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Mark Petrakis 
Bantam Joe
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Mark Petrakis  
This video of a two-day presentation by Alison McDowell will fuck you up - by way of dropping one unexpected truth bomb after another on you.
Itíll also fuck you up, because youíre not going to be ready for it. Iíve been listening closely to Alison for 2+ years and Iím still stunned by what she has to say about the world that is being prepared for us to inhabit.
If you want to know how the day-to-day future will operate and how control will function once we have made the shift into the transhuman context of 24/7 biometric surveillance and A.I.-driven behavioral and human pay-for-success investing Ö then Alisonís insights are just what you need to listen to and watch.
In many ways, itís the smartest rap Iíve ever heard about the world to come ó a science fiction prison made to sound fun - that the technocracy and globalist transhumanist corporate institutions are building around us today at breakneck speeds.
Itís long Ö so just listen to however much of it as you want to listen to Ö or listen to a chunk and come back later.
Itís so full of insights, it will force you to see things in new ways Ö which may mean discarding the old lenses that perhaps worked in the past, but donít work anymore.
But whatís the point of communication, if not to cast a new light and awaken us to the present moment, right?
James Baldwin once said it well, ďIf I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you donít see.Ē
Tough job, but worth the effort. 

"Smart Cities", the Transhumanist Game and "Lifelong Learning" (Best Quality) 3:11:17
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