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9/11 A science lessen for those who believe the government's BS story

13 or more eye witnesses report on flight 77 heading in a direction that would have made it impossible to hit the Pentagonafter you go to this link and look down into the body of the website and click on the U-tube type video.

Witnesses who were in the basement of the Twin Towers talk about explosions inside the basement.

Good to listen to

WTC 7 Sound Evidence for Explosions

MIT Engineer Disputes 911 Theory of the WTC Collapse-Part 1

MIT Engineer Disputes 911 Theory of the WTC Collapse-Part 2

Physicist Challenges the Official 911 Story

NTSB denies molten steel was found in the wreckage of the WTC buildings

Evidence that thermate with sulfur caused the molten steel in the WTC buildings

911 facts that do not add up to the official story

Video of Susan Lindauer.. does she sound crazy?

The second 767 flight UA 175 was flow by some supernatural means.  No human pilot could have  made the steering (flying) correction fast enough in the turning dive into the South Tower and in a 9 mph cross wind at some 500 mph. 

Five second prior to impact the jet made a 3.3 degree turn, two seconds prior the jet made a 9.7 degree turn, hint the South Tower.   An error of +/- 0.3 degrees and the jet would miss the building.  In other words a computer had to have been steering the jet.

This is explained in this video.

Look at how hard it is for a pilot to even see the North tower, let alone fly a jet into it.  Experience commercial pilots flying a flight simulator could not hit the towers.  Yet, two jets did just that.

Think about the WAR causalities that resulted from 9/11
The big historic event was the wars, not the Twin Towers

Bush's verbal screw-ups   The guy has some memory problems and dyslexia
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