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How Should Sceptics Respond to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine? 
Over the past two years, the MSM has revealed itself to be fundamentally untrustworthy in its coverage of the pandemic. Why should we trust its coverage of the war in Ukraine?
Putin has been provoked by NATO’s expansion eastwards since the fall of the collapse of the Soviet Union, pushing Russia further and further into a corner and leaving it with no choice but to invade Ukraine to prevent it joining NATO.
It’s naive to think that Putin and Lakushenko are the baddies and the leaders of the liberal democracies who have condemned Putin, imposed sanctions and are now belatedly supplying the Ukrainians with arms are the goodies. The two sides in this conflict are morally equivalent.
What about Iraq? Why was the West’s attempt at regime change acceptable in 2003, while Russia’s isn’t?
Why the concern for the people of Ukraine but not Yemen/Palestine/Afghanistan? Is it because we value white European lives higher than the lives of brown people?
Isn’t it all about energy? The U.S. is concerned about Nord Stream 2 opening, thereby increasing Russia’s strategic influence in the region and, by extension, diminishing America’s. That’s why it has provoked this attack.
Isn’t it all about digital currency? Russia is an obstacle to the roll out of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and the creation of a biosecurity New World Order.
The conflict has been manufactured to deflect the world’s attention from what’s happening in Canada.
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News Round-Up 
Q of the day:
"How many rats are going to be let to getaway to come back another day?"
The Identifying/Doxing Measures The-RAT-Class are trying to implement on others needs to be applied to Them Hypocritical RATS more urgently!

The Rats Are Jumping Ship 
The plandemic is imploding and
the rats who committed crimes against humanity are panicking 

The crisis in Ukraine exposes the hypocrisy of Israel and its Zionist allies
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