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Looks like enchanted forest gathering will be releasing a limited number of Homie Hookup tickets on Feb. 11th at 9am! This is our absolute favorite Northern California festival! Video: Dramatic Readings Of Burning Man Missed Connections

Government Declares War on Lemonade Stands, Birthday Parties - Rex Jones analyzes stories of bureaucratic shutdowns.

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns - Bunny Hunter gives LeeAnn McAdoo a lesson in real feminism.

Alex overcomes the Olympics distraction, and runs down the ever-evolving list of actions indicating the move towards an imperial office of the president. Jones reviews Sen. Rand Paul's call for Democrats to return campaign money generated by “sexual predator” Bill Clinton, and lays out the “socialist nightmare” as it occurs in real time.

DEA Manual Teaches Police How To Lie About Using NSA Info PopularResistance.Org

Are Iraq and Iran Joining Forces to Seize Oil Market?
Two years after U.S. combat troops departed, the Iraqi government has become increasingly chummy with Iran. Now there’s evidence that Iran and Iraq are colluding to take over Middle East oil markets. Ron gives his take on what this means for the U.S.
Watch Preview Here:

As the World's economic house of cards continues it's fall...
Where do you suppose the German's gold went?

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