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September 23, 2011 -- October 9, 2011

Greetings Ecology Center members and friends,

Our EcoCalendar features two weeks worth of events, classes, actions, films, conferences, and more. The searchable website edition of the calendar contains events further into the future. The Ecology Center's events are listed first, followed by additional community event listings. Please continue to send event listings to


Two great events this Saturday! Explore Wild, Foraged, and Indigenous Foods at the Saturday Berkeley Farmers' Market.




move beyond fossil fuels

And join the Moving Planet Mobilization for a Berkeley Bike Ride, BART gathering, and SF Parade! Moving Planet is a worldwide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis. Join the movement away from fossil fuels!  








9/24/2011	Moving Planet Mobilization: Berkeley bike ride, BART gathering, and SF parade	Special Event
9/24/2011	Wild, Foraged, & Indigenous Foods Celebration at Berkeley Farmers' Market	Farmers' Markets Event
9/25/2011	Peralta Community Garden's Annual Open House	BCGC Event
9/29/2011	Rebuilding Village Economy Through Local Exchange: Local Timebanks and other Alternatives	Special Event
10/1/2011	Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival	Farmers' Markets Event
10/3/2011	Climate Action Workshop Series (2-session series)	Class
10/4/2011	Advanced Seed Saving for Farmers and Gardeners	Class
10/6/2011	Around the World Without a Plane: Dispatches from a Hot Planet	Special Event
10/12/2011 - 10/14/2011	Slow Money National Gathering	Special Event
10/13/2011	Fiber Arts Presentation: Black Mesa Weavers (Navajo)	Special Event
10/14/2011	Harvest the Rain -- Book Talk with Nate Downey	Ecology Center Store
10/15/2011	Bookmaking with Recycled Materials--WAIT LIST	Class
10/20/2011	Fair Food from the Field to the Table	Special Event
10/22/2011	Open Community Garden Day	BCGC Event
10/22/2011	Composting for Renters	EcoHouse Event
10/24/2011	Farm Tour: Visit Farms of the Ecology Center Farmers' Markets	Special Event
10/25/2011	Halloween/Day of the Dead Celebration at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market	Farmers' Markets Event
10/27/2011	Getting Involved in Tar Sands Activism, with Rainforest Action Network Executive Director Becky Tarbotton 	Special Event
11/15/2011	Chicken Clinic 2.0	Class
11/19/2011	Greywater, Rainwater Catchment, Earthworks Tour at the EcoHouse	EcoHouse Event
11/19/2011	Giftmaking with Recycled Materials	Class
9/23/2011	Albany Local Week Event: Bike About Town	East Bay
9/23/2011 - 9/29/2011	Film: "Farmageddon"	San Francisco
9/23/2011	Film: "Cruz Reynoso: Sowing the Seeds of Justice"	San Francisco
9/23/2011 - 9/25/2011	Art of Community: Creating Sustainable Culture Through Cooperation	North Bay
9/23/2011	Screening: "A New We: Ecovillages & Ecological Communities in Europe" (NEW DATE)	East Bay
9/23/2011	Lecture: The Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Accident: What Happened and What Does It Mean?	East Bay
9/23/2011 - 9/25/2011	Eat Real Festival	East Bay
9/23/2011	Bay Area Social Equity Caucus Meeting: Assessing the Redistricting Process	East Bay
9/23/2011 - 9/24/2011	Art Exhibit: Art at the SF Dump	San Francisco
9/23/2011 - 9/25/2011	Seed to Salve: An Introduction to Herbal Living	Mendocino County
9/23/2011	Conscientious Projector Film: The Battle of Chernobyl	East Bay
9/24/2011	National Public Lands Day	
9/24/2011	Class: Soils 101	San Francisco
9/24/2011	Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping and Honey Spinning	North Bay
9/24/2011	AnimalPalooza!	San Francisco
9/24/2011 - 9/25/2011	Ploughshares Nursery Harvest Season Clearance Sale	East Bay
9/24/2011	Behind the Scenes Tour at the Marine Mammal Center	North Bay
9/24/2011	Community Meeting: Community Gardens in El Cerrito	East Bay
9/24/2011	Herb and Harvest Hoedown	North Bay
9/24/2011	Food N' Justice with Phat Beets: Deconstructing Racism in the Food System	East Bay
9/24/2011	Food N' Justice with Phat Beets: Phat Flea's Market and Bazaar	East Bay
9/24/2011	Garden Talk: Preparing for Winter: Planting Cover Crops, etc.	East Bay
9/24/2011	Wild, Foraged, & Indigenous Foods Celebration at Berkeley Farmers' Market	East Bay
9/24/2011	Eat Real Bike Tour	East Bay
9/24/2011	Pie Ranch Fundraiser Dinner - This Land is Your Land	San Mateo County
9/24/2011	Free Compost for Berkeley Residents	East Bay
9/24/2011	Moving Planet Mobilization: Berkeley bike ride, BART gathering, and SF parade	
9/24/2011	Slow Food San Francisco Childhood Obesity Bay Area Conference	San Francisco
9/24/2011	San Josť Clean Energy Showcase	South Bay
9/24/2011	Class: Top Ten Herbs to Grow	Peninsula
9/24/2011 - 11/19/2011	Tracking and Nature Connection Series	SF Bay Area
9/24/2011 - 11/7/2011	Class: Introduction to Green Building and Ecological Design Lab	East Bay
9/25/2011	Richmond Grows Community Seed Garden Work Party	East Bay
9/25/2011	The Wetlands Series: Ceremony at Bayfront Park	Peninsula
9/25/2011	PHCA Meeting: New Adventures in Passive House	East Bay
9/25/2011	Sea Turtle Restoration Project's Leatherback and Whale Watching Tour	SF Bay Area
9/25/2011	SCRAPPY Sunday	San Francisco
9/25/2011	Piedmont Harvest Festival	East Bay
9/25/2011	Peralta Community Garden's Annual Open House	East Bay
9/25/2011	UC Botanical Garden Fall Plant Sale	East Bay
9/25/2011	Fall Vegetable Planting Class	East Bay
9/25/2011	Veg Speed Dating	San Francisco
9/25/2011	San Francisco Lymewalk	San Francisco
9/26/2011	Talk: Serpentine Soils and the Ecology and Evolution of Mycorrhizal Fungi	East Bay
9/26/2011	SF Mayoral Forum: Our Food, Our Schoolyards, Our Water	San Francisco
9/26/2011	An Evening with Ingrid Newkirk	Santa Cruz County
9/26/2011	Transition Berkeley's Crop Swap	East Bay
9/27/2011	EcoTuesday: Participant's 'Pitch Night'	San Francisco
9/27/2011	An Evening with Jane Goodall Live	
9/27/2011	The Ecology of Leadership Free Introductory Workshop	San Francisco
9/27/2011	Fix it Fast and Fresh -- The Modern Larder Way	East Bay
9/27/2011	Ecological Poetry Reading-- Poecology Literary Journal	San Francisco
9/27/2011	Cooking Class: Adventures in Vita-Mixing	East Bay
9/28/2011	California Native Plant Society -- Talk on Re-imagining the California Lawn	East Bay
9/28/2011	Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living	East Bay
9/28/2011	Rooted & Rising: An Intergenerational Dialogue and Solutions Salon	East Bay
9/28/2011	"My Favorite Ecovillages Worldwide" Slide Show	East Bay
9/28/2011	Panel: Big Green	San Francisco
9/28/2011	Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning Colloquium: Network-Landscapes	East Bay
9/28/2011	Lunchtime Forum: Adapting to Sea Level Rise in Alameda County	San Francisco
9/28/2011	Class: Solar Water Heating Systems	San Francisco
9/29/2011	Presentation: Corporate Control of California's Water	San Francisco
9/29/2011	Introduction to Bauman College: A Call with Dr. Ed Bauman	
9/29/2011	Hunger Town Hall	East Bay
9/29/2011	Great Communities Film Series -- The Happy Movie: Global Perspectives on Happiness	North Bay
9/29/2011	Green Speed Dating (on a boat!)	East Bay
9/29/2011	Rebuilding Village Economy Through Local Exchange: Local Timebanks and other Alternatives	East Bay
9/29/2011	Muralist Susan Cervantes at Revolution Books	East Bay
9/30/2011	Speaker: Characterizing On-road and Near-road Air Pollution: A Tale of Seven Cities	East Bay
9/30/2011	Speaker: Green Chemistry: Exploration of New Chemical Reactivities for a Sustainable Future	East Bay
9/30/2011 - 10/1/2011	Resilient Communities: Restoring People and Planet -- Rights of Nature	Marin County
9/30/2011 - 10/2/2011	Creating Your Ecovillage Workshop w/Diana Leafe Christian	East Bay
10/1/2011	Class: Double-Digging and Bed Preparation	Peninsula
10/1/2011	National Solar Tour	
10/1/2011	Class: Complete-Diet Mini-Farming	Peninsula
10/1/2011 - 10/2/2011	World Veg Festival Weekend	San Francisco
10/1/2011	Tour: Water Harvesting for Permaculture Paradises	North Bay
10/1/2011	Hoes Down Harvest Festival	Yolo County
10/1/2011	Photo Walk in West Berkeley	East Bay
10/1/2011	Native Plant Sale at the Mission Blue Nursery	Peninsula
10/1/2011	Honey Harvest Hootenanny	East Bay
10/1/2011 - 10/2/2011	Class: Build A Strawbale House	Mendocino County
10/1/2011	Wildlife Conservation Expo	San Francisco
10/1/2011	Cooking Class: Healthy and Delicious Breakfasts	East Bay
10/1/2011 - 10/2/2011	Indian Valley Organic Farm & Garden Autumn Plant Sale and Celebration	North Bay
10/1/2011	Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival	East Bay
10/1/2011	San Josť Solar Home Tour	South Bay
10/1/2011 - 10/2/2011	California Native Plant Society Plant Fair	East Bay
10/1/2011 - 10/2/2011	Fundraiser: Swim A Mile for Women with Cancer	East Bay
10/1/2011	Class: Rain Gardens: Home-scale Rainwater Harvesting for Urban Gardeners	East Bay
10/1/2011	Sick Plant Clinic	East Bay
10/1/2011	Volunteer: Restore Bird Habitat with the Audubon Society (SF)	San Francisco
10/1/2011 - 10/2/2011	Merritt College Horticulture Club Fall Harvest Fair & Plant Sale	East Bay
10/1/2011	Urban Homesteading Workshop	East Bay
10/1/2011	Sustainable Fairfax 12th Anniversary Party Fundraiser	North Bay
10/1/2011	Autumn at Filoli Festival
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