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October 8, 2011 -- October 23, 2011

Greetings Ecology Center members and friends,

Our EcoCalendar features two weeks worth of events, classes, actions, films, conferences, and more. The searchable website edition of the calendar contains events further into the future. The Ecology Center's events are listed first, followed by additional community event listings. Please continue to send event listings to

Harvest the RainLearn how to harvest the season's rain! Join us for a free book talk with author Nate Downey. Copies of his book Harvest the Rain will be available for purchase at this October 14th event.







10/12/2011 - 10/14/2011	Slow Money National Gathering	Special Event
10/13/2011	Fiber Arts Presentation: Black Mesa Weavers (Navajo)	Special Event
10/14/2011	Harvest the Rain -- Book Talk with Nate Downey	Ecology Center Store
10/15/2011	Bookmaking with Recycled Materials--WAIT LIST	Class
10/16/2011	Eat, Pray, Lulav: A Sukkot Harvest Festival	Special Event
10/20/2011	Fair Food from the Field to the Table	Special Event
10/22/2011	Open Community Garden Day	BCGC Event
10/22/2011	Composting for Renters	EcoHouse Event
10/24/2011	Farm Tour: Visit Farms of the Ecology Center Farmers' Markets	Special Event
10/25/2011	Halloween/Day of the Dead Celebration at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market	Farmers' Markets Event
10/27/2011	Tar Sands Activism, with Rainforest Action Network Executive Director Becky Tarbotton 	Special Event
11/5/2011	Growing Fruit in the Pacific Maritime Climate - How to Get Started	Store Event
11/15/2011	Chicken Clinic 2.0--WAIT LIST	Class
11/19/2011	Greywater, Rainwater Catchment, Earthworks Tour at the EcoHouse	EcoHouse Event
11/19/2011	Giftmaking with Recycled Materials	Class
10/8/2011	Food N' Justice with Phat Beets: Indigenous People's Day -- Decolonizing your Diet	East Bay
10/8/2011	National Children's Day at the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve (Hayward/Union City)	South Bay
10/8/2011 - 10/9/2011	Class: Intro To Aquaponics Using Applied Permaculture	Mendocino County
10/8/2011	Albany Landscaping Event	East Bay
10/8/2011	Life is Living Festival	East Bay
10/8/2011	Sidewalk Landscaping Workshop	San Francisco
10/8/2011	Home Cheesemaking 101: Fresh Goat Cheese	San Francisco
10/8/2011	Point Isabel Work Party	East Bay
10/8/2011	Ruth Bancroft Garden Fall Plant Sale	East Bay
10/8/2011	Re-Skilling Series: Effervescent Cultures	North Bay
10/8/2011	Brentwood Family Farm to Fork (Pizza!) Tour	SF Bay Area
10/8/2011	Film: "Schooling the World"	San Francisco
10/8/2011 - 10/9/2011	Wooly Workshops: "Native Plant Dyes and Spinning" & "Wet-Felting"	East Bay
10/8/2011	North Richmond Shoreline Festival	East Bay
10/8/2011	Bamboo Workshop with Stalk Bicycles	East Bay
10/8/2011	Indigenous Peoples Day Pow Wow & Indian Market	East Bay
10/9/2011	Tomato Picking and Pickling Adventure	SF Bay Area
10/9/2011	Ruth Bancroft Garden Fall Festival	East Bay
10/9/2011	Documentary Film: "Granito"	North Bay
10/9/2011	Berkeley Path Wanderers Long Walk	East Bay
10/9/2011 - 11/13/2011	Re-Skilling Series: The Art & Craft of Natural Dyes	North Bay
10/9/2011	Bioneers Film Event: "Green Fire" & "Eel*Rock*Water*Man"	San Francisco
10/9/2011	Volunteer: Restore Bird Habitat with the Audubon Society (Alameda)	East Bay
10/10/2011	Forum: Managing Water in Urban Agriculture and School Gardens	San Francisco
10/10/2011 - 10/12/2011	Course: Introduction to Recycling	San Francisco
10/10/2011 - 10/14/2011	National School Lunch Week	
10/10/2011	Transition Berkeley's Crop Swap	East Bay
10/10/2011	Situated: Time-Based Art and Neighborhood Ecologies	East Bay
10/11/2011	Moveable Feast: A Sustainable Restaurant Tour of Berkeley	East Bay
10/11/2011	Bioneers Film Event: "YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip)"	San Francisco
10/11/2011	Presentation: Sustainable by Design	San Francisco
10/11/2011	Green San Francisco Waterfront Tour	San Francisco
10/11/2011	Bioneers Film Event: "ˇWomen Art Revolution"	San Francisco
10/11/2011	Cooking Class: Grains & Greens Galore	East Bay
10/11/2011	Presentation -- Transit & Trails: Great Bay Area Hikes Without a Car	East Bay
10/12/2011	Film: Queen Of The Sun: What Are The Bees Telling Us?	East Bay
10/12/2011	Film Preview: "Revenge of the Electric Car"	San Francisco
10/12/2011	From Farms to Our Tables: Laws, Cases, and Concerns Surrounding "Factory" Farms	East Bay
10/12/2011	Bay Area Green Tour: Rethinking Waste in the Bay Area	SF Bay Area
10/12/2011	Modern Moms Health Forum on Genetically Modified Foods	Marin County
10/12/2011	Introduction to Bauman College: A Call with Dr. Ed Bauman	
10/12/2011 - 10/14/2011	Slow Money National Gathering	San Francisco
10/12/2011	Revel: The Art of Activism	San Francisco
10/12/2011	Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning Colloquium: The Notion of Naturalness: Discovering Beauty, Recovering Duty	East Bay
10/12/2011	Sustainable Building Advisor Program Info Session	San Francisco
10/13/2011	Telegraph Livability Coalition	East Bay
10/13/2011	Bioneers Pre-Conference Intensives	Marin County
10/13/2011	Transition U.S. Fundraiser	East Bay
10/13/2011	A Global Citizens Report on the State of GMOs: False Promises, Failed Technologies	San Francisco
10/13/2011	Fiber Arts Presentation: Black Mesa Weavers (Navajo)	East Bay
10/13/2011	City Slicker Farms: Collective Plate	East Bay
10/13/2011	Richmond Crop Swap	East Bay
10/14/2011	Webcast: TEDx Fruitvale -- Harvesting Change	East Bay
10/14/2011	Viewing Party: Harvesting Change: Farmworker Rights, organized by TEDxFruitvale	East Bay
10/14/2011	Volunteer Orientation: Sierra Club "Inner City Outings"	San Francisco
10/14/2011	Workshop: Be a Resource for Your Community	East Bay
10/14/2011	Green Friday Potluck: Sea Turtles - Harbingers of Ocean Health	East Bay
10/14/2011 - 10/16/2011	Bioneers Annual Conference	North Bay
10/14/2011	Harvest the Rain -- Book Talk with Nate Downey	East Bay
10/15/2011	Hidden Villa Ranch Fall Native Plant Sale	Peninsula
10/15/2011	Food N' Justice with Phat Beets: How to sign up for EBT/SNAP/Food Stamps	East Bay
10/15/2011	Opening the Door to Nature: Prescriptions for Nature	South Bay
10/15/2011	SharktoberFest	San Francisco
10/15/2011 - 11/19/2011	Family Farm Succession Conference	Central Valley
10/15/2011	Workshop: Urban Hedgerows	San Francisco
10/15/2011	Grow Your Own Food! An Introduction to Organic Vegetable Gardening	San Francisco
10/15/2011	Bookmaking with Recycled Materials--WAIT LIST	East Bay
10/15/2011	Neighborhood Plant Exchange	East Bay
10/15/2011	Jobs Not Cuts! East Bay Rally	East Bay
10/15/2011	Volunteer: Restore Bird Habitat with the Audubon Society (Oakland)	East Bay
10/15/2011	Volunteer: Restore Bird Habitat with the Audubon Society (SF)	San Francisco
10/15/2011	Class: Solar Electric Basics for Residential Customers	San Francisco
10/15/2011 - 10/16/2011	North American Bhopal Conference	Peninsula
10/15/2011	Creating Year Round Edible Gardens Workshop	East Bay
10/16/2011	Eat, Pray, Lulav: A Sukkot Harvest Festival	East Bay
10/16/2011	Leadership and Social Justice Conference: Moving from Passion to Action	East Bay
10/16/2011	Millions Against Monsanto
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