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Event Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014 - THIS MUST BE SHARED! Brutal video: Fierce clashes in Kiev as new wave of unrest grips Ukraine

Watch a drone's eye view of the fiery protests in ‪#‎Kiev‬, ‪#‎Ukraine‬ — video

CIA Manages International Drug Trade Mexican Official Says

A new Stanford study has found more ticks lurking in Bay Area locations than previously believed. That study also found that some of those ticks are carrying a new mysterious disease, in addition to Lyme disease.
More on this study and what you can do to protect yourself and your family from disease...

Plant trees and grow grow grow! Monsanto , the fda, they all are in on the whole corruptiom of our "Trusted" "Watchdogs" translate that to criminals made to appear as trusted cival servants..
The Rockefellers, The FDA & The Cancer Industry
How the Rockefellers began to control the FDA & the cancer industry

If you are vegan you don't have to wath this No way Wtf did ijust watch How do those burgers taste now @ your local reataurant.?

Anti Mcdonalds Website

     	ECON What Lies Beneath The Bodies of Dead Bankers?
Celente Warns Of Coming Riots: "The Collapse Is Engulfing The World"
It’s going to be disastrous and there are going to be riots everywhere...
JPMorgan Loses 44% of Gold Inventories in 4 Days! |
In another stunning withdrawal, JP Morgan had an additional 321,500 oz gold ounces removed from its vaults today. Since last Thursday,...
The Stock Market In Japan Is COLLAPSING


Recently, I have been seeing allegations of fear monger, doom and gloom, etc., being thrown about at writers and broadcasters who dare to identify the threats facing the American people. So, what, there's no problem with the direction of the United States? Here are 12 dates to look at that have led us to where we are.
12 Dates Which Led to the Destruction of America

MassPrivateI: Government spying gone crazy: DHS wants RFID chips in every drivers license

Health Ranger reports: While most natural products companies have been very responsive to consumer concerns about heavy metals, some smaller supplement companies are engaged in what can only be called "consumer fraud" over their denials, deceptions and hucksterism: TRON Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D - 04 - Adagio For Tron (Teddybears Remix) [Daft Punk] Danny MacAskill-Around the world 2014 Red Ice Radio - John Hall - Pt 2 - Satellite Terrorism & Surveillance Technology


Minority Report Is Here: Chicago Residents Get Police Visit Based on Pre-Crime Surveillance List - the "Heat List" has approx. 400 names on it created from a computer algorithm, and some of these people are being paid a visit:

Bloomberg Group Flips Over Gun Confiscation Leak -
Poughkeepsie mayor accused of making "false claims," but Infowars investigation shows groups goal is to ban guns.

from 2013. but ever so potent now... gurgle and bubble. like hot lava under a bulging cano
America : Ex-Navy SEAL says Government is creating conditions to impose Martial Law (Oct 15, 2013) Dick Johnson: TSA Wunderkind!
The TSA is not just the perfect place for a sexual predator to work, but to also excel in a career path.

VIDEO: The Truth About The Ukraine Crisis - Washington is engaged in a dangerous act of regime change that could spark a new cold war.

USA CIA George SOROS funding "rebels" in Kiev Ukraine, Syria ad naseum. Who broke this story first? Who routinely breaks stories first? Brutal video: Fierce clashes in Kiev as new wave of unrest grips Ukraine

Justice Group Warns of Obama Plan to Put Government Monitors in Newsrooms - FCC researchers would pressure the press on what to cover.

Henry Kissinger: Those Who Reject the New World Order are Terrorists
Henry Kissinger actually publicly stated that those who oppose the New World Order are 

Matt Drudge Tweets Report Warning About the Suicide of the GOP - Tells readers to tune in to special report on what amnesty will do.

The War On Men: 10 Ways Masculinity is Under Attack - And why the elite – not women – are to blame.

Alex reveals the latest power moves made by the elites who are manipulating current events from behind the scenes. In an effort to further consolidate government control over mainstream media, the Obama administration is now planning to place government representatives inside news rooms across the country to influence which news stories are covered and which stories are ignored. 

Saturday, February 15, the Medical Journal, Lancet, published an online article titled: ‘Neurobehavioral effects of developmental toxicity’ in which it informed the world that fluoride has been added to its list of developmental neurotoxicants:

Among the farmers who breed bulls it is well known that giving fluoride to their animals makes them more docile and manageable. Research scholars from different countries show that the application of fluoride leads to reduced intelligence and suppress the will of the people. Vladimir Putin's Russia The KGB lives

TURN OFF THE LIGHTS ON THE NSA! There is a growing movement by state legislatures to make the NSA offices and headquarters go dark. Washington state has one, and Maryland too if their bill passes:
"State legislators in Maryland have introduced a bill that would cut off water, electricity and other utilities to National Security Agency headquarters, which are located in the Old Line state. The bill is called the Fourth Amendment Protection Act, and supporters say the bill would block the NSA from spying on citizens in Maryland. Similar bills are being introduced in Washington, Utah and Missouri. RT’s Liz Wahl asks Shahid Buttar, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and who helped draft Maryland’s legislation, how the bill would impact NSA operations." LINK:
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