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Radium 226 and Thorium 232 
Facebook News Feed History of the World: World War I to World War II

Tonight, Gun Agenda Backfires 2013 Gun Sales Smash Records, and later, RBS pays Fine For Manipulating Interest Rates as JP Morgan Pays 2 Billion To Avoid Madoff Ponzi Prosecution, then, Professor Denies West Coast Radiation Link to Fukushima. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Take a look at this 6-wheel, 30-ton armored vehicle worth $700,000. The Fort Pierce Police Department bought it for $2,000. HOW?: we go. 2014 is going to be a pivotal year for our movement. EWG reports that Big Food is attempting a bill in DC to prevent states from labels.
All hands on deck!

Locals Look to Take Down Shady NSA Compound
A massive NSA data center in rural Utah consumes over 1.7 million gallons of water per day in order to cool its spying apparatus. Local activist Connor Boyack is leading the charge to turn off the spigot. 
This Video Will Seriously Make You Rethink Speeding. This is how you make an effective PSA.

does that make sense?
You want to ignore the FACT, agreed upon by NASA and a majority of astrophysicists, that the SUN is warming all the planets. what do they know...
STOP partisan bickering. Stop being entrenched in your opinion. Global warming is caused by both MAN and SUN.
paying carbon taxes (designed by the same architects who brought you derivatives) to greedy banksters is NOT the answer

OVERTHROWING the GREEDY BANKSTERS is THE ANSWER. STOP the NWO. Stop human slavery. Stop Rothschilds.
Because it can get a lot worse. With Global Warming or Global Cooling or Climate Change comes FLUX. Flux SUCKS. 
Polar Vortex is FLUX. Flux hurts. Flux KILLS PEOPLE pets ANIMALS and ECOSYSTEMS. DANG!

The radiation plume mixed with freezing air over the Pacific Ocean, and created the snow, which dumped more than 400 tons of contaminated material into the ocean.
USS Ronald Reagan sailors sue Tokyo Electric Power Company for deliberately releasing toxic plume of radiation causing massive, deadly disease

Posting about controversial subjects like conspiracies and corruption, we naturally get haters, skeptics and trolls trying to discredit us on a regular basis. This is to be expected, but if you're going to try to discredit us, at least use reputable sources to do so. For example, Snopes, the once popular debunking site formerly considered the authority and 'final word' on many claims, allegations and disclosures turns out to be a husband and wife team with no background in investigation, running the scam from their kitchen table Googling just as you should be doing for yourselves! Read the whole Snopes.scam story, here: - Tom Retterbush

Heal the Bay
Crash in sardine population may explain sick sea lion pups
Colder water in the Pacific may be why we're seeing more giant squid and whales, but it may also be the cause of an alarming crash in numbers of sardines. The lack of sardines may be behind the 1,600 malnourished young sea lions found along the the coast last year..

Detroit Police Chief: “Good Americans with Concealed Pistols Translates Into Crime Reduction”
#‎Detroit’s new police chief James Craig once worked in ‪#‎California‬, where it is a common occurrence for Sheriffs and Chiefs to deny concealed-carry weapons permits to their residents. They often do so without even reading the applications. He was, by all accounts, one of those government officials who restricted Americans’ ability to protect themselves. But he has changed his tune after seeing Maine... Low Level Radiation Campagn from

With a global daily production of 9 million pounds of fries a day, McDonald's is looking for better ways to lower the cost of processing potatoes for fry production.

Ex-DARPA Head Wants You to Swallow ID Microchips - 
 Google executive also pushes e-tattoo that reads your mind. You Never Saw So Many Naked People In A Music Video Before

MSNBC Pundit Calls On Obama to Govern by Decree - Academic who compared Eric Holder to Moses demands raft of executive orders.

Alex continues his coverage of the Fukushima radioactive ocean plume making its way toward the West coast of the United States. Officialdom in California remains perplexed by an increase of radiation and has downplayed its significance. Alex also takes a look at a call from the corporatist media for Obama to dispense with Congress, the Constitution and the American people and demand he instead rule by decree like a Roman autocrat. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST
The Dangers of Dental Amalgam (Mercury Poisoning Side Effects Silver Fillings Removal Problems) 
Millions of people have dental amalgam silver fillings implanted in their teeth. Dental amalgam is the most commonly used material

Gun Confiscations Have Begun
Alex covers the news that the White House has begun an end run on gun confiscations.
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