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"Hello Humans!" New Clif High
War in Ukraine, "a strategic strike" to take out Obama/Biden/CIA human traffickers, bio-labs, and money-laundering hubs 
BUDO - Explorers' Guide to SciFi World 38:17 February 25th, 2022

Celia Farber
Feb 26	

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“We’re at war. As I forecast, we would have a lot more language about the war. It’s going to continue. There will be a lot of war language building up. It will build up to the same level that we had of war language in WW2 here in the United States in the…so it will dominate all the effective news and this kind of thing. Not the war with Ukraine because that’s a different thing. That’s a strategic strike by Putin to destroy the Khazarian mafia that has been running Ukraine and doing human trafficking, allowed the Obama and Biden and CIA and neo-cons to put in eleven bio-labs and has been laundering vast quantities of money from crimes through Khazaria. Ukraine. And so Putin finally had enough. He’d been bitching about the bio-labs for years. And so our media does not show us all the speeches that..or any of the speeches that Putin makes, they just cut little segments of what they want to get across in their agenda. If you go and listen to the stuff from the last few years…go back to 2009, he was bitching about uh the bio-labs. Anyways so, we’re at war. At the moment, Khazaria is the center point of this battle.”

—Clif High

New video here.

Putin Conquers Ukraine: Clinton Mercenary State Crumbles As War At Home Builds 


'NAZIS in Ukraine receiving training from Canada & Other NATO Countries'
John McCain’s Neo-nazis on the Run: Russian Army Pursues Svoboda Fascists 

John Mearsheimer, 2015:
'The West is Leading Ukraine Down The Primrose Path and The End Result:
is Ukraine is Going to Get Wrecked'

Feb. 24, 2022 

nigel farage nato russia 
'The USA War Is With Itself' - That's The Main War!
Drowning in DemoRub / DyingForDistractions! 
Confusion Will Be Our Epitaph
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