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The Man burns in 130 days!  That suddenly doesn’t sound like a whole lot of time to get all the projects built, costumes made, and theme camps planned, now does it?  Especially when there are so many precompressions, fundraisers, and outings to keep you distracted … oh, look, shiny!

RealGirl - Southbay Regional Contact
* South Bay Burner Meet & Greet – Thursday, April 24th in Campbell
* Souk, CORE, and Who’s Doing What …. Meeting Wednesday, May 7th
* Take The South Bay Burner Survey! (Survey closes May 15th)
* SoulFire Precompression – June 20-22nd in Los Gatos (Tickets now on sale!)
* It’s A Jungle Down There – Saturday, April 26th in San Francisco
* UnSCruz – Santa Cruz Regional Event – May 3-4th in Watsonville
* Santa Cruz Project – Cruz The Wave!
* STEP – Secure Ticket Exchange Program
* Burning Man Event Deadlines
* How to Find an Art Project
* How to Find a Theme Camp
South Bay Burner Meet & Greet – Thursday, April 24th in Campbell
Pull up a sofa and chat with your fellow South Bay Burners, or ask RealGirl all about the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference that took place April 3-6 in San Francisco!
WHERE:  Khartoum, 300 Orchard City Drive, Campbell
WHEN:  Thursday, April 24th starting at 6pm
Facebook event:
Souk, CORE, and Who’s Doing What …. Meeting Wednesday, May 7th in Santa Clara
Did you know that the Man will be 100’ tall this year?  That his feet will touch the ground?  That the entrance to the Souk stalls will be only 100’ from the feet of the Man?  And that the walls that separate the various stalls in the Souk are beautiful carved panels designed by David Best?
While at the GLC in early April, I got to hear Larry Harvey talk about his vision for the Souk (CORE is not being disbanded, but no regional effigies will burn this year).  Instead, the Souk is the area replacing the “Man Base” and the effigy circle this year, and it will be a 100% interactive and participatory space.  I was super inspired as Larry applied his storytelling talents to describing his own space in the Souk … yes, he’s planning on having a stall of his own!   Here’s access to a video of his speech:
Password: Caravansary
The Regional Network is being tapped to create this decommodified marketplace (a fun chance to play with oxymorons!!), with an opportunity to focus more on building experiences rather than building effigies.  More like the confessional that was a part of the South Bay’s CORE effigy in 2013:  it was performance art rather than structure. 
It’s a great way for those burners who don’t own power drills to contribute their own mad skillz to Black Rock City and have a place in the inner circle.  Dancing?  Music?  Fortune telling?  Weaving tall tales?  Creating a desire for a pearl of great price?  Sharing a bit of your theme camp’s special gifts?  It can be anything we want it to be!
In the meantime, there are groups from the South Bay, Santa Cruz, and the East Bay who are building burnable art, too.  If you’d rather be Bob the Builder than Ellie the Enchantress, read more “in other news” about how to plug in to those projects.
If you’d like to go on this Souk journey with the South Bay Region, please come to a kick-off meeting as we learn more about Artery support, guidelines, and the application process for Souk participation:
WHEN:  Wednesday, May 7th at 7pm
WHERE:  RealGirl’s home in Santa Clara
HOW:  RSVP to for directions
Take The South Bay Burner Survey!
I’d love to hear from you!  What excites you about being part of the South Bay Burner community?  What would you like to see more of?  What do you most look forward to?  Grab a banana and go to Survey Monkey to answer a few quick questions … anonymously!  The results will help to guide the activities planned for the coming year. (Survey closes May 15, 2014!)
SoulFire Precompression – June 20-22nd in Los Gatos (Tickets now on sale!)
Burning Man is not a party, not a festival, and not a campout.  In fact, it’s more of a city than a festival, with almost everything that happens created entirely by its citizens.  In the same way, SoulFire is a blank canvas waiting for *your* box of paints!

Volunteers are needed for the greeter station, placement, DJ wrangler and rangers, as well as activities. Team Leads, Theme Camps, and Art Installations are eligible for early entry. Team leads are also eligible for comps, and Lupin is offering work exchanges, too.  Email South Bay Burners with the subject “Participate” to help make SoulFire happen! 

Interactivity and community involvement are the driving forces behind SoulFire ... get in touch with what makes YOU real and find a way to share your SoulFire with everyone!
Tickets and FAQ are at 

To chat with your fellow burners about the event, see our Facebook event at
South Bay Burners - SoulFire
It’s A Jungle Down There – Saturday, April 26th in San Francisco
The Cli​t​terati Present...IT'S A JUNGLE DOWN THERE​!​
A dance and art experience to support The Vulvatron​!​

Saturday April 26th 7pm til 3am
$15 before 10pm, $20 After 
* DJS * Live Musicians and Performers * Video Projections 

Historic Zoo Ink Warehouse 
707 Cesar Chavez at 3rd
Ample street parking, just off the T Line

Jungle attire highly encouraged. You can be a creature, a beast, an explorer, Jane or Tarzan! Loin cloths, deep V’s, animal prints, furries, monkeys, beavers, snakes, kittens and PUSSIES welcome! Bring your cowbells, conga drums and competitive limbo spirit!

RSVP on our Facebook event here:

More about the Vulvatron

The Vulvatron is a mobile, interactive, immersive environment open to all participants of Burning Man that celebrates the female experience in us all. The Vulvatron entices participants to celebrate the feminine identity and is a vehicle for exploring feminist issues.
UnSCruz – Santa Cruz Regional Event – May 3-4th in Watsonville
UnSCruz — A Burning Man Regional Event!
Saturday May 3rd 3:00pm — Sunday May 4th 5:00pm
Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds
2601 E. Lake Ave. Watsonville, 95076
Volunteers needed before, during, and after the event! ...
Santa Cruz Project – Cruz The Wave!
Rupert from Santa Cruz writes:
Come build Wizzard's latest project: Cruz The Wave!
Itching to get making something? Wizzard has pulled together his celebrated team to make a monster wave for the playa (70 feet long, 17 feet high, 2 tons in weight). We're going big. We're raising $15k; we're looking for a special 100 donors of $150. We're making the wave in a lovely grove in Santa Cruz. What's new is that we are spending as much on lighting as on wood: with 36,000 individually-programmable LEDs. We will be announcing build days and campout weekends shortly. Check out the pictures at and join the Facebook page
Come help with money and labor. It's going to be epic! !
East Bay Project – The Kracken!
Connect to the East Bay Burners to plug in to their 2014 burn build, The Kracken!
STEP – Secure Ticket Exchange Program
The Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) is now open!  STEP is an online system that facilitates the safe resale of tickets that have been purchased directly from Burning Man. It’s designed to provide a hassle-free, secure way of buying and selling tickets while avoiding scammers, counterfeits and scalpers.
Register for STEP through the Burner Profiles link.  If you’re a Buyer, once you register you’ll be in the queue as Sellers register their tickets for sale.  You might not get a ticket right away, but there is still lots of time for people’s plans to change!  Have faith! 
More info here:
Burning Man Event Deadlines - 2014 BRC Participation Forms
Camp Placement Questionnaire: Open until April 30, 2014 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time.
Mutant Vehicle Application: Open until May 15, 2014 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time.
Disabled Persons Vehicle Application: Open until July 31, 2014 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time.
Art Installation Questionnaire: Open until June 11, 2014 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time.
BRC Media Application: Deadline for video/film and all other press is July 10, 2014 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time.
To apply:
How to Find an Art Project
Did you know that there is an exchange hosted by Burning Man to find an art project big or small, local or global, that YOU could be a part of?  Check it out:
How to Find a Theme Camp
And there are multiple ways to find a theme camp.  First, come to a South Bay Burner meet & greet and make some new friends!  Then, check out to connect to local camps and find out if they are coming back to the playa, and have room for new people.  Also, peruse the web site at to see if there is a theme camp that fits your personality, aspirations, hopes and dreams! 
And finally, there is e-Playa, , with threads on how to join a theme camp, how to start a theme camp, and lots of conversations about 2014 plans. 
That’s all the latest … share the Scoop with your friends!  To subscribe, send an email to  And, join the South Bay Burners on Facebook at South Bay Burners.  AND even MeetUp!  Or, we’re now a-twitter at!
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