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Chemically Nucleated Snow, What Is It?
What’s up with the snow?
January 31, 2014

Dane Wigington ==

People around the globe have taken notice of what appears to be very
strange characteristics of the snow falling of late.  The snow does
not appear to melt in a usual fashion and many report the snow emits a
chemical smell when exposed to an open flame. Is this possible?

The short answer is yes. Though I can not speak directly about the
flame experiments since there is no rain in most of California let
alone snow, and cannot conduct my own test. I and others have long
since been sounding the alarm about the artificially/chemically
nucleated snow that has been and is a major component of

What are the known elements showing up in the snow during the last

Lab tests of snow have repeatedly shown extremely high levels of
aluminum and barium. ==
Of course there are always the “debunkers” that try to tell us its
“normal” to have these heavy metals in our rain and snow. The
disinformation trolls have tried particularly hard to convince the
public that there is nothing wrong with toxic metal laden
precipitation. Any that believe such patently false statements are
likely not willing to face the truth no matter how compelling the
Can snow really be artificially nucleated with chemicals and charged
metallic particles? Can snow storms be engineered?

The short answer is again yes. Snow storms can and are being
engineered from top to bottom.==
What is an “Endothermic Reaction” ?

An endothermic reaction is the opposite of an exothermic reaction.
With an exothermic reaction, like an explosion, energy and heat are
released. With an endothermic reaction energy and heat are absorbed.
In the case of the artificial snow storms, this energy and heat is
absorbed from the atmosphere and precipitation. Such a reaction can
“cool things down”, at least for a while.
So what elements can cause such a reaction?

Barium and ammonium are two. We know barium is in the snow, numerous
lab tests prove this. ==
How much can an endothermic reaction drop temperatures?

The endothermic process can almost instantly drop temperatures from
far above freezing to well below freezing and beyond.

Why is there very little water appearing when chemically nucleated
snow is melted?

Partial “sublimation” is perhaps a factor in this equation.
Sublimation is the process of conversion from a solid directly to a
gas, such as what occurs with dry ice. There is a great deal we still
do not know and can not know about the composition of this “snow”, but
it would stand to reason that certain chemical constituents in
artificially nucleated snow could cause the behavior being observed.
Some have reported a more usual melting phenomenon from “older”
samples of this “snow”. It is also possible that some of the chemical
elements in this snow lose their potency over time. Again, there is
much we can not know. What is certain from numerous lab tests already
taken is that much, if not most, if not all of the snow now falling is
toxic. It is also certain that we are now seeing snow fall regularly
at temperatures far above freezing. There is also no denying the fact
that engineered snow storms are a reality as the links below this
article confirm.

Temperature Departures From 30 Year Average

The planet is in meltdown and the climate engineers are doing
everything they can to hide this fact. This includes the use of toxic
chemicals and metals in the creation of engineered snow storms. While
main stream media (and unfortunately even many “independent” media
sites) are falsely claiming the planet is cooling, the bigger picture
is clear for any that choose to look past climate engineering and
media hype. While it was snowing in northern Florida recently, Alaska
was experiencing its warmest January on record. While the climate
engineers and their Weather Channel cheer leaders were doing their
best to keep the focus on the parade of theatrically named engineered
“winter” storms, Australian had its warmest year on record. In fact,
the bottom line on planet earth is this, it is getting hotter fast.
Although the climate engineers and their media friends can fool many
with their engineered chemical storms and spun media hype, Earth has
just had its 37th consecutive year of above normal temperatures and
has had 346 consecutive months of above normal temperatures, period.
The geoengineers can create profound short term cooling, but it comes
at the cost of a completely contaminated planet and a worsened overall
warming. The power structure and main stream media has changed their
mission from disclosing the warming to suit their agenda, to one of
doing everything they can to hide the warming as they have now
invested all on climate engineering. Those that wish to have any
chance of a future for themselves and their posterity need to help
with the effort to expose and stop climate engineering. This fight
will take all of us and the battle must be won or it will soon enough
be game over.












Fukushima Radiation causing U.S. Insurance Companies to EXCLUDE all

Coverage for Radiation Claims
Sunday, 02 February 2014 00:21

February 2, 2014 -- (TRN) -- Insurance Companies in the United States
have begun notifying customers they will no longer have ANY coverage
whatsoever for anything relating to nuclear energy claims.  Fallout,
radiation sickness, property damage from radiation - all EXCLUDED.
This begs the question:  If the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima
power plant in Japan is as harmless to Americans as the government and
"scientists" are telling us, why are Insurance companies specifically
EXCLUDING coverage for nuclear energy related claims?  (Hint: The
government is lying about the danger.)

TRN has a PDF of one such notice being sent by Traveler's Insurance
Company.  You can read it for yourself below.

Letters being sent by U.S. Insurance companies are notifying policy
holders of an important change to their coverage.  Letter sent by one
major insurance company read as follows:

Dear Policyholder;
Thank you for choosing Travelers. We are providing advance notice of
changes affecting your renewal policy or notification of renewal
premium. Please consult Travelers Service Center for guidance in
reviewing the information contained in this notice.

Your renewal policy will provide changes in coverage because of
underwriting judgment based on an evaluation of your
individual risk exposures and/or loss history.

The following is changed on your renewal:
Coverage Change Details

The accompanying  paperwork gets very specific about what they mean.
It says, in part:

1. The insurance does not apply:

A. Under any Liability Coverage, to "bodily injury" or "property

B. Under any Medical Payments coverage, to expenses incurred with
respect to "bodily injury" resulting from the "hazardous properties"
of "nuclear material" and arising out of the operation of a "nuclear
facility" by any person or organization.

2. As used in this endorsement:

"Hazardous properties" includes radioactive, toxic or explosive
properties. "Nuclear material" means "source material", "special
nuclear material" or "by-product material"  . . . . Spent fuel . . . .
Waste . . . . .

The letters further make clear:

"Property damage" includes all forms of radioactive contamination of

That last item, about radioactive contamination of property,  THAT's
the "biggie."  THAT is the issue that will shortly become evident to
people who live on the west coast of north America.  One day, when
folks in places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego wake up
and hear  evacuation orders on radio and TV telling them to run for
their lives because the radiation levels from the Pacific Ocean have
made their homes uninhabitable, THEN all those folks will understand
the implications of this nasty little change in Insurance coverage.

The Turner Radio Network has been warning people about the coming
radiation from Fukushima.  For months, we have been issuing radiation
alerts when local background radiation levels start "spiking."  For
months, we have been closely monitoring developments at the Fukushima
disaster site and publishing news stories about those developments and
the dangers they pose to North America.

Sadly, for months, critics have claimed our coverage was
"sensationalism" or "designed to scare people."  That was never the
case, but it didn't stop the critics from claiming such.

So here we are, February, 2014, and Insurance Companies are now
specifically EXCLUDING coverage for radioactive contamination of
property. Let's be clear about what this means; if you have to move
away from your home because the area is contaminated with lethal
levels of radiation, don't bother calling your insurance company.  YOU
HAVE NO COVERAGE AT ALL for this type of event.  Of course, you still
have to pay your mortgage for the house you can no longer live in, but
that's your problem, right?

Now, stop and think for a moment about other types of disasters.
Homes in "Tornado Alley" in the USA routinely suffer horrific
destruction from tornadoes.  Have any insurance companies stopped
covering such damage?  No.   They may charge a higher premium in those
geographic areas, but they don't flat-out EXCLUDE coverage.  How about
places that routinely suffer wildfires?  California, Arizona, New
Mexico come to mind.  Have you ever heard of any insurance companies
specifically EXCLUDING coverage for wildfires for people who live in
those area? Nope!

So why, if the government and so-called "experts" are all publicly
telling us that the radiation from Fukushima will be diluted by the
Pacific Ocean and will not harm us, are Insurance companies beginning
to absolutely and specifically EXCLUDE coverage for radiation-related
damage, injuries and claims?

Could it be that the radiation from Fukushima, which has been spewing
into the Pacific Ocean since March 11, 2011, is not nearly as
"diluted" as the government and "experts" would have us believe?
Could it be that the Insurance companies know (maybe from their pals
in government) that entire STATES on the west coast of North America
may have to be evacuated because of the incoming radioactive water in
the Pacific?  Does this start to make more sense to you now?  Such
events would utterly wipe out Insurance companies.  You know it, the
government knows it and the insurance  companies darn sure know it.
THAT is why insurance companies are excluding coverage; they KNOW
what's coming and they don't want to be wiped out by it.  Can't blame
them, but where does that leave you?

Some advice: If you live on the west coast of north America, sell
your house fast and cheap to some illegal aliens.  Get whatever you
can for the house, take the money, and run like hell.

Whatever you get for the house will  be more than you'll get from
your insurance company once the radiation arrives.  Oh, about the
illegal aliens to whom you sell . . . . well . . . . who cares what
happens to them, they shouldn't be here anyway!
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.