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Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014 - THIS MUST BE SHARED!
This is one of those videos that is a shock to the

look up
Covert Chemtrail Spraying by Commercial Jet Aircraft

We've long called mainstream "food" "junk food". My suggestion is that we need to refer to "mainstream media" and "corporate media" as "junk media" for similar reasons.

Plastic pollution kills a beautiful wild elephant in India. Over 2 kilograms of plastic waste found in the stomach after death. 
Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014 - THIS MUST BE SHARED! This is one of those videos that is a shock to the Dont Talk to Police Hitler finds out Juplaya was cancelled!

What are ZOMBIES? They are what STARVING AMERICANS act like after several days without food, water, electricity or medicine.
Government Round Up List Revealed: FEMA Camp Conspiracy Confirmed!

9 11 False Flag Conspiracy Finally Solved Names, Connections, Motives

The last 24 hours have been an absolute whirlwind, but make no mistake about it, we will keep the pressure on! Subway still hasn't given us (or any of the countless reporters I talked to today) a timeline for their changes. Show your support, keep signing and don't eat it, until they do it! Join here: ‪#‎NoWaySubway‬ ‪#‎FoodBabeArmy‬

Government Declares War on Lemonade Stands, Birthday Parties - Rex Jones analyzes stories of bureaucratic shutdowns.

Tonight, Corporate Media Says Syrian Terrorists Threaten Jihad in Britain and U.S., then, In 19 Minutes, A Team Of Snipers Destroyed 17 Transformers At A Power Station In California, and later, Spy Agency Engaged In Internet �False Flag� Attacks. Details & More on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in
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Centuries ago Dutch and English
pirates filled their nation's coffers
by raiding Spanish shipping.
Here's the 21st century version - 
and it's a lot more honorable. Video:

With lung cancer being one of the most aggressive killers today, and other diagnosis methods presently used having their fair share of dangers and inconveniences, any new, non-invasive, inexpensive and accurate way to detect the disease would represent a significant breakthrough. Sandy Hook Hoax Child Abuse Redact This

look damnit I post stupid dribble and cute cat pics cause I assume that if I just post
shit that matters
I would lose attention of sleepy zombie wage slaves. so here's some cutesy fluff:  What if Guys and Girls Changed Roles � Valentine�s Day

If food commercials had to list the side effects, including the short- and long-term adverse health effects of eating the "garbage" that's served up like it's actual food with nutritive value, then maybe people would start waking up.
What if food ads had to list the side effects like prescription drugs on TV?

I may keep BASHING RUSSIA until they free the ORCAs they KidNapped for the Olympics. DAMN IT keep your links SHORT 
Russia Says Its Sochi Bathroom Spy Cameras Show No Plumbing Problems
The Wall Street Journal reports that Russia is aggressively defending itself against complaints that the much-maligned bathrooms in its Olympic accommodations are in any way substandard. The Russians are, in fact, keeping a very, very close eye on the bathroom situation:

Question: Do you suspect HoBama, Soros, and NWO New World Order would BASH Putin and RUSSIA?
Well then why on Earth would you be so gullible as to buy the MSM / Main Stream Media
MYTH that Russia is Anti Gay? The Truth About Russia's "Anti-Gay" Law 

Did you know, Russia's "anti-gay" law does not mention gays and has nothing to do with criminalizing homosexuality?

Russia Is As Russia Does: The Best (Or Worst?) Of #SochiProblems Follow us: UPROXX on Facebook

- - - - - Thu Feb 6 Mid day

The Top 12 Excuses People Give For Not Going ‪#‎Vegan‬... And Our Responses To Them! Forever Young - Burning Man 2013
we LOVE this video by Spark director Steve Brown, featuring retired firefighter Jim Duffy.

99% of this video is absolutely brilliant. 
A complete demolition of the key "hero"
story of the Boston Bombing.    video:

Patrick Roddie‎Chemtrails Global Skywatch
I collected rain fall on January 30th in a clean glass bowl on the roof of my six story San Francisco apartment building and sent it in to be tested. Aluminum was measured at 190μg/L, Barium is 15μg/L and many times over toxic/reporting levels. Both should be at zero. Of course it's a complete coincidence that both metals are featured in multiple geoengineering patents.

More than 100 Americans will be deliberately infected with live influenza viruses this year as part of a devious government medical experiment designed to help the pharmaceutical industry develop new flu vaccines.

Alex breaks down new revelations in the socialist scheme known as Obamacare and the latest in sophisticated surveillance tech used to spy on the American people. A new study reveals Obamacare's huge subsidy cliff in which earning one more dollar in income above the threshold could cost you an extra $20,000 in insurance premiums. The Congressional Budget Office director even admitted that Obamacare "creates a disincentive for people to work." In other news, new surveillance tech can track everyone in the same area for several hours at a time. This and other developments in facial recognition software will no doubt turn a stalker's dream into a reality. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Food Babe' Vani Hari is live on the ‪Alex Jones‬ show discussing recent victories over Subway as well as her plans for the future. Tune-in live! ‪‬ rebroadcast 24/7

Mythbusters also don't properly deploy the thermite. Here's a guy who demonstrates how thermite can melt steel girders, explosively:
9/11 Thermite
9/11 was an inside job. A copied video. I am making a playlist of a collection of videos proof that 9/11 was an inside job. Challenge yourself to learn that ...

For comparison. Remember this is just thermite, not nanothermite. If thermite were wood, nanothermite would be a sawmill warehouse full of sawdust-laden air -- much, much more reactive and explosive.
Mythbusters Toast 1/2 Ton of Thermite 
I recently saw the new Mythbusters, "Ending With a Bang". I then realized that the thermite scene was too good to pass up. So I posted it!
Mythbusters Toast 1/2 Ton of Thermite 
I recently saw the new Mythbusters, "Ending With a Bang". I then realized that the thermite scene was too good to pass up. So I posted it!

Industrial Band Bills DoJ For Using Its Music as a Torture Device -
�What really bothers us is that they played our songs at an intolerable volume for hours on end." Splitting the Sky: Antiwar Left, Progressives complicit in 9/11 Cover-up
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