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     Legit Sources 2019 @ 2020.04.05 + 2020.09.25 
Please LMK URLs that should be added. thanks. Hard to catch all. ya know... need help. thanks. 
I have been an activist for 35 years. This then is where I would focus my attention: condensed: 
See several versions Legit Sources 2019: 12.05 12.06 12.07 and 2017 etc. 
also see 2017 for DISINFO LISTS @ 3.06 legit sites lg 3.05  legit sites sm 3.04  disinfo sites

Liberty Quotes - 

      Luke Z Rudkowski

     James Corbett

     Stefan Molyneux 
Stefan Molyneux

     Truthstream Media

     Zachary Vorhies RE: GOOGLE / AI Censorship

Zachary Vorhies
Google Whistleblower

Google was going to rig the elections and I stopped them. 
      Ice Age Farmer 22:12
Leaked DHS/FEMA document reveals timeline for food shortages in the US -- measured in days to weeks.  The Chinese have started panic buying rice and cooking oils, having lost all faith in the lies from the state..

All Roads Lead to Dark Winter
Remember Dark Winter... The exercise that predicted the 9/11 Anthrax
Attacks.... The same cast is at work now... 

     The Atlantis Report 11:10
Beyond Financial Meltdown , This is an Engineered Economic Collapse

     Canadian Prepper 21:44 
WARNING: The Bad News Hasnt Even Started 
Economic disaster, an unstoppable outbreak and whats coming after that? 

     WHOOLI'S BLOG re: JPS / NWO / Global Domination
Super Easy Podcasts to hear weekdays 

     Adam Green re: JPS / NWO / Global Domination 
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