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     WATER Anti-fluoride group takes battle to city hall

NASA JPL confirms weather modification. MUST SEE!

The all out spraying assault in our skies continues to worsen, the unravelling of the global climate system will follow. All must continue to examine ever changing data in order to have an accurate picture of the challenges we face.

Being proactive is essential if we are to move the ball forward in this critical battle to expose and stop climate engineering. The 5 minute taped phone call to the EPA in the link below is well worth listening to, quite revealing, and should serve as an example for all of us. 
Anarchy = No Rulers

Canola is the new margarine: throw it out!

There is no question that the recording of the air control communications of 
Flight 370 released today was tampered with. 
Evidence and explanation from an audio
forensic expert here... Video: 
Flight 370 audio was tampered with
No question

CIA Agent Explains How Al-Qaeda Doesn't Exist
FIN on twitter: FIN on Facebook: 

Army Ranger retires because of Obama Tells everything about America's future 360p
by Sargent Dan Page uploaded by thenewsurvivalist- 

I wonder how many cops we have on this page. I know we have many ex cops, or cops who are questioning their employment, but how many do we have paid to watch us?
Learn more:
Police employee who wants to know more about Cop Block?
Learn more:
-Jb of - Police the Police - (A Community Project)

Bill Johnson who owns approximately 11,000 acres of land including Vail Lake in Riverside County in Temecula, Ca discussed the attempts from the BLM and the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) to take control of enormous, valuable properties in California.

Obama Calls Coup Government in Kiev “Duly Elected”
Paul Joseph Watson | Not a single member of the press challenges blatant deception.

“Black-Ops” Helicopters Buzz Kentucky Residents
Paul Joseph Watson | Military choppers conducted maneuvers with no lights.

Having too much money can impair your judgement. 
And if you suffer from this disease
you should be allowed to get away with murder. 
Not a fantasy. This was actual a defense - and the judge bought it.  Video:

Before WHITEY showed up in the BAY area / Golden Gate was BLACK with birds blocking out the sun. 
Birds flying to and fro Pacific / Bay / Delta. 
Now birds are few. Food and habitat are rare. death
Now there is so little nature that RAVENS congregate in GROUPS for protection in urban areas.
We have Destroyed the earth so much that now historically monogamous birds who hung out in PAIRS
are now grouping up for protection in a dangerous world.
Humans such awful bad sometimes. CNN Report: DO NOT Let Your Husband See This!!!

We know that this was Completely Unnatural! Look at this, even if it is in Fast Forward. This is an INSANE Amount of Water Falling Suddenly and as if a Trap Door were Opened with a Tsunami Wave coming out of the Ski. 

The Meteorologist in the Video should have Know Better than get Excited about it. He should have Questioned this Downpour but instead he was Excited about it!!

"This Really Cool Stuff"?! WTF!!!

Look at the how YELLOW GRAY the Sky is. That is another Weather Modification Clue. This has nothing to Do with Mother Nature.

Dumping ENORMOUS Amounts of Chemical Cloud Seeding Materials is the Work of Mad Pathological Scientist and we are Paying the Price for their Experimentation.
The Bottom Drops Out!
So, just in case you missed it on TV, here's a clip of the bottom dropping out of a thunderstorm in west Montgomery between 5:30 and 6:00, caught by our Alfa SkyVision Camera at RSA Headquarters. Pretty cool stuff. Rich Thomas WSFA 12 Weather

I became an atheist when I was 16 years old, was agnostic.
As a scientific / empirical knowledge advocate I must say:
Planets have gravitational, magnetic, energetic pulls on earth.
Animals, plants, even individual cells react to the moon.
Therefore I am open to the possibilities of planetary influences on human behavior.

Congressman: 'We see lies in Obamacare, lies in Benghazi, lies in the IRS'
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