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'Pro Robots' ~ The latest robots and technologies of the future ? future

The latest robots and technologies of the future: all the technology news for December in one issue!
Dec 31, 2021 
Michael Seymour:
The 3D printed eye is nice enough but I will not be impressed until someone begins creating the eye balls of the first Blade Runner.

The Czech Play That Gave Us the Word ‘Robot’
Karel Capek's play "R.U.R." premiered in January 1921. Its influence cannot be overstated. 
China unveils five-year plan for robotics
By Brianna Wessling | December 28, 2021 
China 'replaces soldiers with machine-gun-carrying robots in Tibet
because its troops cannot cope with the freezing conditions and thin air'
China is deploying dozens of unmanned vehicles to its border with India 

Global Military Robots Market Research Report (2021 to 2026) -
by Type, Operation and Region 
Insights on the Military Robots Global Market to 2026 - 
Building A Robot Empire 

IDF's 'smart and deadly' robot project held up by slew of issues
The IDF's robotics project on the Gaza border is being held up by a variety of issues.

'Starting to freak us out': Robot's realistic response stuns engineers 

The Future of Robotics: Its Implications in 2021 and Beyond -
Analytics Insight
Today's sensor-driven revolution is transforming robots from rote machines into cognitive collaborators.
They have become a key link in a dynamic ... 

Top 10 Game-Changing Robot Makers of 2022 -
Analytics Insight
These robot makers are the future of robotics in 2022.
Robots are assuming control over the world. Alright, not actually. Not yet. Yet, they are 
Rebuilding a 1,000-Year-Old Humanoid Robot | History Remade with Sabrina 
Robot Lizard Fingers
Lizard fingers inspire robotic super grip for grasping tomatoes and spaceships
Someone tell Peter Parker that spiders are good at wall crawling but lizards are better. 

Where four-legged robot dogs are finding work in a tight labor market - CNBC 
The Rise Of The Robotic Working Dog 

UN talks adjourn without deal to regulate 'killer robots' 

The Intra-Body Nano-Network
@ 7:00 
Could robots get inside our brains?
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