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Event WiFi Radiation - Dangers of WiFi - See It Measured - How To Remediate WiFi Radiation FEMA REGION III TARGETED for BIOTERRORISM !!! NASA - JAPAN ROCKET LAUNCH with LITHIUM DEPLOYMENT

THE PROBLEM OF PLASTIC MICROBEADS Life can’t exist without water. The fact that we’re contaminating it with something that never goes away and is so small that it can be eaten by plankton and then accumulate up the food chain—it’s fundamentally something we shouldn’t be doing.

Director of the NWS ignorant on current weather modification operation.... because 'they dont tell you where they're doing it'...
Lol, must see!
National Weather Service Director ignorant on Weather Modification?!
The director of the National Weather Service, and the director of the Storm Prediction 

Ron Paul
What 'reform' will come from the president's hand-picked NSA reform commission? Don't count on Congress to question the unitary executive! My latest column out now at the link.
Congress Defers to President On NSA Reform
Congress’s decline from the Founders’ vision as “first among equals” in government to an echo chamber of the unitary executive, has been a slow but...

Ready, get set, tweet on tuesday 6 pm PST. Get pre-fab tweets at TPP March On the Media, more at and more actions at
The time is now to block the pipeline of free trade agreements of, by and for the rich and powerful.

BREAKING NEWS!! 110 quakes in California within the last few hours!! 1-12-14 US-backed terrorists are filming battle scenes and then hit by a Russian tank

Statism Is Slavery
Just a slow long drawn out taper, no such thing as a recovery. The people at the top of the political food chain already made out well,... now we just move on, screwed over "as a nation". ~MS Top Strategist: A Shocking Revelation About Gold Mining Companies Toll of U.S. Sailors Devastated by Fukushima Radiation Continues to Climb number exceeding 70. MADE IN CHINA ☭ MUST SEE! ᴴᴰ
These Breast Cancer Prevention Non Profits Focus on CAUSE and PREVENTION

I've been waiting for over thirty years for someone to write this book. 
It's not the full story, but it's an important beginning. Essential viewing. 
The financial "services" industry is  not your friend. 
From our friends at Real Econ TV.  Video:
Media con artists "Financial Industry" Flim Flam

The San Diego DEA’s Dirty Secret
On Fukushima Fears and Sensationalistic Reporting 
There is an incredible amount of disinformation going on these days about Fukushima Daiichi.  A lot of people are frightened by it and they call me or email me, wanting to know what I think about it.

Fukushima harms commerce as Russia rejects radioactive Japanese cars: James Bond Squirrel An eagle, a fox and a cat all getting along fine. The Five Stages of Catnip Dependence

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technical expert employed by the NSA tries to get the word out that the agency is broadly violating the constitutional rights of Americans. Sound familiar?
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