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Event!/events/244510605718053 Coming tmrw???If you can't make it, take a few minutes to call your California legislator and tell them you want to see a GE Food Labeling bill passed in 2014.Find them here: GMOs: California's Grassroots's photo.GoingRally At The State Capitol For Labeling GMOs!!Tomorrow Monday Jan 6 at 10:00 am California State Capitol in Sacramento, California DMT The Spirit Molecule FULL DOCUMENTARY 

EWWW Milk from factory farms that comes from cows raised on genetically engineered grains and pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones—not exactly a recipe for healthy milk. Ten Most Radioactive Places on Earth Mapped Out [GRAPHIC] FBI Chief Says Chemtrails Are Death Dumps

The World Government "NWO"
{Public Edition} World domination is the focus of this "master blueprint". While some of this information may not be new, this scope and
Irish free to sue British nuclear operators over contamination
British nuclear operators face being sued for billions of pounds by the Irish government and Irish victims of any radioactive damage they cause under legal changes to be introduced this year.

"Let’s be honest here, because the federal government has run up trillions of dollars in annual budget deficits in each year since 2009, it is borrowing money to pay today’s scheduled Social Security benefits, which means that it is progressively transforming 'intragovernmental' debt (or so-called “money we owe to ourselves”) into “debt held by the public” in the process."

Lee Burik
ahhh yes… and here we have a case of predictive programming right before the Fukushima False Flag Op. Just like the show which aired before 911. it's all making more sense now. MOSSAD (Israeli security company took over Fuku) used Stuxnet in the reactor computers and a bomb (proven by a scientist) on reactor #3… . HAARP (or underwater nuke) causes tsunami. mass hysteria to follow. Agenda 21. more control over energy. etc etc. & lots of fear. just like 911.
Blowing up reactors - aired March 8 2011 (longer clip)
The Fifth Column plot to sabotage a reactor in an episode airing three days before the Japanese quake. They compare their plan to the Three Mile Island disas...
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