/27/2011	Lunchtime Forum: What is Landscape Urbanism? 	San Francisco
7/28/2011	Webinar: Hungry for Change: A Conversation on Food Security with Rep. Jim McGovern and Andy Fisher 	 
7/28/2011	Panel: The Arts as a Medium for Peace 	San Francisco
7/28/2011	Sustainable Building Advisor Program Open House 	San Francisco
7/28/2011	Film & Discussion: "Bag It" 	San Francisco
7/28/2011	Lunchtime Forum: Building Oakland 	San Francisco
7/28/2011	Author Event: "Rise of the Ranges of Light: Landscapes and Change in the Mountains of California" 	San Francisco
7/29/2011 - 8/1/2011	Ethnobotany of the Alta Toquima Wilderness 	Outside California
7/29/2011	Volunteer: Berkeley Youth Alternative Gardens 	East Bay
7/29/2011 - 7/31/2011	Planting Water 	North Bay
7/29/2011	Marin Children & Nature Connection Meeting 	Marin County
7/30/2011	Grand Opening: Phat Flea's Market and Bazaar 	East Bay
7/30/2011	Greywater, Rainwater Catchment, Earthworks Tour at the EcoHouse 	East Bay
7/30/2011 - 7/31/2011	Workshop: Make Money as an Urban Farmer 	East Bay
7/30/2011	Presentation: All About Owls 	South Bay
7/30/2011 - 8/5/2011	Youth Empowered Action Camp (Session II) 	Santa Cruz County
7/30/2011	Class: Organic Gardening 101 for Late Summer & Fall 	East Bay
7/31/2011	For All Oakland Residents: Take Advantage of the Oakland Rain Barrel Program's Next Sales Event 	East Bay
7/31/2011 - 8/3/2011	California Resource Recovery Association Conference & Tradeshow: "Zero Waste: Ride the Wave to Sustainability" 	Southern California
7/31/2011	Presentation and Hike: Life at the Bottom of the Food Chain 	East Bay

Carrie Bennett
Ecology Center

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