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corbettreport givesendgone

The most important video I have seen since the scamdemic began; James Corbett vehemently nails it - AB

The freezing of bank accounts of protestors and their supporters is approaching the final nail in the coffin of freedom and privacy.  Full blown totalitarianism is showing its ugly face.  It is an extremely significant precedent with grave consequences.  Protest and wrong think is now not just illegal, it is financially prohibited.  This is the most draconian decree of our lifetime and not one political leader has denounced it.  

Canada is probably a test case to further the agenda of the NWO.  It is a warning to all potential protestors, not just in Canada, but everywhere:

Your finances will be cut off if you dare to peacefully protest or even question government authority.  This is the final line in the sand.  Cross this line, and we are fully in totalitarianism.

James states that we are already in WWIII - it is the war on you, the enemy combatants who dare to protest government dictators.
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