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Here are the top 1% that have destroyed our economy & democracy
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Rupert Murdoch:
CEO, News Corporation
Wealth  $7.4 billion
CORRUPTS journalism with right-wing media empire putting ideology over truth — even getting a court to rule news does not have to be true.
OVERSAW the phone-hacking of celebrities and politicians, including the parents of a murdered girl.
EVADED U.S. taxes by sheltering money offshore, paying one-fifth the rate of his competitors.
Jamie Dimon:
CEO, JPMorgan Chase
 Wealth  $248 million
DEFRAUDED customers on mortgage sales to help spur the financial crisis, then took a $25 billion bailout.
LEAKED false information about Washington Mutual to lower its value and buy it more cheaply.
MADE illegal payments to win municipal bond deals.
Rob Walton:
Chairman, Walmart
Wealth  $21 billion
UNDERPAYS sales associates with average of $8.81 an hour, driving down wages.
BUSTS unions mercilessly, closing a bustling store in Canada just for voting for a union.
SKIMPS on health care benefits, forcing workers to use public subsidies.
Charles & David Koch:
Co-Owners, Koch Industries
Wealth  $50 billion
BANKROLL the Tea Party and others fighting Social Security, worker rights, climate change science, and Wall Street regulation.
SPEW cancer-causing chemicals and spill oil, making them one of the country’s top 10 polluters.
FUNDED group that worked to re-segregate schools in North Carolina.
Lloyd Blankfein:
CEO, Goldman Sachs
Wealth  $438 million
TOUTED mortgage assets to clients while privately betting $10 billion they would fail.
DEFRAUDED investors with infamous deals like Timberwolf, which his staff member called “a shitty deal.”
LIED to Congress by claiming the firm had not bet against its own clients.
Larry Summers
U.S. Treasury Secretary, 1999-2001
Director, National Economic Council, 2009-10
Wealth  $17-39 million
IMPEDED derivatives regulation in the ‘90s, contributing to the financial crisis.
ACCEPTED millions from Wall Street firms the year before joining Obama economics team — including $45K just 12 days before.
PUSHED easy treatment for banks when they got bailouts and “stress tests.”
Erik Prince
Chair, Blackwater/Xe, 1997-2009
Wealth  $2.4 billion
OVERSAW mercenaries engaging in brutal tactics, including the murder of 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad.
REJECTS transparency and accountability, ensuring his global army of unknown size answers only to him.
CREATING a mercenary force for the United Arab Emirates to repress dissent.
Paul Singer
CEO, Elliot Hedge Fund Management
Wealth  $900 million
EXPLOITS poor nations like the Congo by buying their debt for cheap and forcing them to pay in full.
SPECULATED on oil while donating to the politicians regulating speculation, helping spur record gas prices in 2008.
RAISED money for false Swift Boat Veterans for Truth smears against Sen. John Kerry in 2004.
Rush Limbaugh
Radio Personality
Wealth  $350 million
SPEWS racist bile to his audience of 14.5 million, even promoting segregated buses.
DEFENDS international criminal Joseph Kony, who abducts Ugandan children and brutally murders civilians.
ADVOCATES tough sanctions for drug users but deceived multiple physicians into prescribing him the same drug.
Dick Cheney
CEO, Halliburton, 1995-2000
U.S. Vice President, 2001-09
Wealth  $95 million
EVADED U.S. sanctions at Halliburton by doing business with brutal regimes in Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Burma.
RAIDED $25 million from worker pensions at Halliburton, then took a $20 million pension for himself.
RECEIVED massive payday and stock options from the company upon becoming Vice President yet denied he had a financial stake.

The average wealth of the 1% is 225 times bigger than
the wealth of the typical household – the highest it’s
ever been.
Three decades ago, CEOs made about 40 times as
much as an average worker – now CEOs make
almost 200 times as much as regular employees.
Last year, half of Americans earned less than $26,000
while CEOs at top 500 companies raked in an average
of $11 million.
Over the past decade, earnings for middle-class
Americans actually fell. In fact, working Americans’
wages are now a lower percentage of our economy
than they’ve ever been.

The 1% is not an accident – it is the result of policies
our government chose to pursue.
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