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Russian bus bombings? Remember London†† †Video:

Alex covers a move by the federal government to shore up Social Security facilities as the economy continues to unravel and millions of Americans face the prospect of losing unemployment insurance benefits. Alex also looks at reaction around the world to Obama's dismal failure as president. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST
Bayer is suing a whole continent for saving the bees?

Feds Consider Vehicle Location Tracking in New Cars Proposal may lead to more accidents, mileage taxes and tickets for "recorded traffic violations."
This is the first chemtrail type that I encountered. For the first several months of spraying, it was virtually the only type used. Throughout the first 3 years of spraying (2005 - 2008), other chemtrail types were introduced, but the Salty-Metallic type remained a very commonly-used type, but was u...

 Gun Confiscation Ė The New World Orderís New Yearís Resolution
Will the Second Amendment be completely eradicated in 2014?

Is The Government Stockpiling Iodine In Preparation for Fukushima Meltdown? Government purchase of 14 million iodine doses points to silent Fukushima meltdown preparation.

Report: Cop Pepper-Sprays 13-Year-Old Boy

Penn. state trooper claims that he maced two cats instead.
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