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Food prices have never been higher; Are we heading for starvation? - Joel Salatin 
Jul 24, 2022

Dr. Birx Admits She And Fauci Made Up ‘The Science’ On Lockdowns, Social Distancing 
Jul 23

Congress Fiddling While the Economy Burns
Powers & Principalities: Episode 257 
July 23
The United States Does Not Have an Economy (7/18/2022) PCR 
Auron MacIntyre on the Nature of Total State 
July 20
Auron MacIntyre joins Our Interesting Time to discuss his articles "The Nature of the Total State" and "Social Spheres and the Expansion of the State." We also talk about myths of liberalism and how the Regime in recent years has revealed its true authoritarian nature.
Donald Trump talks science with me
And, Johns Hopkins hires professor who defends "attraction to minors";
and, "There is no free will": the elite culture of gibberish
Jon Rappoport - Jul 19 
Chaos Confusion & Dataism / Dadaism ? 

Yuval Noah Harari on big data, Google and the end of free will
Forget about listening to ourselves. In the age of data, algorithms have the answer?

Dataism is a term that has been used to describe the mindset or philosophy created by the emerging significance of big data. It was first used by David Brooks in The New York Times in 2013.
Dataism - Wikipedia 
How Dataism is Revolutionizing the Idea of the Individual
The Critical Power of Big Data 
The Rise of Dataism: A Threat to Freedom or a Scientific Revolution?
Steven Parton -
Sep 30, 2018
Do We Need a Data Revolution or an Accountability Revolution? 
data without accountability? 
Analytics Is Pointless Without Accountability 
Dadaism was a movement with explicitly political overtones –
a reaction to the senseless slaughter of the trenches of WWI.
It essentially declared war against war,
countering the absurdity of the establishment's descent into chaos
with its own kind of nonsense. 

The Data is Highly Confusing
Robots, Humans; & The Elusive Remedic Tech: Accountability? 
Once Human "Eye Of Chaos" 
Edward Menez lives just 50 miles from
the Guidestones site and visited it
both before and after its destruction.
Since Americans are too docile, cowardly, stupid
and brainwashed to consider such a bold move,
he assumes it was done by the Illuminati
to cover their tracks now that their goal
of human depopulation is nearing fruition.
Destroying Guidestones was NOT an Act of Defiance 
Washington And NATO Bear Responsibility For Turkey's Routine Slaughter of Innocents 
Russia and the New World Order: An Afternoon with Joaquin Flores [Sunday July 24 at 2pm ET]
Matthew Ehret 


What Determines a "Limit to Growth"?
Cynthia Chung - video: 
MBS calls Putin. Kremlin checkmates EU and US on grain exports, energy and sanctions 
Jul 24 TheDuran

Jul 19, 2022
More Plandemics, Climate Emergency, Weather Modification, Mass Die-Off
Jul 23
July 25, 2022
Russia And China Officially Announce A "New Global Reserve Currency"
And once again, as happens often with consequential news
in the United States and the West,
no one has noticed and no one seems to care.
by QTR's Fringe Finance 
Global Planned Financial Tsunami has Just Begun
By F. William Engdahl 
When They Announce WW3 Let's Just Say 'Nah'
By Caitlin Johnstone 
Israel lobby’s power comes from the Benjamins
By Philip Weiss
Let me say why I think that the rightwing Zionists will lose in the end. 

Dexter Filkins on Ron DeSantis, the Man Who Would Be Trump 
The Writer Dmitry Bykov on Putin’s Russia, the Land of “Most Free Slaves” 
In Uvalde, closeness complicates accountability for shooting
July 23, 2022
Slow Rolling Ottawa Farmers Join Dutch Farmers For Yukon Jack's Flamethrowing Tips While Prancing Creapazoids Freak Out - Dennis Wise, SonOfEnos, Jon Rappoport, Evolutionary Energy Arts - Flashback to July 24 2021 Protests 
Roundtable #4: Christoforou, Escobar, iEarlGrey 
MBS calls Putin. Kremlin Checkmates EU and US on Grain Exports, Energy and Sanctions 
Jul 24 Duran
The Morons We've Become?: 
Freedom Fest - Zuby
Bitcoin offers escape from CBDCs, 'a dangerous technology' - Zuby 
Jul 23, 2022
Funny Dancing Robot Dogs 
at When They Announce WW3 Let's Just Say 'Nah':
Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix 
Caitlin Johnstone
flamethrower drone 
Captain Patterson FDNY Spills the Beans on 9/11 
Jul 24
Wow! Compelling witness.
Video of the Week :: Heli-Home: The Insane 1970’s Flying Camper
Luisa Bell / July 22nd, 2022 

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