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TONS OF FREE STUFF at Scott's House in West Menlo Park What'chu Need? Whatchu Want?
Have to move and i do not want everything thrown in dumpster.
lots of gear for Burning Man, Canopy, Shade, Cable, Rope, Wire, Rebar, Metal Tubes stock of Steel Alum Metal Tubes extruded and Sheet.
Lumber, supply, Hardware Rugs Carpets seats carpentry and craft supply art Paint, Spray Paints Gear, Gift, Decor, Decorations
really just a whole lot good construction materials
Mounts Bolts Nuts Screws Tubs of Hardward.
Please Come with TRUCK or VAN and Get LOADED for your Next Burn Camp
Tubs totes Sterilite bins Milk Crates EzUP canopys Galore Quick Shade Structures. Tents. Tent Poles. camp seats raw materials Pots Plants Farm and Garden Supply Rugs Carpets sheets of Foam. one HexaYurt Panel tons of stuff like that only Burners would love!
Old Burner Bikes grab one grab a bunch
West Menlo Park ask about hours but mostly after 1pm

PM ME w/ BURN MAN or such in your Message so i know who you are

Something for Everyone! Likely to be worth your Time.

Take the Seats out of your SUV before you come so you LOAD up to the MAX!

message Play@ but do not msg me from gmail because gmail will block my response to you.

or better yet But Start your MSG w/ BURN MAN 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.