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Dill Weeds (Ukros) - PCR 

Are humans now hackable animals? Transhumanism | "When Humans Become Cyborgs." 
Trudeau revokes Emergencies Act, Was it so WEF could roll out digital ID,
Justification remains a secret for Emergencies Act 
Zelensky Finds Time to Chat With Sean Penn For Documentary Amid Russian Siege

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - Update on Grand Jury (Nuremberg 2.0) | Zeee Media 
Ukraine Invasion Day Two: Biden Loses on SWIFT, Ghost of Kyiv, Ukraine Civilian Militarization 
Trudope Backtracks - No More Seized Bank Accounts! - Laura-Lynn, Remarque88, DollarVigilante,
No More Seized Bank Accounts! 

Truth About Ukraine/Russia NOT What You Think (The Jimmy Dore show) 

Why Wasn’t Russia Cut Off From SWIFT? 
Tucker: This is what we should be worried about 

BREAKING: Over 450 Russian troops killed in Ukraine - UK Defence Secretary
Feb 24 

Ukraine Crisis: Russian spokeman's fiery response to Sky News question 

Klaus Schwab, Trudeau and the conspiracy 

The David Knight Show 25Feb22 - Unabridged 
German Insurance Giant Exposes Coverup of Jab Deaths & Injuries - segment 

INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente — World War 3 Starts - segment 

Did Russia Surgically Strike 8 Secret US Run Bio Labs In Ukraine? - Salty Cracker, Yoichi
Shimatsu, Sheikh Imran Hosein, The Duran - Ottawa Aftermath with Tom Marazzo 

Pandemic Grand Jury Testimony Devastates CDC Narrative 

What is Currently Going on In Canada and why?

EyesIsWatchin Podcast #36 - Financial Collapse, World War 3, Directed Energy Weapons, Hivemind 

Sen. Rick Scott Introduces Broadband Buildout Accountability Act to Increase Transparency in
Public Investment in Broadband Deployment
The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age
13.06.27 video: 

Susan Crawford talked about her book, Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry
and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age, in which she argues that the U.S.
has lost its competitive advantage in the knowledge-based economy, because
it is no longer at the forefront of the internet revolution. In her book,
she argues that other countries have internet capabilities that are
significantly faster and less expensive to use than those in the U.S.,
putting U.S. consumers at a distinct disadvantage and threatening America's
economic future. She talked about her findings with Andrew Blum, author of
Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet.

Susan Crawford on Captive Audience:
The Telecom Industry & Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age 

Kyle Rittenhouse Accountability Project Takes Aim At Media And Celebrities 

Merritt Heaton, Illinois Oldest Farmer Steals The Show | Carson Tonight Show 

Peter Sellers Crime Thriller Full Movie | Never Let Go (1960) | Retrospective
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