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SF events 11.15 THRIVE  PlantTrees at gmail dot com for Google +  

     ACTIONS you can take to SAVE THE WORLD URGENT: Sound the Alarm Senate will vote as early as Wednesday on whether to kill Net Neutrality. 

     Events you can HAVE FUN at

Fri Nov 18 6:0pm THRIVE What On Earth Will It Take Madrone Studios  1417 15th St SF @ Harrison
6:30pm Tea and socializing  7:00pm Film and post-film discussion  Advance: $12; Door $16  Free Numi tea

)'( The Artumnal Gathering Saturday, November 19 6:00pm til 2:30am

Sunday, November 20 THRIVE What On Earth Will It Take http://www.thrivemovement.comedia
Madrone Studios  1417 15th St SF 6:30pm Tea and socializing  7:00pm Film and post-film discussion Free Numi Tea

http://WWW.SEAOFDREAMSNYE.COM - 12.31.11 635 8th St SF @ Brannan @ Concourse Exhibition Center (same location as Green Festival ) 2011 West Coast Gatherings Festivals & Gatherings in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central America 

     THRIVE!   Thrive FREE on YOUTUBE

SYNOPSIS - THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. 
Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

INTERVIEWS in THRIVE - Duane Elgin, Nassim Haramein, Steven Greer, Jack Kasher, Daniel Sheehan, Adam Trombly, Brian O'Leary, Vandana Shiva, John Gatto, John Robbins, Deepak Chopra, David Icke, Catherine Austin Fitts, G. Edward Griffin, Bill Still, John Perkins, Paul Hawken, Aqeela Sherrills, Evon Peter, Angel Kyodo Williams, Elisabet Sahtouris, Amy Goodman, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.


Busted! Two New Fed GPS Trackers Found on SUV 

What FACEBOOK and GOOGLE are Hiding from world. Gever Tulley 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

     SMART METERS - The problems with Smart Grids

Video of a professional engineer showing that the health effects of smart meters and RF technology have not been fully studied:
If you live in SF under SUTRO tower you have 18x leukemia cancer and tumor risk.  1 Kilometer away from SUTRO TOWER = 10 x risk. 2km = 6x. 5km = 4x higher risk than other locations on SF Peninsula.

Video by a medical doctor that questions how these new meters can be safe - talks about 'dirty' electricity:

Recent CPUC complaint that outlines the issue comprehensively - PG&E will have to respond in November:

Summary of meter options for people who are experiencing health problems / electro-sensitivity now that they have smart meters on their building:

Videos showing that smart meters can emit more RF radiation than smart phones and cell phone towers - contradicting PG&E and industry data:

Article that questions why the environmental movement has been a proponent of this untested technology while so many health questions exist:

Websites that catalog the myriad of health complaints:

PG&E's own admission that it misrepresented how many pulses the wireless meters send per day (average of 10,000 and a high of 190,000):

Why does a bush begin to die once a smart meter is installed next to it? Note the off-the-chart intensity of the pulses - all smart meter videos show the same thing, yet the FCC only requires the utilities and smart meter companies to report the averaged intensity over 30 minutes. However, our bodies and brains absorb the intense pulses.

Video by nuclear expert at UCSC that states that whole body exposure of smart meters is actually 100X that of a cell phone - completely contradicting industry data:

Interview of someone within the technology/wireless industry who is also electro-sensitive:


Nevada Heath District raids 'Farm to Fork' event an uninvited guest for Thanksgiving

     HEALTH Wounded Iraq Veteran to Government: Allow Research on Medical Marijuana for PTSD


The Big Fix.  A "Must See".  An expose of what's happening in our World today with Big Business and our Governments.  
Go to: to see the trailer.
Go to: to order tickets.
Youtube trailer:
Parks Chief Blocked Plan for Grand Canyon Bottle Ban
Weary of plastic litter, Grand Canyon National Park officials were in the final stages of imposing a ban on the sale of disposable water bottles in the Grand Canyon late last year when the nation’s parks chief abruptly blocked the plan after conversations with Coca-Cola, a major donor to the National Park Foundation.

4.2 million fish killed; Texas warns to stay away from the Gulf area
Neurotoxic shellfish poisoning (NSP) threatening human health along Texas Gulf Coast prompted Texas Department of Health to issue a warning to stay away from the Gulf area from Brownsville through

"Why I Hate Thanksgiving" and posted the whole pamphlet to

     Thank you for Not Breeding

"The Business of Being Born" 2007 Trailer Birth: it's a miracle. A rite of passage. A natural part of life. But more than anything, birth is a business. Compelled to fi...

chemtrails today LA--poisoning you for money!:

     Alcohol & Permaculture; Ford, Rockefeller, Prohibition


Richard St. John: Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes Why do people succeed? Is it because they're smart, or are they just lucky? Analyst Richard St. John condenses years of interviews into an...


Secret of Nikola Tesla
When a young and gifted inventor by the name of Nikola Tesla (Petar Bozovic) arrives in America, he first works for the famous Thomas Edison (Dennis Patrick) but later strikes a fruitful cooperation with George Westinghouse (Strother Martin). Together they battle against Edison in order for Tesla's superior system of alternative current to be accepted by the world community who currently uses only Edison's system of direct current. Later on the mighty financier J.P. Morgan (Orson Welles) joins the game as he provides Tesla with financial support to build his Colorado Springs laboratory only to completely dump him later on after he realizes Tesla's inventions could provide the world with unlimited free energy for everybody. See one of the most important periods of modern history and the tragedy of this great inventor who aspired to change the world towards a better place. A rare attempt of biographical movie production by the former yugoslav (croatian) cinema, the movie being completely in english.
Secret of Nikola Tesla (full length)

The Worlds Call to Release Nikola Tesla's Research-Jan 7th 2012
‎***Please Share*** (Facebook Event page) (Release Tesla's Research Website) On January 7th 2012, the Anniversary of the death of one of history's most brilliant scientists, Nikola Tesla, we will stand together and demand ...


America: Freedom to Fascism-Full Length Documentary
America: Freedom to Fascism is a 2006 film by Aaron Russo, which alleges among a variety of claims that income tax is illegal. The documentary covers many su... News from CCR: FBI, NYPD, OWS, Gaza, Honduras and more


NWO: 'Bilderberg controls the world' -- Alex Jones
Alex Jones: NWO orchestrated protests

A warning from the Georgia Guidestones

Ex-CIA Agent: "America creates its own enemies"
Former CIA officer Michael Scheuer worked for the agency for over 20 years till 2004 and at one time was the chief of the CIA's 'Bin Laden unit'. He says America's greatest enemy -- radical Islam -- never existed: neither when Bin Laden was alive, nor now.

It's The End Of The Eurozone As We Know It, But the agenda for centralized economic tyranny remains the same, Paul Joseph Watson, Prison, Friday, November 11, 2011, Stick a fork in it, the eurozone as we know it is done. That's the message we're hearing from every media outlet and talking head this morning. But whether the EU survives in its current incarnation or takes on a new form, the agenda remains the same, the evisceration of all national sovereignty and the centralization of power into a dictatorial federal superstate.,

'Gaddafi couldn't kill more people than NATO did' - Syrian deputy FM
Even if Gaddafi had lived for another 100 years, he could not have killed even a fraction of the number obliterated by NATO during its intervention in Libya,...

US MILITARY VIRUS RESEARCH perhaps Labotomies are next THE GOD GENE CONSPIRACY 2nd link for similar video sequence without editorial: PENTAGON BRIEFING ON REMOVING "The God Gene" 4:16

Calling the Tyrant's Bluff
Remember, Remember the Fifth of November . . .

Papandemonium: 'NWO chokes world'

DOJ Wants To Criminalize Uploading You Tube Videos
Racketeering charges for violating a website's terms of service
The Department of Justice is attempting to criminalize uploading videos that break You Tube’s terms of service, along with any other online action that is deemed to contravene a website’s usage policy, in a shocking expansion of cybersecurity laws deemed draconian by critics.


Major Wars and Suppression of American Freedoms Planned BEFORE 9/11
Many things which we’ve been told have only happened recently actually started a long time ago.


France's state energy fined €1.5m for spying on Greenpeace.
The energy company's former security chief was sentenced to three years
in prison for employing a firm to hack into the energy watchdog's computers.


YouTube: Webster Tarpley WW3 Scenario if Iran is attacked ...

Please Do Not Attack Iran
If you think attacking Iran is a good idea, then please watch this!

Even in economic crisis the war machine continues to spend

CIA operations in Iran underway to take out Tehran bigs in mission to dismantle weapons program
The covert campaign encompasses a series of assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists since 2007 and a similar explosion at another Iranian missile base two years ago both widely attributed to the Mossad. “May there be more like it,” was all Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said when Army Radio asked about the new blast. There was a third mysterious event: The son of a top Iranian hard-liner was found dead — a seeming suicide — in a Dubai hotel on Sunday. His father called it “suspicious” and linked to the base explosion, without elaborating. Israel was accused of deploying the 11 agents who killed a top Hamas terrorist in a Dubai hotel last year.

Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In the Middle of the Desert? (Update 2)

     OCCUPY The Bidding of the Many, Not the Few: APEC Gets Occupied and Serenaded

Rural farmers unite to feed Wall Street protestors
FULL STORY: Every night at Zuccotti Park, dinner is served around 7pm. What protestors may not realize is that their meals are made from...
Occupy Wall Street: The Beginning
Occupy Wall Street: The Beginning Joe Rogan on Occupy Wallstreet: Network -- Corporate Cosmology:

Unedited: Helicopters, Fires, and Tear Gas in Oakland
UNEDITED : Helicopters in the air, police attack protesters with tear gas, flashbangs, and rubber bullets. Night of the General Strike.
Occupy … Burger King?

OccupySF 11/12/11 In Solidarity with the People of Egypt - The police get pushy...
SO... that bus load of cops? totally needed to push a veteran (happy veteran's weekend ;D ) and some other protesters around. Oh, and they also needed to drown out the protestors requests with their sirens.

Scott Olsen on Google Plus: Add him to your circles. 
He was shot in the head by Criminal Oakland Police while he was standing up for your free speech rights.

Ex-Marine Hurt by Police in Occupy Oakland Out of Hospital


Ron Paul Hotties | The hottest supporters in the world!

The muzzling of Ron Paul and the GOP debate
Last night's GOP debate featured foreign policy. For 90 minutes the candidates fielded questions and declared their positions on Pakistan, Iran, China, nuclear arms proliferation, American forces in Afghanistan, and other matters of pressing concern. CBS aired only 60 minutes of that, which was a shame, and of those 60 minutes, Dr. Paul was given exactly ... 89 seconds.


The Beginning of the End of Fiat Money

Quantitative Easing Explained
What the Federal Reserve is up to, and how we got here. Created by: Omid Malekan ( )

Charleston Voice: -$$$ THE NEW US DOLLAR IS UNDERWAY reports Bob Chapman 
"The big US banks are being told to clear safe secure storage, because they are getting ready to print a new currency. It is not the Amero. It is a new Dollar, probably different from what you have already. It is underway. It may not be in the printing stage yet, but the plans are there. The USFed is expecting, as is the USDept Treasury, that the USDollar is not going to be the reserve currency of the world in about a year and a half, maybe less."

The Fed Under Fire: The Federal Reserve Is The Black Hole In American Democracy - Phenomenal 8-Minute Short Film

Banker Coup: Goldman Sachs Takes Over Europe
Financial terrorists who caused collapse pose as EU debt crisis saviors
Precisely as we warned all along, the very financial terrorists responsible for the economic collapse have now exploited the crisis to pose as saviors and oversee a banker coup – with Goldman Sachs stooges now in control of both Italy and the European Central Bank.

Mario Monti: Globalist Puppet Favored To Lead Italian Banker Take Over
Leading member of the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission, Advisor To Goldman Sachs and Coca-Cola.

European Ponzi Goes Full Retard As EFSF Found To Monetize… Itself
We have long mocked and ridiculed the Fed for being the ultimate ponzi instrument: after all, why worry, when your central bank will buy up almost three trillion in US paper in about 2 years (a very comforting fact for US politicians who never have to fear that those trillions in new porkbills, pardon fiscal stimulus programs, may end up without funding). Well, as it turns out those wily veteran bankers from across the Atlantic have just one upped America yet again.;read=221603
Intel Behind the Scenes - Banking families are vacating their houses... Something major is coming down 

Key News: Child Abuse Scandals, Secret Israeli Plans on Iran, Drone Killings, More

Rockefeller, Morgan, and War


Government by Force: Financially and Conceptually Bankrupt

BBC Israel's Nukes and Chemical Weapons 1 of 5

Israel Could Be Forced To Go It Alone On Iran Attack
Sarkozy calls Netanyahu "liar," Obama administration cools on sanctions
Developments over the last 24 hours suggest that Israel could be forced to go it alone in launching a military assault on Iran’s nuclear facilities, with the United States and NATO backing away from becoming involved in a conflict that would spark economic and geopolitical turmoil.

Nuclear Israel Revisited

Obama admits he is Israel's sock puppet !
Sarkozy and Obama's Netanyahu gaffe broadcast via microphones - The Guardian, UK

Russian Foreign Minister issues grave warning to Israel and the West
Israel and the West’s rhetoric has been – to put it lightly – heated when it comes to Iran and it has only intensified over recent days and weeks.
The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, issued a grim warning to Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom, which have all reportedly been weighing an unprovoked strike on Iran.
Lavrov said that taking military action against Iran would be a “very serious mistake fraught with unpredictable consequences”.
Indeed the consequences would be unpredictable to a degree, yet predictable in that the fallout would be far from positive for the region and the world...
I think that this is what they want!  The US & the zionists have been trying to start a world war.  Population control is at it's best with a war going on.  A great culling of the heard seems to be on the horizon.  >>>>  BryanD

Israel launches new missile that can reach New York and Tokyo
According to publications in the media, the three-stage missile is capable of delivering a 750-kilo warhead to a distance of more than 10,000 kilometers.


Rogers: "100% Chance Of Crisis Worse Than 2008," Italy Implodes
Record surge in bond yields as Italian debt crisis passes point of no return
Veteran investor Jim Rogers warned this morning that there is a "100% chance" the world is facing a financial crisis worse than 2008, as Italy was plunged into chaos on the back of soaring bond yields which make the country's debt unsustainable and mandate yet another EU bailout.

Wall Street bull survives attack by matador; clowns arrested | Yes Lab
Earlier today, a small group of Occupy Wall Street activists engaged in a near-successful corrida against the Wall Street Bull.

'They will want nukes now!': UK & US plan to strike Iran exposed
British officials are reportedly working on a plan to assist U.S. forces in a pre-emptive attack on Iranian military facilities. It follows claims Washington...

Israel vs Iran: One step to missile strike
Russia's Foreign Minister has warned that an attack on Iran would be a grave mistake - with unpredictable consequences. Sergey Lavrov's statement comes after...

Former 4-star U.S General admits to America Foreign Policy Coup     Vote Ron Paul in 2012,

10,000 Germans protest against power of banks
Subido por PressTVGlobalNews en 13/11/2011 More than ten thousand people have demonstrated in Germany against the power of the banks. Under the slogan "Put t...

How Iceland Did It:


What Fukushima? NRC okays restart of earthquake-damaged nuke plant in Virginia

by Greg Palast for Friday, November 11, 2011 
I've seen a lot of sick stuff in my career, but this was sick on a new level. 
Here was the handwritten log kept by a senior engineer at the nuclear power plant: 
 _Wiesel was very upset. He seemed very nervous. Very agitated. . . . In
fact, the plant was riddled with problems that, no way on earth, could
stand an earth- quake. The team of engineers sent in to inspect found that
most of these components could "completely and utterly fail" during an earthquake._ 
"Utterly fail during an earthquake." And here in Japan was the quake and here is the utter failure. 
The warning was in what the investigations team called The Notebook, which
I'm not supposed to have.  Good thing I've kept a copy anyway, because the
file cabinets went down with my office building .... 
_[This is an excerpt in from _Vultures' Picnic_: In Pursuit
of Petroleum Pigs, Power Pirates and High-Finance Fraudsters, to be
released this Monday.  Click here to get the videos and 
Links: [1]

     RICK PERRY received BLOOD MONEY to inject Thousands of kids with Gardasil. 40 died.

Oops! Rick Perry 'agencies' gaffe at GOP debate
Video courtesy: CNBS Presidential candidate Rick Perry struggled to remember the names of three federal agencies he has promised to eliminate. "The third age...

Adam Carolla rants about police brutality and youtube
people in general are screwed up, adam rants about the bad cops

Miami police officer arrested by Florida State Trooper

Rivalry and retribution: cops behaving badly

Dallas police officer shoves protester off of platform then lies about it

Found an excerpt about remnants of buildings inside mined coal, not a great deal of info. but interesting non the less;     Can you explain….........HOUSES INSIDE COAL?
International Free Range Chicken Ranches of The Apocalypse
After the Franklin Scandal and the Portuguese pedophile scandal and The Dutroux Scandal and The French Pedophile Scandal and the U.K. Pedophile Scandal and the world wide Israeli sex trafficking trade of all sexes and ages and many more too numerous to mention comes the Sandusky sex ring for underprivileged old, rich white men, which also includes a murder. It also gets much darker than that and even darker than this. We can factor in the abuses of The Catholic Church, which requires no links because if you don't already know more than you want to about this, then you don't want to know in the first place. If you have six months of spare time in this Free Range Apocalypse you can go here for a primer.
an excerpt:  "As I have stated on many occasions, the whole purpose of founding Israel was to create a sovereign state in which an international crime syndicate could operate from."

Tue Nov 15

Tuesday Nov 15
12PM UC Berkeley General Strike 
12PM Strike and Rally at UC Davis 
12PM Solidarity w Palestinian "Freedom Riders" to... 
1PM Occupy CSU Monterey Bay! 
5:45PM We Still Live Here- Âs Nutayuneân

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
12:30 pm  Farmers’ Market FREE Sample & Recipe Day | Ferry Plaza  FREE 4:00 pm  National Novel Writing Month: Write-In Day | SF  FREE 5:00 pm  SnowFest 2011 Party & FREE Lift Tickets | Sunnyvale  FREE* 5:00 pm  FREE Stoli Cocktail Competition | Phoenix Hotel  FREE 5:45 pm  “We Still Live Here” A Native American View of Thanksgiving | SF  FREE

)'( Tue Nov 15 7pm, she'll present a slideshow discussion of her work @ Apple Store downtown 1 stockton SF
Desert to Dream: A Dozen Years of Burning Man Photography by Barb Traub is now also available as an 
iOS ebook with the iVerse Comics+ reader that can be downloaded from iTunes.
(Note: If you prefer books in the traditional form factor, we carry Barb's Desert to Dream in our Marketplace:
Some of our favorite of Barb's classic Burning Man work can be viewed at her website:

Wed Nov 16 California Academy of Sciences | Free Admission DayWednesday, November 16 – 9:30 am | Cost: FREE | California Academy of Sciences 

Wed Nov 16 THRIVE What On Earth Will It Take
The NeXus  1414 Harbour Way South, Suite #1010  Richmond, CA 94804 
6:30pm Tea and socializing 7:00pm Film and post-film discussion Advance: $12; Door $16 Free tea Numi and secure parking Wednesday Nov 16 8PM The Struggle Continues to Free Leonard Peltier...

Thu Nov 17 17Eco-friendly Gift Ideas & Free Healthy Snacks | Financial DistrictThursday, November 17 – 11:00 am | Cost: FREE* | Green Zebra Environmental Action Center 17 “WALL-E” Film Screening | SF Main LibraryThursday, November 17 – 12:00 pm | Cost: FREE | SF Main Library, Koret Auditorium 

THRIVE: THE MOVIE with post-film discussion with Economic Experts
Thurs. Nov.17,  7:00 PM Networking and Tea,  6:30 pm   Tickets: Advance: $12; Door $16
Sebastopol Masonic Center 373 N. Main Street,  Sebastopol, CA
THRIVE – The Movie 11:11:11 was many things to many people, and it included the launch of the movie called Thrive. 
Thrive is a “breakthrough movie” that everyone should watch, because it clearly lays out the causes of the financial crisis,
the New World Order agenda and who is behind it, what is behind the Occupy Movement happening now,
and discusses what we can do about it. 
It is very thoroughly and beautifully presented, with so many threads that I have been watching unfold for years, and is very important for right now. 
Please come this Thursday in Sebastopol, or tune in to local screenings near you! Warmly,  Debra Giusti  

This month the Speaker Series is held on Thursday, November 17 at 7:00pm for refreshments and the program starts at 7:20pm.  The presentation is held at the Northbrae Community Church, 941 The Alameda (between Solano and Marin) in Berkeley, 94707 
The Pantanal of southwestern Brazil is the world’s largest wetland, a vast mosaic of rivers, creeks, marshes, swamps, lagoons, tall riparian forest, lower dry forest, and savanna. The area extends into extreme eastern Bolivia and extreme northern Paraguay, but the majority lies in the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. This much water attracts abundant wildlife, and the Pantanal is home to large numbers of wading birds and other fish-eating birds, and holds the world’s densest population of jaguars, the largest cat in the Americas.
Paul Donahue, a naturalist, bird artist, photographer, environmentalist, and tree climber, has been working in South America since 1972. Most of his time has been spent in the rainforests of the western Amazon Basin, particularly eastern Peru, where he has done extensive bird survey work and tape recording of bird vocalizations. Paul and his wife, Teresa Wood, have constructed two canopy walkways and dozens of canopy observation platforms to view and study the wildlife of that stratum of the rainforest. Lately, he has been researching jaguars and Zigzag Herons in the Pantanal and photographing the area’s abundant bird and mammal life.

San Francisco Natural History Series  FREE   NOVEMBER LECTURE
Reclaiming the Art of Natural History Guest Speaker: John (Jack) Muir Laws
Thursday, November 17th, 7.30 pm Randall Museum, 199 Museum way, SF FREE
John (Jack) Muir Laws will lead us on a virtual walk across the Coast Range. We will explore a three-step process to help us see & think more like a naturalist. Jack will also discuss conservation challenges and stewards' efforts to confront them.

Fri Nov 18

Friday, November 18 THRIVE What On Earth Will It Take
Madrone Studios  1417 15th St San Francisco 94103  Parking Lots: 15th & Harrison and 17th & Shotwell
6:30pm Tea and socializing  7:00pm Film and post-film discussion  Advance: $12; Door $16  Free Numi tea Altered Barbie 2011: Closing Night Party | Mission Dist.Friday, November 18 – 7:00 pm | Cost: FREE | Shotwell 50 Studio 

Nov 18 50 Shotwell St. SF More Barbie Shenanigans Closing art reception 7pm? DON'T blame me, they sent out WEIRD code in dumb email.

STARHAWK  The Magic of Co-creation: Building Power in Groups addressing the potential of the Occupy Movement
Fri., Nov. 18th 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM  SUBUD CENTER, 234 Hutchins Ave., Sebastopol  TICKETS:

Sat Nov 19 Farmers’ Market Cupcake Cooking Demo | Ferry PlazaSaturday, November 19 – 11:00 am | Cost: FREE | Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market 

)'( The Artumnal Gathering Saturday, November 19 6:00pm til 2:30am Immerse yourself in a realm rich in imagination, expression and inspiration! Be the art!
BRAF presents our fifth annual: Artumnal Gathering Feast of Imagination Dinner 6:30 pm Artumnal Celebration 9:30 pm 401 Sansome SF
Join us at the magnificent Bently Reserve and enjoy fine fare, tempting libations, special treats, surprises, the best of company in their finest attire, original artwork by our favorite artists, auctions featuring one of a kind experiences and items, and abundant creativity!
Celebrate the creative spirit of our community! Enjoy captivating live performances and dance the night away in three elegant rooms of music and DJ's.
Join our community's artists, supporters, entertainers and other visionaries in celebration of a banner year for the Black Rock Arts Foundation. We'd love to see you!
Artumnal Ticket Packages: Sponsor an Artist $55 Main Event Sponsorship $250 Dinner Sponsorship

Saturday, November 19 THRIVE What On Earth Will It Take
Kepler's Books  1010 El Camino Real  Menlo Park, CA 94025 @ Santa Cruz Ave / @ MP CalTrain Station
6:30pm Tea and socializing  7:00pm Film and post-film discussion  Tickets: Advance: $12; Door $16  Free Numi tea and parking The Clift Sessions: Blood Orange | SFSaturday, November 19 – 9:00 pm | Cost: FREE* | Clift Hotel - Velvet Room Midnight Mystery Ride | SFSaturday, November 19 – 11:59 pm | Cost: FREE | TBA - Day of event on the website 

Nov 19 + 20 OCCUPY WTC Bldg 7

Sun Nov 20

Sunday, November 20 THRIVE What On Earth Will It Take http://www.thrivemovement.comedia
Madrone Studios  1417 15th St SF 94103 
6:30pm Tea and socializing  7:00pm Film and post-film discussion Free Numi Tea

Sun Nov 20 7:15 Mediation @ SF Deeksha Meditation Ctr 401 Alabama @ 17th St / Mariposa in Project Artaud (they showed Thrive after Green Festival)
PLEASE as you see other showings of THRIVE in SF / bay please email thrive at planttrees dot organization with the info

Thu Nov 24 thanksgiving day Celebrate 519 years of GENOCIDE

CATALYST Community Dance Igniting Community Dance to the Next Level 
Wed. Nov. 30th– Eva Clay, SACRED DANCE LIVE 
Thurs. Dec. 29th – Zora, BIODANZA  Last Thursday of the starting January 2012 
Sebastopol Masonic Temple  373 N. Main St., Sebastopol

Sat Nov 26 9pm-2am @Il Pirata 2007 16th St (@ Utah St) LoveTech + Renegade Lights Release Pt 1
w/ Edison, Nonagon, Wolf Interval, Biomimicrant, Joel Davel
CSTNG-SHDWS live visual performance & interstitial DJ Moldover Digital Jam Lounge: ReMatrix by Rich DDT
Come Early 9pm for LearnTech PlayShop on wireless infrared Buchla Lightning drumstick/wands for spatial sound synthesis

December 2011

In the Red - Flaming Lotus Girls Gallery Show Saturday December 3rd SomArts, 934 Brannan Street, SF 6.00PM – 2.00AM. Free to attend. Donations encouraged.
You need more art.  You want the Flaming Lotus Girls spread across
your wall, 24/7. Yes you do. And so do your friends. Come to our
photography show, buy our signed archival prints and have a damn fine
evening of dancing with Ambient Mafia and the Space Cowboys DJs.
Music by   Space Cowboys DJs:   Deckard   8ball   Erik Hz
Ambient Mafia:   Olde Nasty (Butterzone / Ambient Mafia)   DJ Unagi (WoM / Ambient Mafia)
Redstickman (FnF / Ambient Mafia)   Mo Corleone (Want It! / Ambient Mafia)
Sound Generously Provided by Want It! (

Friday, December 2 THRIVE What On Earth Will It Take
Yogaworks Larkspur Landing  2207 Larkspur Landing Circle    Larkspur, CA 94939 
6:30pm Tea and socializing  7:00pm Film and post-film discussion  Advance: $12; Door $16  Free Numi tea

Wed Dec 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Roosevelt knew 12 days before Pearl Harbor but kept it a secret so we would support war wealthy industrialists.

Cartographie Psychedelica Thu Dec 8 8pm- Dec 12 5pm Oakland Marriott City Center1001 Broadway Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

Dec 10, 9:38 A.M. FULL MOON

http://WWW.SEAOFDREAMSNYE.COM 12.31.11 635 8th St SF @ Brannan @ Concourse Exhibition Center (same location as Green Festival )


Erotic Photography Exhibition Feb 0-12, 2012, at The Artists Alley Gallery in SF

Apr 22

NO PANTS DAY! Friday, May 4, 2012 at 8:00am at The World
National No Pants Day! (Spread the Word) Kick back, relax, and take off those pants. Whether you be at home, wo... got a MotorCycle? Bring it to Dolores Park and park on 18th St btwn Dolores and Church, be a topless Dyke for a Day with your lover June

4th of JULY 10,000 or 20,000 people will be at PIER 39 / Fishermans' Wharf / Embarcadero making this the 3rd? largest free party in SF?
I estimate Bay to Breakers in May is 50,000 people. PRIDE is 10,000 people? 
Michael Franti / Spearhead / Power to the Peacefull 2nd Saturday in September is ? 10,000
Get to wharf early to avoid traffic.
One way to count people: look at a map the USA = 50 people. Look at a crowd. How many 50s do you see?
Another way to count people: Look at a 10 x 10 display of items. That is 100. How many 100s do you see in crowd?

Saturday September 15, 2012 SUPERHERO STREET FAIR 2010 It will be in the same place but moving to the warmest month: September. Inianna and Cesar Chavez St. SF @ Islais Creek.

Miami model at the G20 - Agent Provocateurs coming to a protest near you 

August 2012
Timelapse-icus Maximus HD Burning Man 2011 by James Cole, Music by Elite Force/DISTRIKT "Playa Time: Dust to Dust" - Burning Man 2011 Time Lapse 
PATRICK RODDIE'S BURNING MAN 2011 GALLERY TerraSAR-X image of the month - Tents in the desert

Every 1st Tues SF Moma + DeYoung + Palace of Legion of Honor free ART/ museum days. + Conservatory of Flowers in GG Park

Every 1st Wednesday: SF ZOO + http://exploratorium  FREE! 3601 Lyon SF between Lombard and Crissy Field. 

Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary SF 5:30-7:30pm art PARTY! 
30 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm. 

Every 1st Friday: BIKE PARTY 7pm meet different location each month

Every 1st Sunday is FREE DAY at The OAKLAND MUSEUM of CALIFORNIA, 
Wed-Fri 10am-5pm, 1st Fri open 'til 9pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12-6pm; 
1000 Oak St; 510-238-2200; South end of Lake Merrit. Click the Image to Download the PDF Shopper's Guide. or Click the Image to Download the iPhone app. 

Video Combo by Max Igan: The Calling & The Awakening 


The Story of Your Enslavement 

The Video BP & Big Oil Don't Want You to See 

Crash Course Chapter 3: Exponential Growth Chapter 4: Compounding Is The Problem are you prepared?  chapter 16: fuzzy numbers 

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know... 

50 Reasons to Oppose Water Fluoridation

"This is a must listen. I love the optimism." audio: "The Accountability Movement" then 

Three Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products 
1. Parabens 2. Fragrance 3. Phthalates 
Learn more: Environmental Working Group 

Tips from The Cancer Project - The Nutrition Rainbow - rainbow.gif 

Download Nutrition Rainbow Poster (PDF) (find under shopping)(FREE) read the archives for great food tips or click on "selected writings" then click on "Dr. Greger's newsletter Archive" see also 

Dr. Ornish study finds healthy lifestyle triggers genetic changes SFVeg-subscribe [at] 

Eating Meat Causes Global Warming 

Avoid Genetically Modified Foods 

Vitamin D, A Gene-Regulating Super Nutrient 
Global_Police_State-subscribe [at] 

Vitamin B3 better than sunscreen in preventing skin cancer 

Can mushrooms save the planet? 

Who is buying gun companies !!! SOMETHING YOU MAY NOT KNOW THAT IS HAPPENING
Who is buying companies, manufacturing guns ????? For the last several years a company called The Freedom Group has beenbuying up gun and ammunition manufacturers. Some of the companies areBushmaster, Marlin, Remington, DPMS, Dakota Arms and H&R. Somepeople worry that this Freedom Group is going to control most of thefirearms companies in the United States. If you control the manufacturersyou can decide to stop selling to civilians. What a perfect way to controlguns.Now if you do some digging you will see that The Freedom Group is ownedby a company called Cerberus Capital Management.Guess who controls Cerberus??? GEORGE SOROS !!!!!!!!! One of themost evil men on this planet who wants to restrict or ban all civilian guns.Please pass this on to all your freedom loving friends. This needs to comeout. Why have we not heard about this in the "mainstream" media? I wouldthink this would be BIG news. (Soros also owns Progressive Insurance)If you don't know who George Soros is, you need to do someresearch. He backed Obama with millions of dollars andObama is a puppet on a string controlled by Soros .Send this to every gun owner in America.

The Failed Experiment: Gun Control and Public Safety in Canada, Australia, England and Wales

PRO GUN CONTROL AD - brought to you by The Patriotic Resistance

Gun Control 

Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily. No more freedom of speech. Anyone who said something against the government was taken away. We knew many people who were arrested, not only Jews, but also priests and ministers who spoke up. 

GUN CONTROL WORKS ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Kim Jong-il, Qaddafi The 2nd Amendment 
Washington didn't use his right to free speech to defeat the British, he shot them. 
Most often when a government takes a peoples guns, it then takes their land or their lives. 

"In Germany back in 1923, a man put all the money he had into a wheelbarrow and headed to the store to buy a loaf of bread. But when he got there, the store was closed. He left his wheelbarrow outside the door, figuring he'd come back when the store opened, knowing the money in it wasn't worth enough for anyone to bother stealing. He was right. When he came back, all the money was still there, dumped on the ground, but someone had stolen his wheelbarrow." 

For Hitler so loved the Jews that he took away for their guns so they wouldn't shoot each other.
Do you believe that? You MUST ask yourself why a Govt wants to take away your right to self defense and what the consequences might be.

fun events: Rich DDT’s SF Events Sift 
more events: 
eco events: 
important events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center 
Fellowship of Humanity Events 390 27th St Oakland @ Telegraph/Broadway events, art receptions, music, film, etc. Monthly Raw Food Potlucks (san rafael) Barefoot Boogie and DanceJams

2011 Previous Calendars:  
SF events 11.15 THRIVE  
SF events 11.8 voter guides 
SF events 11.1 GENERAL STRIKE OCCUPY OAKLAND + Day of Dead / Dia De Los Muertos
SF events 10.25 Halloween Samhain 
SF events 10.18 MASQUEROTICA Sat Oct 22 SF
SF events 10.12 COLLAPSE + END the FED 
SF events 10.4 END the FED 
SF events 9.28 OCCUPY SF 
SF events 9.20 EarthDance LoveOlution FolsomStFair 
SF events 9.13 BAN BPA 
SF events 9.08 9/11 Reclaiming the Truth 
SF events 8.23 
SF events 8.18 
SF events 8.9 
SF events 7.26 Midsummer Night's Wet Dream this wknd. Gaia fest LaytonVille Nxt Wknd.
SF events 7.20 BAKER BEACH HEAT WAVE SF north end, by the volleyball net sometimes Dolphins! Bring Hat and Water. Look for seagulls on water to find dolphins.
SF events 7.12 FreeSchoolTue EPRWed ArtsMarketThur Abraxas1015Fri Bee-A-ThonSat EnglishBeatSternGroveSun 
SF events 7.6 Oregon Country Fair and StillDream this Wknd 
SF events 6.28 High Sierra Music Fest June 30 - July 3 
SF events 6.24 TransMarchFri DykeMarchSat PrideSun
SF events 6.21 TransMarrchFri DykeMarchSat PrideSun 
SF events 6.16 )'( BurningMan Precompression Sat June 18 8pm Public Works
SF events 6.7 )'( Harmony Festival Santa Rosa Fri/Sat/Sun Harbin Mon/Tue or 
SF events 6.1 )'( Raindance Campout 2011  Fri June 3 - Mon June 6  Saratoga Springs, CA or 
SF events 5.24 Goa Gil + )'( Lightning in a Bottle May 27th - 30 
SF events 5.20 HookahDomeFri AnimalistikOpelSat SpringTrainingFalseProfitSun or 
SF events 5.17 StoneSoupTues StopSmartMetersHookahDomeFri AnimalistikOpelSat SpringTrainingFalseProfitSun or
SF events 5.11 )'( )'( 100th ANNUAL BAY TO BREAKERS!! Sunday, May 15 or
SF events 5.4 BayToBreakersSunMay15 LightninginaBottleFriMay27 
SF events 4.27 or 
SF events 4:20 EarthDaySFSat DeepGreenRichmondSat or 
SF events 4.12 NoNukesOnFaultLines NoSmartMeters 
SF events 4.5 Green Festival this wknd EarthDaySF 4.23 or or
SF events 3.29 )'( April 1 BurningMan Walk-in Ticket Outlets available @ $320 or
SF events 3.22 TueWater+SaveTheRave WedStopBombingLibya FriBeatsAntique@Fillmore SatArtSpaceOakland or 
SF events 3.15 LAST DAY OF SAFE AIR get healing foods TODAY. Get Mask for outdoor activities. Radioactive Particles do not go through walls of house. or 
SF events 3.8 International Women's day or 
SF events 3.2 or Seed Swap Friday Berkeley
SF events 2.22 WedNoTasersSF ThuNoSmartMetersSF FriChineseNewYear+PinkMammoth SatResetSF SunHeartBeatAmplifier or 
SF events 2.17 TribesofBurningmanThu BLUETECHredAlertFri EotoVibeSquadOPELSat ChineseNewYearRaindanceNextFriFeb25 or 
SF events 2.8 AdoreMeFri AnonSalonKirtanArtOfLoveSat or 
SF events 2.4 or 
SF events 2.1 Beginning Of Systemic Failure or
SF events 1.25 or 
SF events 1.19 )'( Burning Man Rites of Passage TIX on sale TODAY 10:00am 
SF events 1.14 Earth Magnetic Pole Shift Disorienting Birds
SF events 1.11 SAVE THE RAVE    or 
SF events 1.4 The American Dream MUST SEE    or

2010 Previous Calendars: 
SF events 12.29 FreePartyEastBayMidnightTonight then NYESeaOfDreamsSF8th@Brannan or 
SF events 12.23 Save the Rave 
Save The Rave Open Group  on FACEBOOK get involved now before dancing becomes illegal!/home.php?sk=group_132907476771264
SF events 12.15 WedGruntWorthy ThuStandUpForPeace ThuKittyKatXmas FriAnonSalon FriCellSpaceXmas 
SF events 12.9 or 
FriPeakOilArtShowCityHall+DistriktW/ScumFrog@PublicWorks SatBassNectarBlackLipsEntheogenicGardenArunja SunMayorNewsomOpenHouse
SF events 12.3 FlamingLotusGirls SantaCon Chillin Scroll down for events but come back up to the important stuff or 
SF events 11.30 Scroll down for events but come back up to the important stuff or 
SF events 11.24 The Day the Dollar Died 
SF events 11.11 ThuIslandsOfSF+Oaklandish+ElectricWhomp FriBohemianCarnivalIndigoBellyDanceVibeSquadPlumpDJsPantyRaid SatCamp? 
SF events 11.02 Vote Today, Revolt Tomorrow. Dia De Los Muertos tonight. Green Fest this wknd. 
SF EVENTS 10.27 
I have free stuff if you want to have a garage sale to make $ ! 415 269 7738 
SF events 10.20 David Icke Saturday San Rafael, CA 
SF events 10.12 TuesLGBTteens WedPersonalEvolution SatPotreroHillFest+CityCampSF+EarthAtRisk 
SF events 10.6 )'( )'( )'( Sun Oct 10 Burning Man Decompression traditionally the 2nd Sunday of October Indiana St SF 
SF events 9.29 BlueGrassGGParkOct1/2/3 BurningManDeCompressionSunOct10SF SCruzDecomSatOct2 
SF events 9.22 EOTO, MiMOSA, MARTY PARTY @ 103 Harriet Fri FolsomStreetFairSun Sep 24-26 SolFest @ Ukiah Fairgrounds 
SF events 9.15 Earthdance 9/17-18-19 prepare for RAIN could be fun, like woodstock Harbin Pools CLOSED Sep 19-24 
SF events 9.9 Michael Franti & Spearhead @ GG Park 9/11 and Earthdance 9/17-18-19 
SF events 8.26 BurningMan Set Times and Camp Schedules 
SF events 8.18 Gray Water tonight 7-9pm Berkeley 2530 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA 94702 Graywater Panel - Water Reuse and Management, 
SF events 8.11 Protest the Smart Meter at the CPUC Thursday Aug 12 1PM 
SF events 8.6 Opulent Temple Underground - The Sixth Seal 
SF events 8.4 NO on H8 
SF events 7.29 FriSoulOfTheCitySF SatSandByTheTonOakland 
SF events 7.23 a case against cardio or 
SF events 7.17 HAIR boom stuffing party for Gulf of Mexico soaking up Oil Spill Sat Noon-5pm SF bio remediation @ 
SF events 7.13 Oil Spill 24 articles 
SF events 7.8 SuperHeroStreetFairSat. "A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream" July 9-11 
SF events 7.3 Craneway Pavillion Richmond Sat / Sun Bolinas 4th of July get there by 10/11am Sunday for parking 
SF events 6.28 Luv & Rockets RED PARTY ~ ILL GATES & Knowa Knowone Wed June 30 8:30pm-2:00am Supperclub 
SF events 6.25 HandsAcrossTheSand+DykeMarchDoloresPark+PinkSaturdayInTheCastro PrideSunday 
SF events 6.17 )'( )'( )'( Burning Man presents a *Mega-PRECOMPRESSION Sat June 19th 8pm to 4am 
SF events 6.11 )'( )'( )'( June 11-13 2010 Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA 
SF events 06.08 TUE JUNE 8 VOTE for a voters SLATE 
Prop 13 YES Prop 14: NO Prop 15 YES Prop 16 NO Prop 17 NO 
SF events 06.01 Terrorist state of Israel Kills 15 peace activists in International waters 
SF events 5.27 )'( )'( )'( Lightning in a Bottle Fri May 28 Noon - May 31 2am Oak Canyon Ranch - Irvine California! 
SF events 5.22 )'( )'( )'( Lightning in a Bottle Fri May 28 Noon - May 31 2am Oak Canyon Ranch - Irvine California! 
SF events 5.22 )'()'( Breaker Faire TONIGHT 8pm-8am American steel 1960 Mandela Parkway, Oakland 
SF events 5.19 March against offshore drilling: Thursday 5-7pm SF Powell St turnaround to the Bay 
SF EVENTS 5.13 )'( )'( )'( Sun May 16 SF Bay to Breakers Third Sunday in May )'( )'( )'( 
SF EVENTS 5.11 )'( )'( )'( Sun May 16 SF Bay to Breakers Third Sunday in May )'( )'( )'( 
SF events 5.6 HowWeirdStFaireSunMay9. BayToBreakersSunMay16 
SF events 5.4 HowWeirdFestSunMay9. BayToBreakersSunMay16 
SF events 4.30 MayDaySat AlchemySat NewLivingExpoWknd HowWeirdMay9 BaytoBreakersMay16 
SF events 4.28 HowWeird Festival Sun May 11 BollyWeird 
SF events 4.23 EarthDay weekend 
SF events 4.21 Earth Day Sovereignty 
SF events 4.18 Invisible Empire 
SF events 4.13 Checklist for Less Toxic Living from 
SF events 4.10 Free Green Festival Pass 
SF events 4.7 
SF events 3.31 One Night Stand @ Lodge Los Gatos Fri Apr 2 6pm-Sat Apr 3 Noon. 18 hours of MUSIC and Hot tubs / pools! for $20 
SF events 3.25 
Really Really Free Market Dolores Park, March 27th, 1-5PM. Dolores @ 19th / 20th St. SF 
SF events 3.11 Really need space for a garage sale this weekend! 
SF events 3.9 FREE STUFF! 
SF events 3.4 SAVE OUR SCHOOLS FirstThursArt FriLIBtix.RestoreDefenestration.Mighty$5Party SatBurnalEquinox 
SF events 3.2 TueWedFreeMuseums FirstThursArt FriLIBtix.RestoreDefenestration.Mighty$5Party SatBurnalEquinox 
SF events 2.26 One Love @ Lupin Lodge, Los Gatos Fri Feb 26 4pm - Saturday Noon $20 for 18 hours of non-stop music! This event has 869 confirmed guests 
SF events 2.24 28th Amendment 
SF events 2.19 28th Amendment 
SF events 2.16 FAT TUESDAY 
SF events 2.12 AnonCancelled tonightFri SatArtOfLove SunPillowFightJustinHermanPlaza6pm 
SF events 2.4 Aqualush at the ISIS OASIS, Geyserville CA Feb 5-7 
SF events 2.02 Constitutional Amendment to Undo SCOTUS Ruling 
SF events 1.28 - prevent martial law 
SF events 1.26 NULL and VOID: Corporate Personhood, Patriot Act, John Roberts, and any product of Criminal GW Bush regime organized crime syndicate. 
SF events 1.21 genetically modified crops 'can cause liver and kidney damage 
SF events 1.19 Prenatal Exposure to Flame Retardant Compounds Affects Neurodevelopment of Young Children 
SF events 1.15 Obama’s Favorite For Supreme Court Justice Sunstein Wants To Ban Free Speech 
SF events 1.12 Occupy DC Mar 22 
SF events 1.9 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True 
SF events 1.5 America: you are a JUNKIE! 

2009 Previous Calendars: 
SF evenst 12.29 Sea of Dreams NYE 
SF events 12.22 Crippled by GMAIL? 
SF events 12.17 The Crash Course 
SF events 12.15 
SF events 12.11 EU has NAZI roots. Global tax means an end to civil liberties. 
SF events 12.8 CLIMATEGATE 
SF events 12.4 stuff 
SF events 12.1 
SF events 11.25 
SF events 11.20 Fri:MissionControl.EcstaticDanceMillValley.BordelloDubOakland Sat:ArtUndressd.LoveTech Sun:AncestorsWisdom 
SF events 11.17 THIS WEDNESDAY 11/18 - Luv Up the Heartbeat RED PARTY at Supper Club 
SF events 11.12 GREEN FESTIVAL Fri/Sat/Sun SF 8th @ Brannan Concourse Exhibition Center 
SF events 11.10 TueLowCarbonDietEcologyCtr ThuCoolCatClothesSwapCellSpace WkndGreenFestival 
SF events 11.6 NEXUS MAZE PARTY Saturday 
SF events 11.3 Sat Nov 7 Nexus Haymaze, HalfMoon Bay, Ca 
SF events 10.27 US Census GPS tagging your front door for round up or extermination 
SF events 10.22 RollerDiscoAndHookahDomeFri WestFestWoodStockAnnivSun 
SF events 10.20 EcoAwardsFREETues RollerDiscoandHookahDomeFri. WestFestSun 
SF events 10.15 Protest oBOMBa's "Peace Prize" 4:30PM Union Square St. Francis Hotel SF CodePINK 
SF events 10.13 RAIN and WIND 
SF events 10.8 )'( DECOMPRESSION SUNDAY! Noon - 2am = 14 hours of fun! 
SF events 10.6 Every 1st Tues SF Moma + DeYoung + Palace of Legion of Honor free ART/ museum days. 
SF events 10.1 LOVEOLUTION Sat Oct 3 SF Civic Center 
SF events 9.23 EARTHDANCE 
SF events 9.15 SYMBIOSIS this weekend. EARTHDANCE next weekend. Baker Beach North this week HEAT WAVE. 
SF events 9.11 PowerToThePeacefulMichaelFrantiSatGoldenGateParkSpeedwayMeadows9am-5pm 
SF events 9.9 WorldHoopDayToday PowerToThePeacefulMichaelFrantiSat 
SF events 8.29 Baker Beach Critical-Mass then BURNINGMAN 
SF events 8.26 Do you have space for a Garage Sale this weekend? 
SF events 8.21 TempleMightyFri AnonWhiteOutSaturday PrepareForPlayaSatSun 
SF events 8.18 Heartbeat Amplifier Fundraiser Wednesday Supperclub 657 Harrison @ 2nd/ 3rd St. $10 if you wear RED 9pm-Midnight 
SF events 8.14 Fundraiser for )'( Heartbeat Amplifier Corner of Virginia and Winfield,SF. Sat Aug 15 9-4 
SF events 8.11 Fundraiser for )'( Heartbeat Amplifier Corner of Virginia and Winfield,SF. Bring stuff to donate! Sat Aug 15 9-4 
SF events 8.6 Black Rock Roller Disco Fri Cellspace. HayBailMaze Fri and Sat Half Moon Bay. 
SF events 8.4 Black Rock Roller Disco Fri Cellspace. HayBailMaze Fri and Sat Half Moon Bay. 
SF events 7.23 NoPantsPartyThu. TeaHouse BoHoCarnival SubCell Fri. SuperHeroStFairSat. 
SF events 7.21 RevBillyTue. EcstaticDanceBenChunWed. NoPantsPartyThu. BoHoCarnivalFri. SuperHeroStreetParty Sat. 
SF events 7.18 Burningman street names 
SF events 7.14 94 Degrees: GOTO Baker Beach North end by the VolleyBall Court, Presidio, SF 
SF events 7.10 OpelAdamFreelandFri. SandByTheTonOaklandSat. 
Sf Events 7.3 America sleeps 
SF events 6.24 DYKEMARCH saturday. PRIDE sunday. 
SF events 6.19 Solstice 
SF events 6.11 Harmony Festival Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend 
SF events 6.09 Harmony Festival Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend 
SF events 6.06 SF Burning Man Precompression June 6th June Flambe Lounge... 
SF events 6.02 Peak Oil Police State 
SF events 5.30 No on 8 
SF events 5.26 No on 8 
SF events 5.22 CARNAVAL wknd, Parade Sun SF Harrison between 16th and 24th ST, Mission Dist 
SF events 5.19 TueIntroToPersonalEvolution WedATTwireTapping 
SF events 5.13 BAY to BREAKERS this SUNDAY 
SF events 5.7 HowWeird Festival SUNDAY 
SF events 5.5 Cinco De Mayo 
SF events 4.30 beltane rain 1 inch Fri aftn/eve. Light rain Sat / Sun. 
SF events 4.22 EARTHDAY 
SF events 4.17 twitter 
SF events 4.14 
SF events 4.9 ThuYuri'sNightAcadOfSci FriFree@TempleSF SatBunnyJamNimby EasterSunSistersDoloresPark 
SF events 4.3 The Obama Deception 
SF events Tue Mar 24 7:30-PM FREE Evening with Craig Newmark of 
SF events 3.20 SatPeaceRallyJustinHermanToCivicCtr Spring Equinox 6th Anniversary of Iraq War 
SF events 3.17 EWG.orgTues IraqMoratoriumThurs 
SF events 3.11 FOOD 
Sf Events 3.4 Prop8hearingThurs CarlCoxMASSIVfri PlayaPaintingChillinGrooveGardenSat 
SF events 2.27 Three Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products 
SF events 2.24 Visual depiction of size of stimulus PORK 
SF events 2.20 There are no secrets, only information you don't yet have. 
SF events 2.17 TueAppleStoreDaveGibbons ThuPrepare your own disaster kit 
SF events 2.13 ThuTweedRide FriFireandGlowNightAnonNineLucky13 
SF events 2.10 TuTuTues BawdyStorytellingWineDownWeds ThuTweedRideDoloresPark LuckyLove13Fri 
SF events 2.3 TueFreeSFmoma WedFREEexploratorium ThuFreeART 
SF events 1.31 Water: California's New Gold Saturday Oakland 
SF events 1.27 eat whole foods - to avoid risk of exposure to chemicals 
SF events 1.24 john lennon speaks truth 
SF events 1.21 reproductive rights tonight and Saturday 
SF events 1.15 store water in case of earthquake 
SF events 1.13 BURNING MAN TIX on sale TOMORROW 
SF events 1.9 Sat 11 AM Israel out of Gaza 
Sf events 1.6 The Secret Rulers of the World 

2008 Previous Calendars: 
SF events 12.30 Store food and water in case of earthquake 
SF events 12.24 happy holidays 
SF events 12.19 NO! on Prop8 Sat 3-6pm Union Square 
SF events 12.17 
SF events 12.12 safe pet food 
SF events 12.10 
SF events 12.2 water 
SF events 11.28 Buy Nothing Day 
SF events 11.21 NO TAX NO IRS see Nov 23 for this event: 
Fremont Nov 23 Attorney Tom Cryer What The Government Doesnt Want You To Know About The I R S 
SF events 11.18 NO TAX NO IRS see Nov 23 for this event: 
Fremont Nov 23 Attorney Tom Cryer What The Government Doesnt Want You To Know About The I R S 
SF events 11.13 GreenFest this Weekend! 
SF events 11.11 Greeen Festival this weekend! 
SF events 11.7 PROP 8 protest march FRI Nov 7 5:30pm SF CIVIC CENTER 7th and Market 
SF events 11.3 Vote Tuesday. Revolt Wednesday. 
SF events 10.29 INFERNO Friday 9p-4a Regency Center: 1270 Sutter Street @ Van Ness 
SF events 10.23 who wants stuff? 
SF events 10.16 AliceInWonderlandFri. DoloresParkSoapBoxDerbySat. 
SF events 10.14 
SF events 10.10 )'( MoonTowerMarinSat. DeCompression Sun Oct 12 Noon-2am 
just $10 in Costume! BYO picnic lunch, party on the grass in Esprit Park! 
plus four city blocks On Indiana Street between Mariposa and 22nd, SF 
SF events 10.7 )'( DeCompression Sun Oct 12 Noon-2am just $10 in Costume! BYO picnic lunch, party on the grass in Esprit Park! 
plus four city blocks On Indiana Street between Mariposa and 22nd, SF 
SF events 10.3 LoveFest Saturday rain or shine. Sat/Sun GG Park VegFest and BlueGrass 
SF events 9.26 FriCritMass SatReallyFreeMktDolPark SunFolsomStFair 
SF events 8.19 Desert requires Bike this year, with BIG tires. Camp is Bigger! 
SF events 8.15 Duck and Cover 
SF events 8.12 Tutu Tues. Wed Prostitution. Fri1015Folsom. SatNakedBeachDay. 
SF events 8.7 FirstThuArt. FriHoopDay+SoulRevival+REVOLUTION. SatBootieCoda 
SF events 8.5 Wed5-6pmFreezeActPowell/Market. Thu SFBG best of Bay. Fri 8/8/8 HulaHoopDay + ANON285-9th@Folsom 
SF events 8.1 GUN CONTROL WORKS ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot 
SF events 7.30 I will not comply 
SF events 7.25 Nuzzle Tonight. Monterey beach burn Sat. )'( Participarade Sunday! 
SF events 7.22 Webster Tarpley Historical changes in false flag terrorism 
SF events 7.17 Burningman Desert Arts Preview Tonight 6:30pm! 
SF events 7.15 Burningman Desert Arts Preview Thurs 7pm! 
SF events 7.12 COSMIC DRIVER free tonight. Burning Man Desert Art Preview 7pm Thu 7/17 
SF events 7.9 REVOLT because congress is criminal 
SF events 7.2 REVOLT for Independence. study the laws of sovereignty 
Sf Events 6.26 FriTransMarch. SatDykeMarch. SunPride. FREE STUFF in Dolores Park b4 Trans Fri + b4 Dyke Sat. 
Sf Events 6.24 
SF events 6.20 )'( Precompression Fri. Sat Solstice San Geronimo. Sun Sunset + )'( PrepareForPlaya 
SF events 6.17 UCBoaksNOW. SaveTheBayToday. )'(PreComFri. Raindance,BigOneWknd. )'(PrepForPlayaSun. 
SF events 6.13 )'(OpulentTempleFri )'(BBQ-A-NoobieVolunteerPic-i-nicSat YogaTaiChiSat NorthBeachFestSun 
SF events 6.11 SagradaTempleFundraiserThu OpulentTempleFri BBQnewbieSat YogaTaiChiSat 
SF events 6.5 Harmony Festival Weekend Santa Rosa 
SF events 6.3 FreeMuseumWeek June5BankHoliday HarmonyFestWknd SunStopTheSprayLiveConcert 
SF events 5.27 ChevWrong BAD OIL. NoSpray aerial pesticides GGbridge walk Sat. 
SF events 5.21 Lightning in a Bottle Thu-Mon plus CARNAVAL green zone Sat/Sun 
SF events 5.15 Bay to Breakers is SUNDAY May 18 
SF events 5.13 Bay to Breakers Sunday 5.18 
SF events 5.6 FREE MUSEUMS + Stop Aerial Pesticide Spray of SF BAY 
SF events 5.1 MAYDAY! SF + Thu Art + Sun HOWWEIRD St. FAIRE 
SF events 4.29 GENERAL STRIKE MAY DAY. HOWWEIRD st. Faire Sun May 4! 
SF events 4.24 Th NoSpraySF. Fri Digital Be-In. Sat BEACH IMPEACH. Sun People's Park Anniv. 
SF events 4.22 EARTH WEEK Save Earth. Get Off The Grid. protect your water and food 
SF events 4.15 NOSPRAY Wed SACTO. Save the internet Thursday. 
SF events 4.10 
SF events 4.8 FREE TIBET 
SF events 4.3 Th hula hoop +art. F artHaight. Sat Anon Gallery. Su Climate,,Tibet. Mon LBAM 
SF events 4.1 Fossil Fools Day Bike Parade Berkeley Bart at 5pm 
SF events 3.26 Fri. CellSpace Sat. St Stupid's Day Parade Tuesday! 
SF events 3.20 Th Bike Safety. F Full Moon. Sa Bunny Jam. Su Sisters in Dolores Park 
SF events 3.18 5 years of current war on Iraq 
Sf events 3.14 3.15 Chevron Richmond 3.19 SF, San Rafael, Walnut Creek Direct Action to Stop War 
SF events 3.11 non-violent direct action at the Chevron refinery in Richmond Mar 15 
SF events 3.7 No Aerial Spray Sat SF 10am-Noon 253 Hyde Street at corner of Eddy 
Sf events 3.4 FREE MUSEUM day 
Sf events 2.29 see ENDGAME and 
SF events 2.25 ENDGAME 
SF events 2.19 Wed Feb 20 Full Moon! + LUNAR eclipse 7pm 
SF events 2.14 PILLOW FIGHT 6-7:30pm Justin Herman Plaza Market @ Embarcadero 
SF events 2.12 Laura Flanders tonight @ Global Exchange 
SF events 2.8 Chinese New Year 
SF events 2.5 Vote / REVOLT / Fat Tuesday 
SF events 2.1 Fri: GeminiDiscoMighty, DepthCharge. Super Hero Party Saturday! 
SF events 1.29 
SF events 1.23 CELLSPACE FRI + SAT + 
SF events 1.15 MacWorld Sat Roe V Wade Anniversary 
Sf Events 1.9 Fri Capricorns. Sat Burnlesque. Mon MacWorld 
SF events 1.3 

SF events 12.27 Lakota Sioux - The Bravest Americans 
SF events 12.20 Fri Dec 21 1-4pm Near Macy's at Union Square 
SF events 12.18 Financial planning for the Endless Depression Wednesday Eve Oakland. 
SF events 12.14 Fri UAS + AnonSalon. Sat Santarchy. Sun SelfDefense. 
SF events 12.11 Santarchy Sat + Self Defence Sun 
SF events 12.7
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.