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Event [free] lunchtime yoga Wed May 7 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM [freespace]1011 Market St, SF @ 6th St Nutrition Course [sf freespace] Wed May 7, 2014 2:00 PM [freespace] 1011 Market St SF @ 6th st 
how to prepare affordable healthy and delicious food.The course will be taught by two instructors from the SF-Marin food bank. 

Wed May 7 7pm FREE @ SOMA We spend one third of our lives asleep, yet doctors and scientists still have no complete understanding as to why. It is one of the great scientific mysteries. This talk will describe new discoveries suggesting that sleep is a highly active process, essential for improving brain functions including (1) learning, (2) memory, (3) creativity and (4) emotional regulation.
TITLE: The Mysteries of Sleep
SPEAKERS: Matthew P. Walker, Associate Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley
WHEN: Wednesday, May 7, 2014; 7:00pm
WHERE: SoMa StrEat Food Park, 428 – 11th Street, San Francisco
HOW: Produced in collaboration with Ask a Scientist.
WHY: Because we’re curious creatures
ADMISSION: FREE! (All “Dreamer” donations are put to excellent use, are tax-deductible, and are MUCH appreciated!) Alternate registration: Shaping SF Panel: Dogs, Density & Nature 
518 Valencia SF @ 15th st Wed May 7 – 7:30 pm | Cost: FREE | Eric Quezada CenterHear a moderated panel about human density and respectful dog ownership in San Francisco.Panelists include:Amber Hasselbring, Nature in the CityBrent Plater, Wild Equity InstituteDominik MosurModerated by Jason Mark of the Earth Island Institute.

     Thu May 8
Bike to Work Day 2014Bike to Work Day SF Bay The Art of Biking: Art Show, Bike Races & DIY | EmeryvilleThursday, May 8 – 12:00 pm | Cost: FREE | Public Market (Emeryville) Bike to Work Day 2014 | SF Thu May 8 – All Day | Cost: FREE | All Over SF Protect your Identity Online – Tips & Tricks[sf freespace]
Thursday, May 8, 20146:00 PM [freespace] 1011 Market St SF @ 6th st
Americans lost almost $600 MILLION dollars due to internet crime in 2013, so if maintaining a good credit score were not enough, now you have to worry about who could be stealing your identity and possibly your hard-earned money. Now than ever a shif...  Films- "Remembering John Judge," Thursday, May 8, 2014 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Fellowship Hall,BFUU, 1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley, CA
As part of the Conscientious Projector Film Series for the 99%, the BFUU Social Justice Committee will present - films- "Remembering John Judge". Bonnie Faulkner recently devoted her April 21 'Guns & Butter' Radio Show to John Judge and Michael Ruppert, who both recently passed. Films: John Judge in 1994: "The Hidden History of the United States: Who Really Runs America? - Part One" from The Eclectic Point of View (1:59:39). After a brief intermission, we will show the short (38:23) "Closing Remarks" by John Judge to the 50th Anniversary Conference on President Kennedy's Murder , which was presented on November 24, 2013 in Dallas, Texas. The theme was "Fifty Years in Denial is Enough: Free the Files! Find the Truth!" John Judge was the Director of the Coalition on Political Assassinations and one of the founders of 9/11 Citizens Watch.

     Fri May 9
Divest Monsanto Now! National Day of Action - San Francisco 9 May at 12:00 8 Montgomery St SF
Turn up the heat on Monsanto. On May 9, 2014 at 3pm we're taking it to the streets to tell Wall Street its time to sell Monsanto's stock.
Create a Facebook event in your area and share it with us here:
Tell Wall Street it’s time to sell Monsanto’s stock because you think it's time that we're done with their toxic chemicals, GMOs and their endless manipulation of science and democracy. It’s time to take the fight to Monsanto – hit them where it hurts – their wallet! Every voice counts! Fauxpert[sf freespace]Added by Warren LakeFriday, May 9, 2014 6:15 PM
[freespace]1011 Market St SF Fauxpert Experiment Hypothesis: everyone is faking it til they make it based on the information presented to them. No one know's what they’re doing. Not one. Become an instant fauxpert (fake expert)! We provide the slideshow that you’v neve...LEARN MORE 
LIB PRE PARTY ft KOAN SOUND, MINNESOTA, LAPALUX ++1015 Folsom Friday, May 9 10pm-3am $15/20

     Sat May 10
5.10 oh, hey! PRICELESS ticket sale days and times have been announced!We'll be releasing tickets in three waves:- 12pm, Monday, May 5- 10am, Saturday, May 10- 6pm, Wednesday, May 14Event passes will cost $138 each this year (+$10 fees).

Saturday May 10th it's time for the BTxGGPPwBC8! That's the Brass Tax Golden Gate Park Party with Bouncy Castle #8!

     Sun May 11 Mothers Day
SF Truth Action Saturday, May11, 2014, noon We will be to the right of the Gap, Powell and Market, San Francisco
We will have plenty of dvds and fliers. Help us pass them out and educate the public. MAY 11 2pm SILENT FRISCO presents: Silent Santa Cruz at Lighthouse Point 

5.11 FREE @ SF Mothers Day beware Parking Meters operate till 11pm near Pier 39 / Levis Plaza CBS? area Groundhog Day (February 2, 2014)Pi Day (March 14, 2014)Mother’s Day (May 11, 2014)

5.14 oh, hey! PRICELESS ticket sale days and times have been announced!We'll be releasing tickets in three waves:- 12pm, Monday, May 5- 10am, Saturday, May 10- 6pm, Wednesday, May 14Event passes will cost $138 each this year (+$10 fees).

Goodbye Mission and 16th SF RIP   15 May at 18:00 Victoria Theatre 2961 16th St, SF Community Forum on Proposed Development for 16th and Mission Plaza

)'( Fri May 16 7pm East Bay Burners Social @ Radiance 278 4th St. Oakland 7pm MAY 16 9pm-9am 5/16 ALive @ The Mystery House ★ Live Beats ★ Live Music ★ Live People ★ ♥Jocelyn ★ ~ALIA~ ★ Sharu ★ Kyrstyn Pixton ★ Goopsteppa ★ Kai San ★ DanceHer ★ BlondeONYX
	Show MapMeadow Vista Park1101 Meadow Vista Road, Meadow Vista, Ca $20 Shakti Fest 2014 A Yoga and Music Experience of a Lifetime May 16th - May 18th Joshua Tree Retreat Center 59700 Twentynine Palms HwyJoshua Tree, CA 92252

)'()'()'( Sunday, May 18 )'()'()'( = BIGGEST COSTUME PARTY in SF! 100,000 - 200,000 people. More costumes than you can shake a stick at. Believe it or not. Amazing creativity in costumes too. Super Fun. Best place to catch the action is the PAN HANDLE in GOLDEN GATE PARK. 
Ignore if you wish the annual rumor that this year will be alcohol free. They say that every year. Yes the cops will grab your beer if they see it. Yes you can get arrested if you are belligerent or stupid. Don't be stupid.
A far cry from… The next biggest gathering of peeps in SF is 4th of JULY at Pier 39, but sadly more ordinary MSM slaves squares and drunks, not so fun.

)'()'()'( Lightning in a Bottle 2014 presented by The Do LaB @ Monterey, CA May 22-26 
Tix on Sale Feb 18 @
LIB on Facebook:
The Do LaB on Facebook: )'()'()'( = 15,000 peeps, many in costumes or festively dressed

Lightning in a Bottle is moving to central California May 22-26, 2014 at Monterey County's Lake San Antonio Recreation Area, in Bradley, California, West Coast Sound can exclusively report.
 240 miles north of Los Angeles 20 miles inland from the Pacific coast, situated in the hills and surrounded by nature for miles in each direction. This remote location will likely effect how late into the night the festival is allowed to play music
While swimming was not permitted at Lake Skinner, it is allowed at Lake San Antonio. (Unfortunately, the lake is currently dried up due to the state-wide drought.)
We have announced the March Against Monsanto 2.0 for next year 5/24/14! We will also be active and setting up some other actions both online and with boots on the ground before then so stay tuned! July 4th we will be promoting Moms Across America's event for food independence, October 12th we take to the streets again In honor of World Food Day on 10/16/13. More to come so stay tuned. Check our website for updates and sign up for our newsletter here:
LIB TICKETS on SALE  @ Tier 1 $225 Tier 2 $235 incl full wknd + on site car camping.

March Against Monsanto SF  MAY 24TH 12PM UNION SQUARE! SF

Empty the Tanks World Wide - Event 2nd Annual Empty the Tanks Worldwide 24 May 2014

SOLD OUT magical redwood forest of Mendocino NorCal smaller intimate Enchanted Forest May 30-Jun 2

Jun 2014
June 6-9 RainDance @ Belden Town, CA RAINDANCE CAMPOUT 2014 RAINDANCE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 6 June at 12:00 Belden, California

Yerba Buena Art Walk Saturday June 7 Noon to 8 PM

June 8 Art Show @ Castro Castle 3745 17th ST SF home of Dennis Perrone Pioneer of Medical / Medicinal in SF / CA / US / Earth

Oregon! What The Festival June 19-22 big recap video:

Save the Date – SoulFire Precompression Announced!! June 20-21-22 in Los Gatos 6/20-22 Sierra Nevada World Music Festival Mendocino Co. Ca

)'()'()'( DYKEMARCH Sat Jun 28 Dyke March - SF Music and Performances, Noon-5pm Dolores Park SF then DYKE MARCH to PINK SATURDAY in CASTRO
DYKEMARCH is LOVE! Here you will find so many happy people you will find BLISS and NIRVANA!
hope they update these silly 2013 pages, sheesh!

)'()'()'( PINK SAT Jun 28 in the CASTRO. HELLA GAY COSTUME BLOCK PARTY! the biggest gayest DYKEest party anywhere!
Best way to get there is to join the DYKEMARCH in DOLORES PARK! 

)'()'()'( SF June 28-29, 2014.

)'()'()'( PRIDE SF Sunday Jun 29 Market St to SF CIVIC CENTER PLAZA and the 16 blocks surrounding. YES 16 BLOCKS of HELLA GAY FESTIVITY COSTUMES and MUSIC. HYDRATE!
Pride is MASSIVE and has much BEER. Therefore watch your step, like Bay to Breakers you don't want to slip where someone puked.
July 2014
High Sierra Music Festival July 3-6 Quincy, CA

Priceless 2014: Thursday, July 3 to Sunday July 6. Belden, CA. False Profit

The next biggest gathering of peeps in SF is 4th of JULY at Pier 39, but sadly more ordinary MSM slaves squares and drunks, not so fun.

Camp Tipsy is an annual rotten boat building contest and campout in Colusa County, California.
Camp Tipsy 2014 will be held July 7th to July 13th
Camp Tipsy is an annual rotten boat building contest and camp-out held at East Park Reservoir in Colusa County, California organized by the San Francisco Institute of Possibility. 

SOAK* - Tidewater Falls, OR - July 10-13

Stilldream 7/31-8/04

Aug 2014 Aug 1,2,3 Cisco Grove, CA

Outside Lands SF GG Park 8/08-10

BLM SNIPERS patrol Western deserts day and night. DO NOT WALK on the PLAYA. DO NOT WALK outside the designated FREE SPEECH ZONE.

BLM SNIPERS ‪‬ Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9's. Pete Santilli from the Bundy Ranch in Nevada with protesters 
Federal Snipers Train Guns on Family For Filming Cattle 
Armed Feds Prepare For Showdown With Nevada Cattle Rancher

Cattle grazing is bad for ecosystems. But if you do not see creeping fascism… please wake up.
Govt Tyranny is far worse than grazing cattle.
This is a slippery slope.
These are the same BLM who Arrest kids for smoking pot or eating mushrooms on 400 square miles of Nevada deserts that has no plants and nothing to damage.

These are the same officers who in theory are protecting? something? maybe the dust on the ground? 
but instead rip your car apart with search dogs because your bicycle partially obscured your license plate

BLM is the result of merging 2 Departments: 
The Grazing Service was merged with the General Land Office to become the Bureau of Land Management. DREAM: The Art and Culture of Burning Man

)'()'()'()'()'( Aug 25 - Sept 1, 2014. Black Rock City, NV )'()'()'()'()'( = 68000 peeps, mostly in costumes or festively dressed Burning Man 2014 Monday August 25 Black Rock City Gerlach, Nevada
Forever Young ... we LOVE this video by Spark director Steve Brown, featuring retired firefighter Jim Duffy. Forever Young - Burning Man 2013 download a slide show for costume, bike, hydration, camp, sun, shade, art sculpture ideas FUN and SEXY! 
Updated weather on playa: website
This website from Friends of Black Rock has updated weather conditions on the playa and forecasts.:
FLAME ON FIRE Burning Man is hella freaking FUN. This rapid-fire tour of (parts of) the playa Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance - Burning Man 2013 ☼► Burning Man 2013 !!! Such an amazing burn !!! ♥♪► My Burning Man Experience 2013 Warren Currell·19 videos Burning Man 2013 - Beyond The Fire (Ellie Goulding - Burn) Kien Lam·6 videos Burning Man 2013 [by drone]: In the Dust, Above the Dust 
Rockstar Librarian Fan Page. Here you will find the most complete listing of DJ set times at )'( Burning Man. Copy Print and SHARE. Bring With.
This may be the BEST GIFT you can bring to playa. Printed copies of ROCKSTAR LIBRARIAN guide. (The next one, from Rockstar Librarian. Not this April 1 one silly.)
2nd best gift is to make a YOUTUBE VIDEO of how to COLATE the guide after you print it.

You a wallflower? Shy? trouble meeting peeps? bring this and you will meet TONS o PEEPs.
I been givin away stuff for decades and found that ROSES and CHOCOLATE are the quickest and easiest things to give away. Flowers not allowed in desert due to litter problems. So bring Chocolate and ROCKSTAR LIBRARIAN guides and your SHY DAYS will b a thing of the past.

Sep 2014
)'( Sun Sep 21, 2014 11 to 6

Sunday Streets' 2014 Season Finale in the Mission has been moved up one week to October 19 (instead of October 26, as previously noted).
Joshua Tree 10/10-12
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.