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Borax helps to decalcify the pineal gland + helps Fungi overgrowth Candida + removes Fluoride
Apple Cider Vinegar with  mother scoby to raise Ph and Halt Morgellons
Dana Ashlie 40:06 Jim Crenshaw
HAARP, Morgellons, Chemtrails, Nanobots, AI, the Covid shot are interelated-The simple solution!

Complete RF Shielding of Bedroom with "Faraday Cage" Approach - YouTube

"Beast 666" AKA Aleister Crowley
His Cult is Everywhere. It is the elite's and Hollywood's biggest secret (
This my help understand why child abuse and sacrifice are so common in both Hollywood and elite circles. Take a look at a man who referred to himself as the "Beast 666" AKA Aleister Crowley and you'll see just how deep the rabbit hole can go. 
Dr Robert Malone inventor of mRNA vax @ CPAC Fri Mar 4 2022 13:41

THIS is the REASON. Thu Mar 3 2022 14:46

We Are Change Wed Mar 2 2022 
xNEW: Today's video gives you the truth you're not getting in the news about the current situation and how we might be wrong.

m o d e r n i t y 7 15:38 Alex Jones

LIVE Discussion - Ukraine Invasion Continues Day 9 (FNN Live) 

Zachary Vorhies 
Understanding Ukraine, here it is:
Why is Russia invading? Because they don't want NATO nukes in Ukraine. This is Russia's version of the "Cuban Missile Crisis".
Winter Olympics 2014: US organized and executed a coup in Ukraine (yup, it's true! This has been thoroughly documented). Russia takes Crimea and the eastern Ukraine, the Russian speaking parts of Ukraine.
Winter Olympics 2022: Russia organizes and executes an invasion into Ukraine.
This war was completely avoidable. All Ukraine and Zelenskyy had to do was not join NATO and stay independent. But Ukraine did try to join NATO, because Zelenskyy is a puppet and Zelenskyy is doing what he was installed to do by the Global / Western Alliance. Joining NATO has very little benefit to Ukraine at all. He literally cucked out his entire country to the globalists (no wonder why the media loves him so much!)
The propaganda networks are working overtime now to push us into WW3. The only silver lining is that the apparatus of state power is now focused on demonizing Putin rather than our own patriotic Americans... for now.
What's really scary now is that this war enables the state to implement massive censorship. Anyone can be accused of spreading Russian propaganda and now removed and the Neocons and Leftists in control will both cheer it on.
Putin and the Russian cabal understand what's at stake, and the fact that they would be disconnected from the global financial system and embargoed was probably known to them. And yet they still invaded Ukraine. Apparently the future of the Russia state was more important than being connected the global financial system.

Russia clearly saw the liberation of Ukraine as a surgical operation with few casualties. They did not count on Zelensky's giving out assault rifles for use by rival criminal gangs and civilians being used as human shields by the Ukrainian army and the Nazis. The Russian army is telling civilians to evacuate cities but the Zelensky is stopping this from happening. His tactic is to turn the country into anarchy and an anarchic state is more difficult to take over than an organised one and there will be a long tail before the Russian goals of demilitarisation and denazification is achieved. The newly armed criminals are robbing Ukrainians with the cars loaded with their possessions trying to flea. It is easy to see how the west will spin the narrative of heroic Ukraine standing up to the Russians. The New Normal Germany is trying to pour arms into Ukraine. The UK is supplying mercenaries - paid for by whom? We need not ask. The west is using its using proxies to fight as it always has since the Iraq debacle. The west does not hope to stop the Russian plan but seeks to turn it into an endless military quagmire and all the time the media can wind up Russophobia and put NATO on a war footing making fortunes for the arms makers and wind up fear. The Russian military is not bogged down. It is taking things very slowly letting the Ukrainian factions turn in on themselves.

Shut-Up, stay-distracted, & keep lowering your expectations, Punks! / CDC Adjusting Developmental Milestones

White Hat Stuff if you want Hopium Hippy stuff to Transmute  
7 WORDS given globally via voice to skull tech
ACCording to John DeSousa: TAKE THE VACCINE it'll BE FINE 
FBI Agent Reveals Truth Behind Ukraine & Upcoming Alien Invasion John DeSousa
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