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Dear NaturalNews readers,

The FDA claims to be assaulting raw dairy farmers at gunpoint because it needs to "protect" Americans from dangerous foods, right?

Yet at the same time, the FDA openly allows foods to be sold that contain cancer-causing sodium nitrite, obesity-promoting MSG, neuro-damaging aspartame, heart-damaging hydrogenated oils, and literally hundreds of other toxic food ingredients that the agency knows are harming and killing Americans.

Here's my story on why the FDA cares nothing about actual food safety and is only using its power to destroy natural foods that keep people healthy:

To make matters worse, even when the FDA discovers that a major drug manufacturer faked thousands of documents in order to get a drug approved by the FDA, the agency does nothing. No fraud is too big for the FDA to embrace, it seems (as long as it's a drug company committing the fraud, that is...)

I've also posted an interview with Mark McAfee from Organic Pastures, the largest raw milk producer in California. This interview reveals some astounding facts about the FDA, including the fact that the FDA is a military operation!

And finally on the good news side today, new research shows that just moving for 15 minutes a day can greatly increase your lifespan. Check out the research:
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