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Have you seen the documentary "FluorideGate"? Is so, please share. If not, what are you waiting for? Click below:

Is your fluoride-free campaign part of the Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation? If not, and you're part of a group of individuals campaigning to end fluoridation in your area, please email with the name, location, contact info, and website/facebook site for your group.

     RainWater Catchment Streets Gutters Sidewalks
What’s one way to keep your local waterways cleaner and beautify an urban landscape all at once? Plant gardens...
NYC Launches Massive ‘Curbside Garden’ Campaign
Little oases of flowers, grasses, and small trees have been popping up all over NYC.

Video: We need to talk about Sandy Hook
Documentary blows the lid off suspected Sandy Hook cover-up.

I always wear GEL or AIR Running Shoes, whatever I get at Thrift Store: Vibram Merrell Asics New Balance etc. … JUST IN CASE… BE PREPARED
You don't want to get stuck in an elevator where you have to climb out… wearing dress shoes or pumps or stilettos …
earthquakes tho
Blackout America : Major Power Outage hits downtown Detroit as the Grid goes down (Dec 02, 2014)
SOURCE: http://www.foxnews.comNews Articles: Detroit power grid down: Police stations, jails... 

INFOWARS Nightly News Monday December 1st 2014 1

On the Tuesday, December 2 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Jones considers the prospect of protests, riots and possible violence in New York City following a grand jury decision weighing the police killing of Eric Garner. Jones also explores why the corporate media is actively ignoring the racially-motivated murder of a white man in St. Louis at the hands of minority teens, and also continues breaking down the fallout from the Ferguson situation. 
Tune in live 11am-2pm cst

Tonight, Police Deny St. Louis Hammer Murder Was Racial Attack as Family Demands Hate Crime Charges For Murderers of Zemir Begic, then, Ferguson Police Chief: “A Lot Of Discussion” About Charging Brown Stepfather With Inciting Riot, and later, Democrats Make 'Hands Up' Gesture On House Floor "...rallying cry of people all across America who are fed up with police violence..." claims New York rep. Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in


Just like we showed in Episode 3 of Hidden Secrets Of's an update...
Dramatic Increase in Gold Flows into China
The larger rationale for holding precious metals is even better – when times are good and people have more disposable income, as literally hundreds of millions of “Chindians” are in the process of achieving right now – the buy-and-hold demand...

China holds the gold price key - GOLD ANALYSIS - Mineweb
Mining, investments, China, Switzerland, SGE, central banks, Goldman, WaveTrack

Jim Rickards on financial warfare here and now.
Financial Warfare Could Bring America To Its Knees
America’s engaged in financial warfare, and it could escalate any moment. Jim Rickards warns the collateral damage could be your investments… 
Mainstream Media Finally Admits to Massive Gold Manipulation

dump currencies and buy money. 
Dump the Euro and Yen - Buy Gold - Is the U.S. Dollar Next? -
Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) –- In today's "Bart Chart," Bloomberg's Mark Barton takes a look at Gold in Dollars, Gold in Euros and Gold in Yen on "Countdown." (Source:...

SRSrocco has been doing some great work of late. 
MASSIVE INDIAN SILVER IMPORTS: Setting Up For Another Big Record Year : SRSrocco Report
With the paper price of silver now below the break-even for the majority of the primary silver mining companies, India imported a massive 1,243 metric tons of...

Mom Says Daughter Is Paralyzed Because of Flu Shot...

Do you know they are skinned alive, or anally electrocuted for you to have fur?
Get informed and go vegan:

Stop Eating Beef & Cuddle With A Cow a Instead....

animals are loving friendly intelligent playful
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