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You've seen the fine print on food labels...
Carmine, Sorbitol, Phosphoric 
Acid, Polydimethylsiloxane
Xanthan Gum, Potassium Bromate...
And on and on it goes. 
What the heck is this stuff?
The shocking answers here... Video:

02.13 This substance is illegal to use in foodin every other country on earth except the USIt's even banned in China and Africa

16 Insane Facts About the Making of Everyday Products -

IF THIS IS NOT A TOTAL WTF REVELATION, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS: US Supreme Court Justice Declares Mass Internment Inevitable!
With these comments, Scalia is effectively signaling that if concentration camps are established in the US (Scalia would "not be surprised"), the Supreme Court will stand aside and acknowledge itself powerless-doubtless with references to "national security," "state secrets," the "separation of powers," the "war on terror," and
"deference to the executive in wartime."

Do you really think your favorite Olde Media 'news' source is 'free', 'fair', or unbiased? Think again...

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Install HTTPS Everywhere today. Help Electronic Frontier Foundation encrypt the Web.

Radiation And Your Health: Dr. Blaylock explains the radioprotective effects of natural substances - Flooding Somerset Levels - David Lim February 2014 - Community Press Group

Don't call 911 in San Francisco unless you wish to risk being beaten & jailed by the brutal SFPD Good Samaritan Backfireor How I Ended Up in Solitary After Calling 911 for Help Thames bursts its banks: mile-upon-mile under water (aerial view)

Perhaps you've seen the chart showing the eerie similarity between the chart for the run up to the 1929 crash and today's stock market, but the correlations don't end there.
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Desert research institute... cloud seeding ... current operations... california , and nevada...

On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman talks to Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt about the growing threat of airborne, water and food-related poisons. How do we know if we're toxic? What are the best solutions?

BREAKING: Our DiGiorno investigation has resulted in 4 workers being charged with 11 counts of criminal cruelty to animals. Get the details here: Former FBI Chief Admits Chemtrails Are Real - And Then He Is Poisoned And Dies
George Carlin "Every Child Is Special" (Special 3-Minute Edit)
From George Carlin's last HBO Special "It's Bad For Ya" (2007)

Oregon Police Give Nightclubs ID Scanners to Datamine Customers - Police blame bar owners for not knowing law after getting caught pushing them into surveillance program.  Trataka And The Amazing Benefits Of Candle Gazing

The best way to help stop the awful abuse that runs rampant in the egg industry is to stop eating eggs. Learn more here:

~ Healing pressure points.
Facebook: In5d Esoteric Metaphysical and Spiritual Database


The mayor of New York City sent the children to school and is now blaming the Weatherman. The Mayor and the Weatherman should view this 4 minute 36 second video....(side note this video has tens of thousands views but it gets delete a lot on youtube for some strange reason so it gets moved around.)

~ Sorry: Dolphins Aren't Smiling

Documents & "Predictions" on Warfare
About 35 minutes: 
Includes microwaves and Smart Meters, too much to list.​ Seriously, if you have a life, watch this will change you at one go.
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